Thank You Thursday – Volume One (Book)

Hillis Pugh shares the power of gratitude in this wisdom-filled and inspiring book that reminds us to be thankful in every aspect of life. Categorized by topics we can all relate to, this first volume of Thank You Thursday also includes several of Pugh’s poetic masterpieces.

What should you be thankful for? More than you know says author Hillis Pugh in Volume 1 of his new inspiring devotional book series “Thank You Thursday” just released. In the book he expresses the importance of a grateful heart, mind and spirit throughout life, which in return, creates joy, peace, kindness and even opportunities for the one who remains grateful. “My joy in my life started when I released my desire to follow the egos plight. A true test free of will, creating lessons that would steer my path of higher will. This inspiration allowed my inner-self to bubble to the surface. Hence the creation of Thank You Thursday. Like many, I was not living my highest path and had to alter my own self-belief, my value. Being able to be an example of life-in-action is feeling good and why I’m inspired to write. My happiness is knowing the words written can touch and inspire others to live joyfully”, said Hillis. With chapters categorized by topics we can all relate to, the book also includes several of Pugh’s poetic masterpieces, which are featured in the Spirit Library. “Thank You Thursday” Vol. 1 is available now in Paperback and on Kindle around the world. For more information about Hillis Pugh

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