Thursday, August 27, 2009

Life Connections

Be thankful this day for the life connections.
The life connections is not just the people we know or don't know, it is the life all around us. Life brings us many joys and lessons from one form to another, regardless of age or species. As a highly evolved form of life, we tend to see pass the lesser forms and what they see and teach us. We as life forms are designed for different tasks and functions. Those of the the same species are yet different, but more the same. Though the differences make us and other species unique to carry out our purpose, it the energy in which we come from that unifies us.

We are all are one, because we come from the same source of all life. All life and energy is respected or at least needs to be. We all need to wake up and realize what we do today, in this moment can indirectly effect millions tomorrow. Example the war, one man's greed lead to the death of millions, Micheal Jackson, he showed that one man can change the world. As we move forward, take heed in the examples before us. Let us not be selfish in our own greed of evolution, but extend a hand carry others with us. Be thankful this day and everyday for the oneness of all life. Be thankful this day and everyday for the examples placed before us to correct ourselves. Be thankful this day and everyday for our unique abilities to fulfill our life's purpose.


As I stand in the eye watching life pass me by
Looking lost without a cause yet full of purpose and intent figuring out what is meant for my soul

Carrying a blade of wisdom that is centuries old with the lack of knowledge to wiled it yet with the patience to understand the energy to wiled it as such commanding to the energies to stand at attention

Gathering souls from past lives using synergy as a caliber for the life standing before thee streaming through colors of life to inflect project a selfless image upon those with purist essence
Loosing behind a shadow cast by heavenly energies of intuition with intent and purpose

Living a daily struggle of thirst of a soul creation of self with understanding of the possessed vessel a longing of personal fulfillment with a gift given from the dawn of you
Accepted and returned

Wanting more than what is given before the time tells you
Living freedom in faith of what and whom the will of choice and self sacrifice knowing the consequence to understand the second image of self
Not a façade the cause of your soul
Who were you first
Who are you now
Who will you be last

Following the heart
The loud voice banging in your head and life preparing through you
Can’t erase it nor ignore it an image bigger than you with a possibility to fill the universe we walk through with preconceived notions and premeditated intents

Finding what was stored from the life before seeking the connection for completion of a universal soul surpassing time itself
A continuous cycle until the work is done

A timid light only to grow in brilliance by the dimming of un-needed space leaving the purist of pure the original make-up of self from the first spark
Illuminating emanating heavenly energies

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Be thankful this day for your identity.
Everyone has their own personal style or identity. What makes your identity? It is the clothes you wear, the hairstyle you have, or is it the attitude you exude. We all look for our identity through material things. These things give us a since of who we are, but it's not the true-self. Our identity is not our astrological sign, though it gives insight to our personality. Then the question is raised, "who am I?" Just be who are you, but then ask yourself "who am I now, in this moment?" The answer will be different each time, but the answer will lead you closer to your identity and your purpose.

Our identity is our soul, it is what makes us whole and feel complete. Anything we ever want to know lies there. It makes us feel connected to family, friends and even strangers. Our soul can't lie to us. We try so hard to find ourselves in all that surrounds us, yet we are already ourselves.What surrounds us, is apart of us. The energy our soul can identify with is captured in knowledge of self. We imprint our energy, our soul on to material things, thus creating our sense of personal style or identity. What we do, what we create comes from our soul our true identity. Be thankful this day and everyday for your soul that gives you true identity. Be thankful this day and everyday for the understanding of the imprinting of our soul. Be thankful this day and everyday for knowing who we truly are.

The ID

. .

The id or I.D. that makes me, me this world has consumed me shun me times broken me

The identification of this Godly creation is not in a wallet rather lies in the soul beneath eyes time has been mighty kind

The subconscious unconscious mind set free will it and it shall be driven to reach a status or is it status quo who runs the show

Finding sanity through material things brings momentary satisfaction the cause for this action unknown yet accepted graciously

Persevere till one’s mind is clear no longer hear echo’s that bellows tunes of desires a voice often recognized then subside when the deal is done

What makes us drives us the factor getting caught up in the rapture that surrounds us the unstoppable unknown force the physique perceives receives the flow of energy to unlock potential moves to kinetic turn the key a there it will be

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Be thankful this day for grieving.
Most people associate grieving with the loss of a love one or someone dear to their heart. What grieving really is, the loss of emotional baggage and/or attachment. This grieving process can happen at anytime, not necessarily during the passing of someone or the loss of a favorite material possession. Grieving can happen when we become more accepting of our own self. This is when we begin to let go of what we thought was us. Throughout the years we put on and carry so much it becomes normal for us to be heavy in spirit. When the awakening begins, the layers shed and begin to feel lighter. This process can create many emotions, but what makes it difficult is our denial. We have to accept our emotions to ease the grieving process.

The process can take a week to years, depending on the layers built up. Then the world becomes clear and our actions are aligned with our emotions. Grieving is a powerful process and drains the life energy only to be renewed by a more sustainable life source, "out with old, in with the new". Grieving is not sadness, it's the joy of letting go and acceptance. Be thankful this day for the acceptance of letting go. Be thankful this day for the joy beyond sadness. Be thankful this day and everyday for shedding the emotional layers of life to become who you really are.


Breaking down barriers of energy losing substantial substance of creation through unconscious thought you’re gone

Through a form of suffering can you regain a sense of self finding yourself in a situation faced with one choice

Are you ready to choose the lesser of you the lesser of two to be poor in spirit and rich in life

Finding balance and harmony in self pity and insanity living in air of cleverness

Not paying attention to the underline society living in a delusional state

The coexistence of form and energy leading to the wholeness of an entity bonded through self preservation

Rising sensations the dark half the light will last shining through all mask of self imposed images

Blending instincts taking notice of the present flow of substance the shift of energy to dissolve the life excess

The solution of soul told when you are gone taken back to life itself stillness creates space and elevation

Knowing you brings answers to questions lying within the conscious mind the solution of dissolving confusion dysfunction and bring clarity and peace

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Be thankful this day and everyday for happiness.
How do you define your happiness? Does your happiness stem from others being happy around you, from doing noble deeds, or doing something you love? There are many ways to be happy or joyous in the world we live in. The world does create false happiness, through material possessions. I'm not saying not to have nice things, we all want the best, but think about why you want what you want. What you want may not always be a new suite or a pair of shoes. It could be the craving for success, or a form of attention. When happiness comes from an external source, it's only temporary. The external source can be anything, creating this temporary illusion. Yes it feel great to be happy, to live in the moment, to be who you are now, but think about the source. When happiness comes from the internal light of us, then of course the affect is long lasting. You'll wake up happy, joyful and excited everyday. Not saying there are days were we don't worry about little things, but with the joy in our hearts, the little things will take care of themselves.

If there is one lessons I learned in my personal life, is don't seek happiness for you'll never find it, but let happiness find you. It will find you when it knows you are ready to accept the greatness it offers. Be thankful for the inner joy and light that is already there waiting to be accepted. Be thankful for being who you already are. Be thankful for knowing why you are happy.


Excited drawing attention with one single breathe one single voice echoing throughout the universe

Commanding attention in a definite manner in a distinct disposition one all is familiar with yet feared

Sweeping across the sky

Swimming in oceans

Running through land

Living in souls being free

Welcome to a place where dream and creation meet

Incarnation intertwined define life lines

Acknowledgement of a nature unseen energy kept

Evolution manifested in light connected causing a chain reaction

An extension of translucent nature dissolved to surrounding light energy made up of a realm of all knowing

The inner space captured and renewed daily soothed by the understanding of what is and what is in you


Live life

Live life