Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life's Work

Be thankful this day for Life's Work.

Our life's work is completed in phases. Some of us are very clear as to what we desire to be as a profession as children, and some of us mull around trying everything until we find it or it finds us. The reason why we choose a certain profession is for various reasons; it can be a result of life altering experience, a family business, a lucrative venture, or something bringing us pure joy. The profession chosen is not our life’s work, yet it’s a starting point. We all have a starting point to bring us closer to the true life’s work. Each phase of the life's work is in preparation for the sole purpose we incarnated during a certain time period of the soul's journey. The soul's journey is one of love, peace and growth, yet when incarnated, we do not feel as such until we have matured as spiritual beings. Our maturity can happen over life times or in one incarnation. Our view of the manifestations around us contributes to overall all well-being and evolution of the planet and humanity. The question now becomes, how can we make our life's work become more effortless by surrendering to the flow to evolve self and others?

As a child in my youth, as other children, we were always taught to work hard, study, learn values, etc. All of which was of value to give parameters and guidelines for the little explorers. As children, we tend to discover life on our own terms, by what our parents called getting into trouble. Yes we eventually learned what we could and couldn't do, but this behavior was to appease others, not self. If we had our way as children, we would run amuck, until we got tired of causing havoc and exploring. What most of us fail to realize is we are still in the pattern of our youth. Meaning, we abide by the guidelines set before us, which is a good habit to have, yet we forget to roam free. The select few choosing to roam free continue to grow and have balance in their life. Other adults feel there must be structure and hard work to accomplish what is desired. The idea of working hard or having a good work ethic comes from having the guidelines as child. The result of this is becoming ridged, being set in your ways, not living up to the full potential, and being a shadow of self.

Being a shadow of self cause’s low self-esteem and skew in how humanity is functioning. The thought of hard work and struggle equals rewards is a myth. A friend of mine shared a quote with me I would like to share with you, summing up the thought process.
Most rarely align with their true power, because it seems illogical to them that there is power in relaxation, in letting go, or in love or joy or bliss. Most people do not understand that their true power lies in releasing resistance—which is the only obstacle to their true power.

Most people do not expect their path to great abundance to be one of ease and of joy. They have been taught that struggle and hardship and sacrifice are requirements that must be met before the reward of great abundance can be realized. Most do not understand that the very struggle they deliberately involve themselves in, in their quest for success and advantage, actually works against them.

There are so many things that you have been taught to believe that are counter to the powerful Laws of the Universe that it is difficult for you to think your way out. And that is the reason that we present this path of much less resistance.
We want you to breathe rather than try, to relax rather than offer effort, to smile rather than struggle, to be rather than do. For your true power is experienced only from inside the Vortex.

--- Abraham Hicks

Think about when we struggle, and how much emotional and spiritual pain we are in. The solution to break free from the cycle is already there, yet we so blinded from old lessons and habits, we choose not to see anything else through faith or otherwise.

Our life's work is one of progression of effortless flow. How many times have we said, "I wish I was a kid again." Why do we wish to return to our youth, is it because now as adults we have responsibilities? The responsibilities as adults are material and spiritual, yet the ones as children are spiritual only. As children all we had to do was to listen, now as adults we have to listen and act. A balance must be created to live the life desired, not one of shadow. When we are in alignment with our work, all does flow effortless. When we are misaligned, we agonize over choices needed to be made and if we wait too long the choice is made for us, time resulting in anger because that wasn't the choice truly desired. We innately know and understand the choices made to live this life in manner suitable to progress self and assist in the evolution of others.

When we progress, so do others. It is the natural order of evolution. When one person can see other doing once thought impossible, others follow suite. Life's impossible become possible, when we release the myth of struggle and hardship.

Be thankful this day and everyday to know the life boundaries to move pass them resulting in evolution.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the effortless flow of life to release the myth of struggle and hardship.
Be thankful this day and everyday to know and clam your personal power to live in abundance.

Work in Progress 

Learned Learning will Learn more about this work of art

it only matters what you believe the truth

true to you give others around the clue to living

astounded by the findings life’s secret is no secret it is within all

Soul searching can’t go wrong when you try what you may find friends last relationships a thing of the past

the air shifts drifts picking up new experiences new sensations then settles dies out longing for something to move to pick up and carry to add to what’s been learned

Taking time to create us His works unique in every way possible imaginable 

being free to see the good and bad of it all

fortunate to be blessed with a talent find it use it share it grow with it

Realizing what is inside once hidden now another layer of skin driven with knowledge and the fear of what may be learned prepared for the event of life’s ride bumps and bruises will subside

Working on building on what was learned what was taught what will be discovered
who and what you are and  will be continuously evolving naturally

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sincerity of Life

Be thankful this day for Sincerity of Life.

When we think of being sincere, one often thinks about conveying genuine emotion for any given situation or circumstance. Most often when one speaks or vents, we are searching for an ear to listen to our troubled heart. Are we the listener projecting a sincere act when hearing what other party is saying? Can we relate to their experience like it is our own? At times we can relate other times we can't. We usually don't seek approval, advice or comfort when we release emotions from the heart, we seek an ear to listen, and the end result is advice, approval and/or comfort. The ones listening to us is the one we most often trust, and confide in. We trust them to listen, because they are sincere when they do listen. As intuitive beings, we can usually tell when someone is being sincere. The question now becomes how do we link our intuitive knowing to being fully engaged in feeling for others?

Sincerity is the honesty of emotion. When we allow our self to commit to being heard, times others don't have a choice but to listen. This desire to be heard can stem from numerous places, such as lack of attention in other life areas. All we want is to be heard and receive a little sympathy for what is or was experienced. Yet when the attention card is play often, a lack of sincerity is felt from the audience; this results in us attempting to be mindfully clever to receive sympathy in other forms, i.e. playing the victim. We have to remember, we are not the victim of the life choices made daily, consciously or unconsciously. As a culture, we have created such a mechanism of civility, without sincerity. Civility allows for us to co-exist, without emotion. This is the polite way of being in one shared space, work or home, to cultivate qualities of oneness. Yet when there is a lack of sincere expression from someone, the more sensitive soul tends to be frazzled or upset from the lack of emotion shown. When civility is practiced, we put up a wall, and not allowing for flexibility of the full life experience. We have to think about the outcome desired for expressing sincerity or lack of.  The desire for being heard for some is also a form of willful communication; meaning there is a talent for speaking or using the arts to convey messages. This often carries the highest level of sincerity, because it's tied to emotion itself. When we generally speak, it is with inflection and tonality. The manner we choose to communicate conveys truth in emotion; allowing self and others to know we are fully present.

Being present is important when offering sincerity. How can we be sincere if we are not present? We can't unless you have mastered the art of listening or "multi-tasking", even then are we fully present? No. Our attention is divided. We live in a society where we feel we always have to do something, instead of being what is asked in the moment of life. In each life moment, we encounter a situation where is calls for us to step up to be present. To be present, all we have to do is stop and pay attention. By being fully engaged in the moment, we bring full attention to who we are, who we are with, and what is transpiring in the moment. As the moments pass, we grow in being present. Our presence is the link to feeling compassion and empathy for other souls.

There are often times where we relate to a situation or circumstance allowing for the invocation of true compassion. Each situation is different for everyone and holds a dear meaning to express genuine compassion. Compassion is a loving understanding of the life experience. The sincerity in the moment can release unexpected emotions, due from the connection felt. While being present a connection, a link is formed and felt by both parties. This shared bond can endure for as long as is needed for the healing to take place or to grow and transform the situation or relationship. In order to express true love or compassion, one must have it for self. If there is no true self love or compassion, how can we relate to other like souls?

When we create a relationship with someone, we do it with the intention of having a closer bond with them. The truth is we already have a relationship with everyone on the planet, we are just reestablishing the connection formed. With the reestablished connection with like souls or member of our soul group, we can easily express compassion. Our sincerity is natural to those closest to us or those sharing a similar experience. Now we have to shift to express ourselves naturally to those who we don't have a connection with. This is accomplished by being open in the moments presented to us to grow. Our sincerity comes from a place of connection with others, and we have to look deeper within to find that connection to them. The one connection we share is one from the Creator. Sincerity far extends who we are, but what we are capable of doing from a place of being. Once we act from a place of being our heart felts acts and spoken words are filled with the love meant for the divine intention.

Be thankful this day and everyday to convey the truth of emotion.
Be thankful this day and everyday for sincere acts and words to connect to others.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the expression of self reestablishing a bond with others.


Portray the light of day
Step into the shade
Dawn the mask of night
Ignite attention given not welcomed 

A decade dedicated to appease others needs leaves you drained wanting to obtain the thirst of self wealth

Laid down the foundation from a parade of fools clues and the right to choose who’s lost
Who’s paid the cost

A mask for every performance
A craft how long will it last
Created for a temporary fix to resist temptation of your own world of creation

Resonate the game you play
Give it up you forsake the self-contained
Maintain the imagine

A solution for the confusion
Chase only you face the true identity
Move through mirrors reflect in ripples of water realizing me and not wanting to be what others perceive


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Soul's Purpose

Be thankful this day for Soul's Purpose.

Our soul's purpose is different than our life's purpose, yet they are connected. The life purpose guides us in each incarnated life cycle to learn what is desired to come closer fulfilling our soul purpose. The soul purpose is to live and achieve our highest state of evolution, which will result in the ending of the incarnation of physical life cycles. Our Creator, God created us to be like Him, to be masterful, to be omnipotent, and omnipresent. In order to be like this Entity, we have to earn our keep, so to speak. Know we already have the innate abilities coded in our DNA. Most of us only tapped the surface of what we truly can do. Part our life's path is to learn how to use our God like abilities. Some of us are fearful in using what we call our "gifts". It is our "gifts" allowing us to be closer to God, Angels, and our support group, i.e. family and friends. When we look deeper into the self-progression of self and time, do we really see a difference in how we interact or communicate with others and God? The question now becomes how do we align our life purpose with our soul purpose?

Our life purpose is made up one path with many transitions. We have the choice of free will to stay in one place spiritually or stagnant growth. The choice to stunt spiritual growth will only snap us back, devolve, in the next life cycle. No matter how hurtful, we have to move forward in our present life. We all come to a point in our life where something drained us emotionally, hurt us in such a way to where fear has settled in to where we became complacent. As with any choice, we choose to experience what we did, and chose to stay in the most comfortable place; like waking up on a Saturday morning in your PJs, we all love that feeling, but can't always stay there. It is the difficult choices made to help us move forward to evolve in the life cycle. For example, look at the growth of a plant or tree, they need room to grow. When they start of as seedlings or saplings, they have plenty of room to grow and flourish. As they get older the roots dig deeper in the earth and continue to grow, yet when they are crowded and loose nourishment, they begin to wither and die. This is what happens to our souls when we make the choice to be stagnant. Our soul needs room to grow, whether we find another way or simply have the courage to make the room we desire to grow. The life purpose is one filled with lessons for the growth of the soul. Without the lessons what or who would we be?

Without the lessons, we would be a naked soul, or a chameleon, taking on others' energy, nonexistent, so to speak.  Think of it this way, when we are born our brain is completely smooth, and when we physical die our brain is all wrinkled. We adsorbed the knowledge and wisdom desired in this life. The same goes for our soul, except our soul doesn't die, just transforms. When we are created we are this little ball of energy, smooth, meek, yet full of life ready to take on all challenges. As young souls, like children, we find elders to pattern our life after. We mimic our elder for a while till we find our own way, until we discover what we like and desire to experience. Like our Creator, all is done with intent. With all the lessons our soul chooses, there is an intention to evolve into the next soul phase or level. Our soul always knows what it is doing. Times our human brain takes over and mislead us, however the Universe, God sends us gentle reminders to stay on course. Just the other day I was visited by a Praying Mantis, he we a hanging out on the window ledge all day. I was curious to know what it meant. Praying Mantises are a totem symbols, meaning to be still. This was my personal message sent to me to be still. And a few weeks ago there was a dragonfly nested on the wall outside the hospital I was visiting a relative; this too was my personal message to pay attention to my thoughts and look deeper. Once we know what to look for, then we can learn the lessons faster and move swiftly though to the next phase.

Each life purpose/path is interconnected to the soul purpose. The soul purpose is to ultimately return to the state of origin. The state of origin is our true form of pure energy. It may take a few hundred centuries or 20 twenty life times to get there but it will happen. Each life is filled with the challenges we chose to get us closer to living in our true state. We are a young species, humans. We over simplify everything or make it more complicated. For example, we think or feel other humanoid species, supposed to look like us, are we that vain, close minded? Last week, I read and entry from a channeler Lee Carroll; he channels an Ascended Master called Kryon; the channel was titled The Humanization of God. It brought to the forefront of my mind in how we as humans have to put a face with everything and make it like us. If we can't see it such as other inhabitants of Earth, then we create an image of our physical form. Yes God made us in His image, but what if His image is pure energy, no physical form, and thus will make our image like His in our origin state. The link to coming back home is to listen to the voice of self on the life journeys. Each life cycle will be significantly different, yet will have one common theme carried over into each life. Each soul is charged with carrying out its tasks and connecting the life cycle to the purpose of the soul.

The purpose of the soul is a journey shared by all souls. We are all here to assist one another to return home and live in bliss. Remember we are equal and stand shoulder to shoulder with everyone, no matter your profession, appearance, age, and so on. Our lessons are one with great responsibility to self and the educating of other souls. We look deep within self to see the alignment of the life lessons and soul purpose, it is already written with us to live our best life. It is up to us as individuals to see our full potential and live up the purpose we are charged with. Though we physically separated, yet we are one soul. 

Be thankful this day and everyday for the wisdom gained to learn the purpose of the soul.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the signs reveling themselves to live a rich full life.

Be thankful this day and everyday for looking deep within to see our true soul purpose.


Apart of He created form the earth we walk
a single cell one day the bell will toll for all souls

A tenacious vessel carries me able to preserver through trials of life as I sustain revive my vessel becoming my sanctuary

As I speak to you believing in the words spoken from past lives longing for an understanding of what I am soon to be accept me then come one day no surprise I’ve taken over

Accomplished the deeds of a this vessel laid to rest soon to be renewed the eyes gaze beyond the sky looking for my new sanctuary feeding off the elements

I am your core I made you whole just like the air you don’t see you believe you breathe me

Protecting me those who deserve and saving the disbelievers whenever they call whenever they fall traveling through space and time intertwine with beings

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Life's Mysteries

Be thankful this day for Life's Mysteries.

Life mysteries are experienced daily, swimming in the unknown is filled with surprises, yet filled with routine. We know we are going to wake up, brush our teeth, bathe, eat, commute to work,  care for loved ones, work, and so on. These are the known variables in our life, the routine. It is what happens outside the routine where the unknown becomes known. Somehow we create a life plan from the ever famous question, "what are you going to do with your life?" When we are asked this question, we begin to ponder life possibilities. We formulate a plan based on our surroundings and limited potential. We rarely make a plan based on our passions, we tend to follow a more rewarding or lucrative path. With this path followed and not as fulfilling as once thought, the question arises, "what if?" The life plan question should be, "what do you desire to be with this life?" When we look at the rephrased question, we desire to be more with the life given and not just living by doing, then our potential changes to limitless. If we simply do, then what are we doing? Are we living up to the expectations designed for this life? Have we been thrown into path for superficial reasons? Our life by design has been shaped to enjoy the unknown and learn from it. By unlocking the full potential of self can we only learn more about the life mystery of being. The question now becomes how do we reach a place of releasing the fear carried from the unknown?

The unknown is a mystery, an enigma to itself. Do you think the unknown, knows it's an unknown? I would have to say no. When we live in dark place, mentally, spiritually, or physically for an extended period of time, we don't know it's dark. We adjust to the darkness surrounding our life. As we adjust we become more comfortable in the place we created. With the creation of this space, we become a new mystery to others and self. How do we become a mystery to self? We live in a familiar, unfamiliar place. We forget who we are to others and especially to self, by forming a new normal or sense of self. This is through devolution. When we don't confront or deal with the issues we created, a form of retreat happens. Retreating into self is what takes place mentally and spiritually and no longer aware what is happening to or around us; creating a selective amnesia. Through the selective memory, we tend to enjoy more of what we don't know, yet find just as much bliss when we finally come to an awakened state of mind.

Our awakened state provides us with the desired knowledge to see the unknown as it truly is. The mystery of life is different for everyone. The mystery is a puzzle only time can solve. As Henry Van Dyke said "Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity." With time all becomes clearer when we pour love into the mystery. To understand life's mysteries, we first must ask the appropriate questions to ask that are the keys to our own personal understanding and relationship with the mystery. Know we create our own mystery by putting up blocks and obstacles. Why do we create such blocks, what do we want to hide from self? We lock certain parts away hoping never to be seen or acknowledge again, creating an "air" about you. Some of us enjoy creating or having certain mystique about self, but who is it serving? When we put on “types”, we are creating a mystery or wall. It serves no one, when there is a lack of honesty in the presence of self. The acknowledgement of the mystery breaks down the mystique of self allowing self to be fully present in life.

When fully present, we can see the unknown as it is, a place without light, lack of knowledge. As humans, we become so fearful of lack in any life area, we unconsciously create more of it. With the creation of more lack, more of a mystery is created around it and us, yet we are driven to solve the mystery. Every mystery can be solved. To make the unknown, known, we have to have the courage to shine the light where it is needed. Our courage to confront our personal unknowns, allows us to develop our spiritual muscle to be a beacon for self and others. It is the pursuit of the knowledge bringing the most joy, yielding to the light within showing the way. When there is light, there is courage.

Our light is meant to be shared to guide others on their path to revel personal life mysteries. If we didn't have mysteries, what would have revealed to us? There would be no lessons to learn from, there would be no personal growth, what we would have; a complacent world living in self-centered madness. Each mystery/lesson is its own reward. Our courage to face the unknown gives others who are watching courage as well. Always be your best light for others, they are watching, taking notes and following your steps. You are strongest in all light.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the life mystery to be solved.
Be thankful this day and everyday to have the courage to shine the light where needed to dissolve the mystery and be a beacon for others.
Be thankful this day and everyday to unlock your potential through solving life mysteries.
Unknown Fear

Lurk in the shadows jerk your emotions causes contusions need resolutions of a fear wish it was a dream truth it’s all around you

All levels bevels borders on the parallel
Heaven or Hell
Died many times now coming to life realize the tiers to break through and there is nothing you can to me that has not been done to me before

Feeling the adrenaline rush mind racing escaping the reality preparing for the unknown a drone of this earthly realm I can feed the need bleed beyond what I can see

A prisoner or defender surrender to this fear
Hold it captive scream reactive embrace calmly as grace washes over me
Paralyzed subjected confronted overcome shun the darkness that lies buried beneath the eyes cared stares back at you

As peace is unleashed granted solitude choose the path given and shatter what was and embrace control the unknown

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Living in Your Truth

Be thankful this day for Living in Your Truth

Living in your truth is an innate feeling of knowing and feeling we are living our best life possible in the life moment. Most of think we are living our best list life, always trying to figure out a better way. As a society, we think more than we feel. Not too far in the distant past, I turned off my emotion receptors. I moved to a place of thinking, blocking myself from feeling or being empathic for my fellow man. This caused me to be distant and put up walls in my personal life. I was in a protective bubble. I was not fully aware I cut off my life circulation. I moved to a place of thinking and not feeling. I would think my way in and out of life without caution. I became pretty good at thinking, analyzing, and processing information from a higher place. As a society, we place all higher preforming thoughts and functions on technology or other inadequate higher sources. How often do we trust self in living in our personal truth, without manipulating the outcome and just accepting it as it happens? The question now becomes, how do we feel our way to living our truth, collectively or individually?

To live truth individually is a matter of seeing the extremes of do or do not. Either we will take action or we will not take action. We all live in a form of protective bubble and this bubble is called thinking. There is nothing what so ever wrong with thinking or planning steps, procedures to follow the life purpose, however when we over think a situation, instead of following our instinct this is when complications arise. Our thinking is putting the brakes on an idea. Our thinking is the inaction taken. Yes we all like to be cautious, but why do we think or over think a situation? Is it to be sure we are doing the right thing, to make sure our choice will not bring harm unto others, or how can I benefit from this? When we over think and ask self multiple questions, the source can be from a past incident, insecurity, doubt, or another way our intuition is working. Usually when we over think it's a source of lack of trusting self or the source of the idea. Similar situations or people (past or present) behaviors reflect in our own thoughts leading to take actions or the action of inaction. We usually judge or hold others accountable for previous past experiences in our life. I will readily admit I used too, and times still judge others based on previous interactions. I forget, yet learning people change, especially when behaviors exhibit such changes, allowing me to see them as they are and not who they were. When we stop over thinking, the action taken is usually from an intuitive source.

As a collective, we have the ability to be united in one action, one feeling. Usually there is a crusader, a leader standing up for a cause, then others with the same principals follow this self-appointed leader. As this leader of collective group, there are responsibilities coming with this role not asked for but expected. The leader is brain and followers are the cells keeping the brain active. Both entities need one another to progress and live in the collective truth. What exactly is the collective truth? The collective truth is the ebb and flow, the exchange of thoughts of the two entities. With any group, there will be a leader, or as I to call the organizer. Remember, no one is superior, we are all equal. The only difference with the organizer and the rest of the collective is the organizer is living with more faith and courage to fill their life purpose. In essence we are all leaders. Leadership is an internal place of knowing what we desire to be delivered and being open to receiving the tools and resources to do so. We each have an idea and a purpose, and the leaders of our own life, by being and not doing.

We have all heard about the "doers", but what about those that are just "being". There is a fine balance between the two, being and doing. In order to do we have to be first. To be requires stillness and listening to self, then we can move to a place of action, doing. To live in our truth, we first have to be. The stillness of being allows us to see the necessary steps of doing. Have we fully played out the scenario by thought process or seen the scenario played out in our mind's eye? In either case, we can see the desired outcome. However, when in stillness, we can feel the vision; we gain a greater sense of emotion and clarity tied to the outcome, because we are simply being. When doing, it feels more like a plan of execution, rather than just being in the flow and allowing all outcomes to unfold naturally. Just being requires much patience and subtlety. Our choice of taking inaction while being is a courageous act, especially in times of peril or heightened emotional states. With just being we listen to self and begin to trust self more allowing all circumstances and situations to be resolved in the time meant. Remember all things happen in there time, not ours. We learn what more about living our truth through observation of self and others. And allowing self to simply be, allows for lessons to learned, desired outcomes to unfold, finding courage in self, and to mature in the person desired.

In living our personal truth, we have to be honest with self at all times, no matter how much hurt or joy it brings. When on the path to living our truth, we also must analyze our past and take partial responsible for what was allowed to happen to eventually see the lessons. We have to allow self to experience the extremes to find balance in the life we desire, our truth. By living in this manner, we become a walking testimony and mirror for everyone else. Know this is your truth, no one else's. We search our soul for the enriched desires to make impacts and improvements, yet we have to see what heart truly wants. In order to set an example you have to be the example. Yes others can be an inspiration or a catalyst, but ultimately it's what your soul wants. Allow the energy of truth to set your soul free to live in a loving place of self-acceptance to be the desired truth.

Be thankful this day and everyday for love given to experience life as it truly is.
Be thankful this day and everyday to release the manipulated outcomes to allow the truth to flow.
Be thankful this day and everyday for knowing and recognizing your personal truth.

All I...

Stirring up undesired emotions

trying not to feel pain
trying not to feel love
trying not to be angry
living in this space for now

Seeing me in you
seeing prayers answered
acceptance is mutual
this is me fully loaded where to take aim

Once afraid then fearless
leaving confused and undecided
reaching for outlets to commit to the charge for change

Is this what I want
a choice made not of my doing or is it

Being as it is or should be
being open
being ready
intuition flows
rage bleeds
deceive me lead me to where only the emotional heart dares

The lessons
the pain
the release
the love
the flow
calming the animal
healing the hurt

Steady is the pace
All is maneuvered
coming back to a familiar place
at rest at ease

All I am is me

all I will be is me
all I desire is me
this is all I have is my soul and all is my soul