Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dreams & Goals

Be thankful this day and everyday for the dreams we have.
By dreams I mean goals. I was always told to have big goals, but the little goals makes it easier to accomplish the big goals. Having a routine or discipline also makes it easier to reach your goal. To me, a dream or goal is to have purpose. Without purpose what are we left with? Just an empty shell wandering the planet in a confuse state of being. A goal can be small, such as going for a walk, cooking a home cooked meal, or calling someone you haven't spoken to in a while. On the opposite end, most people dream of taking over the world, or being the next big thing. Most people forget or don't realize it's the small things that make big things happen. As one old saying says, "Pennies add up." To be the next big thing, be thankful for the little things. Ask yourself do you have the longevity and energy to fulfill and sustain your dream.

All dreams and visions are given to us, whether it's from a prayer or granted to us by free will. One day we wake up with this grand idea, then we choose to act. The actions taken sometimes fall into place so easily, other times not so lucky. The reason why it's so easy is because it's our purpose. The times when it's not so easy is for us, it's to learn and grow during the process. Be thankful this day and everyday for the vision of life and effortless path to fulfill it.

Coherent Ambition

Subconscious thoughts stored in the form of dream only to be understood through analytical process triggered by momentary visions of life brought to you

Waken by the determination forged through concentration and the motivation of self preservation soon restoration a healing factor of awareness

A controlled rage directed towards the goal with sights set in the cross hairs of life becoming limber to defend what’s in motion an immoveable unstoppable force

Living with drive to strive and give right in the thoughts that awakened the purpose the responsibility of self