Thursday, April 28, 2011


Be thankful this day for Questions.

Questions usual arrive in our life when there is doubt or self-expansion. When we are as individuals faced with a situation with the possibility of multiple outcomes, we question the possibilities, not the desired outcome. When the questions arrive, we question the circumstances, not our self. We seek to grasp control of the situation bringing us the feeling of doubt or fear or to understand the growth of our soul. Yet when we take total control of the situation, we are questioning self; we have to seek the courage/faith within to move to place of knowing, to have a fluid connection with self. For example, a swordsman never has a firm grip on the hilt of the sword, it's a loose grip to maintain more flexibility of movement to trust the connection created by the swordsman and the sword. We have to seek the reasoning for our questioning.

To have questions at critical life junctures is okay. It is how we phrase the questions we state making a difference. Questions can start broad, but we have to narrow the focus for true understanding. For example, we can ask "Who am I?” most will answer I am..., but when we phrase the question "Who am I in this moment?" or “Who am I to myself?” we get a clearer response to the broadness of the initial question asked. Each questioned asked is to cultivate our being, the more precise the question, the more precise the response.

When the questions arrive or simply appear, it is our ego chatting with us. It is feeding the doubt already there. Where there is doubt in our life or situation, it was already seeded. Then of course we have to question the root of doubt. Through understanding the situation presented and overshadowing doubt, can we bring fourth the courage to remove the doubt in any situation. Then we in-turn begin to question self and the innate abilities of courage. We have to learn the difference between the questioning arriving through doubt and the questioning arriving through self-expansion. The questioning of doubt arrives when there is lack of understanding of a situation or circumstance. Then we learn to ask more focused questions. When we question our self through growth experiences, it is not our ego chatting it up, it's our Higher Self reassuring us anything is possible. We have to have faith to take the next steps. Our questioning of questions is natural, when we move towards a place true-self. This is how we clean our house. For example, we discard our garbage daily, because we know there is no use for it, however it's routine. Every now and again, we turn up unwanted possessions and we questioned why we kept them, then eventually they too are discarded. Questions well become a part of some routine, until the joy of self is revealed. We will begin to feel lighter and more at peace.

When we get to point where we know self, the questions don't end. We have to discern what questions are most important to understand our true nature as one unit of humanity. At first we seek answers for self for clarity and peace, and then we seek answers for a better world. This too is natural process of being connected with others, creating a sense of oneness in the world. Once we are able to learn and decipher the important lessons in our life, we can share them with others. Remember we are experiencing the same-thing at different levels and times. We are different energy signatures from one Source experiencing life in multiple ways, simultaneously. 

Through the asking questions, which at times may seem like a revolving door, we continue to learn more about both the internal and external environments of self. Our world was/is built on "what ifs". It was the courage and faith to find out about the possibility of both worlds. We were all created with the purpose to find out what happens next. We are beings with an innate curiosity. We love to know. The questions we ask daily fills the passion to know, to know self, to know and be connected with others, to know the world, to know our creations, to life as it is intended.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the reassurance of your Higher Self.
Be thankful this day and everyday to have to courage to ask focused questions to know self and others.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the natural curiosity of self to grow.

Read Into It

What you read isn’t what you see
What you see isn’t what you read
Between the lines to define the unsaid begging to be said
Space the air separates words only to have emotions to sew the seams of dysfunction
Eyes emulate actions
Ears echoes words
A linage of the same chain linked for constant change
Imitating an idea of life

See what you believe
An illusion of life all this gravitational insight
Come to the center of you
Living in the stream of oneness

Read the emptiness of time and how it binds man to stand
The end is the beginning living in reverse
A search for a lost one being welcomed to open arms
A master of nothing but a leader of self subdued by fortune

Why do we live
Why do we dream
Dare to be who we already are

Rebirth of civilization through disbelief of portrait lives
Recreating the stream of consciousness ridding mind pollution to institute a revolution watching and waiting to assimilate the world and imitate false images

A solution to cause evolution dissolving previous fore thought and ill motivation
Stuck in a situation and drowning in tears of joy to survive as the voices are heard piercing the gates of salvation
Having the world in your hand knowing it can be changed
Awakened from society’s illusion living with passion purpose and wisdom
Let go and live

Appreciate self
Reading preceding self just as cleaver as the air go where needed
A breeze to please masses with one blow
Now breathe

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Self Balance

Be thankful this day for Self Balance.

We are entities of matter and energy. We are constantly out of balance because it is easier for us to see and feel the matter we are. As a species, we put so much emphasis on the material world, our appearance and any tangible objects. We were taught to "believe it when we see it." However don't we have faith in our thoughts? Our thoughts are energy, then transferred to matter when written down on paper or manifested in the form of matter. In order to achieve balance we have to come to full awareness of both halves of self, energy and matter. The question now becomes how can we come into balance, harmony with self?

There are natural opposites in life. Our human brain often mistakes these opposites as challenges. The reason why they are seen as challenges, because they go against what we were taught and learned. From the time we are children, we are taught to problem solve in on way. We were taught to stick to what was learned. Our brain can't conceive of any other way to perform certain actions or comprehend facts, because of our teachings. Opposites are part of the natural flow of existence. In order for us to expand our thought process, we must look at our opposites. The opposites are natural for us to grow our brain and let our mind conceive endless possibilities. Our mind is the brain of the soul, the energy of matter. Once we allow the mind to take over, we open ourselves up to no longer seeing opposites. We only see balance.

Having balance is fundamental in everyday living. Somehow we have to find the right mix of balance to care for one self. Taking care of self is critical, not just the matter nor the energy, but both halves. In order to find the right mix, we have to ask self what it needs. Our needs differ from day to day, but if there is a loosely structured routine followed then the desired adjustment is made to care for self. However if there is no routine, both halves are at the extreme opposite and need great attention. Hence the reason for medical attention in some cases, others need to pay more attention to self. Our soul speaks to our body and we have to become aware of the messages. I understand we can't always fulfill our concern immediately; however our mind can create what our environment can't.

Our mind, the brain of the soul can take us places we wish to go. At times we can create a place so vivid it will eventually manifest itself. The place we create is a place bringing us levels of joy and healing, if desired. Our mind can create whatever we desire. All we have to do is sit and paint a mental picture, or just stare at an image and let our mind do the rest. With this practice, we create a passport to the soul. This grants us permission to look deep within to fix what is broken, to release unwanted baggage, and ultimately be our true self. Our true self is the perfect balance of who we are.

To achieve the perfect balance of self, it takes years of work and constantly fine tuning. Recently I've come to a place where I had to tear down all once believed to build a stronger foundation to stand on. To have a sense of starting over is frightening, yet liberating. It leaves you with a sense of creating daily and throwing out all once learned. Sometimes to have self-balance, we have rid self of all things, emotions, thoughts, and perceptions, to create a new normal of self-balance. This form of internal "spring cleaning" expands the mind and soul to accept new ideas, perceptions and awareness of self. To maintain balance, we have to check in with self. Our balance is key to living in a collective state. Remember, we are one unit called Humanity. When one is affected or infected we are all.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the natural opposites to flow in expanding thoughts.

Be thankful this day and everyday for energy transforming into matter, creating new levels of harmony.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the constant fine tuning to achieve balance within self and the world.


The process to endure

the honesty of emotions living in the moment

Accepting the stirring of emotions

the range of darkness
emerging to light defying

Contemplating old habits

to service and heal the moment
recognizing they will do no good

Flooding of confusion sets in

what to do
how to feel
where is the filter
tears fall watering the garden of truth

Released the pain given from the life intruder

accepting my truth
joy brings peace
light is love where all is processed
love is who we are
love is a healing force

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Be thankful this day for Manifestations.
Manifestations are essentially the miracles we call forth to aid us or improve our well-being. Manifestations can't be created; you can only call forth what is already in existence, even if our brain is unable to comprehend its existence, which is why we categorize it as a creation. Manifestations/miracles occur daily, whether we are aware of them or not. It is the level of impact on our life when we take notice of the manifestation, whether if it was a dream coming into the world or a prayer being answered. We have the innate ability to bring fourth our heart's desire, effortlessly. When we act in desperation that is when the flow of miracles get choked off. How do we bring forth what is desired with loving intentions?

We, both humans and spiritual beings are manifestations of the Creator. He created us to experience
all life. The question is if we created to experience all life, how can we create or bring forth what is already in existence? The Universe only knows our heart, not the intention. If we act from a place of love, which is our heart, then we can manifest our heart's desire easily. In order to manifest our heart, we first must know our heart. We must look deep within and face the truth, even if we don't like what we find. It’s all about the discovery of self and knowing what we like and dislike growing in appreciation of both sides of the spectrum. This level of introspection creates balance of self. All created life has a natural opposite manifested, this is to show appreciation for the natural flow of existence. It is our human view of the natural opposites to be considered threating. We all have swaying opinions about how we should live, act and simply be. The only thing of authentic matter is knowing self and having love and respect for others. Once we get out of the way to experience life at our desired fullest, we can continue to evolve and manifest our desires.

We often mistake our heart desires with material items of desire. It is okay to want a material objects, but the joy it brings is temporary, unless there is a strong emotional/energetic connection with them, having sentimental value. Manifestations are also confused with material possessions. All material possessions, start with an idea, a thought, then grows into a purpose in justifying why we should have it. Then when we think about it and have faith we can have it, we unconsciously feed the vision of ownership of the possession love. Love is the source for all manifestations. Once we pour love into the idea thought of or the object beheld, it can produce in material form.

Once the manifestations have produced itself, we already know what to do with it. We have played the scenario in our head a thousand times over. We know what we desire, we know why we desire it, and now the Universe/Creator has presented it to us. Sometimes we don't recognize our own manifestations, because it is not exactly how we asked for it. When deciding to bring forth a desire, we have to be specific about it and feed it with love and leave in hands of the Universe/Creator to deliver. It's usually in the beginning when our manifestations go unnoticed, when they are first brought to us, this is because of the subtle deliverance. When we have time of solitude and "count our blessings" is when we usually take notice. Other times we notice our manifestations right away, due to the strong desire and emotional connection to them. Our manifestations are delivered divinely. It is the timing of our heart being open ready to receive them and the Universe/Creator working together listening to us. Remember we are all one and divinely connected.

Know there is enough to go around, to share with your universal family. We all benefit from one another's manifested abundance. All manifestations serve a greater purpose, leading the eternal joy living within each soul. Each manifestation shares love and you are the reason for the love brought forth to be shared in this life. Manifestations are energy changing form to material matter and to connect like souls on a journey of discovery.

Be thankful this day and everyday to know we are the Creator's Manifestations.

Be thankful this day and everyday to recognize our own manifestations/miracles to be loved and enjoyed.
Be thankful this day and everyday to know our pure heart's desire is manifested to serve the good of all.


Speaking in the manner of Isness

having observations of truth
loosely translating sight and sound
articulating what has appeared

Searching the depths of the soul

for the meaning of
what is standing before eyes

Attaching all other definitions to items of is

to comprehend the matter
the function
the reason for it all
can it truly be

Standing by no other name

called fourth through intention
we give life to the creations of existence
all simply is

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Be thankful this day for Manners.

Manners are more than just exemplifying the proper etiquette, they are offering the proper respect to another and having a heighten awareness for their feelings. We often impose our idea of manners on others unconsciously. We all have a different idea of what manners should be, this is due to the combination of what was taught and seen in our youth through current day. We are always rewriting what’s proper and what isn’t proper. What do we think manners are? Manners are also a conscious awareness of self and others. Example, when we stop in our moment to pardon ourselves for intruding on another’s space (physical or energetically), or expressing a form of gratitude for an object or action given. We all carry different levels of expectations of manners. When someone doesn't exemplify our thought level of awareness, then we get upset. As a collective we are responsible to help others understand our self and the awareness give in each situation. The question is now, how do we guide others to become more mindfully aware/sensitive to others in a respectable way?   

We have created/manifested a society where the image of being self adsorbed is more gratifying. How can being wrapped up in self be more gratifying, when we share a planet filled with a diverse population, and life in general? If we are self adsorbed, how can we learn more about our purpose? The simple answer is we can't. Know we are Spiritual Beings first learning from one another to progress in our life and assist others with theirs. In the unconscious creation/manifestation of the self adsorbed world, we also created a world of "instants". All that is desire must happen right now! We, as a collective and individuals find a way to throw a monkey wrench into everything to make it happen in an instant. We lost the patience and appreciation for slow growth and nurturing. All things must be nourished to have some longevity. For example, our children, plants, and pets must be nurtured properly to have a healthy life. We read about how to create a nourishing environment for our children, plants and pets. We feed them love. Manners come from a place of love.

When we engage in another’s space (physical or energetically), it is done so in a loving manner. The awareness given comes from a place of respect, or love for the individual. Though there may be a bond forming through comfort, the love or respect is not lost just changed, like any other form of energy exchange. When we have respect for self, it will bleed into other life facets. Having genuine respect is high awareness of love for others and self. Most often our unconscious actions speak for us. Both as individuals and a collective, we must be more mindful of others in our space (physical or energetically) and offer them the natural respect of being a Spiritual Being.

We are so unconscious in how we treat one another, friends, family, and especially strangers that if our life depended on how we treated people, a good portion of the world's population would be in the hospital on life support or dead. Because of our unconscious actions, we impose our will, and thoughts on others. Our intentions to self impose our thoughts and ideas on another, though may be done with love may not be alignment in what the individual desires. With the respect given to another’s space, we will become more conscious of our own actions and thoughts. By being self aware of our manners, we intern feed self and move to a place of conscious thoughts and becoming more mindful of others.

Through the raising of self awareness, we become more mindful of our once everyday unconscious actions. Our mindfulness of others guides our soul to loving and gratifying experiences. When we know by simply being who we are, and begin to nurture our consciousness, our perception of self and others change. The mindfulness/awareness lived daily is increased when we notice others and actions are mirrored. Having respect goes beyond the living and nature, it is the manner lived and practiced. For example, when I go to a cemetery for a burial service, I always pardon myself to the resting soul. Yet, I know their soul is not there, just the remains, it my personal practice to show respect to the ascended soul. We act how we desired to be treated.

Be thankful this day and everyday to exemplify the proper etiquette for the occasion presented.

Be thankful this day and everyday for to mirror manners to become conscious from the once unconscious.
Be thankful this day and everyday to be conscious of others to feed them the desired love and respect, given and received.

Naked Soul

Standing in the eye for all to bare witness

catching a glimpse of the flash
blinding me to awaking

Exposed to a dose of light

a prism reflecting a rainbow
filtering out a color to define me


dipping into the pool of life
sculpting a new awareness to be born again


expressed secrets given through life
feeling mortal pain to an immortal soul

Truth is as it is

personal collective created in moments
living in the space made

Naked is the flesh

a container to hold the energy of the soul

The soul is the spark

the energy of all beings given off in the rawest forms
through expressionism

Naked is the soul we share

connected through oneness of truth expressed effortlessly