Saturday, April 11, 2009

Alter Ego

I know we have all heard the term emotional rollercoaster. There are times in all our lives' were we feel lost, confused and frustrated. These emotions can count for numerous things or events in our lives'. It can be a situation that enveloped our life and not allowing us to what is truly in front of us. This distorted reality of life causes a chain of events that leads to the lost and confused emotional states. Those states of being can and often cause internal conflict and suffering. To cope with this unnoticeable pain we often build up to some form of addiction, whether it is money, sex, drugs, alcohol, control, food, and others. This brings us false comfort and further distorts our reality. When this feeling of being lost and confused arises, embrace it. This emotion is creating space for you to see yourself as you truly are to loose the identification with false self. To feel lost is an evolutionary state of being. Instead of just being and accepting what is happening within us, we fill with addictions and times sloth. This space of confusion is answering questions we've long to receive answers for. Be thankful for the time to grow and evolve into your higher self.

Alter Ego
Altering your state of being fulfilling inner most desires revealing layers thought never could be conceived believe that
Rage passion a reaction in time this universe not parallel but intertwined feeling the surrounding vibes
A new emotion covering me like a cloak dawning of a new faced a momentary sure of strength and confidence a new who familiar unknown frequent as a solar eclipse don't stare or you'll be blind sided
In a trance coming from deep within hidden to me but just for the world to see just sustaining me taking me over
Merging all entities within tearing away the flesh until we mesh succumbing to the most high until one ego survives all become one satisfy life's goal son of a gun my alter ego