Thursday, December 29, 2011

Being Committed

Be thankful this day for Being Committed.

Being committed is taking a stand for the choices made. The life we live is all by choice, and unfolds through divine planning; a planning we partake in and have the final say in how our life is to be. When there is something not going according to the life plan, we then know it was not our choice. How do we know, we can feel, sense when our life is proceeding as it should; though there are moments we sense or feel are a bit difficult, those are the lessons we chose to learn. When there is frustration with a situation or circumstance, it is time to release and move on, but if it should repeat itself, then a new way must be found in releasing the old to move forward to progress in life. In all that is done in our life, we have to be committed. There is a lot of it happening right now, just doing what is needed or so we think. We all choose to be here on Earth during this time to fulfill a role, a function and learn. Even now I am smiling, because it is of my doing, my being, and my choice I am here. The questions are now, how do we find joy in being committed to our choices and find new ways to let go of others burdens?

When we usually think of being committed, we think of marriage, a career, and more life altering decisions. Yet it is the less life altering ones making a difference, such getting up to go to work, or what am I going to eat today. These are the types of choices we have to bring awareness and joy too. We feel we have to do something because we "have too" or it’s a "means of survival". This is an old way of thinking; we are fulfilling an obligation to self, because we choose too. This is our time to be who we are and express it. However as previously stated, if there is a situation or circumstance hurting your soul, your soul made the choice to move on, but our brain wants us to stay put out of fear, telling us there is nothing better. Being committed is living through faith, knowing there is better and it has already happened. This was/is a personal lesson and the hardest one for me to learn. I am personally a surreal/abstract being, yet very concrete. I was and times still rely on my five senses. It has been a slow moving process to trust myself and the choice made. When we move to a place of trusting self, we live with faith and love, knowing no matter what happens we are taken care of. All we have is to ask for help and guidance, with genuine love.

The love given to our choices is divine. In the life planning process before we incarnate, we spend an undetermined amount of time planning our life ahead. Which lesson, situations, and circumstances, will help us be the person/soul we desire to be. We view our life and choose how it is to unfold. Upon arrival, we forget everything and allow our guardians and angels to guide us, until we get to a point of remembrance, even still we are guided. When we remember our choices, it is a deja vu feeling and our intuition takes over. In this moment we become more aware and confident in the choice(s) made. We allow our self the luxury of life glimpses in the life planning process, which is the purpose of deja vu. These are signs to let us know we are doing what we are supposed to do. When working from a place of love, we see and feel our life much clearer. However there are moments, where we get caught up in human sensations, partaking in life's tangibles we unconsciously inhibit the soul. There is nothing wrong with partaking in such tangibles, however when they take over your life and can't function unless you fulfill it, then it becomes personal medication to cover up, avoid, and disregard life, not just yours, but others. I ask you, is that loving yourself? Through personal medication, we feel on some level life on Earth has become too much to bare. How could it be too much bare if this is what was chosen by our own design? Yes we have the help to guide us, yet we have to stand up for self to be the soul we set out to be on the life journey. We have the final say in how our life is to be. 

During life we have become examples for others to live their life by, and we made the choice to be this role model. When we claim the title role model, we inadvertently create a new standard of living for self. We feel we have to always be "perfect". The fact is we are already perfect, just as we are. We have to learn to accept our self in every aspect, mentally, physically and spiritually to see our own beauty. Humanity's perception of "perfect" is skewed due to the celebrity status we give others and them being in the light. They are just like us non-celebrities. They chose their path, just as we chosen ours. Each path serves humanity on different levels. They are just examples of life, but on a much bigger scale. Some of us unload our issues, problems, desires, and all the like on others. It is ok to do so, but when we release our troubles, we have to do it in love. When we release our troubles in love, they no longer become a burden to others and the energy is not added to the collective. At times, some of us fabricate stories to receive attention, over a period of time, if done enough the future scenarios become like the story of the "boy who cried wolf". This can work in the opposite manner, someone who is truly in need doesn't get it because the person on their life of path was "crying wolf" Then the person who is seeking attention or really needs help doesn't receive it, when it really is necessary. We each become a refection for others in who we live. If we learn to accept self as we are and the choices, then we no longer burden others, but remember we have our soul group, angels and guardians to aide us.

Know we are here to help others live the life chosen. We are to be committed in the life we live and be proud of it. As a collective we share the same experiences at different times and levels. The knowledge and wisdom is not for self, it is for the collective to learn and grow as one. Though we are unsure how our life is to play out, it is our desire to gravitate to what is natural for us to live in a harmonious manner with self. Like all puzzles, life is the same, it will be solved. Through much practice and patience, we learn to trust self and be committed to all the choices made and times correct our missteps. There is no wrong choice, the just one made to follow the flow of your personal life.

Be thankful this day and everyday for living up to the commitment already made for this life.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the moments knowing what we are meant to do by choice.
Be thankful this day and everyday for being in the flow to continue in being committed to your choices, just be who you already are.

Standing in Stillness

Confronting the choices made
Understanding the why
The purpose of the choice
Improvement of self
Incrementally improving others

Admittingly in a place of self-containment
Keeping safe
Protecting others and self from my choices
I am responsible
I am limited
I am afraid
Afraid of potential

Choice after choice
Already made a life time ago
For today and tomorrow
Sensing these actions are to unfold this way
As they are

The only way to follow
To proceed in the deeds signed is with clarity
Questions bring fourth the desired

Looking deep within to trust self
Already knowing the challenges
Already knowing what was needed
Witnessing the unseen as it happens

One with internal wisdom
Executing external actions with thought
My choice to do as done with acceptance of self

Standing here
Listening in stillness
I now know my choice
I now know what must be done
I am free

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Master of Self

Be thankful this day for being Master of Self.

Being master of self is to know your limitless capabilities, knowing finite details about yourself. Without realizing it, we give our power away to others. The way of giving our power away is through making compromises of the soul when filled with doubt or to appease others for the sacrifice of self. When we give our power away to others, we lose a since of self and feel lost. The sensation of feeling lost is common for those on the path of being a master of self. It means we are searching for new ways to be and allow our whole self to be present. In the process of feeling lost, we regain our power. It is renewed through our personal will and being focused in the present moment. When we become more aware in the present moment, don't we feel more empowered or in control of self of the situation? The question now becomes, how do we become a Master of Self?

When we think of masters, we think of the Ascended Masters, Jesus, Buddha, Vishnu, etc. This was a question I posed to myself almost a month ago as well; how do I become a master of self? If we all ask our self the same question, we will get the same answer, but in different ways. Part one of the answer I received was, how do you know what a Master looks like? My interpretation was we don't know what a Master really looks like, not in a physical since, but in an energetic since. The role of a Master is to live with integrity, faith, wisdom, and unconditional love. The Ascended Masters had these qualities to make them wise and virtuous. They are also the examples in which we live by in each respectful religious sect. When we set the standard to live by other Masters or examples, don't you feel you may fall short? It is the same as if you are in a competition or anything you do; you say "I am doing this for you." When we set that expectation, we set a new level of standard for self to live up too. Each Master on the path of ascension wasn't always living up to their personal standards, or was they?

Part two of my answer was, we are already Masters. We are so concerned with what the other Masters accomplished before us and want to follow in their steps or be better. They are only examples of how to live like Masters, like a recipe, there is one, but everyone makes it the same the first time, then changes it to suite their personal taste. Being a Master is knowing when to follow and when to lead. To live up to the innate ability of being a Master, we have look inside self to see what qualities we have to cultivate to be the Master we desire to be. We each have our own path leading us to mastership, but we get caught up in process of how we get there, by being ridged, we lose sight of the goal and not being flexible along the way. A Master is not only to study, we are to enjoy life and see the lessons in both challenges and enjoyment.

The life lesson enables us to see life from many perspectives. As an apprentice, we look at life and ask questions, judge all that is happening around us, and ask questions for clarification. When moved to the role of master, we become free from all judgment and see life as it is with clarity and true understanding, which is changing to be aligned with self. The life view of a Master is to see purpose in all actions and in-actions; this view allows for self-alignment and growth. The path of a Master or to be Master of Self is just like any other path chosen, we can commit to one thing, a life style or change in direction to suite our soul's needs, but the division between those who are "just" living and those making a difference is their awareness of self. When we become aware of self then we are aware of all, through a divine connection.

When we think of the word master, we think of one who is in control. Being a Master of Self would mean being in control of self. However with the divine connection to all, who is in control? Living as one entity and conciseness, we are still in control of self, while being guided by the Source and other Masters and Angels. We are the Masters to one another, teaching and learning. When in the midst of teaching or showing another "the way" we learn something for self. Once we learn what is desired, it is then added to the collective consciousness to be accessed and shared. When in the role of a Master, we learn to share what is given to us, life lessons. Our lessons are not of our own, it is to share and compare the outcomes of the same lessons preformed in different ways. To answer the question, how do we becomes a Master of Self, we already are.

Be thankful this day and everyday for seeing the master in self.
Be thankful this day and everyday for sharing the lessons of apprentice and master with others.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the divine connection to Source to understand and be aware of the Mastership we all own.

Master Apprentice

Wondering the labyrinth of the mind
Toiling around
Seeking the center and not the way out
The place where I belong
I am here

In the center
Control of self
Viewing the world through self-contained experiences
Knowing I am not alone
Being an example for others

Mimicking others before thee
Having a desire to be just as they were
Coming to full knowledge they were just as they were
I am who I am

Evolution of a lifetime before
Now claiming the truth of self
I understand now
Just as I understood before

No Longer separate
No Longer divided
Living whole
A teacher of self and to the world

Master of self
Feeling the way through
Only I know what is means
What it feels to be a master
I am already what I claim to be
A Master

Thank you to Mr. Neale Donald Walsh for inspiring this week's Thank You Thursday.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Soul's Choice

Be thankful this day for Soul's Choice.

Before we incarnate, we review our life and choose the path most beneficial to us for growth and ascension. We choose everything from our appearance, life path, people to help us in growing, the cities we live and a lot more. The life planning of the Soul is an enjoyable task, yet when we incarnate, we forget how to have fun and what it is we are to do. On a soul level, we already know what to do. Our human brain perceives our life in a more mechanical way; every task preformed serves a particular function or purpose and must have a reason; unlike the soul where our life is effortless and flows with ease. When life is carried out with ease, we know we are just being and living in our purpose. With each soul the life planning process is the same, yet when we arrive, we forget our purpose. Our amnesia aids in the ascension of the soul through remembering who we are by lessons chosen. The only way to know  if what we are doing is in alignment with our soul's true purpose is to feel our way through life. The question now becomes, how do live in harmony with our predetermined choices with the option of free will?

Last week I was traveling and I paused for a moment and thought, I chose to be here, right here in this this moment. The life selection process is one no human brain can truly understand. As souls between lives, we choose every aspect of our life. The souls live in a place where all time tenses can be seen and from this place we choose an entry point, our human birth, where our life can be the most beneficial for self and have the most impact on the world. We also gather a group of souls (soul group) to form a pact, to help one another grow. Each soul in this group has a role to play in the accession process, yet all souls after incarnation do not fulfill their role. With the unfulfilled role, it can cause a level of grief for one or all souls in the group. The souls in this group are our parents, best friends or someone in passing. How we connect to one another is remarkable. At some level in life planning process, we knew who we needed and when. No one really just "shows up" in our life, we asked for them to enter at a particular moment. Some members of our soul group will stay for a while and others will come and go. Each soul will have served their purpose, yet with the possibility of the unfulfilled role, we have to become a bit more creative and interject free will.

Free will allows for flexibility of the soul's choices. With the option of free will, we usually see tangible objects or desires branching us off from the chosen path. Our life path allows room for experimentation. When we get to a point in life where there is no linear movement or stuck in a loop, we try other methods to move us forward. This is the act free will from the soul. Most acts of free will comes the soul being open to the enjoyment or playfulness of self. The human brain is too calculating for free will to impose itself on it. The brain is the recorder of our actions, emotions, and thoughts. This is why some of us are cautious, because we live life from our brain or recorded memories and not the soul. When we love life from a limited space, we too become limited. Sometimes living in an environment where there are limits, we seek to be unlimited. Our soul has limitless capability; we can do all things with love.

With the soul being limitless, times I personally wonder what we can fully do while on Earth. It is the collective will/consciousness along with old thought patterns holding us in a place of stagnation as a whole; though we are currently move towards a place where all life is fluid. One soul can evolve, yet can only reach personal gain to be an example for others. As a collective we are limited, because we harbor shame or hold on to what was passed down to us through DNA or viewed with our eyes and recorded with our brain. The choices we make daily are voluntary, conscious, and unconscious; such as the soul's choice to wake up or to earn a living or to live in service to self and others. When we come to a point where we become more aware of our choices on all levels, this is how we can become more limitless as a collective.

One of the primary choices the soul made was to work together and not against one another. When working together as a collective, we add value to others and grow self. The soul's choice has been to always work in harmony with other souls. With the combination of free will our ability to help others and make sounds choices in alignment with our purpose or primary goal extends. The extension of the soul creates a new level of oneness with the collective. We all innately understand this, yet processing through recorded functions makes it challenging to see the oneness we already are. Our choice is to live and as one and to grow in from the heart space of oneness.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the life chosen to live, knowing nothing happens by chance.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the moments to know we are doing exactly what we are supposed to do.
Be thankful this day and everyday to be limitless through the choices made before and during life.


Like a smile
Like a yawn
Transferring energy to another soul

Lost of words
Knowing the energy imprinted upon others
Knowing the sounds echoing throughout life
A voice rendered speechless

Waking up to the connective streams of oneness
Molded for purpose
Made the choice
All done with and through love

In this moment I can rule the world
All those around sending messages of love
Forever linked in the eternal flame

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Just Being

Be thankful this day for Just Being.

Just being is simply that, just being who you already are. Who are we? We are more than organs, fluid, and a skeleton wrapped in skin, surrounded by energy. We are a soul living in a defining purpose. The defining purpose is what we chose as souls to evolve to the level of ascension. To achieve the level of ascension takes many lifetimes over. We know and understand this, innately; however we also choose the path in getting there. This path can be seen as difficult from the non-awakened mind, yet through the evolution of self we are able to see path clearer and the action of every step taken. The question now becomes, how do we just simply be?

To simply be is to lose yourself in life moments. We have been conditioned to live in the dense energy of the world, causing us to think and act "heavy". What I mean by heavy is when surrounded by dense energy, the energy of our soul shrinks and conditioned behaviors take over. The conditioned behaviors are the ones witnessed throughout life and our brain records them. We in-turn act them out, unconsciously knowing it is what is desired to be done, willingly. We as souls don't know any other way because we are still children. Regardless of the action or in-action taken, it is the will of the soul to live in the conditioned mind set. Conditioning is a set of witnessed actions, functions, or ideas recorded by the brain, and stored later to be acted out. However during this period of transition on the planet, the dense energy is being lifted to make room for the ascended mind set.

The ascended mind works together with the collective and with other ascended minds or energy not of this planet, i.e. Angels, Jesus, Buddha, Vishnu, God, and many other Masters. No matter your belief, the Ascended Masters are examples in the way lived as Just Being. Just Being allows our soul to be with the universal flow of energy. With the guidance of the Masters, we can learn to be just like them, living in oneness, harmony, and balance. While in the ascension process, we struggle with the part of our life enabling us to just be. Through conditioned thinking, we were taught to always do. There is nothing wrong with doing, as long as our purpose or intention is in alignment with being. It is the in-action of being allowing us to flow to the action of doing.

Times our action of doing is misunderstood by self and others. The reason for the misunderstanding is the lack of clarity from or for self. We all desire to be understood, yet when our intentions are unclear to self they can only lead to disruptive energy. The disruptive energy can move the soul into always doing and working from a conditioned mind set. When working from a conditioned mind set, there is a level of uncertainty when producing intentions. Living in this mind set creates thoughts of lack, worthlessness, or sabotage. It is as if we "try to hard" to make something happen even if it's to prove a point, allowing room for ego to take over and live our life. When the actions become more aligned with our being, all becomes more effortless, living in our heart space.

Our heart space is our soul, our genuine self; it is just simply being who we already are. We made the choice to be who we are now, not a fashion model, not a superstar, not an athlete, just to simply be self; unless you one of the previously mentioned, then it was your choice to be just that. We choose to inspire others through our true work and with the love given from our heart, whatever we decide to be and do.  Just being is more than sitting still; just being is knowing yourself enough to truly know who you are. This is a learning process we all endure, once we reach a point of graduation in each life, it all seems worth it to endure the life lessons. They help to shape a reshape self and the collective. With all given to us and learn by choice, we already know how to Just Be.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the alignment of our actions of doing with our being.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the examples of the Ascended Masters to live in harmony and balance of self.
Be thankful this day and everyday to live from the heart space to radiate the energy of love to Just Being Self.

The Art

No  longer shrouded in dual identity
living in the truth of oneness
claiming the I am of I am

Living in compassion of the world
living in love as love
living in the lesson of examples for others

A seed of light carried and nurtured for and with light
being created with purpose
with a voice speaking to all those who listen

Being epic
being more than self realized
finally awake from a lifetime of slumber

I remember
remember the source
my creation
my purpose
fully embrace the who I am with what I am
an entity
the only word in this language to describe the whole self

Dancing in this life freely
moving about sharing of what is us
we already know what is desired equally

Wisdom is ours shared equally
commune with peers
with masters
with student teachers
with teacher students

No longer lost in the ways of the man's world
Found self to be honored in the purity of truth

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Finding Gratitude

Be thankful this day for Finding Gratitude.

Finding gratitude is not as easy as going to the grocery store to find what is on your list or finding a coin on the street, but it can be. We find gratitude in moments, such as the moments when we go to the store to find exactly what was needed or the coin on the street. Gratitude is an expression of love for what we have in our life, both material and non-material. When we express love what is received, we become open to receiving more and giving from our heart. Our life happens in moments and has the mobility to change to match the intention and love emanating from our heart. Our heart space is the source where all gratitude is truly expressed. The question now becomes, how do we look too our heart space to see, to find gratitude in our daily life?

Our daily life is filled with moments to take for self to find gratitude for what we have and has happened. Personally I start my day with gratitude, by way of mediation. I pause to think of all I asked for and received in my life. Times I find my personal meditation time getting longer and longer, because I find more things to be grateful for. There may be circumstances or situations looking grim, but when we pause in the life moment to find gratitude we begin to feel better. The reason why we feel better is because we poured and welcome the energy of love into what is surrounding us. No matter what is surrounding us, we can always find a peaceful moment to give thanks. We not only give thanks for what has happened or happening, we can give thanks for what will happen.

As a culture, we have gotten away from planning our life and foreseeing the desired outcome. When we pray for a certain outcome or item to be delivered to us, in the same moment we have to express gratitude as if it has already shown up in our life. We are now a culture of instant gratification for all we accomplish. Our heart may be in the right place to receive gratification, but was the intention behind? When we have the desired outcome planned in our mind, we grow attachment to it, therefore when the outcome shows up we are unable to recognize it. When we set the intention for an outcome, we have to be clear in the purpose of it and feed it love, and then release it for the Creator already knows what needs to be taken place for the life chosen to happen.

Our life is always happening now, not then, not later, but now. I know the previous paragraph may contradict this one, but let me clarify. The life currently lived is already chosen, however there is free will of the soul to experience other paths. With the experience of other paths, we gain knowledge turned into wisdom for the collective souls to share. This way we have a better understanding of various "walks of life". The Creator, Angels and Ascended Masters are here to guide us on this journey, however only with our permission. For example, when we need assistance with something, we reach out and ask a friend, they do kindly offer their help. The same goes for the Creator, Angels and Ascended Masters. They can witness our life unfolding, but unable to help unless we ask from a pure heart. Through all the side experiences chosen, we eventually end up on our life's path. The way back to our path is through setting the loving intention to fulfill your purpose. While living in the present moment, we currently are planning our future with our thoughts, actions, and intentions.

With the thoughts, actions, and intentions chosen from our doing and life planning, we have a lot to be grateful for. Each moment allows for gratitude to seep through. No matter where we are or what we are doing, all we have to do is pause and take a deep breathe to simply say "Thank You". The words "Thank You" are two of the most powerful words in existence. Those words can impact someone's day or change history. When someone says "Thank You" it creates a cycle of gratitude. Take a moment to remember when someone took time to say "Thank You", how did you feel, how did respond? A "Thank You" can melt a cold heart or crack a stone face. The phrase “Thank You” helps to find the gratitude in self and reflect back what was given. When we find gratitude, we find our authentic self.

Be thankful this day and everyday for finding gratitude in life moments.
Be thankful this day and everyday for creating a cycle of gratitude.
Be thankful this day and everyday for creating your life though love and gratitude.

Return to Happy

A smile cracks the face without reason
I remember the feelings
The joy of being awakening from a lifetime of slumber

Coming into balance
The center of gravity where darkest dark lives
Yet so bright brighter than anything seen
Dense energy draws me near

A place of once thought comfort
An illusion for all to see
For me to see the truth
This is my wisdom
Cultivating change already in existence

Interstellar light travels to me
Through me
Casted upon life purpose
What I do
Who I truly am
How I live
Claiming I am 
Knowing this life makes me happy
My return to happy

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cultivating Qualities

Be thankful this day for Cultivating Qualities.

We all have gifts and natural abilities, but it is how we use them to make a difference. We all at some point or another did something to truly amaze self or someone else, however not much what was done in the performing of the act, it is more so how we did it. The quality and control we use adds to the extravagance of the gift or ability. In our youth we had the ability to use such talents, yet lack the understanding to know why we had them or their purpose to serve us. When we typically think of a gift, we think of something to make someone stand out, or unique. Our gifts or abilities are the same for each of us, the only thing to make a difference is the ones we choose to aide us in this life and how we choose to cultivate them. The question now become how do we take the time to recognize our abilities to cultivate them?

Growing up we usually here, "you are so good at doing that." and take this praise lightly.  When we hear a form of praise in our youth we usually don't take it to heart or see it as a calling for our real purpose. The praise is preparing us to step into the light of who we truly are. When there is genuine praise, our heart is filled with joy from accomplishing the work desired, because it is from our heart. The praise given is also reason to go further into our purpose, to live in our dream. There may be a slight recognition of "this is want I am to do", this in turns creates a level of urgency to cultivate the quality to enhance and develop your ability.

Each ability expressed is one from and with the Universe. All abilities are innate. As we grow spiritually and mature, we begin to ask questions about our purpose and what is surrounding us to better serve the world, "where are the tools and resources".  Our profession tends to assist us in finding out who we are, what we are good at, and do we enjoy what we do. When it comes to fulfilling our purpose, we examine the previously stated. Yet if we are ok with one area, we tend to be content, or settle on the others. We all know and understand the “job” is a necessity until our purpose is reached. We learn from both the job and profession, they both teach us valuable lessons about self and our true calling. But why do we stay in a place unhealthily for our spirit? We see so much potential in what we see in our mirror, but been conditioned to live in a way to support our material world. Living in this manner constricts and frustrates the soul, self. We get to a point where we are on edge, spiritual and physically unhappy with life as it is in a moment or unfolding. These are indicators, what we have to find is a way back to using our abilities to better a world we live in. Younger in my life one of my dreams was and still is to leave this world better than I came into it.

Our minds begin to awaken to live out our purpose and answer the call, though it has taken years to get here, but we are here none the less. All experienced is for in preparation to live completely in our purpose. Yes it may be difficult in such times, but this is what is being called and asked for now, in this moment. "You affirmatively answer the call to deliver your talents, gifts, and skills with nonattachment to the fruits of your actions. You live free from the shackles of societal thought forms that would bind you into collective agreement with status quo. You begin to attain self-mastery over your thought patterns, your behaviors patterns. You accept the invitation of the master teacher Jesus to "come out from among them" and dare to be your Authentic Self" - Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

As an individual we search within to feel worthy, but we are already worthy because we were born unto this planet to make it a better, a more inhabitable place to live in peace and harmony with all. This can be done through the living of our purpose and sharing lessons to cultivate them. There is strength in the wisdom asked for; it is the surrendering to the Authentic Self. When we ask for assist and wisdom, it can show up in many ways in our life. The Angels are already standing by to deliver the goods; to make the life lived the best one yet. Just like a farmer to their crop, it needs to be nourished, cultivated and the soil tiled for the crops to grow healthy. Like our abilities, they too need the proper attention to best serve us in this life. I leave you with this question, "What qualities am I to cultivate to live my best life now in this moment?"

Be thankful this day and everyday for the innate abilities chosen in the life to helps others and to serve your purpose.
Be thankful this day and everyday to accept praise effortlessly to grow your heart to live in your purpose.
Be thankful this day and everyday to see the wisdom within, knowing you are doing what you are suppose too.

A nebula of sensations
Lost and found in the center of wisdom
I know where I am
In a voided space

A desire to purge all undesired of old
Yet filling back up to comfort self
I am afraid

Having to let go
Having to trust
Having to make sense
Having strength
Having a connection
Having a reason
Having self is enough
Having to be me

The midst of transmutation
A metamorph
Traveling between planes
Acknowledging self as one
Here and there
Now gone
Now one

All is what is shall be
All is me
What is the energy of me
All encompassing the of what of existence

Moving up from center
Aware of the thickness the density of the surrounding
This dimensional reality

Knowing what is important
Forgetting memories of old
Knowing all is taken care of
Having all to chance nothing in the intuitional space of evolution

Subsiding of the old
Cultivating of the new
The precision decision of choice
All is here now
The acceptance of the chosen work the chosen life

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Natural Orders

Be thankful this day for Natural Orders.

Natural orders are the order in which life moments or events occur and flow effortlessly. When we struggle willfully in our routines, making choices, and all the like, we are not in our natural flow or order. Though we have free will to choose what is desired, there is a process to be followed, hence the natural order. For example, we have come to know it is natural for a baby to grow up and mature, to us this make the most logical sense. The natural order at most times makes the most logical sense. Yet there are moments where the natural orders go against what we have been to conditioned to think. We each have an individual way of thinking and completing tasks. The way we think and complete tasks is fulfilled by our own comprehension. Anyone can show us how to complete a task, study, think, etc., however once our brain process the information to our soul, we understand how to improve on the matter to suite us. The question now becomes, how can we be in the flow of the natural order without struggle?

The reason why most of us struggle with natural orders is because they seem to go against what was taught, shown to us, or witnessed. Natural order is a sensation felt knowing we are doing what is for the moment. There is no classification for the natural order, it just is. Natural order creates balance and brings harmony to any moment. The only thing required to be one the flow of the natural order is to just listen. Listening is a simple task, yet the most profound. When listening, we can be in the current of the natural order life, connecting to other streams. We can hear others and they can hear us. Our range of communication is not limited to technological devices; our communications exceeds our thoughts to collective consciousness. When there is a desire asking to be fulfilled, someone or entity hears it, and then ultimately fulfilled. Our soul (self) knows what is desired and speaks to self through our brain to fully comprehend what is the natural order of this moment.

Each moment is different and at times on autopilot. Our routine thinking and habits doesn't allow for much flexibility to flow with the natural order. When there is free or excess time on our hands, we don't know what to with ourselves. We invent ways to fill the empty time. Who’s to say the empty time is not what was needed or asked for. The Universe takes pictures of our thoughts and the thoughts are delivered to us. The thought could last only for a moment, second, or a fraction there of. What attracts the moment or object desired is the energy of love poured into the thought. With the stronger emotion attached to the thought, the more vivid the picture. Each thought has its own energy and emotion attached to it. With the attachment given to the thought, we know when it arrives in our life. This is why we have to become more responsible with our thoughts. Each thought conceived is a part of the infinite wisdom of the universe any soul can access. Think of it this way, your soul is a computer and the universe is the internet. At any given moment there are thousands and millions of people on the internet accessing data housed on servers. Your thoughts are what being accessed. We just have to learn how to cultivate this quality of communication on a collective level. The proximity in which we live has no bearing on the connection felt to other souls, or the information accessed. Creating a greater universal connection to self and others allows for flexibility. Having more flexibility creates more opportunity to be in the natural order of life.

Each moment seen or felt creates larger opportunities to be in the natural order or flow. It aides us in genuinely connecting with other souls for further growth and development. Natural orders are meant to aide in the growth and development of each and every soul. It is when we become aware of purpose of each connection to make a difference for self and the connection. Once what was learned from the moment of connection with another soul can diminish, but not lost. Each connection serves a purpose, whether if it's to inspire, be a muse, or aide in growth, all parties involved benefit from the connection. We have gotten to the universal moment where being selfish no longer benefits the individual or collective souls. With any action taken, we have to sense the purpose of the action or inaction. This doesn't come from an analytical process like we are use too, it comes from listening within and feeling (sensing) the moment.

What defines the natural order we are living in now? Our natural order is specific to each and every one of us. Just because one person does it one way, doesn't mean we all have to do it the same way. In order to be in the flow, we have to accept how we are to manifest the desired changes and growth of self. Once acceptance has been achieved, we can more forward to sense to order of the universal flow. The universal flow is one in the same with the natural order, yet customized to fit the life lessons, outcomes, and growth for the soul (self). Remember our life path is one we chose, no one soul can dictate to us how it is to be lived. Each soul encountered can show us the way, while we make the choices with our heart.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the universal flow matching what is desired from our heart.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the opportunities created to live within our personal natural order.
Be thankful this day and everyday to notice what the natural order has brought to us through self-acceptance.
Essence of Love
(For Jeffrey)

Bestowing the essence
The energy love upon thee
This circumstance
This situation has already been resolved
The eye have been widened to see
To witness such feats

The eternal dance
The natural order of being more than perceived
Being conceived from the Source
The energy of love

Proceed with all knowing
Unlocking what’s inside
The Divine light shines ever so brightly
Casting no shadows

Blinded by such stillness
Yet moving fluidly in all eyes beheld

What actions speak to move entrapped souls
Selfless deeds stream to open a closed heart
A key to resonate with thee

Drawing deep from a place within to see this is how it should be
A natural progress of life altering events catering to soul’s purpose

Being filled with love
Wielding the energy of love
With Divine purpose and natural life flow
I am
We are

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Voice of Spirit

Be thankful this day for the Voice of Spirit.

The voice of spirit is more than just an angel, God or a guardian speaking to or thru us, it is us. At different times or moments our soul takes over and offers advice for any given situation or circumstance. Know our soul knows what is happening or has happened, because it has seen this life before incarnating, often times we have the sensation of deja vu. The deja vu sensation arises when the little pockets of selective amnesia dissolve or we chose to remember that particular moment in this life. Each moment has its own energy imprint, just like our finger print or snowflakes, no two are the same. The question now becomes, how do we become more intuitive through the listening of the spirit of self, guides, protectors and God?

We as beings of energy and light are connected to invisible beings, angels and guides surrounding us daily. They are constantly at work protecting and guiding us daily. It is their job to guide us in this life as we come to a full awaking. The awaking is a point in life where come to realize we are more than human, or more than just an entity, what we are is energy itself manifested in another form.  The energy that is us, our soul, and containing us, human body, is energy of itself just in other forms. When this point is reached, the angels become more of teachers rather than guides. We grant them permission to intervene on our behalf through prayers. Prayers are not necessarily words spoken in the traditional sense, getting down on your knees and be humbled in a presence of a greater Being, God. Our prayers are meant to be heard and filled with conviction, spoken with courage and faith. They can be spoken anywhere and anytime as long as the intention is for the best outcome for all. Knowing there is a greater Being than self and asking for assistant is a humbling act. When we speak from our soul, we can move the world.

Speaking from the soul requires much heart and courage. When words are spoken from the heart space, it is felt by the soul of self and others. Times when we speak our truth, it affects our physicality in many ways, such as a cure for an illness or causing the body to tremble in releasing the no longer desired or the welcoming of the truth of self. The most important thing we have living as humans is our voice, to speak our truth. When we stray from the path then we are limited to appeasing others, living others' dreams, etc. Our voice allows us to break free from bonds placed on this soul, from self and others. When we don't us our voice, it gives others permission to limit self. When referring to the voice, I speak to both the physical voice and voice of intuition. There is power in the words spoken and not spoken.

The words not spoken are the ones lending or rendering the most power. The reason why there is strength in the unspoken is due to the emotional attachment to the words. Then we can link and convey the emotion of the words spoken with our physical voice. Take notice of your own voice when spoken with passion. Our passion for who we are and do changes how we interchange and exchange words with others. Those who speak with passion have the ability to sway the world's opinion. Those who speak with passion, speak with love for self and all surrounding them. The voice is a tool, like our hands or a hammer, when misused all things will be undone eventually. One of my old favorite quotes "Speech is silver, silence is golden" spoke volumes to my then personality. I was always a quite soul, I didn't say much, but my actions spoke for me. As I matured, I have aligned my actions with my voice. Now you can't keep me quiet, yet my actions follow suite. Without a voice how can we know the truth?

Without a voice, our truth will never been known. With the truth being spoken all can be revealed. Know our personal truth can be left to interpretation by others. Their interpretation of our truth is their truth. No one truth is universal. The only universal truth is the one given from God, yet still left to interpretation by each individual soul. However the core message is still the same. When we interpret a message, we use our limited knowledge, without accessing the universal wisdom available to us. Our wisdom guides us in using our voice to bring forth the desired change in our present life. Remember when we speak, we already chosen the words, it is the manner in which we speak and the intention behind them. Our reflection or inflection of our voice is one of guidance and intuition. The voice of intuition is our voice heard, even if it is an angel or God speaking to us. The reason why we hear our own voice is because it is comforting. Time when we speak to others, we use a voice appeasing to self and others; however we change our tonality when speaking to others or have emotional feedback. Regardless of what is spoken mentally or physically, we have the innate ability to change our life and the world, when we speak our truth, with comment, convection, courage and faith.

Be thankful this day and everyday to use the voice of spirit given to bring forth manifested desires.
Be thankful this day and everyday to use the voice of spirit to affect the world and let your light shine.
Be thankful this day and everyday to use the voice of spirit to speak unspoken truths, bringing harmony unto the world!

Got Something to Say

A mind with a voice the no choice but to express emotions equivalent to the mood of the present and past experiences

Convey the cerebral cortex an intuitive system of delicate nerves with the ability to adapt to situations

built a wall

layers of defense

Pull the trigger go figure bang bang didn’t expect that dropped you like a bad habit

The greater than or less than the equal sum of your sanity of expression

locked away due to experience or lack there of

Contained in a cage of solitude cringe at the thought of being free turn around and scream living this adventurous life

Running no longer an option an adoption of the ways of this world and not of the one I created

Safe haven my rules misbehavin’ misunderstood I wish you would

Lifting the weight that baited me in seeking the care of the one true being to refine redefine the statement of life from this broken mind

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Circle of Life

Be thankful this day for the Circle of Life.

The circle of life is the cycle of each incarnation with evolution or devolution. With each life lived, we have the choice to follow the choices made, our purpose, or live in the opposite manner and struggle the whole life until circle is complete. The end of the completed circle will result in how the next circle will start. The next circle can start off where the last one left off or revert back until the lesson is learned, then leap forward to live the life desired in current circle. Before our soul incarnates, we choose the life desired to give us the best opportunity to grow as Spirits. The circle is what we make of it, through preconceived choices, creating the best life on Earth possible. Yet, when we do incarnate, we tend to forget what our purpose is until we have a defining life moment to fully awaken the soul, us. While in this state of amnesia, our thinking is skewed and has a one dimensional mind or brain set, to where our life is a liner one. The question now becomes how we full awaken to living in Circle of Life with new understanding and vision?

In order to live with a circular understanding, we first have to understand liner. With an active sleeping soul, our brain absorbs all the available knowledge and is subject to interpretation of the situation, circumstance and surrounding. All three components play an important role in living the life desired, yet chosen. The reason why we see life as liner is due the aging process of the human body or any vessel carrying a soul. What we don't see is the transformation taking place. The transformation taking place is constant, from time we incarnate to birth, till transition, we are constantly changing to prepare for the next phase of life, when new energies become available to us. This energy can be anything from chakras to universal.  We only see life as liner, because of the instrument of time.  Time is not liner; it too does cycle back on to itself. It circles back with the hours and minutes of the day, the days circles back to the months, and the years advance in numbers only, but they to repeat circling back on the months. Let's look at our individual lives, what aspects are we living that are completely liner? Even our thinking is circular. We think to come up with new ideas, problem solve, etc. What we are actually doing is accessing thoughts and information already there, though we do have to dig deeper for it. And digging deeper means we are becoming more aware of self and the resources available within us.

On a grander scale, we are presently in a universal cycle or circle, to where we are coming back to the center or the birth place of it. Each circle has a beginning and an end. No true circle is infinite, just the energy used to create it. Since we are living in a life circle, the energy in us is greater than any energy outside of us. Meaning all that life is, IS contained in us. The universal wisdom of creation from the Creator is a part of us. As souls, we are part of a bigger circle, though we have our own personal circles, to aid in the growth and development of the soul. Each soul is connected to the Creator. With a strong connection with self, we can better understand the connection to the Creator and members of our soul group. The members of our soul group are spirits chosen to help one another grow by playing pivotal roles. And we complete each circuit by honoring the role played for them. No matter the size of the circle it will repeat itself, but may show up in different ways, it is up to us to circle up through evolution.

The evolution of the circle of life is one of awareness, courage, and most important love. These three components assist in the completing the circle. When we come to a state of being awakened through awareness of self all actions and in-actions become clearer. Though we are aware of our actions and in-actions, it does take a level of courage to follow through on them. The follow through of thought has to be nurtured with love. Without love then what is the point of doing what is done? Being a part of grander circle, we were formed with love and with leaps of growth it is done in love. The circle we live in, contains more than just us, it is filled with the energy all that IS us. Every thought, action, emotion, being, object, and energy makes the circle of life.

The life lived is supported by each species and the role played to live a full life. With this support, we do move forward in our lives, but not in a liner fashion. We move together with the energy contained within, circling back with one another. The energy of love helps us to stay connected. The love of self, others, all species, spirits and the Creator; our circle of life encompasses each and every one living and helping to live their best life chosen from the beginning to end.

“We must not cease from exploration. And end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we began and to know the place for the first time” T.S. Eloit

Be thankful this day and everyday to see the choices made to live a connected life to be aware of self and others.
Be thankful this day and everyday to have an understanding of the roles played to live an impactful life.
Be thankful this day and every day to see and recognize the transformation taking place in your life to be a part of evolution.


As I stand in the eye watching life pass me by
Looking lost without a cause yet full of purpose and intent figuring out what is meant for my soul

Carrying a blade of wisdom that is centuries old with the lack of knowledge to wiled it yet with the patience to understand the energy to wiled it as such commanding to the energies to stand at attention

Gathering souls from past lives using synergy as a caliber for the life standing before thee streaming through colors of life to inflect project a selfless image upon those with purist essence
Loosing behind a shadow cast by heavenly energies of intuition with intent and purpose

Living a daily struggle of thirst of a soul creation of self with understanding of the possessed vessel a longing of personal fulfillment with a gift given from the dawn of you
Accepted and returned

Wanting more than what is given before the time tells you
Living freedom in faith of what and whom the will of choice and self sacrifice knowing the consequence to understand the second image of self
Not a façade the cause of your soul
Who were you first
Who are you now
Who will you be last

Following the heart
The loud voice banging in your head and life preparing through you
Can’t erase it nor ignore it an image bigger than you with a possibility to fill the universe we walk through with preconceived notions and premeditated intents

Finding what was stored from the life before seeking the connection for completion of a universal soul surpassing time itself
A continuous cycle until the work is done

A timid light only to grow in brilliance by the dimming of un-needed space leaving the purist of pure the original make-up of self from the first spark
Illuminating emanating heavenly energies