Thursday, April 30, 2009

Genius of Life

Be thankful this day and everyday for the genius of life.
Life is far simpler than we make it, if we just let go of all ideas not of ourselves, then we can see life for what it truly is. We have all the answers contained within us, no matter the question, if we ask it enough times the answer will be reveled. The genius of life is not how complicated an idea or material item is, is the simplicity of it. The simplicity of it meaning the joy, happiness and architecture of the idea and item. We are a world base with simple ideas and concepts. Though there are a multitude of complex ideas and inventions, it's the simple ones that bring understanding and functionality to us and the world lived in. Not saying complex ideas and functions don't have their place, yet also it's how you, an individual defines simplicity.

Ideas are by design and of nature. Each idea is given to one being, each person is responsible for that idea coming to manifestation in the world. If the individual fails to act on that idea, then the idea will be passed on to someone else. Every moment, every thought, every action has a reason, we know this, yet fail to see nor understand the bigger picture, times when it's too late to do something.The design of life is an idea given to pursue cohesion. Be thankful this day and everyday for the genius that lives in you. You can do anything, because you are everything!

Design of me

A blue print of me

Defined by He

DNA who made me

Led me to life

Design of me living life as it should be free

Life’s trials life’s loyalties testing me counting on me astound by what this be

Design of living life as it should be free

Reflection of what is to be the company I choose to keep mirror image of a former me

Design of me living life as it should be free

Unique more than a technique charm wisdom lessons learned you are to be better a work in progress

Design of me living life as it should be free

Combination of what is was and shall be altered the plan from choices given livin’ the freedom to choose now a part of me

Design of me living life as it should be free

Soon to be whole weaved from experiences and teachings leading me creating a new design of me

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Be thankful this day and everyday for courage.
Courage is mostly represented by physical tasks or situations, when most of courage is mental. Courage can aide us to perform functions, create and follow through with ideas, and over come many fears. Courage is also personal will. The will to fight and continue to move forward against all odds and against all advice. Courage is not just will to fight, it's also trusting your own intuition. When you have a decision to make, do you trust an adviser or your intuition, your instinct. In order to make any decision, you have courage and faith in yourself, knowing what you are doing is best for you. Courage is an instinct, yet it is always second guessed or mistaken for a lesser emotion.

You don't have to be a warrior to understand courage. True courage leaves a lasting imprint on the soul and helps the soul and will to grow. Courage is the first step to accomplishing a task, goal or dream, but it's the will of courage that sees it through. Be thankful this day and everyday for the imposing will to carry you in any situation.

Warrior’s Road

To walk a path of honor

Of hardships

Of understanding

Of having everything

Having security in the ultimate power

Knowing that gift and to reveal it

To never use

To throw down your gauntlets in satisfaction

And walk away with your head high with new found pride

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Little Things

Be thankful this day and everyday for the little things.
The little adds up and makes a real difference in the world. It's the little things that help our dreams come to reality. All the little things adds up to one big thing. Most of us go through each day doing little things, such as prayer, eating, brushing our teeth, getting dressed, waking up every morning, basically the daily routine. It's that routine to help us be thankful for life, especially when we become more aware of our habits and routines. Yet we become upset when the routine is broken; sometimes feel lost, confused and still we find a through the fog. Then we become happy and joyful when we know all is not lost, that we can find a new way.

When someone smiles at you or pays you a complement, you feel great, because someone took notice. When we pay attention to the smallest detail of life, it can and often does make a difference. People can tell when you are happy, content, or just plan mad. Who you are shows and it hurts worse when you cover up who you really are. Someone very dear to me said once "always be good to yourself", because when you are good to yourself the whole world is good to you. Be thankful for this day and everyday for effort you put in creating yourself. Be thankful for the little things and how much of a difference they make in your life and others.

The Right Place

Radiate with positive energy flowing through universal atoms in a life to too broad to be too narrow in the taste that is served with the true nature of self

Endure of a content polar existence coupled with diverse dynamic to achieve personal enlightenment only to gain confusion became a victim of disappointment and laced with tears of heartache

Searching deep within calling to the heavens a recollection of the reflection this is me then when time made amends pretend it wasn’t defend the cause bend the rules through clarity

Seizing believing in the identity laid and the persona projected then unified to the complete we happiness begins to protrudes

Deeper excavation and analysis produced a transformation of a new level of freedom from self no explanation needed just accepted

Sought answers to questions of self and accepted to understand the path opened from prayers answered

Grace sent down from the heavens and had mercy upon my soul to bring the enlightened rewarding life awaiting to be brought to the right place

The right place chose thoughts exchanged focus and channeled resonating the dawn of a new design

My place the who abides with the right of will surrounded by lime stone own to correct displaced destiny

The place of free flowing energy coupled with utopian feelings accompanied with a glowing smile the welcome to the right place

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Be thankful this day and everyday for the abundance of energy.
Simple put energy is life. Energy is the life force aiding us to create the world we choose, the people we attract, the situations that transpire and lot more. Many people feel like they can't control the energy around or in them. We all can control it, it's done on an unconscious level or consciously through prayer and meditation. One reason why we are so elated when a dream comes true or a prayer is answered, it's because we put the fore-thought of energy in the universe. This came from constant out-put of energy and fore-thought. To control such abundance takes time, practice and patience. Energy takes on many shapes, forms and identities. With this ability it is easily transferable. This is why when something special happens, just out of the blue, we can easily identify with it. All energy is in-tuned to our personal frequency, whatever it maybe for that day or moment. Our energy, like all energy is different everyday. We have to become more aware of ourselves and energy we hold and release unto the world daily. What we do today can indirectly effect another tomorrow. Be thankful this day and everyday for the energy in this world to produce abundance and well being for ourselves and others.

A Silent World
A non stop society looking out for the one and only self
Bleeding for survival
A world filled with constant craving of power without trust leaving an entrapment
Self centered motivations without a way out
Create calamity through a network of disbeliefs saving of self sacrifice
What is humanity
Hesitant to respond to a question to resolve all false solutions
Whispers of ideas manifest suggestions change who’s to blame
Construction and destruction of a master piece weaved before thee
Standing at the peak in silent observation
Deep meditation
Shutting out all the noise all the confusion realizing we all are connected
Thoughts drift
Turn to words
Turn to vision
Turns to knowledge
Turns to reality
Bringing me back
Sought what brought me to a place of having quiet confidence
Accepting a mighty roar reaching out to touch like minds to change the masses that passes by
Turning into a frequency only I can hear through silence as my eyes glaze over reaching a state of flow a harmony of the universal gift given going super nova so all can take notice
Are you ready
You made me
Only through silence can come change
A life worth living not the one you made but given
My silence
My joy
My sacrifice
My connection
My responsibility
My love
My humanity
My life is all life


Remember to gives thanks this day and everyday for the life and experiences we have. Life is consider a journey to some, but lately I consider it a transition. I say this because we are not the same today as yesterday nor the same as ten years or even a minute ago. Our bodies, minds, souls, and energy levels are in constant flux, becoming in-tuned with the world around us and the spirit within us. The life phases find balance within us, but yet ignore the whispers, because the mind "knows" better and over takes the whispers of the spirit. As children we are more open and receptive to the spirit because we are young, innocent and pure at heart. As we grow into adulthood the transition of life is shifting again to find the balance, yet this is when ignorance sets in, because we, the mind "knows" better or what's better for us. This is a time in most when the spirit is quiet and the mind and emotions take over creating confusion. With the experience of this phase, we grow in too creatures of habit and limiting our growth. For some the growth of the spirit and soul is limited, while for others it the opposite. We have to consider our surroundings that contribute growing into the next phase of lack there of. By this I mean the people we are around, the situations we are in, and the places we live. All we do conscious and unconsciously effect who we are to become in the next phase of this life or the next life. Each phase of life has a purpose and meaning for that period, whatever the lesson is, learn from it and grow. It can be patience, perseverance, love, kindness, selflessness, independence, inner strength, guidance and many others traits needed to bring life in balance. We just have to be aware of the lessons of each phase of life for continual growth. Be thankful for the lessons of life to grow in to a being of purpose, love and magnificence.

The inception conception of our birth
Start on all four adore the ones who gave us life
Multiple phases limited stages of life accompanied with enchanting behavior brings changes resulting in the never the same
Invocation creation of time tense from curiosity of man's virtuosity equal to the destruction of an abomination
Emotionally denied of the true self an identity kept sacred till the need of unveiling to whom of what
Something we all go through choose an identity for each face laced with uncertainty lacking honesty for one self
A phase times leaves you in a daze later to awake from the haze left your emotions caged from the phases of life find the parallel and cross over to life


Be thankful this day and everyday for the gifts we have to contribute to the world.

We all have a gift or gifts. The gift(s) we have were given to us to make a difference in the world in which we live. No matter the size of the gift it it meant to make a difference. Whether if it's writing, singing, speaking, music, love, kindness, high level of intelligence and countless others. Most of us discover the gift early in life and others later in life. The real difference maker is in how the gift is used and applied in given situations. Many early on upon discovery misuse their gift(s) for personal gain. Not saying there is nothing wrong with being selfish, but when selfishness turns to greed results in the misuse of the gift. When the gift(s) is used for it's intended purpose and shared with others in the world and is passed on through you and others connected to you, a real difference is felt, both within and around you.

The gift of life if a privilege. When are here, born into a world that needs great healing. With the gifts bestowed upon us and the proper use of the gift(s) can only a real change come. This is when we become more aware of who we are and the love we send out. Just think of all the times you've helped someone or someone was kind to you. It is life presenting a gift to you, even answered prayers are gift, when recognized. Be thankful for the gifts we are blessed with daily and use them wisely for not only do they help you, but they help countless others. When you've done something well, most won't know you've done anything at all.

Beautiful Pain
The agony of creation
The whisper of frustration
The lose of a flaw to know true self
The challenge of beauty yet acknowledge a process taken to achieve such a feat
Something so serious curious pique furious as the artist meets a unified technique a shriek of perfection bellows the halls of one so chique
The creation created the creator one would argue to differ dismiss this the form of ache takes many shapes as we become a submissive soul searching for an outlet of ease
The beauty is at it's best when in pain so said society what do they claim
The beauty created by creator who harnessed the raw energies of pain channeled the focal points to feel the craving of a God like passion
The fine lines drawn but not seen vibing with harmonious tunes gingerly displayed so elegantly can't seen nor hear yet aware of existence
The wisdom achieved tis like no other yet knows when it impresses upon the creator the blossoming of a seed granted access to the secrets through gifts given
Sacrifices made devour ones souls weakens the sprit's will of personal desires in continuous time and infinite space only to test the will to come full circle to regain what was once lost
Intricately woven can't have one with out the other to sustain such wonderous creation birthing a design of passion for the individual to inspire ones on the level to aspire vision of the creator's vision the creator's madness the creator's freedom
The manifestation of one such thing is awed once the mold is broken and emotions flushed looking through the glass from one's positive leads to a detective of thoughts taught through interpreting skills
Deception is it really there the core of truth to suite the illusive mistake of leaving the gate open for question bring it back as it should be
The mind's eye decides the fate of the lonely of choice or to choose patience one's of many tools to wield in such beauty to own seeing new life a cycle of light to claim for all to complete the magnification of destiny
The tears of anguish stain a beauty desired leaving a mark much to be desired and envied for no one knows the scars bleed and only tread to stay alive linked not to one life but all
What's is seen felt by the sensation given a beauty perception softly a beauty one all knows the simplicity the complexity of such deception given to a simple word phrase not defined by any but all a pain so lovely by shades it's simply personified
One beauty quenched by pain delivered whether joyous heartfelt cut throat and stifled being one in deliverance to measure the spectrum
A creator with such perfection in the truest and most pure of a beauty to lend it's name it needs no explanation as it lives vicariously it needs no introduction it's just a beautiful pain


Be thankful this day and everyday for the ability to heal life.
We know power of healing and strength is builds over time. With this time knowledge is gained to understand such a great gift of healing. Yes we all get hurt at one point or another, physically, mentally and emotionally. The natural progression of healing takes place after any form of injury. The real healing begins when we take notice of the healing process. The process can be long or short, depending on well the body, mind or spirit is conditioned. We can train ourselves to heal and to heal others. This can be a achieved through medication and practice. Without the gift, the power of healing you can't help but wonder what type of world this would be. Be thankful for the gift healing to repair and strengthen life.

Burnt out from life complications and lessons learned
Looking for an out
Looking for a stress reliever
Lost in the confusion and congestion
What do I do
Seeking answers
Salvation through a world of noise and contradictions only silence can bring whispers sought taught from vibrations to shatter the belief
Physicality limited reality
Rested invested in time
Fast forward
Freeze for an eternity
Bleeding immortality and space
With understanding of continuous movement to acquire the knowledge to slow time through awareness and meditation
Then can the soul rest easy and be connected to the natural healing of self through the universe
Full potential unlocked and rested with the fullest intent of purpose and satisfaction feeling a surge if energy ready to be released

Help & Guidance

Be thankful this day and everyday for the help we receive and give for what we do can indirectly effect another.

Let out hearts be open to the bountiful gifts we receive for we do not know when we need help. The kindness of others and ourselves is it own reward, because it is written what we give out, we get back three fold. Let us help our fellow man and be open to giving unbiased love, be kind to your neighbor and respectful to those around you, for may never know why they are there. Some people may be distance in placement, but not in our hearts, some may be distance in our hearts, but can still touch their life, and some may be distance spirit, but can still feel them watching us. Our life is all life, be thankful for the helping hand and kindness from others, for it is God, the universe working through them to answer your prayers.

My Prayer
As I get down on my knees bend my head down in silence
Thanking you for each and day of life that you have given me in this world you have created for your children
Continuing on with my life as is nothing is wrong
Sharing my day with you
Meditating on every word that is spoken from my soul
Blessing whom I share my life with loving them and much as you love me
Keeping an open mind to new and to those who cross my path of life
As I lay my head sleep I pray that I wake up each and every day and if I die I'll know it is my time for you to take my soul away to a place of bliss
This earth I will indeed miss.

A perfect being times seen and often heard
Watches over ones left behind and others that are kind
Help those in need and others that stray
Purity and innocence is regained through fire and brimstone this remains
One who steps in your life's path
Blinders are taken off first look as free as can be
Growth understanding a new love of life that is incomprehensible but feels right floating on a natural high without a question why
Rescue me from stress and strife from everyday life a place where I am one with the familiar and embrace the unknown
Whether a spiritual or physical being that is sent to aid me


Remember to gives thanks for all things in this day no matter the situation! As a society, as a culture, we are unconsciously caught up in other people situations or world's drama, that we make it our own. In doing so we take on the energy that comes with it. In taking on the energy, we lose focus on ourselves and what need to do as an individual to be aware and appreciate self. In taking on others' energy we do things unconsciously, then we take a moment and ask ourselves, "why did I do that?". That question is the first glimmer to be awakened. Once we are here, we become now. Once this transition has taken place, the world looks and becomes different. Then we can be in the world and apart of life without taking on the energy of others'. We build a cushion, "a personal space" around us to live life with joy, passion and purpose.

Positive Strength
Positive strength one's faith belief in yourself looking deep within and never give in negative that surrounds you the crown
The weight of the day to day pray He'll answer your call the line in never busy He'll alter your long distance plan be patient and you'll soon realize the alteration with understanding and clarification
The unconditional love of two the amazement of accomplishments the astonishment of joy the completion of two halves
Positive strength will rule the day an inner voice you hear don't you fear bringing you the information you need planting a seed to be nurtured
Finding the words to calm your nerves finding the words to bring a joyous smile finding quite moments and asking for strength for the day Visualizing analyzing defining your life as it is how it should and how it will be
His love His gifts to you are everlasting the warmth of the morning sun to wake you His smile the embrace of rain to comfort you His mercy His grace His love the rest is up to you though living in a world of fools and ignorance what can cure this pestilence
Find the love and strength within and defend your temple
Seek and understand the blessings given living in peace and honesty with yourself you'll be living in honesty with the world
Say goodbye to all the tears you've cried to all the negative energy that surrounds you now restore yourself now a star now strong now moving on breathe in the good air that carries you to the clouds above and beyond with new found strength a positive new
Lord I Love You

Alter Ego

I know we have all heard the term emotional rollercoaster. There are times in all our lives' were we feel lost, confused and frustrated. These emotions can count for numerous things or events in our lives'. It can be a situation that enveloped our life and not allowing us to what is truly in front of us. This distorted reality of life causes a chain of events that leads to the lost and confused emotional states. Those states of being can and often cause internal conflict and suffering. To cope with this unnoticeable pain we often build up to some form of addiction, whether it is money, sex, drugs, alcohol, control, food, and others. This brings us false comfort and further distorts our reality. When this feeling of being lost and confused arises, embrace it. This emotion is creating space for you to see yourself as you truly are to loose the identification with false self. To feel lost is an evolutionary state of being. Instead of just being and accepting what is happening within us, we fill with addictions and times sloth. This space of confusion is answering questions we've long to receive answers for. Be thankful for the time to grow and evolve into your higher self.

Alter Ego
Altering your state of being fulfilling inner most desires revealing layers thought never could be conceived believe that
Rage passion a reaction in time this universe not parallel but intertwined feeling the surrounding vibes
A new emotion covering me like a cloak dawning of a new faced a momentary sure of strength and confidence a new who familiar unknown frequent as a solar eclipse don't stare or you'll be blind sided
In a trance coming from deep within hidden to me but just for the world to see just sustaining me taking me over
Merging all entities within tearing away the flesh until we mesh succumbing to the most high until one ego survives all become one satisfy life's goal son of a gun my alter ego


Be thankful this day and everyday for solitude.
When most people think of solitude, they of someone being forced into isolation. To me solitude is moments of escapism. It's moments of peace in it time taken to sit in stillness to better observe and severe self. Not by any means is solitude being selfish. It's giving to self to be better, to grow and understand who we truly are. When all is quiet around us we can hear ourselves we can hear others, we can hear God. We can hear our spirit speak to us, direct us and transform us. Solitude can be also a from a quiet meditation or a silent prayer. Allowing your true heart's desire to be known to self. With this time and knowledge, you can better serve the world on a whole new level. There is plenty for all to do, to have and to give. Take the moment of peace to see self and purpose intended through gifts given and talents learned. Be thankful for this day and everyday for moments of peace and the guidance given to us to move forward in this life to prosper and fulfill our purpose.


I am a painter of words

the pen is my brush

the paper is my easel

painting mental images of serene beauty

love that was is and will be

Someone knocks on my door of thoughts interrupting my flow now there you go

gracing me with your presence

rearranging my thoughts

lost my train

Composing my themes of this present human being

a classical tale of prose unraveled dazzled by the notes played the words written and the images produced

Caught up with my train

alone with my thoughts expressing how I feel how I create time and space

infinite for as long as it takes

Solitude shutting out the world’s bad news at peace one with myself the world ceases to exist

Floating on a natural high that this time has created thinking preparing for my future

my destiny this solitude has created for me


Be thankful this day and everyday for time.
Time is amazing. It allows us to appreciate life and see it for what is really is. Most of us are busy rushing through the day or time to marvel at its simple beauty. Time and day are moving parallel with each other to bring us life and beauty. Time also allow for healing of life and spirit. Just when life has beaten you down, through time you slowly rise to the occasion of life. Time is a teacher. It teaches us a better way to accomplish our goals and prefrom tasks better and more efficent. Time is the energy we create. This is way time we feel rushed or relaxed in the day. Time is very generous with us, but is it us who complains about never being enough. Yes there maybe be days where we alot to do or try to from point A to point B, but the time in-between tasks and travel stop to enjoy the precious time given. Let's stop to take advantage of the generosity of time. Time is all we have, time is all there is, time will always be. We have to listen to what time is telling us. Time can speak through anyone or use anything. Be thankful this day and everyday for time well spent to learn about yourself and the life around you.

Identity Increments

Understanding time and energy

Both are fluid and never stopping just changing

Time broken down to seconds minutes hours days months years for simple minds to grasp the concept of energy

Not once was nor shall be evolution or regression is an unconscious choice yet made aware through life energy

Knowing the heart is knowing self an identity given from the birth of the first self the true self

Centuries passed since we were born and forgotten the identity but energy imprints helps to remember who we are

Ageless energy incrementally feeds the physical aging body both in harmony and fully accepts the transfer of endless life

Time is an illusion nothing is truly as it seems bending moving shifting

The question is raised “who am I?” the question is answered by answering simply “I am” with acceptance of flow


Be thankful this day and everyday for your health.
Today's current economic struggles causes heighten stress levels, which leads to other illnesses, some resulting in death or suicide. It's quite understandable why and how people act when they loose their home and job. They identify with the possession bringing meaning and definition to their life. We also can't rule out habitual addictions. This are the worst ones. They often go unnoticed by the one with the addiction, but see and known by close family members and friends. The health of our life is our most valuable asset. Most people take health for granted, thinking I'll never be sick or lying in a hospital bed. We all could easily get ill if we don't take of ourselves. It necessarily doesn't have to be a physical illness, but a mental one as well. This is when we have look deep within us to search for the answer to take the action to heal ourselves. Sometimes an illness is a wake up call to tell us to take better care of our bodies. Once we take care of ourselves, we can take care of others. We can transfer the healing energy to help others. We live in a world where information is readily available to us, take advantage of it.Let us be thankful for the health and sanity of our life, that we have the ability to heal ourselves and those around us.


Creating a cure through a network of like minds finding strength in the weak weary and humble

Seeding minds of the new passing energy of faith courage and vigilant intent growing stronger than the strongest and better than the best

Knowing the case the root of the problem situation

Mind fragmentation through this a solver is born

The resolution soon to dilute the pieces of knowledge

Regain and claim what is right and lost as we breathe the air to sacrifice the natural flow to disrupt who’s life

Taking shelter in the arms of grace finding comfort

Finding answers to humanity revolving to a new sanity

The remedy to self being who you are

What you are built for

The remedy of solutions is self search

Perch high to all as far as eyes can view to reveal a clue

Once again many problems caused by man then go back and cover up and clean up the mistakes

Only one solution follow the heart

Follow the path given and will be solved

Come together to live life to lose life and each other

God one remedy one solution


Give thanks this day and everyday for those that came before you.
As time goes on we tend to forget about our ancestors and elders who put forth the work to bring us where we are today. The ones that came before made it easier for us to reach our goals. It's our right and duty to not only reach out goals, but make the way easier for those that come after us. In today's society the majority or the minority struggles to find a better way. The ones that are doing well need to help those that aren't doing well. There is enough in this world for all to have and succeed. There has been a line of inventors, innovators, and great thinkers. We pay honor to them by finding our purpose, fulfilling that purpose, doing well and right by us and others. Be thankful for the struggles we didn't have to endure, be thankful for the vision to succeed, and be thankful peace granted to find a better way.

Constant Evolution






Yet all at peace

Confused, yeah me too

In touch with center of self

Knowing all is bigger than me having control of the immediate actions thoughts and emotions

What you see is me having no possession of God given gifts coupled with knowledge gained to wield such talents

Appreciation of creation inspired by self value infused with a constant desire of purpose quenched by unlimited understanding

Lying in a state of mediation

Gained a clear concise conscious of self awakening by natural energies

Rediscovering a new life

New attributes

New teachings to become a scholar prophesying new days to come

Evolved from experience itself

Revolving completely in silence

Achieving once unobtainable goals manifested when the sprit was ready and aware

The one solution to all stagnate problems of evolution

Being open and receptive to the depths recognized by universal means

Evolved from the left

Carried to the surface

Ever flowing

Always aware

Constant change

Constant evolution

Dreams & Goals

Be thankful this day and everyday for the dreams we have.
By dreams I mean goals. I was always told to have big goals, but the little goals makes it easier to accomplish the big goals. Having a routine or discipline also makes it easier to reach your goal. To me, a dream or goal is to have purpose. Without purpose what are we left with? Just an empty shell wandering the planet in a confuse state of being. A goal can be small, such as going for a walk, cooking a home cooked meal, or calling someone you haven't spoken to in a while. On the opposite end, most people dream of taking over the world, or being the next big thing. Most people forget or don't realize it's the small things that make big things happen. As one old saying says, "Pennies add up." To be the next big thing, be thankful for the little things. Ask yourself do you have the longevity and energy to fulfill and sustain your dream.

All dreams and visions are given to us, whether it's from a prayer or granted to us by free will. One day we wake up with this grand idea, then we choose to act. The actions taken sometimes fall into place so easily, other times not so lucky. The reason why it's so easy is because it's our purpose. The times when it's not so easy is for us, it's to learn and grow during the process. Be thankful this day and everyday for the vision of life and effortless path to fulfill it.

Coherent Ambition

Subconscious thoughts stored in the form of dream only to be understood through analytical process triggered by momentary visions of life brought to you

Waken by the determination forged through concentration and the motivation of self preservation soon restoration a healing factor of awareness

A controlled rage directed towards the goal with sights set in the cross hairs of life becoming limber to defend what’s in motion an immoveable unstoppable force

Living with drive to strive and give right in the thoughts that awakened the purpose the responsibility of self


This has been a historical week. With history comes change, knowledge and growth. We all have our own personal history allowing us to know more about ourselves to grow and have the opportunity to change who we are or became. Each one of us has a story, yet we let the story of our life define us and yes at times defining moments change us. We are not our story, our story is us and should define it, give it life, meaning and purpose. Our story only lives if we give it life through understanding and defining who we truly are. The question I pose to you all is; "What are we living for?" Be thankful in this day and everyday that you have a life, a story that helped shape your persona to share with others. Be who you know you already are. If you don't know then ask yourself this question in stillness; "Who am I?" Be thankful in this day and everyday that your personal history is not your story, but you are life. We are the creators' of our lives' with abundant options to manifest purpose and desire by faith living whole with all life. Be thankful this day and everyday for the story of the creation of your being.

Foundation of life

Dreams we conceive many things we desire to be from children's notions buried in us a must a desire to be happy I speak what I see what surrounds me my youth astounds me

The heart and soul the root of what is true faith the gateway to prosperity the love that is understood that is gives the gift of life and the joy the laughter that sustains

The classroom where the teachers rules where the fundamentals are taught where time is brought pay attention my classroom is the world where it is free and it's ok to make mistakes get it together learn form what was done watch and be raised the right way in His care

Skin marked pride hurt bruises fade away wombs heal and nothing remains tame and in control of what surrounds you speak what is true sweetly spare a heart for one day you maybe spared

Karma the harmony effect what you give is what you get time when you least expect peace within the tune of life that transcends all

Life foundation lay before the next generation the pioneers that lie dear to our souls reap what you sew and the story is told


In this day remember to give thanks for all things. In the previous year there may have been things that have not worked out the way you wanted them too, however the result was a lesson learned or something of greater fortune came to fruition. This is a new year, a time for change. As a people we tend to forget we are new everyday. We are new when we wake everyday and we are new in every moment we are awake. The energy of life that flows too and through us is constantly changing and evolving. When a child is born, when a elder passes on, it our energy changing form. Our lives are here to serve and honor our greater purpose. Give thanks for being new of every moment of this life, your life. "If you bring fourth what is in you, what is in you will save you" Gospel of Thomas.

Feelin' Right Feelin' High

Feelin' right natural highs created from time and space meld as one with your surroundings astounding profound emotions igniting the cerebral cortex fluidly

All those around swoon infatuation mind intoxication lack of concentration helpless imagination picture perfect is it worth your worth blissfulness

Till the bitter end how did it begin a two letter word that many has heard an invitation into my world a friend you will be more if fate leads me less if you deceive thee

Strength in numbers wonder one not lonely strongest of all stand alone zero no one's hero infinite begin and end they all look good standing next to me

Spotlight attention stage runway cheers and jeers claps and taps smile flash and fame money to give away maintain your name

Succeed, accomplishment of a goal that was challenged the work put in the effort made seem-less a talent given rewards bestowed upon from the enjoyment

Going out of your way making someone else's day appreciate what was done a small token given, Thank You!

Wake up another day has begun

A dream that seems real one day turns true

Music that changes your attitude playing your favorite tune

Sweets for the sweet tooth creamy centers and candy coatings

The energy that I see I feel as you stand next to me the silence that you speak what you bring me joy harmony peace within

Meditate relax no holding back visions of shores rain forests feeling the breeze gracing my face soft gentle touch of nature easing my mind surrounding my body kind to make me aware

Feelin' right 'cause you are near

Feelin' high 'cause objects of affection brings a smile

Feelin' right 'cause I can enjoy my time and space

Feelin' high 'cause I'm alive


Let us remember to give thanks for all things! It's been an emotional week, yet persevere through it all. Now matter how much control you seem to have over something, there is tends to be one thing you have no control over. Just have to learn to let go and live life accordingly to your life's purpose. No matter how small the purpose, always think big. Always wake up with a purpose to start the day and be clear in your intent then follow through with vigilance. Life can be planed, yet is unexpected. Create life and personal world you envision it to be, yet filled with love, purpose and harmony. I feel these writings appropriately convey what I say and been through this week....

Foundation of life

Dreams we conceive many things we desire to be from children's notions buried in us a must a desire to be happy I speak what I see what surrounds me
My youth astounds me

The heart and soul the root of what is true
Faith the gateway to prosperity
The love that is understood that is gives the gift of life and the joy the laughter that sustains

The classroom where the teachers rule where the fundamentals are taught where time is brought
Pay attention my classroom is the world where it is free and it's ok to make mistakes get it together learn form what was done watch and be raised the right way in His care

Skin marked pride hurt bruises fade away wombs heal and nothing remains
Tame and in control of what surrounds you
Speak what is true sweetly spare a heart for one day you maybe spared

Karma the harmony effect what you give is what you get
Times when you least expect
Peace within the tune of life that transcends all

Life foundation lay before the next generation the pioneers that lie dear to our souls reap what you sew and the story is told

Amped up

Radiate permeate elevate positive flow control thy self
Elemental energy deriving from space or what surrounds the birth of a new

Amp up plug in to self the wattage of wealth

A walk of confidence with strides of faith integrity on one man's philosophy let it be the road to density

Amp up plug in to self the wattage of wealth

Quiet moments spent to see the glow of life illustrate the spectrum of all things to come a dragon's tale

Amp up plug in to self the wattage of wealth

Step with a rep worthy of the predecessor now the successor and confessor of emotions and sites set the ultimate progressor

Amp up plug in to self the wattage of wealth

Focus like locus swarm and devour your goal tower above doubters feed proceed led by example with ample ammunition mind intuition one's purpose, one's mission

Amp up plug in to self the wattage of wealth