Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lows of Life

Be thankful this day for the Lows of Life.

The lows of life are not the illusion we create, where all seems lost or hopeless. The lows of life are essentially a reset. We come to a point in our life to where we choose to stay in the reset cycle until we learn what is desired, or we transform our life to welcome new energies. The lows of life bring varying distractions, disappointments, and even depression. However, what gets us through the will of self and hope for something better. We all know there is something better waiting for us, hence the reason why it's called a reset. With the knowledge of something better is coming, we have to come to expect it and not to try so hard to bring in the something new; in other words be in the flow. We have to let the something new come upon its own, yet still have to recognize it when does appear. All that is needed is to hold a loving vision of the newness, feed it love and allow God to do the rest. The most difficult task of allowing life to happen while in the lows is just that allowing life to happen. As stated previously, we get so busy in the how too, we lose the why, which is one of the causes of being in the lows of life. We get so desperate and determined to make newness happen and welcome it; we no longer see it when it arrives. How do we turn our attention to just being rather than doing?

As humans we are creatures of habit. We are used to doing and being in a routine and constantly moving. We are always doing something and that always doing wears us out; whether we are working out, working to fulfill another's dream, always on the go, acting out of desperation, anything to fill an empty space. Times we need that empty space or room in our lives just to be as it is empty. The purpose of this empty space is to hear the echoes, to feel the stillness and just be. This empty space allows us to just be. When we are just as we are long enough, don't people start coming to seek you out? Being present does exactly that. By just being, you are sought after by higher energies. We are now in place where the emptiness is being filled with the true-self. The true self is reveled, and it's a welcoming feeling. When we are just being, we gain a sense of clarity. We see the reflections of self and how to make course corrections from all the doing. From this place of clarity forgiveness sets in; we then being to heal from all the doing and transform our life.

With the transition from doing to being creates a transformation of self to be more alert and present in life. It increases our awareness levels of self and surroundings. With any transformation come the releasing of old thoughts, behaviors and energies. We start to see self as we truly are. In the beginning we may be a bit uncomfortable with what we see or feel due the newness of the life transformation. With anything new, it takes time getting use too. As we being to see self as we are, others take notice and we begin to affect their life. Our spirit becomes an inspiration for others. As an inspiration, we have new responsibilities to uphold. The responsibility to be honest to self and others is key when we are an inspiration and experience any transformation. We begin to tell our story. When in the depths of life, we feel, see and know all can be better, just as the opposite, when we transform our life we can teach others because we recognize the patterns. Each transformation is different for every soul, yet the lessons and patterns are similar. We grow and experience life as one.

Once we have grown up out of the lows, all we see is the light in and around us. There are endless possibilities to bring forth newness. The newness we experience come from within allowing us to be open to what we truly desire in our life. The lows of life can be any extreme from being homeless, repetitive lessons, or simply being depressed. Yet it is the will of the soul to say it's enough, for us to break through the barriers long standing in the way of life a fruit-filled life of just being. Remember we are as we are and don't have to try so hard to live a life already planned for us and by us.

Be thankful this day and everyday to shatter the illusion created in the lows of life.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the transformation to be as you are.
Be thankful this day and everyday by being an inspiration and a teacher to others.

Forever Me

Forever me a gift from He shared with thee given from thy heart tenderly truly freely completely leaving imprints inspiring others become lovers of new found sensations from seed plated across all plantations nurtured and cherished

Woven from life’s thread intertwined from intricate patterns of society soon to be tattered and torn from atrocities and bureaucracies tailor made contoured to the bends and curves accentuate the good in man’s life

A legacy started with a dream planted from He supported by all surrounding loyalties soon to spread like a virus unity us by an unstoppable force of love from untamed hearts and open minds

Contained in a vessel sustained by what I know now is love for the first time how this divine beauty escaped me for so long lonely days now gone

Dismissed all negativity welcomed a positive entity now the other of me search for two and in half years a dream you kept alive from the silent prayers of my heart

A wish that wasn’t dissed maintaining patience once anxious rearranging the life I was accustomed to a whole new world to explore I adore you

Forever me sharing intimate thoughts thought from my heart
Forever me listing and learning what surrounds me
Forever me stimulate and penetrate minds with kinds words of wisdom
Forever me aid and bathe souls with words of love and forgiveness
Forever me elevating shedding the skin I once was in
Forever me an entity will always be

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Be thankful this day for God.

God is a living singular universal entity. It is an omnipotent Being with the ability to create whatever It desires. God is a force with many names, with representation in all religious faiths. The religious faiths are represented and governed by their own belief system. We all have our personal and group beliefs. However it makes me ponder was it God's choice to be worshiped or was it ours? Yes the scriptures speak of how we should worship such a Being, however was that the intent? Like children, they look up to their parents for guidance, just as we look to God for the same. On a high level we adore and love God, and thank It for the works accomplished to give us life and experience all creation. We are experiencing life and all creations, as self with the eyes of God. God is bearing witness to Its own fruit. The question now becomes how do we see God in self to be our God-Self?

We all have a part of God in us. We are Its creation and It lives in all the living and non-living. We are the spark of a greater force. We are all on a minute level God; we manifest our heart's desires with love and pure intent. The visions and imagination are from God, the rest is up to us to fulfill. God and the Workers (Arch-Angels, Ascended Masters, Guardians, and Guides) do all the heavy lifting, while we maintain the integrity of the vision given. To be fully our God-Self, we have come to a point of co-existence and remove personal division. All in life is connected and live as one. Just as the Sun exist with the Moon and the Moon affects the tides. Our purpose is one of cohesion. We all can accomplish many wonderful things as individuals, yet as a community we can do much more. The reason we can do much more as a community is because of the gathering of Universal Energy in one place or with one idea. Our ideas is not one alone, but one of plenitude. We all share the same ideas and visions, however they are just viewed in different ways to assist and guide others. God is working through us to gather in harmonious voice. We are meant to be on one accord and not of separation.

Our separation comes from different idealist, which is okay. Yet it's when there are others so stubborn and set in their ways, they are unable to see other points of view. Ultimately we are doing and saying the same thing, just on different levels to reach different souls. Each soul is asleep by choice, until they hear or see something resonating with their vibrational frequency. Each soul is currently on a different level, so not all messages, opinions, ideas, or visions will be understood. We each must come to a place where division is no longer. We first release the division within self, seeing and knowing we are a part of God and the Universal Energy. All the while we must have full accountability for self, behaviors, and actions. We are made up of the same matter and energy as the Earth, our pets, insects, flowers, trees, water, etc. Truly there is no separation in our life, just the appearance of it.

As a society, when we speak of God we refer to God as Male. This idea stems from quoted scriptures "And He made us in His Image." At the time and still today men are seen as a domineering force. It is the imagine we created of a male taking care of home, by being the provider, and the decision maker, hence the reason God has to be male. Then of course with the feminist movement, the question was raised, "Why can't God be Female?" With all the questions of uncertainty, there is no wonder why there is such a division. We are as we are through the creation of one Being with a piece of It living inside us. Our role is not to decipher what gender God is, but to understand Its omnipresence. We are the tools tilling in the field cultivating a world where all is harmonious. We utilize our skills to enhance both the physical and spiritual worlds. God simply IS and we a pieces of God.

Not only are we are God's creations, we are God showing others the way. We are assisting others in navigating through life. We gain wisdom to share. The wisdom gained is a universal one. We each play a smaller role in the rising of all creations. As we evolve to our higher-self, we come to an understanding of equality and over-arching purpose filled with divinity and infinite possibilities. Yet we learn to focus the infinite possibilities to our passions from moment to moment. We are in a place of adapting to change and learning to be more than we initially perceived. Once the clear vision has befallen us, we can proceed in the fulfillment of our true work. Know we are never alone. God is in and being with us, always.

Our God-Self is limitless, we must come to a point to trust self and heal old wombs blocking our full potential. When place trust in Self and God, a perfect union is created. This union will open up endless possibilities to co-creation and manifestations. Sit with yourself to know your God-Self and feel the energy of love pour in to your heart. Let the energy take over your Soul and let it flow naturally to where it is desired. Learn to see the God in Self and others.

Be thankful this day and every day for being God's Creation.
Be thankful this day and everyday for God being simply as It is, a Universal Force.
Be thankful this day and everyday knowing God is living in you and seeing God in others.


Standing just as I am
experiencing transformative light
flowing through this protective shell
Simply being as I am

Expanding light
growing consciousness
coming to full awareness of self in existence

Being a part of a greater whole
a spark of force wielding the unseen
trusting of noble energies fitting into divinity

Reaching peak
maturing through insight
wisdom befalls the crown
rippling throughout the universe
all has been set in motion

Taking moments as they come
only to be ready
standing in stillness
recognizing the now and planning for the now to come

Being witness to self in action
in stillness
made to experience the creations
cultivating the knowledge in one harmonious tune

Visions of grandeur speak through and the soul says yes
being as I should
living through self for self

Endowed with what was given from the Creator
Enhancing self to fit the purpose of creation

I am the creation and creator
I am the purpose cultivating creation
I am a singular entity
a force
energy divided yet whole among all
I simply am

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Energy of Love

Be thankful this day for the Energy of Love.

Love is an unmistakable feeling. Love is more than just an emotion allowing us to express ourselves to each other. Love is an energy of emotion flowing through us to experience the totality of life as our higher self and for the good of ALL. Whenever there is a lack in our life, it is due to the lack of the energy of love. In order to overcome such ideas and thoughts, we have to pour love into the place of lack to create transformation. When creating transformation, we are bringing forth energies already there. The energies were just at one point unseen or felt. The energy of love allows us to see with an open heart and mind what was already there; it brings all into focus and a new awareness. How do we bring the energy of love into our life to bring about the desired transformation?

Love is a force and allows us to experience all earthly sensations. Love is the source of all other emotions. Love allows us to have courage, joy, grief, anger, sadness, peace and all the like. Without love we couldn't experience life as it should be. Yes life does seem difficult at times when we are learning our life lessons, yet it is love to see us through. It is the love of self, self-preservation, love of growing and evolving. We as spiritual beings are meant to grow and transform. I personally can't imagine staying the same person during my time on Earth. Our experience is the experience of others. We learn and share what we know from the place of love, because of our genuine care and concern for others. However, we limit ourselves to share what we know and assisting others to friends and family. Occasionally, we assist others we don't know from a connection or a loving feeling to help a stranger. We have an abundance of love on varying levels to share and experience. Love is a force making the world go round.

The love we carry for self and others is a natural one. It is our human brain getting in the way of experiencing the full levels of love. As toddlers, we only knew love and curiosity. We walked through life wanting to know what this was or how does that work and simply saying "mommy, daddy I love you." Then we expressed true unconditional love. Through the harsh lessons of life and conditioning of parents, we have lessened the feeling of love and reserve for those closest to us. When we withhold such powerful emotions and stay guarded, who do we hurt the most? Self. We don't ever want to feel rejected, hurt or pain again so we decide to unplug and turn off all receptors. Love is for everyone, yes it will take time to heal and undo the conditioned work of past generations, but it can be done. We are moving towards a more harmonious, loving place with Self and Universe. Love is independent and is limitless.

Sit for a moment and remember how it feels to love and be love, without fear. Feel the warm sensation, the loving embrace of a loved one, notice the unbridled joy and unconditional love given and received. One love is all love. This is a sensation and energy already known to us as spiritual beings. Love is honest and brings clarity to any situation when present. Sometimes we do and say things in the name of love, but is it really? Do we do and say things for our own selfish reason. I would be one to admit at times, yes. However while in the moment we are not aware of such things, because we are feeding our ego, by giving what it craves. Sometimes being human, we latch on a certain sensations or situations to continuously feed the ego, when we are thinking we are feeding the soul. In time we learn the difference between the two. With love there is a natural flow and all things are preformed effortlessly. With love there is no second thought, there just is. Yes we do get upset when our love is not returned, because we put a condition on it. When love is performed with pure intention; it's unconditional and removes all expectations. So now what do we do... Just be!

When we are whole with self and one with the Creator, then we come to an understanding of love. This understanding is different for everyone; however the energy of love is the same. We can't expect others to feel what we feel, yet we shouldn't let it get in the way of expressing our true loving nature. We are innately spiritually loving beings. We love more than we lead on. Allow your spirit to be open in receiving and giving love at your comfort level and grow. Your life will transform when you are in a natural flow of love energy. Pour love into every situation, thought, idea, and action. Be who you are already, a loving being with a lot love to give. Remember love is abundant!

Be thankful this day and everyday for the energy of love transforming your life.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the many sensations love brings us.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the natural expression of love.

I'm Not Done
(Dedicated to my dear friend Quincy)

Looking at adversity in the face
seeking mercy
relief from the anguish

Understanding why the enduring pain lingers
making the choice to learn the lesson presented to endure

Living through self
being a witness to attest the challenges
creating a new outcome

Cutting loose the excess
leaving debris
a whole new entity to please self

Waking from haunting dreams and lost memories
finding out who am I
I'm not done

A new path of discovery
leading to an evolved Soul
now in control

It takes a little to be a lot
true self
a spark
a light
a force of wielding energy

Make a difference to be
to know
to feel the source of self

I'm not done growing
I'm not done evolving
I'm not done
I'm  an ever glowing light making a difference

I'm filled with the tenacity
I endure all
I am a storm of change
I'm not done
I am here

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Finding Self

Be thankful this day for Finding Self.

Finding self can take years or decades. Both as humans and spiritual beings we often go through changes. The changes experienced are for the evolution of self. During the course of spiritual changes, we feel a bit lost or confused. The physical changes are expected and a natural progression of the physical self. We have to continue to maintain the body we have and improve on it so our spiritual self can be around a bit longer to live the desired life. Even though the spiritual self-governs the physical self, both halves need each other to live a complete life. One of the important keys in finding self is finding balance to unify both halves. The question becomes how do we become our whole true self?

In the process of development, we are often confused about self and what it is we need to do to move to place of clarity. Clarity comes from many sources, it comes from sitting in stillness, while in prayer or meditation, or even in our sleep. Clarity awakens us to the inner transformation. The place of confusion is not really a place of confusion, but a place of transformation. In other words, clarity makes us aware of the transformation already occurring in our life. It's ok to feel confused. When we reach a plateau of certain ages, we stay at the comfort level until we feel the desire to evolve again. Us evolving brings challenges and awareness to once mundane tasks. Then we develop a new sense of awareness of our inner self, the source of all life, God. We all develop and transform at different rates, yet is has no bearing on the connection with self or God. Ultimately we find our God-Self in the awareness of our transformation.

When our inner self evolves our outward appearance has to follow suite. We appear to be more peaceful and light. We are no longer burden with trivial thoughts, all thoughts carry substance and joy. We release what was once thought to be of importance. While finding our self, we find what is really important; it is to feed our soul, the source of all life. What we feed ourselves and others takes center stage. We feed the energy of love. The energy of love plays a pivotal role in all life and especially in transformations. We have to learn to accept self as others as they are with love. In the process of finding self, we conduct multiple experiments. We learn what makes us joyful, loving, kind, hurt, angry, etc. We learn the many extremes in life to set our soul free from self-containment. The reason for self-containment is we tried something and didn't like the outcome, so we locked part of self away. We are only doing more harm when we lock part of self away. Our job in life is to experience our whole self.

When we bring our whole self into the life experience, we find the purity in the moment found. Our whole self allows us to be vulnerable in the moment, to truly experience it as it is. When we are vulnerable, we allow our whole self to be present and release any fears, concerns and inhibitions. In the process of finding self, we reach new levels of both cowardice and courage. One or the other will win our pending the situation and faith. We all desire to have courage to win at the end of the day. Think of it this way, if we all made a choice spiritually to be here on Earth that was our first courageous step in living a rich full life; all other decisions to follow are easy to make. We have to look within self to find the courage and confidence to find and live to be our whole self.

As humans, we tend to be so preoccupied with the material and the external that we forget about inner-self. Our inner-self is what produces the external and material world. We find distractions daily to comfort self and not deal with the inner transformation. Like the day turns to night, transformation is going to happen. It is when we become aware of it, to evolve to higher levels or to stay stagnant and complacent as we are. When we choose to incarnate on Earth, we undergo selective amnesia. This is to helps us evolve.  As comforting as it sounds to know how our whole life, it doesn't do us any good to know everything, if our duty is to evolve. Just think how bored you get at your job when it's the same thing day in and out or when you play a video game over and over. We innately know what we desire in our life, all we have is to listen. Finding our self is listening to self. We make it harder than necessary with the experiments we conduct. Listening to self, our God-Self evolves us to truly knowing self. Create a new relationship with self and ask," What do you desire today?" You may be surprised with the answer.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the progress made to find self.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the experiments conducted to understand self and be free.
Be thankful this day and everyday for transformation made to be true-self, God-Self.

You Think You Know Me 

A facial façade
a mirage of an image
of what is a camouflage
of what is there
the appearance given
apparent to the naked eye you’re the reason why
you think you know me

My shadow wants to be like
mimic my actions
you lack passion
follow me around and wonder “how you do that”
you think you know me

Thought process of practice makes better and patience is a virtue
to have control is discipline
understanding is to have love and clarity
you think you know me

A place where darkness and light coexist
not resist a place of bliss
where I visit times truly miss
the choice of solitude
you think you know me

Life consequences
life experiences bring about change
no one person is ever the same
maintain core traits but changes the how to go about that
achieve what I can be
walk this path that is meant for me
the cycle and circle that is kept
so how can you say you think you know me when times I don’t know myself

You think you know me
Free is what I choose to be
Design my own destiny

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Taking Action Through Stillness

Be thankful this day for Taking Action Through Stillness.

We have created an instant gratification society, where everything is now. It may sound like an oxymoron in the Spiritual Community, since all we have is Now. Our actions in the Now (present moment) creates moments of long lasting gratitude. The sense of gratitude should be one of peace and joy, not one of anxiety and feeling rushed. By creating instant gratification, nothing feels genuine. This feeling sets up varying levels of expectation. Then, we expect for every action taken, we should get a reward in that moment. Now we have created a cycle of expectations from others, God, and the Universe. This cycle is of instant gratification. Taking action through stillness allows our actions to cultivate our best qualities to bring forth the true passion and purpose residing with Self, our True Self, our God Self. The question now becomes how do we take action through stillness?

Most any action takes movement. When we move through stillness, we move the energy around and in us to make room for our true desires. Times we can move self to be put in the position to follow our life path. Yes we all have a general life path, yet it can be altered pending on the circumstances or lessons learned. Sometimes we learn our lessons fast, allowing us flexibility in our life, other times we are right on track, and times we get derailed and have to hop back on track. In any of the situations we find our self in, we have the innate ability to move, wield the energy that is us to take the proper action. The action calling to us will show up in many ways, through our intuition or friends making suggestions. Our true action is the physical inaction, the action of listening.

When we open self to listening to our guides, family, friends, or strangers, it's God, Universe, or Self saying "Hey this is what you should be doing!” We then stop to take notice; all actions make us stop to take notice. Times the action is not noticeable enough, and then the situation has to dire or catastrophic to be noticed to take necessary action. This is when most of us pray or sit in meditation. Taking action through stillness is at its best we when sit to pray or meditate. However, our situation shouldn't get this far for us to be desperate to receive anything coming across our vision; we think it’s the answer we called forth. Desperation creates anxiety. When we worry, which is our human self, we block all the energy coming to our aide. We send mixed singles to God, Universe, and Self, saying "I'm not worthy of this action or assistance.” when in fact, we are worthy or we wouldn't have asked. By listening to our self, we honor the action of receiving request through God, Universe, and Self.

When action through stillness is taken, it gives the illusion of nothing has happened, however we have done more than enough. When in stillness, we can move energies to allow self to live and act from a place of genuine gratitude. We innately feed the energy of love into our life. The movements are subtle and some of us will hardly notice them until the completion of action. When we become consistent by taking action through stillness, we will have broken the instant gratification cycle. We then harness the love in the moment to allow for all actions to flow freely in and out of life.

Not all action has to be physical. The most powerful actions are the ones done in stillness. When we act in this manner, our confidence goes up, we get in-tune with self, we feel more alive, we feel the inner and outer love, and there is a natural flow to what we do. Our still actions create harmonious waves bringing all of self into alignment with the overall life purpose, unconditional love and joy. When we are constantly moving, physically, we are unable to see the work being done on our behalf; the actions asked for. We fill our days with distractions not to deal with a situation, however in stillness we can see the situation for what it is and ask to see the solution. When we are free from the distractions, all becomes clearer in the moment stillness is brought forth. Being still empowers the souls to understand the choices already made. We innately already know what we desire. Our acts build us up to a place where we all are harmonious with self, meaning all is free flowing.

Be thankful this day and everyday to take action through stillness.

Be thankful this day and everyday to listen in stillness to take the proper action.
Be thankful this day and everyday to have clarity in the action taken.

Deliberate Deliverance

Finding the moment to share the unshared

taking a methodical approach to what is

Ever so careful not to become entrapped

wrapped up in the creation of time

feeling every wave of thought

bounded by intention
the purpose of making subtle movements

Knowing the how's

proceed with the why's
to manipulate the outcome for personal gain

Satisfied with the results

game changed
was it me or an outside force from the inside

A promise of will delivered on time

the perfect sequence which all witnessed