Thursday, December 31, 2009


Be thankful this day for recognition.
Recognition is more than just giving a person praise for work done or of any from of accomplishment, and honoring God. Recognition is knowing, understanding and seeing the world, people and the energy around your for what they truly are. We must first accept the objects in our field of vision as they are and not color them. This will distort any the true view of what is placed before us. We have the ability to change nothing into something. What I mean by this, the strength of our minds and our free will can change anything into our desires, yet our heart and spirit truly knows it's not what you desire. They know you are filling a void to compensate for a loss or lack in your life. The mind doesn't know that. The mind only knows what you tell it. You can tell your mind to believe anything, whether it be from the spirit, words, actions, and acts of free will.

What we have to stay focus on is the energy around us offering support and guidance. The blessings we receive, prayers being answered, thoughts coming into reality, words translating to energy, family, friends and much more, all is taken for granted at point or another. This is when recognition is important. We have feel and see the energy around us to know what we are doing is right for our individual soul. Every action, word, and thought is heard by God. He hears and recognizes us. We are his children and He takes care of us. We recognize Him and the works, blessings and miracles He brought into our lives. We also take notice of the work being done by our hand is not all of our own doing. We have the ability to channel God through us to complete the work we were sent here to do.

Be thankful this day and everyday for recognizing the illusions of this world and seeing objects and people as they truly are. Be thankful this day and everyday to recognizing the energy around us and all we do. Be thankful this day and everyday to recognizing God in ourselves and His work through us.

To The Point

Which longitude or latitude you choose to call home

Resistant to atmospheric pressure
Straining to release the gases of excess fumes to fuse substant energy

Looking for the meaning
The purpose of life
Digging straight to the core of you

Seeking release of the mental case
Now changed

Scream brings joy
Set free from the self-imposed prison of the non-existent life

Multiply points
Dots to connect to bring relief and trigger satisfaction

Exist on a parallel planes
Horizontal and vertical
Making a leap to the next life

What's the point
To the point
Found the point

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Be thankful this day for service.
We all have been of service to others in our life, whether if it was to our employer, family member, friend, even a stranger, or ourselves. Most of the time when we preform an act of kindness, a noble or good deed out of reluctance, we hold it over person's head. Most acts of service are carried out with a level of fear, obligation or selfishness with expectation. Example, you do a favor for someone, then a few weeks later you need something, you approach the person and ask the favor, they may say, "I'm sorry I'm unable too", then you say, "Remember when I did that favor you." In this manner you expected something in return when then act was preformed and now the expectation is lessened and transformed to guilty place upon the individual. The same thing can happen if you live with a roommate, spouse or family member, who always expects acts of service or kindness. This is not good for your soul, because you are preforming a service out of fear. Example, If I don't do this they will be upset with me, etc.

Acts of service, kindness, and generosity are meant to heart felt and genuine acts without expectations. How do you know if they are genuine acts or if someone really is in need? Knowing the difficulty of this considering the society and times living in, the voice of consciousness will let you know. Your spirit will move you to aide others in their time of need. No matter the circumstance, you'll be ready to service another when the opportunity presents itself. We are meant to help each other daily, not just during the holidays or special events, or opportunities. There is a heartfelt joy when we know our deed has helped another. This is a joy that will continue to grow as we genuinely help others. We all have a part to play in the service of others. Just because Tom is volunteering at a shelter doesn't mean you have to as well. Find what speaks to your soul. Be thankful this day and everyday for the ability to be of service to others. Be thankful this day and everyday to free from the guilt, fear and obligation of service to others. Be thankful this day and everyday for genuine acts of service towards your brethren.

Shell of Life

A vessel to sustain the energy contained given life too

Divinity set in motion
A process of awakening
Being close to home

Lifeless atoms charged with purpose
Fathomlly connected with unity

All made up of one life
One energy
Different reasons
One goal

Great care is desired for a fragile shell easily shattered by devices not of this world

Sending out an S.O.S
Save Our Souls
Save Our Shell
Save Our System
Save Our Skin
Save Our Senses
Save Our Strength
Save Our Society
Save Our Spirit
This call can only be answered by the energy within

A vessel no longer a shell
Now unified with energy of life
Born again to the awaking action
Welcoming the familiar and embracing the unknown

The full circle one life to the next an expression of the energy given life too

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Voice of Consciousness

Be thankful this day for the voice of consciousness.
The voice of consciousness is more than our intuition or the little voice in our head keeping us out of trouble. It is also the source of the knowledge in which our path, creative and divine energy comes from. Example if we ask ourselves or God a question in which we desire an answer for in time we'll receive the answer, when we are ready to accept the answer. How do we receive the answer you may ask? The answer is inside of us. We are apart of a greater whole. When we have faith in the answer received, this opens up level of trust in ourselves. This trust of knowledge begins an alignment of the mind, body and spirit and reduces fear and doubt. The energy felt is an open flow from our heart. The energy is meant to helps up gage our trust in what to do or what is right for us. Like the old question"If John jumps off the bridge, would you?" This is when the voice of consciousness shouts at us, telling us something is wrong here, not just for the previous example, but for anything that's not in alignment for our heart and good.

The voice of consciousness is more than just an individual thought or entity. The totality of the voice can stream into a collective thought, idea, movement, etc. The voice has the ability to manifest single thoughts into a singular collective purpose. What I mean by collective is a group of individuals with the same thought or idea. The individuals don't have to be in the same room, location or city for their thought or idea to manifest. As long as the individuals are thinking the same or very similar thought it well manifest. Examples, the current wars, Obama being elected, how people dislike working on Mondays, etc. The collective voice is a powerful and useful tool in a world we live in, but can have consequences if the thought is not of pure intention. We all have to understand, we all have total control and intention to manifest, thought, ideas and good will. We have to be careful in which we lend our thoughts and energy too. If our thoughts and voices flow from the heart then all will be in alignment with proper intentions. Be thankful this day and everyday for the voice of consciousness. Be thankful this day and everyday for love, joy and guidance of our heart. Be thankful for this day and everyday for the good intentions of the collective.

Got Something to Say

A mind with a voice the no choice but to express emotions equivalent to the mood of the present and past experiences

Convey the cerebral cortex an intuitive system of delicate nerves with the ability to adapt to situations

built a wall

layers of defense

Pull the trigger go figure bang bang didn’t expect that dropped you like a bad habit

The greater than or less than the equal sum of your sanity of expression

locked away due to experience or lack there of

Contained in a cage of solitude cringe at the thought of being free turn around and scream living this adventurous life

Running no longer an option an adoption of the ways of this world and not of the on I created

Safe haven my rules misbehavin’ misunderstood I wish you would

Lifting the weight that baited me in seeking the care of the one true being to refine redefine the statement of life from this broken mind

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Self Worth

Be thankful this day for self worth.
Self worth is the measuring stick of feeling loved or loving ourselves. We as humans long to be appreciated for who we are and what we do. Some of us commit acts of kindness and desire to shout out good deeds from the roof tops, while others humbly stand by without acknowledging themselves. This is where society and teachings separate. As children we are taught to have manners, by saying please and thank you to acknowledge others for their kind deeds for us. As time progresses into adulthood, we learn it's ok to take what we want, not necessarily stealing, but showing lack or gratitude and appreciation for what we have, what is given and being done for us. Then we fill ourselves up with stuff and not able to fully enjoy ourselves. Example, you move into a very spacious, luxurious home, you need to fill it up. You go out buy the basics, furniture, appliances, knick knacks, etc. Now you can live in your home comfortably, enjoy your space. As time progresses you accumulate more knick knacks, before you know it your home is cluttered. The value of home and lifestyle has been depreciated. This is how most of us live, holding on the accumulated stuff in our life. The self worth and appreciation is gone. We all at one point had self worth. How do you regain the love and appreciation you once had?

We all have something we love and appreciate about ourselves, let that be the focal point. Working from the inside out to find the excess in which we carry. This is how to find your self worth. Self worth is not monetized by acts of kindness nor vanity of self. Self worth is knowing who you are, being confident in the knowledge of self and appreciating yourself for you are. Yes it's ok to treat yourself to something you feel will move your spirit to a better place, but make sure it's what your spirit wants and not what society dictates. Taking a well deserved trip, take an unscheduled lunch or distraction from the day. Self worth is making yourself feel good in alignment with your spirit and being a joy to others in their presence. Be thankful this day and everyday for the ability to love ourselves. Be thankful this day and everyday for the manners taught to us to show gratitude for all we have and given to us. Be thankful this day and everyday for the knowledge of self to feel worthy in the presence of self and others.


Living the laws that define me still creating my space of life freedom breaking the rules I make times taking the whole cake

Living life of emotions and intuition that was given slipping deep into myself plot a future path of a new view with past mistakes I feel out of place

Claiming what is rightfully yours adore the time given to create mold to what you believe conceive birth soon to float fly to an earthly heaven

Infinite stars that I share with some may fall others will evolve into something bigger still we all shine brightly one not the same similar contained in a cluster of the beautiful ones