Saturday, April 11, 2009


In this day remember to give thanks for all things. In the previous year there may have been things that have not worked out the way you wanted them too, however the result was a lesson learned or something of greater fortune came to fruition. This is a new year, a time for change. As a people we tend to forget we are new everyday. We are new when we wake everyday and we are new in every moment we are awake. The energy of life that flows too and through us is constantly changing and evolving. When a child is born, when a elder passes on, it our energy changing form. Our lives are here to serve and honor our greater purpose. Give thanks for being new of every moment of this life, your life. "If you bring fourth what is in you, what is in you will save you" Gospel of Thomas.

Feelin' Right Feelin' High

Feelin' right natural highs created from time and space meld as one with your surroundings astounding profound emotions igniting the cerebral cortex fluidly

All those around swoon infatuation mind intoxication lack of concentration helpless imagination picture perfect is it worth your worth blissfulness

Till the bitter end how did it begin a two letter word that many has heard an invitation into my world a friend you will be more if fate leads me less if you deceive thee

Strength in numbers wonder one not lonely strongest of all stand alone zero no one's hero infinite begin and end they all look good standing next to me

Spotlight attention stage runway cheers and jeers claps and taps smile flash and fame money to give away maintain your name

Succeed, accomplishment of a goal that was challenged the work put in the effort made seem-less a talent given rewards bestowed upon from the enjoyment

Going out of your way making someone else's day appreciate what was done a small token given, Thank You!

Wake up another day has begun

A dream that seems real one day turns true

Music that changes your attitude playing your favorite tune

Sweets for the sweet tooth creamy centers and candy coatings

The energy that I see I feel as you stand next to me the silence that you speak what you bring me joy harmony peace within

Meditate relax no holding back visions of shores rain forests feeling the breeze gracing my face soft gentle touch of nature easing my mind surrounding my body kind to make me aware

Feelin' right 'cause you are near

Feelin' high 'cause objects of affection brings a smile

Feelin' right 'cause I can enjoy my time and space

Feelin' high 'cause I'm alive