Thursday, March 31, 2011


Be thankful this day for Discipline.

When we think of discipline, we think of a harsh punishment for breaking someone else’s rules. We think there is always a karmic "price" to pay when we do something not pleasing to others. We believe in such things, so it is manifested. As children we are "disciplined" for not following the house or school rules. Having this fear set in early will inevitable put us in the path to greatness; at least that's our conditioned thinking. We become so rigid and fearful of making a mistake; we walk on egg shells the rest of our life until we have decided enough is enough. Somehow we break the cycle of being bullied by the rules not self-imposed. We find the freedom in self to explore life within our own personal rules. The question now becomes how to maintain a space of freedom, while in the confines of our rules?

Discipline is a practice of personal faith. Our personal faith can have anything from having a cup of tea to meditation and even items, feeling, and thoughts producing joy. It is the routine practice of our joy to make it a disciplinary practice. When we perform the same repetitive physical exercise or movements, we get better at them from the choice made to stick with it. We made the choice to stick with it because of a goal set; having goals aid in the disciplinary process. Our human self, and through conditional thinking, we have a collective faith, the more we practice the better we will get at any task preformed. This is true, however what do we when the joy of what we do runs out? We find ways to bring joy back in to our practice, either by taking a break from it, introducing a challenging element, breaking the rules, or simply stop all together. The goal set by our personal faith is what keeps us going.

Yet we perform daily tasks as "means to an end" or "because we have too." We are disciplined or programmed to wake up daily, perform morning rituals, off to work and do the same for five days in a row. We perform these daily functions, because we haven't learned how to break the cycle of doing what we must to live in a world ran by greed. A portion of us like and even love what we do "earn" a living. Others find a way to justify the means for what they do and a select few remove the job entity and bring forth their character to change the dynamic of what they do. The reason why so many people are going into business for themselves; is to learn how to break the cycle of "earning" a living. When we work from a place of joy, the daily tasks performed is not called earning, it’s called living. We don't have to earn anything; it is our birth right as Spiritual Beings to live abundantly and joyously! Our daily tasks are to live joyously.

When we follow the path of joy, discipline is almost second nature. Our personal faith is the combination of joy and discipline. We perform tasks and think ideas to bring us joy, and then these tasks and ideas follow a form a discipline. Our self-imposed discipline keeps us focused on the goals set in our path, yet leave us open to all the opportunities around and in us. It is ok to deviate from routine discipline. What is done from the authentic self, can only manifest joy. We no longer have to be fearful of what discipline brings us, because we can create it for the safety of self and others with love. Courage is instilled in us to break the cycles created to punish/penalize self and others for misunderstanding someone else’s rules. Remember, we are harsher on self more than anyone else ever could be. Help others to understand your rules and safeguards in place with love. Through creating our space and rules, we learn how to discard or redefine the rules created to keep self in check.

Keeping our self in-check can only do harm to self. We learned from an early age that having rigid discipline can serve us, it is true in some cases, when enforced with love and not fear. With all discipline, must come room for flexibility. Learning to make room to expand and redefine our personal faith makes us stronger and wiser. Our rules is ours alone, not to be imposed on others, however they must be respected. The expansion of the thought process of discipline brings new levels of awareness and freedom. We now give ourselves permission to enjoy life, move pass self-imposed boundaries, and to indulge in life fantasies.

Be thankful this day and everyday to be disciplined with love from parents, loved ones and God.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the expansion of personal faith to bring forth freedom of self.

Be thankful this day and everyday to indulge in the desired life fantasies.


Coherent Ambition

Subconscious thoughts stored in the form of dream only to be understood through analytical process triggered by momentary visions of life brought to you

Waken by the determination forged through concentration and the motivation of self preservation soon restoration a healing factor of awareness

A controlled rage directed towards the goal with sights set in the cross hairs of life becoming limber to defend what’s in motion an immoveable unstoppable force

Living with drive to strive and give right in the thoughts that awakened the purpose the responsibility of self

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Be thankful this day for prosperity.

We often confuse prosperity with financial gain or living financially comfortable. Prosperity is more than how much money you have in your bank account, what designer clothes you are wearing, or what car you drive. There are a two ways to look at prosperity. One is to look at our circumstances or conditions, the external view. The second way to look at is how we feel internally about the external. Prosperity is the feeling of "wealth" or well being. How do we feel about what we possess? The question now becomes how do we transfer the feeling of joy to our external, material world?

As a society, we are often viewed by our possessions, conditions, and circumstances. These three external views don't make us who we are. They are merely lessons for us to achieve a greater sense of self in a world created by selfish past behaviors of humanity. As collective we have to take some accountability for the world we created and the missteps towards greed. It's not about if you can outwit someone else to keep a larger portion of the pie, it's about how much are you willing to give up. Once we come to a place where we can release foul intentions, we can move to a place of abundance. Abundance is our natural state of well being. We fill our life with temporary fixes and not getting to the root of the false sensation felt.

The external and material possessions bring us temporary or false joy; unless we challenge our thinking about why we have what we have. There is a sense of prosperity amongst us all; it is just a matter of accessing it. To access this joy for all things, we have to ask the question, "Can we live without it?" If we can live without an item, then we know we are joy and the item is of appreciated value. We all have a level of attachment to a material item bringing us joy; its healthly to have that. However when we start to accumulate items for the thrill or rush of it, then we know are just filling a space in-self. We unconsciously assign emotions of labels to all maternal possessions; that's ok. However when we lose the emotional attachment to the item, it is time to be released from possession. It is no longer of appreciated value.

All appreciated value comes from source of how we feel when we gain a material item. Do we spend money just to spend it or do we spend it with a loving purpose/intention? Money like all else is a tool to obtain the heart's desire. Like any tool that is mishandled, harm can be inflected. The harm inflicted can directly or indirectly hurt self of another. Money can and often does magnify the personality of self. If we think there is not enough, then it won't be. If we are genuinely grateful for the one dollar we have, then we manifest another. It is how we view our sense of well being to gain new insights to how we treat what we have in our life.

Our prosperity is not in how much we have, rather than how we feel and treat what we manifested. What we individually manifest comes from us through the Divine Source. We decide to bring fourth "rich" living experiences resulting in a greater sense of well being. Our well being/prosperity is linked to how we treat self, others and material possessions. Let us not judge others by our external perception, but love them as they are with what is given. When one is prosperous, another teaches the way of prosperity/well being. Our survival depends on one another. Remember we are one unit of life called humanity. The joy experienced from living well, is a joy of graduating through the life lessons presented in the moments to know self and fulfilling heartfelt desires. When this joy is acknowledged, we have transferred joy to all the material and live internally; thus living in oneness of well being.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the releasing of temporary fixes.
Be thankful this day and everyday for genuine gratitude for all we manifest to live well.
Be thankful this day and everyday for wisdom to fulfill the heart's desire effortlessly.

Heart's Desire

I desire my heart
the joy in my heart speaks to the smile on my face
and it says love

Knowing what the heart wants
secure in pink and green
leading me to fulfill it effortlessly
growing in pain
fleeting the world

Gratitude meets me
approaching visions of the mind with clarity
sounding off in melodic tunes
vibrating in heart sync

Released confusion and despair
now floating on air
feeling the pulsating beat of joy
of love

The pure intent made clear
made known
now manifested
a desire
a dream
now a miracle
my heart

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Be thankful this day for awakening.

Awakening is the process of realizing your authentic self. Our authentic self is the purest, simplest form of self. As children we are born in our authentic selfness. Throughout the years of experiencing life and individually becoming what the collective creates, we create layers of illusion. The layers of illusion create a false sense of who we are. We believe what we project about us to the rest of the world. The projection is only temporary, we have to keep refocusing the source of the projection to maintain or recreate the projected image. The question now becomes how do we fine tune this projection to our true self, to be our authentic self?

To be our authentic self takes courage to be honest and accountable for all actions, thoughts and behaviors. Individually, we have to put our self under a microscope to analyze self and take some if not all responsibility for the conditions and circumstances we find ourselves in. Know we do have the ability to create and shape our personal and collective world. When we play the victim and the blame game, we lose the accountability of self. How can we be honest with self if we refuse to be accountable? We can't! Being honest with self can be emotionally painful, especially if we have been blinded or medicating self for so long. Honesty comes from the place deep within us to share and be real with self and others. Now we are living in a space where sugar coating no longer serves self or others. Leave the sugar coating to the bakers. To have the courage to look at self, honestly leads to accepting self and others as they are.

Accepting self and others can be a challenging task. Most of the time when we don't accept self, it is due to the physical, then to manifest to the emotional and spiritual low self-esteem. As a collective we are always trying some new diet fad, going under the knife, augmenting some part of us, pleasing others views about us. Was it really our own idea to change a horrible or disfiguring feature about us, or was it simply planted in the mind from being teased or attempting to please another? Our acceptance of self comes from looking deep within. Personally, I was always afraid of losing my beautiful red hair. My red hair was my identity. I did all I could to hold on to it. Then one day, I summoned the courage to shave off my hair. I came to accept the truth I was losing my hair. Like any young man, losing your hair can be tragic, at least I thought. I came to embrace the new me and look. Then came to realize my personality is not my hair, it's my spirit. We often attempt to change others base on our perception. Sometimes, we can offer the advice one needs to hear to be the catalyst to catapult them to change for the better. However, the person we desire to change must want to change as well. We can't force our way of life or thinking on anyone. Each of us is living a different experiment called life.

The life we live is an extended one from the Divine Source, We are He and He is We. To fully accept self and others we have find, share and give unconditional love. Offer self with no conditions, or expectations. The love of self is the greatest source of our strength. When we finally learn how to love self, we can enter the closing stages of awaking. Awakening happens on different levels. As mentioned earlier, we have to have the courage to look at self. Our courage exemplifies our readiness to take the first step to truly know who we are and who we are to become. We hold on to so much in our life, but why? Is it to remember the experience and share our stories? There are many reasons as to why we hold on to what we do, but at times it gets to a point, where we become the story; the story is living as us. The story is just that, an experience to share. Through the awakening, we learn to take the lessons and experiences of the life stories and share them without the emotional content. We are not the story; we are the Spirit of Divinity, helping others through personal testimony of life.

We all awaken at different levels and times in our life. It's when we choose to find our own way of acceptance of self and truly give and receive love. We reset the projections we send out unto the world, when we awaken. All others opinions and perceptions no longer matter to us, because we know who we truly are. There are days filled with enlightening realizations about self, there are days of critical judgments, there are days filled with fluid movements, but all moments minute or enormous are all miraculous.

Be thankful this day and everyday for coming into the wisdom of true, authentic self.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the courage to shed the layers of illusions.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the miraculous moments we have daily.

Live Free

Living in a trace in a duality dance
conforming to societal pressure
searching within to be liberated

Introspect to the source of all with respect to the soul
a release of endorphins creating a mental high

Removing illusions of false stimuli
moving stagnate energy of awareness

Vastness is the space resided in
curiosity is the exploration of self
living just as is

Reaching for intangible voids
filling them with true authentic desires

Expression of value
expression of worth
expression of matter
expression of seen and unseen

Living with choices made
approaching the corner of clarity and wisdom
turning the corner to stand at peace and joy

Freedom is as viewed
in moments
in stillness
living as is chosen of self
free from all hindrances regrets
living in honesty of self
free to create wielding the energy within
live to be free
free to love
free to live

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Integrity of Self

Be thankful this day for integrity of self.

Integrity of self is what upholds our personal morals and ethical beliefs. There are lines we don't dare cross for personal reason, until we expand our thinking or gain a new preservative. With integrity, we can make room to gain new insight to old beliefs. As a collective, we are constantly telling others what to think and believe, what's in or out. It is the select few choosing not to adhere to the societal conformity to maintain their sense of character, their integrity. The questions now becomes how do we maintain the true sense of self while living in a world we created to follow one rule?

The world we created to follow one rule and it is the love given by the Divine Source. The one rule is to love self and love others as the Divine Source loves you. All others rules or laws are manmade to maintain a level of control over one another. When we give of self through love, then there is no need for other laws or subsets. Both as individuals and collective, we desire love on its many levels. Integrity is subset of the emotion of love; it is maintaining a standard of love for self. As time progresses we improve on the love for self. We come into a place of acceptance of love for who we are as a Spirit and not as a person. The love we share as a Spirit is effortless, because it is who we are innately.

We are the spawn of the Divine and we are the Divine. We live with innate possibilities to give of self while upholding our personal/Divine beliefs. We maintain the sense of self through asking of questions to expand our thought process of true importance. We can ask questions like, "what matters in this moment?" or "how can I expand or improve sense of worth?" When we begin to ask our self questions to challenge our own habitual thinking, we expand our Spirit to being inclusive. By inviting other perspectives, we begin to incorporate Divine ethics or love and invigorate self with new awareness.

Once our awareness expands, we are not as critical of self or others. We lose sense of judgment and welcome acceptance of self and others. With judgment, we are so colored by one view, ours. We feel we are so right in our thinking, behavior and actions, we forget there is another world out there, not of our making. What make us so righteous, that we turn our head from other views? We all learn from one another, our place is to experience life to be a better Spirit. What we do doesn't matter as much as how we do it. Our Spirit already knows what to do; it’s the brain getting in the way of expression to maintain integrity.

Our personal integrity is important to us in different ways and the values it holds. Our worth comes from upholding the Divine rule of self, love. Integrity is love for self and acceptance is integrity for all; it is the shell holding us all together. We are all a reflection of one another, just fragments of the Divine to experience life and the value of it. If we uphold one another, we can create a better world and a better humanity.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the upholding the values for self.
Be thankful this day and everyday for maintaining and expanding standards of self.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the love given to the collective Spirit.

Tangible Objects

Held in the hands of faith
scared ties binding
the wholeness of what is

Authentic energies presenting themselves
tuning vibrations
connecting in the truest form

Feeding from receiving energies
older than I
rooted in the eternal
created and fragmented

Lending power to the tapped sounds
now the channeled objected touched by light
surrounded by sound

just being by design
filtered through senses creating connections of ageless

Fragile to hold
tender to touch
taken what's given
believing the balance formed

beheld objects of truth
objects of life
objects of us
we are what we see

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Validation of Progress

Be thankful this day for validation of progress.

The validation of progress is a measurement of our life's path. During the course of our over arching life we venture on many life paths, all connecting to the singular path of purpose. The life path chosen is one of personal destiny, one of where many lessons are learned, one where joy is found in the outcome and revelations. How do we measure our progress? Our spiritual progress is not measured by the physical growth as we can see in plants, beloved pets, or children; it is measured by the moments when we pause in life to feel and recognize personal growth. How do we as individuals recognize the growth in self, when we can see the growth in others?

The growth can be recognized by consciously being aware of self with the words and actions taken place in various situations along the life path. Growth occurs all the time, especially if you are constantly doing the work. For example, a person who is constantly going to the gym may not be able to physically see the results, yet feels the difference. However; when the same person is recognized by a friend who has not seen them in a while will physically see the changes; this hold true when we choose to change our morals and ethics, and not longer participate in old habits and behaviors. This will leave us open to judgment and criticism from those in our circle of friends or well wishers. As a collective we have created a world where progress is constantly monitored. We monitor progress in the workplace, schools, etc. The motorization or evaluation is based on a reward system, we do well we get a raise. Not saying that is wrong, we have to think and be conscious in why we do what we do. Even as spiritual beings, we are validated. We all desire to feel some level of worth and self importance.

Knowing the feeling of self importance is innately built in us, it's only natural to want to know our own progress. The progress made on the life paths is the most important one. We have periods where self reflection is a must. We can't always depend on others opinions about our growth. We have to spend time with self to see us as wish to be seen. Being entrapped in a world where the illusion of status is important, remember we are all equal, not matter what. The equality of life is just as important and the quality of progress and time spent with self. We can say, I will spend some time with me, or the kids, or whomever, but spending five minutes may be good enough for some; just be honest with yourself to obtain the desire of what you want to be. Our progress in not measured in time spent, but the quality in which it is spent. We can map out our progress on paper, we can map out our progress the mind, and we can map out our moments aloud, as long as we take time to validate our self. We are important; we are worthy to be here to live a quality life.

Our life is validated by the rules we make, yet we go by others' standards. Yes we are equal, yet we don't live by the collective standards. Each one of us long to feel self important, to be validated by others, yet we are already self important. We are important to self to honor this life in the way it should be lived. The fact we are here on this planet, living breathing, eating, evolving is a sign we are important. We have to listen to our self and the connection to the Divine Source. Having this feeling of self importance can be challenging, when we are constantly bombarded with information telling us we are not worthy. It is up to us to change the messages we hear and project in the world. We are worthy, we are important; we recognize the progress in self to be truly who we are!

Be thankful this day and everyday for having discipline to constantly do the work on self.
Be thankful this day and everyday to recognize the worth of self, through inner validation.
Be thankful this day and everyday by honoring the work done and living by your own standards.


A cup so full to be empty
A cup filled with once thought resolved
To be full to be empty

Flowing over with unresolved memories
Still leading me
Desiring me to be free

What did I do to you
I carried you longer than needed
What did you do to me
Set me free

To full to be empty of thoughts and emotions transitions to action-less actions
Weigh me down
You are useless yet priceless

Having what you made
What you created
Set fourth this journey to be turned upside down to right side up

Picking through illusions
What is real
My mind is real and creates what is real
I'm responsible

Never been empty
Always been full
Full of curiosity
Full of thoughts
Full of sensations
Full of words
Full of love
Full of me

How can one be empty if we are meant to be full
What we choose to carry
The experience
The sensation
The memory
The emotion
For the purpose meant

Now empty of the trash
My cup clean clear pure
Now full of me
Now full of life light and love