Thursday, May 27, 2010

Will of Expectation

Be thankful this day for will of expectation.

Will of expectation is similar to the law of attraction in how it works. Will of expectation helps to create a level of expectation in our life. Both as a collective and as individuals we are solely responsible for the outcome or expectation of a situation we are in control in. However, we are in control of most situations we are in, though it may not seem like it. The situation at hand, that we have "no control" over is manifested from our sub or super consciousness. Not much thought is given to expectation, unless we are conscious of it. Example, we expect to wake up daily or expect to get paid for the work we do. Those expectations are "known" variables in our life and not given much thought. When the unexpected happens then we are meet with anger, frustration and resistance. However sub or super consciously, we created the situation, by thinking thoughts not align with our purpose or we have a sense of unworthiness. The will of expectation works at a mental level, while the law of a attraction works on both levels, mental and physical. The will of expectation is the mental aspect of of the law of attraction.

As a collective, we have been conditioned to think for an immediate action, there is a reaction or consequence, thus creating an expectation of the action taken. What about the actions not taken or consciously aware of? Those actions take place as well, we don't acknowledge them. By reconditioning our thought patterns, we can create a level of expectations for situations, yet to occur. These thoughts of expectations must by pure in purpose, genuine and filled of self-worth. Example, if you expect to be a millionaire, a best selling author, success or fame, you have to align it with your life passion. What about expectations not align with purpose or passions? You can create the same level of expectation, but through intentions of purpose or good will. Once we begin to recondition our thought patterns, new levels of expectations will take place.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the responsible taken for our expectations and outcomes.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the expectations to be in alignment with our passions and purpose.
Be thankful this day and everyday to create new levels of expectations of good will and intentions to serve humanity.

The Absolute

Two guarantees
Life given
Life taken
The moving of a soul for centuries an end leaving traces of essence to pick up and start again

Having a duty
Having a dream to sustain the vessel chosen
Understanding limitations to surpass only to complete what is and will be

All the in-between time filled with desires only understood by self and made clear to those to intersect the life path 

Returning the favor of life to self recovering from the strain of pain aimed to the soul surviving for centuries damaged for one life time

Leaving behind worldly possessions with a satisfaction of a job well done
Soaring through clouds in absolution of life

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Certainty of Faith

Be thankful this day for certainty of faith.

As a collective, we all contain some level of faith. But, what makes our faith strong? We all experience trials of faith. We can experience trails as a collective or an individual.These trials can shake our existing faith, resulting in weakened or strengthened faith. The sign of strength is our certainty. The knowledge of and from God, Creator and Source that His children are taken care of, no matter what. In times of great trials or unexpectedness, our certainty of faith is tested. This certainty comes from our actions. Our actions can vary from situation to situation. If we talk and act as if all is taken care of, then all will be taken care of. It is in the manner of how all is viewed the trial. During the trial we can sit and wallow in our sadness, anger, frustration or guilt. These groups of emotions can manifest in to a form of medication, "addictions". It is how we lift ourselves up in during the trial to give us more strength in certainty of faith. However, we will experience the same trial more than once. The reason for multiple trials is to see what we have learned. If we take the time to reflect on our past reactions, will there be a difference in how we react to the same or similar situation.

Our reaction to these various trails will determine our growth both as a soul and human. Once we gauge our reaction to the situation, we must give it thought to its occurrence. To fully understand this trial, we must take ourselves out of the equation. The situation is objective and we became subjective to it. The majority of us analyze the situation through ego. We often play the blame game, though it may seem like it's just our trial, it very well could be the trial of another.There is always a lesson to come from the trial and the people involved. Often times the people involved are a reflection of self or how you desire to be. This will help us to better understand the trial and measure of it. On a deeper level of our certainty of faith we must be in the moment of now and simply be secure in the knowledge of all is taken care of. Are we at peace with what just occurred, if so then you have graduated to the next level of your life.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the trials experienced to strengthen our soul.
Be thankful this day and everyday knowing no matter what, all is taken care of, I am taken care of.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the peace and security washing over you.


Putting positive energy out in to the universe
say it with love
say it with conviction
say it from the heart
pray on it and it is yours
ask the Lord and it shall be yours

The power is in prayer
sincere hold dear to your heart
for He knows your troubles and your needs
by putting all your faith in He and He will deliver

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Be thankful this day for confidence.

There are times in our lives' where we are filled with doubt and unclear in our purpose. These are times where we seek counsel and commence with soul searching. I know most of us feel lost and unsure of anything we do. This is fear and doubt manifesting to counter your life's path. Slowly over a period of time, through of knowledge the illusion of impossible becomes possible. The knowledge and wisdom given to us removes the sensation of feeling lost or unworthiness. The sensation is lessen to nothing with meditation and knowing your self worth. Our self worth is knowing our contribution to the world we live in. This is practiced either over short or long periods of time, pending the desire of inner strength and knowledge. There are times where we all have bouts of feeling unworthy. However, if we were unworthy, would we be here on Earth? Confidence is built through trusting of self and the Greater Power.

We must understand on multiple levels of the certainty befalling us daily. The certainty strengthens our confidence. With the knowledge and joy of certainty, all is taken care of.Think back to times where we were at our lowest or didn't know if we get what was desire. Yes, our prayers were answered, however it was our own confidence and faith to manifest the pray. No need to ponder the in-between steps and overall process, only focus on the end result or product and be open to all else. Our confidence is exuded through all we do, whether if it's our talents or the joy in our heart. There is a certain feeling and inner strength emoted with confidence. Confidence is not being cocky or arrogant, it's a silent strength or quality. We know who we truly are already, let's be that. Let's not pretend what we are not, because it lessens our being, our soul and our purpose. Be proud and quietly confident in all we are and do.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the soul searching to find inner strength.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the knowledge of self worth.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the quiet confidence in all we do and are.

Strong and Silent

The will to proceed when others desire the true meaning is it really appears as it should be or a mask to hide the passing fool

In a warrior’s stance all stare in a trace as I return the glance as my eyes pierce their souls like a spear to flesh

A quiet riot made presence known with few actions to ignite a spark to make others curious wonder about a silent thunder

Deeply rooted in trees that leave all guessing of the strength possessed never doubting the immeasurable or the unchallenged

Gliding through the crowds that clouds individualism looking for the one signature to sign and made mine

Revealing everything to unveil nothing standing naked in the breeze as it please me the comfort in silence in the awe of strength

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Be thankful this day for kindness

Kindness is another form of gratitude. When we preform genuine acts of kindness, they lift us to place of joy. This joy carries us to continue these acts and opens us up to receiving kindness from others. These acts can rage from simple politeness to complements. Think about how it feels when someone complements your appearance, opens a door for you or lift you up when down. Kindness is disappearing in our culture. When we had more patience, we were kinder to our fellow man. Kindness is our sun, it gives us life, it gives up something to smile about and it increases our love. Kindness is an extension of love, though seldom expressed. Some how in the last six decades the kindness we shown each other has faded. Is this the result of feeling the certain classes of people are better than others? I leave this to you to answer. Personally there were times in my life I felt better than other classes. I know there were others classes that felt better than me. I now understand we are are equal! How do we see pass the shroud others create to see they are like us. We have to see who we truly are first. This truth is in our mirror. This truth is in our actions, treatment towards others and where we live.

We have to be kind to the place in which we live, for it will be kind to us, protect us and sustain us, the earth. Just as when we are ill, we are weakened and don't function properly, same goes for the earth. Just as we carry billions of bacteria on and in us to keep us healthy or make us sick, so does the earth. We are the billions of bacteria on the earth making it sick with our lack of kindness and patience! Remember the earth was here before us along with other species and it will be here after us. We must show kindness to our personal and collective spaces. Our kindness is felt by the earth. It appreciates our efforts in keeping it healthy. The acts of genuine kindness are rewarded. To fulfill this acts of kindness our hearts must be open and allow ourselves to feel the intuition emanating from us and others.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the joy kindness offers.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the equality kindness brings.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the universal healing kindness brings.

Taken for Granted

Here one day and gone the next
If I would have made a bet I’d loose and we all lost a treasure by all measure of life

A priceless gift given and squandered
Hindering all growth to proceed in the true purpose of life

Dreaming of how life should be
Picturing of how life is
 Knowing we can make a choice in how to live

Receiving a gift and direction in how to use it
Knowing that’s your purpose
Accepting the truth of actuality

Bringing joy to others from the soul of you
Talented and gifted
We are free living beings

Now this gift has gone
Has passed
We all take notice of the hole visible in plain sight

Once was there in us and around us to use willingly and appreciate with a whole heart

Piece by piece the hole has gapped and sapped our life
Then to be repaired and filled with ill and empty substitutions

We all know what we have while it’s here
Yet wait till it’s gone to appreciate a gift
A treasure
A life

Take time to be awakened through the sunrise in you
Share the light given for all to appreciate