Thursday, April 29, 2010


Be thankful this day for names.

Names are more than the labels we have to identify us and objects. The names given to objects are defined or categorized by us. This makes it easier for our minds to grasp the purpose of the object. The names we have are chosen by us, our souls. Times our parents don't hear us when we spiritually speak to them, telling them what we desire our name to be. On a small level this can create an identity problem, but seldom does. There is power in the names we speak. This power comes from the strength of the soul with the name. This soul, like all souls has cultivated an identity to make it self unique. Whether if it's through a nickname or pseudonym. These names breath life into the body for the soul. We can either give or take the identity and power away from a name by how it is used.

There are other names or words given power from the majority of the collective mind. These names and words I wish not to mention. When we abbreviate a person's name, speak out of turn, misuse, call them out of their name,
without their permission it is a sign of disrespect. Everyone's name is sacred. This all goes back to the power we have over our name and how we choose to it. It is when we let others mistreat our name, rendering its power, our life. Our name is the simplest thing about us, yet it renders the most power. It's our connection to God, our ancestors, and all life that is. This how God, Angels and other Spirits identify us, to come to our aide or listen to prayers. As a collective we must be mindful in how we use our name as well as others.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the identity created.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the strength of our soul to carry our name.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the power our name has and the respect it receives.

What's In A Name?

Now a name consist of a first last sometimes a middle name
It also consist of constants and vowels.

What does a name mean?
My birth name is different one of a kind unique like me
Now a name could have no meaning
It is the person that gives the name its meaning
Just like naming an inanimate object or our body parts, jimmy, peter, dick, kitty cat, the garden, penis vagina

Pseudonym my stage name Phantasm
Sit back and imagine the figment of the mind
Giving you thoughts to ponder
Going back basics a name is a word has meaning Webster gives you the clue too

Names related to fashion hugging your waist clutching your cleavage even providing your vision

Many religions many names blaspheme that is not the key

Now what's in a name
Think about it before you use anyone's name in vain

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Be thankful this day for patience.

As a collective, we have created a world where everything is important or urgent on some level of self importance. How can we be in the"now" when all is now? Meaning how can we enjoy the present moments of our lives, when everything is important. Understanding the duties of life and all we wish to accomplish, things do happen in there time. We have to stop and think why all we do is hurried. What is the motivating factor? For some of us it's money, others it's fear. When various industries have to use artificial ingredients and growth hormones to feed and clothe us, what does that say about us? Everything has to be right now! Keeping in mind underlining life circumstances, there are exceptions. We have to take time to cultivate our life to fulling enjoy what has been given.

Look at the trees, flowers, plants, and animals, they all have patience. They do fine on their own, with little to no help from us, with very few exceptions. They grow to magnificence and fulfill their role in this life, from giving us air to breath, shade to sit under, fragrance to smell, or simply comfort us. It's when we impose our sense of urgency, their life is cut short.They have the care of God, as do we. This level of care is extended to us from God, however we are in such a rush to see it. Yes we have our free will to do as we please, but it's patient ear listening and waiting for guidance and reflection that flourishes. We must understand the wheels of "time" are infinite and never stop. It may take years for us to complete a worth while project or to be free from habitual habits. What good is life if we don't have the patience to enjoy it? We have to reteach ourselves to have love and patience for who we are and what we do. When we work from passion or purpose, patience follows naturally. Patience is acceptance of the naturally flow and evolution of life.

Be thankful this day and everyday for cultivating our lives through patience.
Be thankful this day and everyday for patient care received from God.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the natural evolution of life through patience.

This virtuous trait of so few
Builds strength builds character
Instills faith in one self
Instills faith in objects of affection
Never giving up hope

This virtuous trait so beautiful
A caterpillar being reborn as a butterfly
The first snowflake freezing the earth
The first blade of grass breaking through the earth
Thirty days ‘til the next full moon
Reflection dancing upon the lake
Followed by dusk a jewel in the sky

This virtuous trait painful
Containing feelings of a love that is unattainable
Fooling yourself that it is in your pocket
Cool playing by all the rules
Love is led weighing you down
Heart sore from the salt
Wonder is it partly my fault

This virtuous trait brings rewards
Expect the unexpected detected from experience
Time heals all wombs
Twist and turns new rules are learned
Friends see you through all
Feelings no longer contained share bare the sleeve
Somewhere in time love will be realized
Rep what you sow accomplish your goal
Fulfill your fate follow your heart
Adore the time that passes

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Be thankful this day for wisdom.

As a collective we believe wisdom comes from age and experience. This is only half true. Yes through experience, we develop a keen wisdom for matters in the world. This experience is developed through observation of others and self. Our senses aide in the the wisdom developed. The senses guide us to experience different life sensations. Remember part of our purpose is to experience life and report our findings to God. This can only happen if we are willingly open to experience all we are meant too. Each individual is different, so will be the experience and wisdom. This too is only half true. Yes we all choose to have different experiences, or the same experience felt or done in a different manner. However, we all have access to the same level of wisdom.

As children of God and energy or spiritual beings first, we have access to the divine library or Halls of Knowledge. The location of this wisdom is with God. This collection of ancient text is here for us to access at will. This is the history of the planet and universe. To fully access this wisdom at will, we have to understand how our energy works and its development. Then we can channel wisdom to us at will. As individuals, we can spontaneously access this wisdom in our waking state or sleep by asking our question enough times verbally or mentally. The answer will come, when we are ready to receive it. Once we have trained our essence or mind, the wisdom will be readily accessible, when we desire it. How do we train ourselves to receive such wisdom? This can be achieved through meditative practice. As energy beings, we are infinite. This means we can hold an abundance of wisdom.Though we have the ability to hold an abundance of information, doesn't mean we should. We must remember to drink our cup of wisdom to keep it empty to receive more. At times, we have to look no further than within to find the answers to many questions asked. The experiments or experience we have daily are keep as records for the collective and future souls to access. What we experience benefits those to come after us. This aides the evolutionary process. Our wisdom is all wisdom.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the experience and sensations to develop keen wisdom.
Be thankful this day and everyday to have limitless access to the Halls of Knowledge.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the evolution through wisdom.


The wondrous spirit decades for a century or two only to invade a new vessel learning new sensations remembering what is and what is lost

Coming to a clouded realization of the past of gifts a trace sense of self growing comfort ability of self no longer confused of who you are and where you come from having a purpose

The orientation of your sex can be predetermined from the life before whether if this attraction leads to men or women

This dates back to the Gods worshiped in the motherland who has given us birth
Gods who can change sexes at will

Naturalistic tendencies of curiosity enlighten through self discovery without fear wanting comfort in truth no longer mystified by society’s lies
How it is and we shall be

The origin of this truth stems from our belief in God and His creations
The love given and gained only to be returned equally and willingly

There are some items where no choice is given only learned to accept over time with the acceptance there is new found joy

The foundation of any one being deeply rooted in thy self accompanied with love and understanding of the first creation leading to self origin

Found the answers in the stars inspired in through heavenly energies harnessed and channeled for centuries past
Now to be free complete withstanding all of me holistically

The truth beyond normality
Finally found what I seek

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Be thankful this day for intention.

Intention is the driving force behind all our choices. What is our intention when we wake, go to work, go to school, or have our own business. Motivation is a part of the drive for our intentions. Most of us get upset when our intentions are misunderstood. However, when we follow our heart to fulfill the desire of helping others, our deed is done. Example, when we decide to aide a homeless person on the street, whether we give them change or food, our intention is to help them, to show kindness, and give with an open heart. Our intention has been fulfilled. When the homeless person decides to refuse the food or takes the money to purchase alcohol or drugs, our intentions are skewed. We should not be upset with a total stranger who skewed our intentions, because they initially had another intention. Our deed was done when we turned over the food or money to them.

We are God creations. He intended for us to experience life. Yet, often His intentions are skewed through our free will and yet He is not angry with us, we are not punished, nor judged. Those are the attitudes we take on as our intention is misunderstood. Just because we have the ability to take a life, break up a family, or be less then how we are, doesn't mean we should. Our intentions are felt by others in the world. The emotions tied to our intentions aides in the impact felt by others. This is why we feel joyfulness or disappointment by a choice made, if the intention of our choice came across clearly and was fulfilled or vice versa. Our choices are followed by the intentions we make daily. If we choose to work or not work, what is the intention or motivation behind it. All we do comes from intention. These intentions can be selfish, loving or giving in nature. We must be clear in our intentions and make them known. With clear intentions, we can steer away from being misunderstood.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the driving force to make clear choices.
Be thankful this day and everyday for emotional guide of our intentions.
Be thankful this day and everyday for fulfilling the intentions of your heart with courage.

Intellectual Insight

Internally seeking higher self
While communicating with the creator
Developing new found senses of meditation and fore-thought

Twilight is the peak of day
When senses are high
The stroke of the day is the dawn of a new
To know this is to know self and understand the energy we are from

Eyes are wide and glazed over
Clarity invades the soul
Answering questions thought once would never be answered

The intellect burned on our soul
Carried and received through our life network of energy
Accepted graciously

Instinctively knowing how to proceed while gravitating to the light
Center of self

The core reaction soothing vital sensations
Creating a natural high
Consumed with self knowledge

 All natural
All knowing
Living for who we are meant to be

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Be thankful this day for fear.

Fear can help us better understand the world and limitations we placed on ourselves throughout life. Once we have assimilated and released the fear(s), we are free to be who we are as individuals and collective. There are two types of fear. A fear to hinder or control us from reaching our fullest potential and the other to keep us safe. The fear of control is not of our own. It was imprinted on us from someone close to us, family or friend. The fear can even be based from a past life experience, if you believe in reincarnations. We must remember, our fears are others' fears. We take on these fears unconsciously. This is why so many of us have the same fears. However the portrayal of these fears in the media does not help matters in releasing them. It's a perpetual cycle of fear. As children we were fearless until we got hurt, even then, we still got up and played. We didn't know what fear was. As we grew older, any form of hurt, physical, emotional or mental translated to fear, a controlling fear. This level of control, hinder us from enjoying life to fullest and damaged our soul. Life is a process of experiences meant to be enjoyed fully. Our full time job is to love ourselves and enjoy life. How do we release these fears? We have to sit with the fear to find it's root. Keep asking yourself questions until the truth of the fear is reveled. Then release it and will you be able to live freely and fully in the life expression itself.

The fears to keep us safe are natural, example a fear of fire or drowning. Any fear resulting in our death is a healthy one. It shows respect to the natural elements of the earth. When we show and give off a since respect to a greater power, it is yielding to us. This creates balance in the world. There are tribes who worship Gods or Deities. They worshiped Them out of fear, yet respected them. This created a controlled environment from fear, yet maintained a level of balance for which the tribe lived. When the worlds' (individual or collective) fears are in check or balance with the greater power, we create a world of yielding light and energy. We instinctively know how far to push the boundaries of life, our very own existence. These natural safe guards allow us to live in peace with the greater powers. Remember we are pure energy first, organic beings second. Keeping this in mind, we have the ability to do anything, because we are everything. Once one person changes their thought pattens and opens up their mind up endless possibilities or unfathomable capabilities, as a collective we follow suite. Through the practice of self examination, we can release our fears to truly see ourselves to become who we truly are.

Be thankful this day and everyday for assimilation of our fears to allow us to live freely.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the balance created in live in peace with ourselves.
Be thankful this day and everyday to push pass self imposed boundaries to reach your full potential to enjoy life to the fullest.

Fear This

Fear this attitude that I exude, anger confidence
Fear this you haven’t a clue of what I can do

Fear this the unknown a voice on the telephone an ex or did you forget to send that check, bill collector

Fear this lies told you’re exposed, cheater
Fear this the past your sorry ass, what’s done is done
Fear this the evil that men do you still haven’t a clue
Fear this the wrath of the divine Father, sins made lie there in a daze, repent
Fear this man made world, life problems, problem solver
Fear this lonely heart that’s been torn all apart, more than a needle and thread can sew
Fear this is what your eyes has placed before you, wake up do you have a clue
Fear this love I have question who is it for who gave it to you or was it taken
Fear this mind times kind to those who wait procrastinate
Fear this phobia pick one cynophobia, fear of dogs or are you a dog
arachnophobia the fear of spiders, what a life of lies you weave when you deceived others times even your own mother
claustrophobia a fear of enclosed places, what do you have to hide or are you
homophobic a fear of gays, Webster defines gay as being happy well if you hate me cause I’m gay, ask yourself, do I hate myself, cause to love yourself is to love everyone else
Fear this fictitious world that I created this universe where I do the do and done the deed now let’s proceed
Now Fear this acrophobia a fear of heights, fear of taking you to a higher plane a higher state of mind now that’s divine
Now Fear this your fears are someone else’s fear that can control your way of thinking your way of life your eyes speak to your mind, face value what lies beneath the exterior that’s your fear
Do you fear the end is near
Now Fear this you’re dismissed