Thursday, June 24, 2010


Be thankful this day for relationships.

We all have relationships with our family, friends, colleagues, pets, spouses, potential mates, God and more. All these relationships fill a necessary part of our life, yet have varying degrees of love or any other emotion tied to the person, people or being involved. At some capacity these relationships is a reflection of our personality. Each person or being reflects a portion of who we are at the time in our life, while developing and learning more about ourselves. This is what ties us together. However, what most of us fail to foresee is the end of the relationship or movement in a different direction. When a relationship is dissolved or moved to a different place, we feel sadness, confusion and times joy. The reason for this miscued emotion(s), is most of us thought a particular relationship would last a lifetime or we did all we could to make it work. A dear friend told me "When God is ready to promote you not everyone is meant to go with you." This statement is true. All our relationships do last a lifetime, they are there for as long as they are needed for us to learn more about ourselves and who we really are. All who we allowed into our lives to some degree is a reflection of us or desire to be. We get so distracted by our relationships, and often forget about us. We forget about the true plan, path and purpose before us. We forget how to love ourselves and expect to come from other sources. We must have a relationship with ourselves.

The relationship with ourself should be limitless and without preconditions. We have to give ourself permission to love ourselves the way it is intended for each of us. With this permission, comes the freedom to fully express ourselves. This expression offers new levels of joy and love for self. We all love differently, but we do love. The relationship with ourself is the key to understanding others in our life and why they are there. We have to recondition ourselves through self forgiveness and compassion. Once these steps are taken then we can nurture ourselves, through this nurturing comes self acceptance. Self acceptance is very crucial in our relationship with self. We have to accept ourselves as we are, even with what we call flaws. After we fully accept ourselves, then we can change or improve upon our flaws. This level of acceptance send a message of gratitude to the Universe, saying I appreciate myself as I am. We begin to open up the flow of self love and a new relationship with self. Once the relationship of self changes so does the relationship with others and often invite new relationships matching the new love and acceptance of self. This is a continuing process of our relationship with self. As we evolve and grow, so does our relationship.

Be thankful this day and everyday to understand our personal connection to others.
Be thankful this day and everyday to love and accept ourselves fully.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the evolution of the relationship with self.

A new

Concentration of the emancipation liberation of past relations whether friends I’ve out grown others that made me moan

As the sands of time refine a beauty true choosing life over death caring grace gracefully beyond what knowledge seeks what knowledge knows

To forget the forgotten honestly crossing my mind with kind memories till the gleam fades to nothingness like the days wept and never slept

Not looking at second chances though I received my fare share one time no mistakes careful as time then the bell chimes

Feel a release in the flux of energy sent to down crown my thoughts maintain sustain the evolution of freedom

Reached a plateau of peace in my château from asking the questions of time of prayer bestowed benefits beautifully bustling bliss belong to my future

Picturing paths possessed poetically rhythmically resounding truthfully towering comfortably joyous supple sensations smiles proudly of a job well done

In a place where I reside redefine royalty ascending to levels of oneness to satisfy myself

Start with the beginning to reach the end depends on the conquest of conquering only then to be reborn to start a new

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Be thankful for responsibility.

Not to confuse accountability and responsibility, accountability is the ownership of the actions taken and responsibility is the awareness of the action. There are a few alternate results for the actions we take, however most of us are unaware of the actions. We live most of our adult life on auto pilot or subconsciously. As children, we are programed by our environment and observations of what actions to take when various situations arise. Seldom as adults we learn new responses to situations in our new surrounding environment. We react to similar situations from learned behaviors or pre-programed reactions from childhood or other adult situations.  With us acting instinctively or subconsciously, we are not aware of what is was we done. The subconscious mind only lives in the now. For example, some one who is temporarily insane. They can kill a loved one, steal or act out any other abnormal behavior not natural to them. When the action is completed, the person is in shock and disbelief. They were not aware of their action, yet they still have to take ownership of it. How can we become more responsible for our actions or any other facet of life? We have to reprogram ourselves.

Take a look at the various CEOs and entertainers who lived a life of poverty, before their lives changes. They all had a story, were a product of the environment and was a static. Of course they had to first take ownership of the actions they desired to take. Once they made the conscious effort, they became aware of the actions taken. The conscious mind is like a time machine and a computer. It can go back and forth in time, to plan out our relative lives and relive moments. It can also override pre-programed behaviors. Reprogramming is definitely harder than is sounds. Think about how hard it is to reprogram a computer if you don't know how. Just think about it, we have rewire decades of pre-programed learned actions, thoughts and behaviors. It can a bit taxing at first, but it can be done. The first step to reprogramming is to become consciously aware of our actions, thoughts and behaviors. There are various methods to do this, find what best suites you. Once we become aware of our ownerships, life become simpler and more joyful. As individuals we must make an effort to change, but you have to desire and be the change filling your heart. This awareness is of love and joy for self, without those, what is left.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the protection the subconscious mind gives us. 
Be thankful this day and everyday for the awareness gained through conscious effort
Be thankful this day and everyday for being the heartfelt changed desired of self.


The universal language we all know and see yet ignore constantly searching for the answers that are staring at us

Prayers sent up in hopes of the release of a life of wrong turns wrong people sensing things can be better by letting go

It’s for you to see an only for your and be ignored for so long wheels spent passion gone broken down

The inner strength regained from the cycle of pain where the attention was given now living fluidly

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Be thankful this day for accountability.

Accountability offers us peace of mind and security. Our own personal accountability take place daily with the words, actions and thoughts. To some degree we take responsibility for what occurs in our life, the portion we control. It is when somethings goes awry or beyond our control, accountability is lost. This is when the "blame game" takes place. However, when someone steps up to account for the situation at hand, a peace has come over the situation and everyone is calm. When there is an outcome to our disliking, we are shameful. Then we attempt to hide what has occurred and then become filled with guilt. These emotions of shame and guilt, couple with the action of hiding are common among those who feel lost. The emotionally lost desire direction. The reason for their actions and emotions is to find direction to account for their life. What have I contributed to the world sustaining me? What can I account for in my life that matter of made a difference? These are questions I once asked myself. When we look at ourselves in moments of despair, conflicts, or depression, we must review our life actions and be honest with ourselves. It is the smallest action often going unnoticed. There are times where we brighten someone's day or brought comfort to another. Being accountable strengthens our soul and fills us with courage and confidence. Our personal accountability starts the cure of a whole.

As a collective we are less accountable. When there is a multitude of people to blame, we do. It's a protective instinct. When we see an out, we take it, even if it means blaming another in the crowd. This action solves nothing, especially if the victim of the blame is an innocent by-standard. Now you have created guilt and shame for self, then you have to hide and cover your tracks. This does no one any good. This shows the lack of confidence in an individual to sacrifice the collective. We all have been in a situation where we knew the person responsible for a misdeed. However no one told the authoritative person. We all knew the result. We all suffered the consequence, until one person cracked. Then we all complained and called them out their name, though secretly some of us was happy they told. What are we sacrificing and gaining by taking someone else's accountability? What are they loosing when they don't step up? As an collective accountability we can end so much violence, crime and hardships just by being accountable for the occurrences in our own lives. Once accepted, we become masters of our fate and examples for others.

Be thankful this day and everyday for strength our personal accountability provides us.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the lessons learned sacrificing our own accountability.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the for becoming masters of out fate through accountability.

Rose Colour

Seeing the world with black and white noise all that surround shaded to fit the mesh of life

The darkened days followed by the absence of purpose soon to be enlightened with the colour of optimism lined with silver

The positive flows to and through your being as the sea of energy washes the negative left standing resilient eyes open to the colour of the day

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Be thankful this day for trust.

Trust offers us peace and security in the life we live. Actually peace and security makes trust. Peace is the emotional aspect, while security is the physical. It allows us to open ourselves up to family, friends, and strangers. This level of openness provides a sensation running through every emotional facet of life. Trust is also coupled with love, safety, care, hope, and many other underlined emotions. Not only does trust heighten our emotional states, it aides in our physical actions. Do we trust ourselves enough to love with an open heart, preform acrobatic feats or simple daily tasks. What makes us so trusting to others? We understand why we are trusting to family. We have the courage to meet new people and welcome them into our lives. Over a period of time we trust them as well. The trust we give ourselves is the same trust we extend to others. If we offer peace and security to ourselves, then it is given back. Yes I know, now there are instances where we trust with a whole heart and it's still taken advantage of. What then? Even though we leave ourselves open, and become vulnerable to having hurt emotions and insecure about ourselves, It's the peace and security we have within us to withstand the trauma taken place. We all know trust is more than the emotional gauge of feeling comfortable with ourselves and others. Trust is very fragile and easily broken. The broken trust results in having less faith in the one who broke the trust and ourselves. We start to second guess our choices in life until the trust can be rebuilt. How can it be rebuilt and fortified?

Trust is apart of our intuition as well. It guides us to knowing what is right, how to act, and being open to possibilities. As a collective we have trust issues. We feel someone is always out to "get us". You may call is paranoia or insecurity. The fact is we have it look in us to understand why we don't trust ourselves. To heal the broken trust, we must find compassion in us to understand the insecurity. With the understanding comes forgiveness. This is how the broken trust in us is healed, then we can relearn to trust others. Unless someone, even yourself gives any doubt to the healing process it won't work. We must let go of any thought of previous transgressions of trauma. The soul can only carry so much before it gives up and requires healing of it's own. We must remain aware of the trust given and received to know the boundaries allowed to be crossed. The crossed boundaries is a sign of respect in trust.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the peace and security we have daily within us.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the openness given and received by us and others.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the respect of trust gained through life exploration.
Always Been

Always been a soul
Always been energy
Always been what I am
Always been a vessel

These things are true
Time and space created me
Brought me here and continues to sustain me

Always been a poet
Always been a thinker
Always been observant
Always been thought provoking

Ever morphing to understand the world created by God
Separate from society
Giving you mental orgasms

Always been hidden
Always been seen
Always been inspiring
Always been known

Learning an inspiration of my presence
Opening minds only to realize my purpose of creation leaving no casualties

Always been able to soar
Always been free spirited
Always been infectious
Always been colorful

Being one of a kind
Once in denial now embrace my true nature handed to me made before thee

Always been confident
Always been unique
Always been shy
Always been eccentric

Shattering the shell
Shedding the youth to understanding the metamorphous of adulthood
Learning and accepting change

Always been a healer
Always been a caring
Always been generous
Always been selfish

Once looking for self satisfaction and gratification lead to mistakes of misunderstanding only to learn to be clear in the meaning portrayed in life

Always been universal
Always been focused with a fierce intent
Always been a sponge for knowledge
Always been proud of self

Analytical of every situation then to recover
Accepting of what was meant to be
The evolution of self

Always been fascinating
Always been stimulating
Always been amazed of natural wonderment
Always been a believer

Focusing on the surrounding energy
Finding my place among abundant clouds of energy only to be the nucleus

Always been a warrior
Always been a survivor
Always been fearful
Always been courageous

Embracing the confidence instilled in my being
Now able to stand before all to make myself known
Showing mercy to like souls

Always been a listener
Always been forgiving
Always been more than one
Always been more than I know

Now emerging as a leader
Follow me
Truthfully accepting my destiny
Changing lives

Always been life
Always been me
Always been living life
Always been