Thursday, January 28, 2010


Be thankful this day for knowledge.

Knowledge provides us with insight to world we live in and interested facts. We learn what we desire to learn, things we are interested in. I'm sure most of us at one point or another wondered why we are interested in a particular subject. With this level of knowledge and curiosity comes power. It is what we do with this knowledge and curiosity to give it power. Through our lives, we are drawn to our calling. A calling of purpose, passion, desire and goals. In order to fulfill this calling, we must first study our calling. The place of study can be in a classroom or in the world. Life is a great teacher. Life teaches and prepares us for many scenarios a classroom can not. With this preparation, we better understand our calling or purpose. We have been conditioned to seek external sources of knowledge, when internal knowledge has all the answers we seek.

External knowledge is the classroom and teachers. Internal knowledge is the knowledge of our purpose and of the universe in us. With internal knowledge we can manifest external knowledge to come us in alignment of our purpose or higher calling. To receive the knowledge from within, all we have to do is ask the question we desire to know the answer too. Know most answers will not be instantaneous. We have to pay attention to the signs to recognize the answers. The most important knowledge is of self. The knowledge of self enlightens us on our path of spiritual growth and aligns us with our purpose.Knowledge is a tool, should never be taken granted or misused in anyway. The ill intention or misuse can result in catastrophic results or behavior. Remember knowledge is a key in the collective evolution of humanity.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the knowledge we are drawn to, enable us to fulfill our purpose.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the classroom of life to teach us about ourselves.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the knowing thy self to continue human evolution.


Knowing limitations

Knowing where to go

Knowing what path to take

Knowing where the paths lead

Knowing what questions to ask

Knowing how to push pass limitations

Knowing how to know yourself

Knowing what life is

Knowing the source of life

Knowing what it means to be alive

Knowing what it all means

Knowing the moment

Knowing all absolution

Knowing nothing is knowing everything

The question is what do we know if all is an illusion

Separating all reality emotions and self imposed identity from the true knowledge of self

A plan of entrapment for all humanity being a salve to self being a slave to society

How do we look

How we dress

What we eat

How we act

How we live

What we feel

What do you know if you are not told

Now what do you know

Knowing yourself is to know all life and life is one

We all know the same thing

Knowing true self and purpose excels the satisfaction of life creating heaven on earth

Now ask yourself what do you know

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Be thankful this day for innocence.

Innocence is most referred to when speaking of children, yet we are all children of God. God cares for His children, we are all taken of and not forsaken. With children, it is easy for them to see the world as it truly is, because they are not tainted with the life situations we create. They don't make life or situations complex from the conditioning or images portrayed in the world. They simply see the world and people as they are. Innocence provides a clear level of clarity and truth. This level of clarity can be achieved through the awaking of life.

We all at one point wish we were children again. We still are children, just older children dealing the complexities we created. We older children help to guide the younger ones on their path. Yet we learn so much from the innocence of youth. We learn how not to judge, we learn how to truly enjoy life and so much more. I'm sure some of you may be asking yourself how do I live as a child with the responsibility of my child or maintaining life. We have to know one thing if nothing else, as children ourselves there was a unconscious level of certainty, knowing we were taken care of. Now as older children, we have go back to that way of thinking. God, the universe, the Creator, which ever you believe takes care of us. We have to listen and follow His lead.

Be thankful this day and everyday for innocence of youth.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the clarity of all life.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the knowledge of certainty.

Age of Innocence

Young Naïve Child

Truth honesty loyalty purity

A time when the world was pure B.C.

Look in a child's eye

The tale is told as they get older they are taught to lie and deceive just by vision

The innocence is stripped down to the bare bone

Trials and tribulations you are put to the test

Push you to the limits

See if you are the best

Yes I confess I crack under pressure

Use the mind as a measuring cup of knowledge acknowledge the fact your born innocent convert to a life of sin you must die to be born again

Trust gone

Loyalty fades like the day then dawns fear

Insecure about your actions

A mystical cross use you intuition to guide you in the path that is right

Lying there numb to the world

No emotion that can't reach any ocean but lies buried in the sea

Eyes open



Lost in another dimension

Struck by a notion faith is the potion that reaches all oceans

Learning to love again

Love as I see

Once taken now my heart aching

Walls are my defense cold is my feeling laughter is my life

Content bent on a world conquest


Stubborn to feel thrilled with emotions

Turn around be set free

Free as the wind

Heart beating like rain on the pavement

Nature's elements bring the walls down

Erosion has taken place

Innocence can not be regained

Lost forever

One day wake up and we will be changed not deceived

Eyes open to all

Not sleep walking

Not the walking dead

Awake and alive

This life you decide

Guilty or innocent

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Be thankful this day for imagination.
Our imagination is the catalyst for all the ideas, materials, items, technology and beyond created in this world. The imagination we possess is the beginning of the power of creation manifested. Once the desired object is ready to manifest, we search for the tools to bring our idea to life. The tools and resources have been created in advance to bring forth your idea, to bring life to your imagination. God knows what you need to manifest such creations. Know also not all our ideas is of our own design. I often asked myself how will this idea benefit the world. Once I received the answer in how an idea may or may not change the world, I would either purse it of leave it be. The imagination process doesn't end there, it continues on through utilization of the idea created or to any area of our life. Our imagination is our mental visual guide and resource during the creation/manifestation process.

The visualization of the idea grants us to shape our life and the world around us. When we visualization, we are stimulated through our senses. The vibration were we operate from to create such magnificent feats comes from the love and joy of birthing a idea in the world. We are mothers giving life to our imagination. We nurture our ideas and breathe life into them, until the take on their own. Once they have taken on a life of their own, we are filled with since of accomplishment. During the nurturing process, we create mental imagery of what we desire, how it will work, the demissions, color scheme, the whole picture of the idea. The imagery is important and is in every facet or our lives. It's important because once the idea has manifested, we have to be sure it's what was mentally designed. There is nothing wrong with being a "perfectionist". It only shows you know what you want in having your idea exactly the way you envisioned it. The imagination is a very powerful tool and should be utilized with great patience and skill. For without imagination, you can't but wonder what type of world we would be living in.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the spark of imagination.
Be thankful this day and everyday for having the tools to manifest your imaginative ideas.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the love we give our ideas

Coherent Ambition

Subconscious thoughts stored in the form of dream only to be understood through analytical process triggered by momentary visions of life brought to you

Waken by the determination forged through concentration and the motivation of self preservation soon restoration a healing factor of awareness

A controlled rage directed towards the goal with sights set in the cross hairs of life becoming limber to defend what’s in motion an immovable unstoppable force

Living with drive to strive and give right in the thoughts that awakened the purpose the responsibility of self

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Be thankful this day for dreams.
Most of us at point or another thought of our dreams as colorful depictions of the real world or reliving situations that occurred. Those are not far from the truth. Our dreams are messages being sent to us to guide us on our path, protect us from pending harm, or to let us know what we are doing in our life is right or wrong for us. The reason for real life events reoccurring as we sleep is for our mind has to have something to relate to us, that's easily understood. Each message is crafted from God to each individual soul to make them aware of their purpose, though not all dreams are meant to see your path. There are reoccurring dreams, the purpose for those dreams is for us to take action. That is why they reoccur, until the proper action is taken. How will you know what action to take? This action can be in the waking world or learn how to control your dream.The dreams we remember are the most impactful ones. Those are the ones we are meant to remember. I will mention, what we eat has no connection to our dreams, unless it's on conscious some how. What impacts our dreams are our final thoughts of the day and how we feel before we sleep.

When we sleep we are plugged into the universal power source, God. Just like our electronics are plugged in to recharge. Like the power source comes from the electric company. The most important thing to remember about the messages we receive while we are plugged in are the symbols, emotions and colors in our dreams or messages. There are elements that will always stand out from others. Our dreams or messages can also be premonitions. This is why we have to be very careful when interpreting the messages. Interpreting messages can lead to the wrong conclusions, without the proper tools or knowledge we may take the wrong actions. Dreams will guide you to the right tools and knowledge to interpret messages. How do you know if it's a premonition? You feelings will tell you by sense of De Ja Vu. Our emotions will guide us to the proper interpretation of our messages. The messages we receive along with the joy in our hearts ultimately guide us to our purpose.

Be thankful this day and everyday for our mind to receive the dreams to guide our lives.
Be thankful this day and everyday to be plugged in to the source of all life.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the interpretations of our messages to take the proper action with pure intention.

Infinite 8

A level where all is open

A divine energy spoken and chosen to revel purpose coupled with passion

A harmonious level of communication with heavenly bodies guided with unspoken words

Achieving balance with an aged soul of wisdom

Free with understanding and grace

Being lifted to once unfathomable inner peace and oneness

Unbound by man’s rule

To see all infinite connections

Sharing a gift to awaken like minds to infect those curious

A lasting impression crossing all time tenses

Piercing space with fierce energy like an arrow of wisdom

A never ending flow of energy

Constantly changing operating on a high frequency of love

Waiting for us to rise and meet it

A never ending flow of energy

Wrapping around us

Sustaining us

Allowing us to pass though to the next level

A never ending gift of life transforming self to new self

Inside the light where life is beautiful