Saturday, April 11, 2009


Let us remember to give thanks for all things! It's been an emotional week, yet persevere through it all. Now matter how much control you seem to have over something, there is tends to be one thing you have no control over. Just have to learn to let go and live life accordingly to your life's purpose. No matter how small the purpose, always think big. Always wake up with a purpose to start the day and be clear in your intent then follow through with vigilance. Life can be planed, yet is unexpected. Create life and personal world you envision it to be, yet filled with love, purpose and harmony. I feel these writings appropriately convey what I say and been through this week....

Foundation of life

Dreams we conceive many things we desire to be from children's notions buried in us a must a desire to be happy I speak what I see what surrounds me
My youth astounds me

The heart and soul the root of what is true
Faith the gateway to prosperity
The love that is understood that is gives the gift of life and the joy the laughter that sustains

The classroom where the teachers rule where the fundamentals are taught where time is brought
Pay attention my classroom is the world where it is free and it's ok to make mistakes get it together learn form what was done watch and be raised the right way in His care

Skin marked pride hurt bruises fade away wombs heal and nothing remains
Tame and in control of what surrounds you
Speak what is true sweetly spare a heart for one day you maybe spared

Karma the harmony effect what you give is what you get
Times when you least expect
Peace within the tune of life that transcends all

Life foundation lay before the next generation the pioneers that lie dear to our souls reap what you sew and the story is told

Amped up

Radiate permeate elevate positive flow control thy self
Elemental energy deriving from space or what surrounds the birth of a new

Amp up plug in to self the wattage of wealth

A walk of confidence with strides of faith integrity on one man's philosophy let it be the road to density

Amp up plug in to self the wattage of wealth

Quiet moments spent to see the glow of life illustrate the spectrum of all things to come a dragon's tale

Amp up plug in to self the wattage of wealth

Step with a rep worthy of the predecessor now the successor and confessor of emotions and sites set the ultimate progressor

Amp up plug in to self the wattage of wealth

Focus like locus swarm and devour your goal tower above doubters feed proceed led by example with ample ammunition mind intuition one's purpose, one's mission

Amp up plug in to self the wattage of wealth