Thursday, December 6, 2012

Conscious Choice

Be thankful this day for Conscious Choice. 

The conscious choice is being in complete awareness of the choices already made, predetermined. When we come to a place of decision our soul has made the choice leading to the next level of unlocking or remembering who we are. However, when we arrive at place of indecision our soul has made the choice guiding us to be awakened, but we fail to see the logic or understanding of the choice already made. At times choices are really choices; they are merely spotlights on the path of remembering. These spotlights or choices are signals letting us know we are on the path we chose at our incarnation to remember who we really are. Who are really, One with All. 

Now the question becomes, how do we become aware of the choices already made to fully awaken to the Oneness of self?

We exist to experience the Divinity and Oneness of all creation and replication of Self, God. To know who we really are, we chose to replicate Self in as many ways as possible to see the beauty of Self. I know it may sound vain, however conceit comes human ego, the human experience. To know God, we have to be God, yet in the same moment, we have to know God as something more than Us. We have to experience who we are not to be know who we are. The choice made to replicate Self was to reflect back upon self to see the beauty, divinity and perfection of the all existence. Since we chose to forget who we are, we view our life in human form separate from God, yet our true desire is to be one with God and all existence. 

Our choices made are perfect; yes our choices made are perfect. The reason why we are unable to see the perfection in our choices is because our lack of belief or faith in them. If we simply follow our intuition and release all doubt, we then can clearly see the perfect in the choice, thus becoming more aware with decision already made. When we are facing multiple choices, doubts sets in and seek validation of the right choice to be made. Yet all we have to do is seek inner peace, resulting in guidance to know the right choice. However our chosen amnesia serves us to experience life to the fullest. I personally understand how it feels to be afraid in a situation not knowing what to do. 

Example: Recently my job situation was not the best for me, I was seeking another, yet grateful what I had chosen to do. In a span of two weeks went through three interviews with the one company. The day of my second interview, I was recommended for a third (which I was not expecting). I got hired on the spot. A week later I started my new job and it was not what I expected it to be. I was able to go back to my previous employer with a promotion and a raise.

During this process of choices, I was in the present moment. I didn't allow myself to think I just reacted to what my desire was. I finally understood in order for me to receive the choices I truly desired, I had Be in alignment with Divine Consciousness. 

The Divine Consciousness is when are awakened to knowing who we are becoming in alignment with the predetermined choices. The predetermined choice is a choice made before we entered into this world. However we can choose not to follow the predetermined choices through the act of free will. Free will is the soul living in the enjoyment of the human experience. The human experience is a tangible one. Yet every choice is a perfect choice, even the acts of free will. The human experience, is full of illusions and is meant to enjoyed, but not to a point where the soul gets lost and truly forgets self. If or when it does get to a point where the soul does forget self and desires to remember who we are, we have to power within to reach out to the Divine Consciousness to be re-awakened. 

Our awakening is a process and is meant to be enjoyed. While in the human experience we tend to focus on the end result and not the process. The true joy comes from the process. I can say I am guilty of focusing on the end result. Personally the end result is what drives me and maybe many of you. How do we stop or slow down to enjoy the process? We don't slow down, we have to stay with the pace of all the present changes occurring now in this world and the key is to stay present or pre-sent (present), meaning all is happening now and being pre-sent to us as we manifest our true desires, our choices.

Be thankful this day and everyday to know the predetermined choices to remember who we really are.
Be thankful this day and everyday to feel and see the perfection in all replication of God's existence, Oneness. 
Be thankful this day and everyday to know the Divine Consciousness through remembrance and enjoyment of the cycling process. 


A present moment of elation
Releasing tension
An entity of multiple dimensions

Reflection upon the magnificence of self with Self
In awe of what I'm capable of doing
Seeing pass the illusions created for enjoyment

Living in the process of now
Making the vow to be whole once again
Unified through a connection of purpose and enlightenment

A Being of Being satisfying self with a choice of awareness
Having a complete Knowing of me
Accepting the poorness to remember me
Being more than conceived
Being what I believe

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"What I Am Not."

Be thankful this day for "What I Am Not."

Who we are not has much more to do with who we are. We focus so much on what we desire, and what we are, we tend to forget about our polar opposite. I'm not saying to lose our sense of "positivity" but without our opposite how can we know what we truly want and how to live now. Who we are changes from moment to moment and is subject to change with our external circumstances. Yet, our external circumstances has no bearing on who we truly are. The circumstances themselves are an experience we choose to go through to better understand the process of being human. Each experience is not unique to the soul having it, what makes the process unique is each different response to it. Each response is added to the collective mind (akashic record). With each recorded response, we are getting close to who we are not to be who we are. The question now becomes, how do I know who I truly am?

How do you know who you are? The answer to this question is different for everyone, depending on where you are in the process of life. Are we more than flesh holding our Soul, yes; are we more than the energy creating life, yes; are we more than light shining brightly for others to follow, yes. Who we are and who we are not is relative to the situation and circumstance in the moment it occurs. Most of us look through life with glasses of judgment and labels. The process of judgment allows us to label a person or situation for self to better understand the person and situation according to our human experience. Yet our human experience is to remind us who we are, our Soul Self. We live from a place of memory and this is why we judge our situations from previous ones. Our memory serves us to remember experiences and not judge present ones based on previous ones. What we fail to understand in beginning is process of acceptance. All we experience is a process. The process of acceptance allows us to look at self, others, and situations, as they are, free from labels and judgment. To get to know who we are is a process of acceptance of self. Once we learn how to accept self we can accept others. Now, how we label self and others is a different process.

We label everything! The labels we created made it easier for the human brain to discern what is good and what is bad. What we view as good or bad is subjective and relative at the moment it occurs. All of the people, items, situations, and places we label as bad do not serve our best interest or we are not interested in. All the people, items, situations, and places we label as good serves our higher self and most interested in. Then there are the people, items, situations, and places we are indecisive about, because we simply don't care. Have we stopped to think why we have our personal label for everything? We label all from a place of curiosity and higher knowing. The labels are meant for the instance of occurrence and a not continual label of similarity to be judged. Each person, item, situation and place is meant for a singular experience and should be accepted as it is and not judged or labeled from previous experiences. By labeling all experiences based on previous ones the same; we are limiting our growth and understanding about who we are not.

We all desire to be our Divine Self and live in our true purpose. In order to accomplish this way of living, we have to experience the opposite of our truest desire. What this looks like will be different for everyone. How we will get there will be different for everyone. Once on the path of acceptance, the process of being who we truly are takes place. We begin to see life as it is. We fill out hearts with more compassion and empathy. We begin to see clearly and better understand the choices each soul makes. We accept people and situations as they are. We increase the energy of around us with more acceptance. Who we are not is no more than who we are to be.

Remember all that is experienced is a process and serves a purpose in the moment occurred. The purpose is seeing life as it is, no more, no less, while bringing more light to what simply IS. We already have the knowledge to be who we truly desire to be. Yet we all believe our wisdom comes from applying our knowledge to each situation, yet, our wisdom comes from sharing what we know, our innate knowing of being connected to the Universe and to God. Now the process becomes knowing and having faith in what we already are. Do you know what we already are? We are more than we appear to be, more than we reveal, yet all is shown, all is seen in our daily life. Only you know and can accept who you are now and to be who desire to be in the Now.

Be thankful this day and everyday to know who we are and who we are not in the process of life.
Be thankful this day and everyday to bring clarity and acceptance to situations and people who open the Soul.
Be thankful this day and everyday to remember our source of wisdom, allowing it shared and magnified with Self and others.

Equal Two

I am everything
I am everywhere
I am nothing
I am nowhere
I am darkness
I am light
I am present
I am absent
I am the choice made
I am the indecision
I am as you made me
I am created by you
I am you and you are me
I am the creation
I am the creator
I am universal
I am insignificant
I am joy
I am pain
I am love
I am fear
I am success
I am failure
I am alive
I am dead
I am good
I am bad
I am the is
I am omnipotent
I am feeble

I exist because I am not
I exist because I am
I exist in harmony with self
I exist with the equal parts of the sum of Self
I exist because you exist
We exist because you exist

We are two equals not separate
We are whole
We are one

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bridge of Light

Be thankful this day for the Bridge of Light

The Bridge of Light is a place we come to when we are ready for a great transformation in our life. Whether we are consciously aware of a great change desired, universally or individually, the bridge is a rite of passage. When we walk this path of change and become aware of it, we are offered assistance to better understand what we are undergoing and needing to release to complete the transformation. For some the transition will be seamless and unnoticed by the individual, yet for others it may be rough and may offer some resistance if the individual is not ready, but will notice the change. We will all cross the Bridge of Light at some point in our life. The question now becomes, how do get there and cross it?

Dear ones, we are already at the Bridge of Light. We are at a time of great change of self and of the collective universe. Now how do we cross this now great chasm of change falling upon us now? We all have different views, ways, and thoughts in how we should cross this bridge, but no matter what or how you think; we all start with one step, one step at a time. Some of us will run, others will walk, and will crawl across. As we make this pivotal crossing, we are shedding old aspects of our self no longer needed or desired in the new reality shaping, the reality we are creating. We are creating this new reality dear ones, because we are frustrated, tired, and even upset in how our life has shaped. With this crossing, we are taken ownership of our life, creating it to fit our true life purpose. We are awaking to remember who we are, and what we are to do. What we are is universal energy, parts of God, what we are to do is help one another remember who the other person is. By just being our self, we are Being just who we are.

Dear ones, I understand the high level of frustration during this time of transformation, because this is a time of newness where all is changing, shifting, only because you deemed it so. Change can be difficult to accept when you have been in set in one way for a prolonged period. The adjustment can be a shock to the soul, yet oh so welcoming. I know we all have obligations and feel there is not enough time to do what you came here to do, to experience, to revel in, but I am here to tell you there is. There is enough energy to support you, to love you, to embrace you. All we ask of you is take the first step, live and live to love, be courageous, be confidant, let go and take the inspired action to fulfill the promise to your Self. You are Divine, and Divinely support in your thoughts manifested into action.

What is to come next, only you know dear ones what is to come next. Your life is as you make it as you cross over into the Newness, Oneness and Isness You create. You understand what is placed before you, in your vision, as you reach out to accept the Creations of the Creator, You. I can say once you reach the other side of the Bridge of Light, it is a waking freedom familiar to You. The journey on this bridge is the most important and gratifying, yet won't be understood until completely across. I ask of you to be present to enjoy this journey, as it is what You have asked for. As you make the journey, questions will arise, Am I worthy, Am I selfish, Am I really living this life, and many more. I am here to tell you dear ones, you are worthy of living the life you desire to live, it's ok to be selfish, because you have to take care of you and the more you have the more you are able to give to others, and this is the life you are living, because you chose it. All the questions filling your thoughts all have loving answers dear ones.

Dear ones it's ok, it's ok to feel what you are feeling, just know and understand you are safe and loved. You are more than your brain perceives, eyes envision and your hands touch. You are a magnificent being of Light awaking to greatness We are creating!

Be thankful this day and everyday for the Bridge of Light constructed by you, all of humanity.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the universal change we are experiencing daily by One Collective Mind.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the journey experienced during the crossing over to the Newness created.


Lying down only to stand
Standing still only to move
Being of constant light
Emanating freely

Like a match ran across flint
A spark of life born
A collision of two halves with the understanding of purpose

Like the light house signaling when it's safe
A beacon of light shining brightly
It's ok

Standing on one side desiring to reach the other
To reach the freedom the purpose lived
Yet living in fear from falling in the chasm deeper than the eyes can see

Frozen in stillness
Wanting to turn away to return to a place of safety
It is really safe or is it simply familiar

Bearing a cross of indecision
motivated by fear
Inspired by action

Looking at Self within self
What do you do
A choice already made
Desiring to understand the why
Is it mine
Do I own the decision
Did I make it before

All is ok
All is as it should be
I am now
I am here
I am moving forward
I am choosing to stay
To stay as I am
Light ever lasting

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Power of Creation (Part 2)

Be thankful this day for the Power of Creation. (Part 2)

I wrote an entry a few years ago about the Power of Creation, little did I know the wisdom I was expressing was only the beginning of a much deeper process. As Divine Souls, we have the power to create and recreate our lives. Each day we wake up we create our life consciously and unconsciously. The conscious part of our day is when we go through our daily routine, yet at the same time we are unconscious of it, because it is our routine. The reason why we become unconscious with our routine, is simply we created a level of trust with our self to preform daily acts. When we trust our self, we don't have to put in much effort to be aware of what tasks need to be preformed. However when we are conscious, we are more aware and still in a learning process. We are learning about our capabilities and the level of involvement of our mind to create or carryout our actions. Before any action can occur, our mind, thoughts and words have to be in alignment. The question now becomes, how do we become fully aware  of the process to carry out the desired actions resulting in the outcome of our life?

The first step in reaching the desired outcome is to release any emotional attachment to the outcome; release in how it will happen. As humans we have to physically know everything, all the details and even make an outline of how the event or action is going to happen. The only the we need to know is the outcome. I will repeat... the only thing we need to know is the outcome. We usually come up with a step my step plan to achieve the outcome desired, yes it is necessary in some human life areas, such as the work place. However, when the plan doesn't go as expected, don't we get frustrated? The reason being, is because we put in the work to create an outcome. This work could have been in vain because of the lack of emotions involve during the creating process. To create without emotion is to create nothing at all. When we create we get attached to every aspect, but the emotional. As Divine Souls, we have to create with Love. Love takes effort, but not work. The term work is a general and over used to describe physical labor, while the term effort is interchanged with work, the two words may feel the same in meaning but different. When we put forth the effort to create, we create with the effort of love, using joy and the supporting emotion, like when we smile or any larger action creating more love or joy around us. We have to know why we create and what we are creating it for, and how it happens is up to Universal Forces.

Secondly when we create, we have to make the effort to release old sponsoring thoughts, behaviors and words no longing supporting our new paradigm shift. As children and young developing souls, we can become very impressionable. We believe what others tell us and carry thoughts dis-serving our soul, reason being we did not put in the effort to find our own truth. We believe what others have expressed to us based on our limited interaction or actions with them. Somehow we always seek for validation and confirmation of the said validation outside of self, instead of looking within Self. The process of unlearning and undoing all the sponsoring thoughts takes time. We have put in the work to feel unworthy, unloved, and blame everyone else but self for the outcome we are living. We now have to own the responsibility of the lack of effort made in our present life to live as we should be living,  with love and joy. We now have to know we are loved and worthy to be here living our best life. We have to know who we are and what thoughts we are creating for self and others.

Now clearing process has started, you can rebuild the foundation of the creation process. To create of manifest what is desired in your life, you need to have your thoughts, words, and actions in alignment with one another. First your thoughts need to clear and filled with love and intention. Meaning, you have to know have to know why you desire what you desire, who will it serve, and the desired resulting outcome. In the thought process, some old sponsoring thoughts may arise, yet this is the time to make the effort to continue to change all thoughts no longer of service to you. Second and maybe the most important step is our words. Words like our thoughts are very powerful. When we use our words, we invoke the Magician in Self. The most powerful words are "I Am". The words I Am help to create to manifest our desires with little effort. The words I Am assist in calming who we truly are. The words I Am are the words to start the process of manifestation, the keys in the engine and the words to follow I Am guides you to the outcome. Example, "I am wanting to be a millionaire."  This statement is a powerful statement, but the Universe will only bring you what is asked for. You are requesting to "want" to be a millionaire. In essence, you will keep "wanting" to be a millionaire. When using your words you have to be careful, specific and speak as if it has already happened. Example, "I am a millionaire." This statement is clear, powerful and the universe can deliver what is asked for with little effort. As time goes on, you may refine your words, but be constant and stop changing your mind, this maybe a reason why there is a block in manifestation process. Lastly you have to focus on your actions. You have to make a conscious effort to make sure your actions are in alignment with all else, but the actions mustn't be forced. The actions must be in a natural flow and intuitive. Example, if you like to be a millionaire, then you may play the lottery, though you never played before or sign a book deal. When the opportunities arise you know what actions to take. When all is in alignment, magic happens, our desires come forth with little effort and love.

We live life daily not knowing how it will play out, though there is a vague idea of how we want our life to flow. We are in a state of remembering our purpose here. Our purpose is to remember who we are and help others remember too. Through the process of creation we can remember who we are, our Divine Self. This is why we create to express our Divinity, Wisdom and Truth.

Be thankful this day and everyday to release old sponsoring thoughts to create newness and awareness in your daily life.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the process of creation to manifest heartfelt desires with little effort.
Be thankful this day and everyday to know the purpose of creation and to remember and know Self as a Divine Soul.


Unspoken Destiny
A path over many life time
Same purpose
Different Life

This is what I choose to so
Learning what is asked
What is needed to progress in the destiny

This is what I am
What I am is unified light spawned of the Creator to experience all life facets

With Master and Council to guide me
To shape self and reshape separated thoughts of humanity gathering light to complete oneness

Elevated thinking causes bouts
Conflicts with life circumstances
What am I to learn to remember in the process of awakening
Leads to openness to other plains of dimension

Who are we now
Now is who we are living for now
Fate is only to forget yesterday
Yesterday no longer matters
Learned with an open heart

An intervention of the reinvented
All is done once and over again
Repressed for new message streaming to masses of one thought different messages to reach all

Standing in the middle of the universe
Being connected to self to others to the Creator
Now know and understand I was created with and for a purpsoe

Having hope being carried on wings of angels
Changing winds give new purpose to a destined fate

We are here the fates and fated
We know our purpose
We know our intent
We do as we should
We are aware of what we do
We are aware of who we serve
We are present
We are life
We are love
We know our fate
We are the fate of self

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Power of Personal Self

Be thankful this day for Power of Personal Self.

When we think of power of personal self we generally relate it to our independence. In our conditioned way of thinking, our independence gives us freedom to do as we choose. What are we choosing to do with our freedom, our independence? In life, we continue to assert ourselves with the choices made, for example, when a child comes of age they move out of the family home to prove self-worth. The steps to prove our self-worth may include, getting a new or better job, having a nice place to live, living the "American Dream" sort-to -speak. But creating and asserting our independence doesn't end there, when we are faced with life challenges we first look to self to fix the situation, at times it can be solved, other times it does get worst before we ask for the required assistance. As Spiritual Beings living as Human Beings, we go to great lengths to prove our independence to self and others. Why do we go to such lengths to prove to self we are Independent from others and our Creator? Yes what we experience are life lessons to being a Master of Self, but we are not alone on the journey. The question now becomes how can we become more inclusive in our role as teachers, students and live as one?

As children (speaking literally and figuratively), we belong to a unit. As young children our unit is our family, yet we assert ourselves to be different and stand out. As older children, young adults, we strive to set ourselves apart from other adults, yet we look for people or groups with the same or similar interest, forming another unit. On a conscious level, we desire separation to be free from all humanistic constraints, yet on an unconscious level we long for oneness within a loving community. This is why we separate ourselves from spiritually unhealthy environments and gravitate to more loving communities. Some communities we stay with or in because of our human morality, even though it may have proven unhealthy for our spiritual or Higher Self. The mistake we all make over and over again is we keep separating ourselves from other Souls. We can understand separating self from an environment or situation not nurturing us. The reason why we can understand it is because our intuition, angels, and guides speak to us. However when it comes to a separating our self from another soul, we fear we are going to be judged for our action or lack of.  Our fear of separation is warranted and stems from birth.

When I speak of birth, I speak of the first birth, the first incarnation of our Soul, before we arrived on the planet. Our first incarnation was from the Creator. When we were casted off from the Creator, we didn't want to leave, we felt loved, yet lonely because we were a single entity longing for a more wisdom and interaction. Having this desire created a living playground for the spawns, us, to interact with one another. Knowing there would some level of discomfort; the Universal Mid-wives nurtured each soul in preparation to incarnate on the planet. Once incarnated, we created an attachment to our group of souls to care and nurture us. When we felt stifled or stagnant in any form, we sought out separation from the unit to expand self-awareness. With a new level of awareness, we expanded our thoughts of wholeness with others and wanted to feel inclusive, a sense of belonging to a group and to self.

When we begin to have a sense of wholeness within our self, we then live to assist others to find wholeness within them. In order to have the desired wholeness, we must first experience the opposite, having a level of separation. When separation is experienced we gain a greater sense of appreciation for the wholeness desired. The result of the appreciation is a better sense of the power of personal self. Our true power is within us and this is where our personal self lives. Our personal space expands out to complement our human surroundings. Just like the air we breathe, our lungs expand and contract with ease once we are aware of the process. So we too, like our bodies' must become aware of the process to gain access to will our personal space to create the desire level of oneness with self and others. Our oneness depends on the relationship we have with our self. We are the most important factor when it comes to achieving oneness with self.

To have oneness with self, we have to look at self without judgment, release all life hindrances and welcome what is desired with love. This process is on-going, and always fine tuning self like an instrument, because we are instruments of light. This is a process I am currently experiencing, opening myself up to new levels and welcoming more light. As beings of light we often send out more light than we take in, this is only natural. Now we have to learn how to receive more light and cut the cords of to those whom we gave our power too. When we give our power to others, we decrease our personal space. Our personal space is a priceless real estate. We have to learn to be nurtures and caregivers to self like the Universal Mid-wives, our human families' and soul groups to achieve new levels of oneness here on the planet.

Our oneness is inclusive to our soul group (family and friends) and strangers. Yes our soul group aides us in expansion of self, but strangers in our life create more of an opportunity of rapid expansion and awareness. They both become a reflection of who we truly desire to be. Are we actively living in our dream, our purpose, or are we a witness to the dream deferred? We can take baby steps in our dream till it's fully cultivated. Our dream doesn't have to "perfect" to be manifested; "perfection" is just getting it done on any level. Every step taken, every action made, every thought processed, is perfection made! Celebrate what is accomplished.

Our oneness is who we are naturally; we are the Creator, Teacher, Student, and Reflection for others. We are simply all life is, taking on another from to experience the facets of life. Once we accept the knowledge of who we are, the knowledge turns to wisdom for each soul to share, creating a unified connection woven in light.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the conscious awareness of who we truly are.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the love we are nurtured with daily to understand the value of self.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the new level of oneness achieved with the expansion of universal wisdom.

Too Late

Living then when
past tense
holding on to a to once dear yet relevant to move forward

Present tense
left ignored
having a great distance between now and then
coming to the extraction point to release what's left

Caring the pain and anguish
resulting in regret and resentment
longing for change
it is too late
A witness
an observer of the world
all the passer-bis aimlessly wonder seeking truth for self-expressed in their purest and highest form
Watching time evolve in the place of solitude
what is real
now a believer in honor of self
what is offered
what is given
what is chosen
Now in the cross path of all time tenses
is it still too late
now is all that is given
yet taken for granted
now is an eternal gift

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thoughtful Tuesday...

My thought for this week is politeness.

Currently my experience with polite behaviors has been the opposite than what have been exhibited. In the past week, I had noticed peoples manners toward me, but more so when I have my bike with me on public transportation. Those of you whom know me personally know I always try my best not to be in anyone way. One of the mannerisms I noticed was how people try and tip toe around you if you have bike or just in general without saying "excuse me", especially the ones with head phones on, like you are invading their personal space. At times I have been guilty of such behavior; maybe this is why I am able to notice it easily. Personally I rather for someone to say "excuse me" rather than just tip toe around me or someone. I find it plain rude. When someone exhibit politeness, they show respect for you and the shared space.

We have to know, feel, and understand the world around us is a shared space and it’s not getting any smaller. It is ok to speak up and excuse yourself or others. We are one and there should no need to feel ashamed or quiet when you there has been an injustice done to you to another. When we are rude to another, we are rude to self, it shows little respect for self and exhibits self-importance (meaning I’m more important than you) when we are all equal. We come from one source, one place, just in different manifestations to experience the variations of life. The universal energies are shifting and so should we. Just because you had a bad day, things didn't go the way you intended, doesn't mean the rest of the world has to suffer with you. Release whatever anger torments your soul, for it does no one any good. At the end of the day all will be as it should, love will win the day.

So the next time you have to tip toe around someone, say "excuse me" with a smile, you may just change someone’s day.

Take the time to be thoughtful in all you do and say.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Soul Mates

Be thankful this day for Soul Mates.

When we think of Soul Mates, we usually think of the one person/soul that is meant for us to spend the rest of our life with. We search endlessly for this one soul, and when we find a soul matching our vibration, we feel and know they are "the one". The challenge most of us have is when we find "the one", we (self) create an image or level of expectation, while we pour all we have into the cultivating the relationship forming a new bond. To further complicate our own life is when the relationship comes to an end and we play the victim role. What we fail to see immediately is the person who recently exited our life taught a valuable life lesson. The life lesson is not observed until we release the heightened emotions of the human experience. Remember we are Souls first, Humans second. Understand we chose to come here during this time for our Soul to evolve to be our Best Self, our Higher Self. The question now becomes how do we see our Soul Mate for who they really are to grow together?

To find our Soul Mate, we first must understand and know we have a Soul Group. This group of souls made an agreement with one another, to play a part in each other's life. The role played by each soul is to help one another grow and evolve. Immediately when a Soul Group is thought of, the role of family comes to mind. Our human family is the most challenging role played. Members of our Soul Group took on the role of the human family, because they are able teach us lessons other souls are unable too yet. As we go through our human development and soul awaking, the family is there to guide us every step of the way. Yet there are moments or extended periods where the soul(s) playing the family role get caught up in the "role" and forget their Soul is guiding us, not a “role”.There comes a time when each soul has to release the role chosen and allow the guided soul to grow. When the soul group member forgets their purpose and continues in the role played, this can result in the soul retaining unexpressed emotions, guilt, resentment, or other like emotions. When this is recognized by other members of the soul group, we are filled with a longing, a desire to help this soul remember who they truly are. We have to pour loving energy over them and accept them as they are, so they know they are loved.

However, our human family is not the extent of our Soul Group. Our dearest friends are a part of the group. They play different roles at different times. They are often advisers and not like guides or teachers like our family. This is one reason why or family is dear to us, because they are teachers, guides and sometimes guardians of our life. The role of adviser is a key role in our life. When we fail to listen to our intuition or second guess self, we seek outside council. Our friends are a trusted panel of knowledge. The knowledge they learned about us over the years is a reflection of who were are or evolved from. With the knowledge gained about us, our friends can assist us in making informed decisions. We also have to remember, not everyone who enters our life will always be there and not everyone a part of our life is a part of our Soul Group.

As stated earlier, we have to remember we are Souls first. This means we are loving and kind Beings of Light. Those who enter our lives are meant to come in for a reason and for however long. We allow other Souls to enter and exit our life once the agreement is filled, yet there will be souls who are not fully awake or aware as the others and may soulfully forget about the agreement made. This can cause a level of hurt to the soul express in a human way. We have to learn to release this disappointment on a soul level. As souls, we will have to have clarity about self and the roles others play in our life. Everyone entering our life is for a reason. The reason is only for self to know.

Our search for our Soul Mate is a tireless one, when expressed in human value. As humans we date, spend time with various people matching our vibration at that time in our life, meaning once our vibration changes so do the people, with exceptions. The exceptions would be family and closest friends, those souls that have been with you for many lifetimes. We have more than one Soul Mate, but there is a Primary Soul Mate. The Primary Soul Mate plays a pivotal role in your life and you meet one another when the timing is divinely orchestrated. The Primary Soul Mate is a soul that has been with you in every life and may not always be your Spouse in each life. Your Primary Soul Mate can be your mother, father, brother, sister, close relative, friend or spouse. We have to love the other members of our Soul Group just as we love our Soul Mates, and Primary Soul Mate.

Each Soul Mate teaches us a lesson to grow and be our Best Self, our Higher Self. Without our Soul Mates we would be lost on Earth. They make it easier for us to navigate through life. They help us in many ways when we are open to receiving the lesson for self to grow and then in turn share our truth with the rest of the world. We are all connected and our Soul Mates help to keep us grounded while evolving.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the lessons taught to us by our Soul Mates.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the miracles come to us from being open to love from our Soul Groups.
Be thankful this day and everyday to honor the love and truth coming from our Soul Mates and Groups allowing us to be who we truly are.

Impressionable Soul

Knowing my energy attracts and repels what's desired
All matter and non-matter
All life and once was living

Expanding energy leaves traces of where I've been
An impression and imprint of other souls I know
Where do you find me

Do you recognize an ever morphing entity
The core never changes
The surface is a cover to mask the signal
A desire for solitude

Peace is of the soul
In stillness all is seen
All is heard
Transmitting thoughts energy emotions desires

What is this sensation felt
I'm open
I travel great distances as light
I am light
Being a witness from a call answered
I am present

Connected from the day of birth
The first birth a choice made and continued for lifetimes
I know you
You and you and we know me

A glimpse
A thought
A premonition imprinted upon me
Guide me to a place only the soul knows why
Once fulfilled joy takes over then released

Leaving a mark
Leaving a note
A symbol
A sign
We were here and all we do matters

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Being in the Flow

Be thankful this day for Being in the Flow.

When we are in the life flow, all actions, thoughts, and words feel natural. The sensation we feel while in the flow is one of ease and grace. All that is accomplished while in the flow gives us and others joy. The joy exchanged is one of heartfelt desires. When we stop and listen to our heart’s desires, we then become more open to receiving what we asked for, and we give in the same manner; it's a partnership shared and given equally. Once the heart is involved in the decision making process, the brain has to follow and the choices are easier to make. Remember, the heart is the boss, and the brain processes the desires and chooses the proper way carry out its functions. The question now becomes, how can we be in the flow all the time?

One of many ways we can be in the flow all the time is to become aware of what we are giving and receiving. We can ask our self "What can I do be in my life flow?" The process of getting in the life flow is different for everyone. The process is a continuum, ever flowing and changing to meet the natural vibration of the soul. This challenge I am currently experiencing. How I am facing the challenge is from the guidance from my teacher/spiritual intuit. This person has instructed me to practice an affirmation which can be done at any time, but it has to be heart felt. The affirmation is "I open my heart to receiving." You can add to it, to make it yours. With this affirmation, my life has changed and opened up in ways leading to new beginnings. Another way of being in the life flow is to be present. When we are present in the moment, we turn off our brains and allow our soul to guide us in fulfilling the desire of the moment. We surrender to the vibration we are outputting to receive the matching incoming frequency. Remember, what we output is what we get back. We can practice planning our days. This aids us expecting the unexpected. Day planning consists of us setting forth the intention of what is desire in our day to come the night before. Once the intention is set from the heart, see what goodness is to follow. One more way we can be in the life flow and my personal favorite is gratitude. When we express gratitude, we are telling the Universe we are happy for what we have and in return the Universe delivers an abundance of what is desired. All ways previously described are the same, just different ways to get in the flow. What we have to understand is the flow knows no time or space, for it is all around us.

Whatever we decide to do in our life, it has to feel natural. I do understand we all have to make a living and make "sacrifices"; however what I have come to learn there are no sacrifices, just choices. What this leads to asking a question... "Why did I choose this?"  We all learn in different ways and paces, yet we all desire to have the same thing or experience. The time in which we create is an illusion of the energy we are creating with. Time is only energy measured in increments to comprehend its fluid movements. We all desire to have more time, but what we really desire is to have more energy to accomplish our heart's desire. If we stop for a moment to view our life, we can create the time energy we truly desire. Now only if we only do things to create our higher purpose, we will have more time. When we create with the higher purpose in mind, we are in the life flow and all is effortless. Some you maybe be wondering, what is my higher purpose? The overarching higher purpose is to live in the energy of love. The individual higher purpose is to find what brings you love and love to others. It can be anything of your choosing, but know it's your choice and your chose it long ago. 

The life flow is a constant stream of energy. Think of it this way, a river constantly flowing, rushing rapids, where you never know what to expect, yet you navigate through it easily. When we are in the flow, life becomes more intuitive and we trust ourselves more. With more trust, comes more confidence. On the same note, some of us are aware of what life flow is, but afraid to jump in. What harm can it do? The life flow is the Universal flow in which we came from. While in the flow, we expand our consciousness and allow the old thought patterns, behaviors, preconceptions, and experiences to fall away. We create our life with more conscious energy. With each newly created thought, our soul expands creating new pathways. This is an on-going process, constantly transitioning from one path to the other. All the paths run together, parallel and connected, just like life itself. Each soul is connected and unites for a higher purpose to learn from one another or repair the bridge once created. All life is one, a Singular Entity experiencing life in many facets.

The Singular Entity is Us and We are It. The life flow or natural sensation felt is one in the same, yet only experienced differently from the Expression (God/Self) to experience different situations and outcomes. What works best for some, may not work for others. The life flow is all about tweaking personal life experience to reach and be the best and most authentic self. When we live in the flow, we express our truth and Our Truth becomes the Universal Truth. Know we are One and sharing the same life.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the life flow in which all things we create with love from our heart.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the brain to follow the heart to bring forth desires chosen.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the ease and grace we live daily from living in the flow emanating from our heart.

Same Sentiment

Longing for the same desired outcome
Manifesting different paths

How do I get to where my heart wants

Members of my group offering advice

The path of an open heart allows for flexibility to learn life lessons
The lessons we choose to learn

We all desire to evolve
To reach and be our higher self
To be that of what is desired is to be love

Love brings freedom
To be free is to have love for self and others

All we have is one

The oneness in us longing for the same thing

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thoughtful Tuesday..

My Thought this week is about Freedom.

Yesterday I was waiting on the train to go to work and felt a lightness, a sense of joy wash over me. "I have the freedom to create the life desired" is what came to me. This has been a personal theme of mine for the past few week, with the addition of learning more of unconditional love. No matter what was/is felt or circumstance or situation experienced, it has to be fed love. Love frees us from self imprisonment of the ego. The ego tells us that it well be better, but our soul, true self knows it is already better. Yes experiences makes us older souls jaded and trust less, but in that release we welcome more loving energy. I am thankful for the younger awakened souls as they are are examples of living in love and freedom.

To be free means to have the courage and confidence to live in your purpose, to follow your heart in love. When we are free, we release the thought from others projected upon us. Our freedom stems from knowing we are already free and not bound by standing laws of society, but bound by the law of our heart.

Here is one of my personal favorite poems, I want to share...
Free to be Me
Free to me be
Releasing all energies imprinted on this soul
No longer controlled by outside forces

The illusions created to mask the truth
Now removed
Leading to the evolution of greatness

Bonded with the true essence of immortality
The Source of all creation
Released all intimidation

A sacred oath of words
Forming a bond between two
Creating the channel of wisdom
Honor is among the trust and trusted

Falling skies speaks truth
As the moon conceals the unspoken
Only to revel with the rise of a new

The mind is unchallenged
With words to say
Without harm
To find the peace in release of fallacies

Speaking in fragments
Speaking in tongue
The only one has won

A barrier created
Through cues of misunderstood emotions
A wave of shifts to anchor feelings leading to thoughts

All there truly is
Is just me
Created a connection of what there is
Just me
Released all that isn’t me
Leaving just me

Free from the prison that held me
I am the captive and captured
I am responsible and the hold the key to my freedom

This is me living life as it should be

Free to learn
Free to live
Free to love
Free to enjoy
Free to experience
Free to confide and no longer hide
Free to be me

Today, know you are free!