Thursday, August 25, 2011

Universal Law

Be thankful day for Universal Law.

The Universal Law is better known as the "Golden Rule"; do unto others as you would have done unto you. The rule speaks volumes to one's personality. We can tell how grateful we are in the way we treat others and even self; though at times we treat self better than how we treat others. Why do we treat self better than others? Is because we only trust self enough to get something done the right way or our way, are we takers and not givers, are we protecting self from something or are we just plainly being selfish without knowledge or being aware of it. At other times we treat others better than self. Is this due to having a sense of lack in our life? I will readily admit there were moments in my life where I felt I wasn’t deserving of praise, or treating myself to one of my favorite things, though my support group of friends told me differently. I had to find new ways to become open to receiving what my heart desired, whether if it was venting, or spoiling myself with something new, or simply giving of myself. The question now becomes how do we find the desired balance living and practicing the Universal Law?

To put the Universal Law into practice, we first must look into our own soul to see the misalignment. Are we a giver or a receiver in our life? If we are more than one or the other, we have to practice the opposite. This has to be perceived on many levels, but mostly with our relationships, friends, family, co-workers, etc. In certain relationships, we play a role. With each role, we dawn a certain "hat of trade". The hat hinders us from being our whole genuine self with any and every one. Yes some of us feel we have to be protected and have a guard up when first meeting someone. When we hide behind a shield, not only are we protecting others from self, we are hiding from self. Have we ever asked ourselves why we hold up a shield around self to be protected from others? Yes we all know the obvious answer; no one ever wants to experience the sting of emotional pain. Yet, we have to experience it to know what true joy is. Why do we hide from self? Do we like what we see; are we a coward to face the truest sense of self?  This is an answer only self knows. Shields are our mental guards, protecting us from whatever harm may enter our life. Shields are like our clothes, they get dirty, then we have to wash them, and eventually you will have to buy new ones. Shields are simply tools in place blocking us from experiencing our full life. Some of us may prefer walking around naked to enjoy the fullness of self. It takes more courage to face the world naked, than fully clothed. The same thing can be said as to why we protect our self. Just sit for a moment to imagine how it feels to be vulnerable with a friend, family or even a stranger you just met. Experience a high level of comfort only to be lived. The freedom it brings cannot be described. When we allow our self to drop the wall, the act or release our self from the self assigned role, our life experience opens up.

To live the Universal Law takes discipline as much does anything else in our life. When we put anything into practice, there is a level of expectation set from self. When we place a level of expectation on our practices, we become harsh and ridged on self, making no room from errors, or to simply enjoy the practice. When others see you in this practice, they place their own expectations on you. So now, we have to live up to the expectations of self and those in observance, those in observance may be a close friend, family, or strangers. We in-turn set examples and inadvertently become role models for others. Know this is our practice and discipline, and no one else's. If we live up to our own expectations, then we cannot be a disappointment to others. When disappointment arises in our life, it usually stems from someone or something not living up to the expectations we have created for the person or object. Our practice is our expectation and discipline in itself. When we practice with actions and words, then we live in our truest truth.

Do we really understand the Universal Law? It was formed to create balance within self and the inhabitants of the world, all inclusive (people, animals, insects, plants, etc.). Have we really taken the time to really observe the imbalance in self? When we are out of balance, the life flow is stagnant. When we are in balance, the life flow is effortless. There is no longer a desire to life up to others expectations, wear hats, or put up shields. The balance we have is one of ebb and flow, give and receive. Our life role is one or harmony. Just like when we bench press weights, they will have to be evenly distributed or we can harm ourselves. When we evenly distribute the ebb and flow of life, our life becomes an orchestrated symphony.

Take the time to learn what it is you really desire from life and give it just the same, for you will receive it equally. Before any action is take, think about would I like to have this done unto me? We can base our decision from past experiences or just simply knowing from the heart space, is this the right choice. There is no right or wrong choice; there is only the choice you made. When we act from the heart, then all choices made benefit the soul by being in the flow of the Universal Law.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the considering the Universal Law before any action.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the balance the Universal Law creates in your life.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the alignment of self by understanding the purpose of the Universal Law.

A space of indecisiveness
seeking a way to go
seeking a way to feel
seeking a way to release

Living in emptiness
desiring to fill the darkness with light
just won't do
just won't settle
knowing the heart's desire
waiting for the fulfillment

Wondering the mind of self
pondering the answers of questions asked
should I go left
should I go right
should I stay put

A quest of clarity to be free from gravity's pull of this soul
reaching for the edge of light
searching in an internal eternal place

The center no longer black
growing in spectrum shades
a change in fulfillment

Going through the emptiness to be safe

to be free
to be light
to be courageous
to be confidant
a singular rite of passage

No longer a void
a space of purpose
a space of trust
a space of love
the space I create
a space I nurture
I am responsible for my sanctuary

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Life Possibilities

Be thankful this day for Life Possibilities.

Life possibilities are the energy, the vision, and the light of hope flooding into any life situation. When we take on this light of hope we broadcast the vision of a new outcome for a situation we are experiencing. Hope is the life giving us the opportunity to change self, and the current situation. Hope gives us the strength to have faith in the open possibilities. With life possibilities, there can be numerous outcomes for any situation. We often envision the worst possibility, yet we hope for the best. Our vision creates what our heart's true desire is. The vision may be different, yet the resulting outcome is what's desired. As a society, we have learned to accept what is given to us, then times get upset when it's not what was asked for or expected, resulting in the "taking what's mine" mentality. Do we always have to be in an emotional place of desperation or always reactive to have the life possibilities handed to us? How do we create a more stable sense of self to have open arms, welcome the newness of possibilities?

As entities, we are very harsh on ourselves and times feel we deserve what we get for past behaviors. We only receive what we feel we deserve, by choice to learn a specific lesson. When the lessons pass, we are still in a place of self harm, because this is all we can conceive at this life moment. When we allow the past to be the past, we can move forward in the lesson learned and teach others from this space. Why do we hold on to the lessons from the past? We hold on the lessons because in some odd way, it's a place of comfort. The place of comfort soothes us, in a way lulls us to living a complacent life. This complacent life is at times filled with struggles, yet we are comfortable with them, yet we complain about them, instead of using our voice to change what our current life moment experience is. One of the most unique and powerful tools is our voice. Our voice, whether expressed verbally or in any other form grants us the power to open self up to the realm of possibilities in our life. In hind sight, do we really deserve what we receive?

We are humans of habit, we do what make us comfortable, even if it means bringing harm to another, whether we are aware or not. We have to remember two things, one; we are of one soul, one source and two; we have to be responsible for the energy of self. Our own personal comfort maybe someone else’s discomfort. Do we preform our behaviors from a place of comfort to medicate the situation or personal pain? We are all different in how we deal with our discomforting pain, yet we deal with it and not work through it. For some this pain drives us, for others it hinders us from being our best. When we wallow in self guilt or trauma, who do we affect? What good is it doing living from a place directly affecting self and indirectly affecting others? The habits we form are for self-protection. But why are we protecting self? Are we protecting self from feeling, from expressing self, from simply being? Personal I can say, I have protected myself from feeling, created walls, and formed self destructive habits. Only when you sit with self, free from distraction, in the light of honesty, can you see what really is and why we do what is done.

All we do or experience is from a place of curiosity, with innate knowledge of our internal and external surroundings. We know our space and see the open possibility. Imagine you are searching for a new place to live and the space is empty, we then start filling the place mentally and arranging the items in our head, we then sense a warm sensation of home. This empty space is now our home. We became open to the possibility of new expectations and experiences in living in a new space. Each life moment creates a new space in our life. Yet we cannot experience newness if we are still harboring the old. Our new space cannot co-exist with all the old junk. Just like when we move to a new living space, we get rid of all the old junk. In order to live a life of possibilities, we have to rid ourselves of the old junk. Like anything in life we have to take inventory, make a list and begin eliminating what is no longer needed. If we want to donate our junk to charity, give it to God, and He will take and knows what to with it. 

Life possibilities grants us opportunities of grow by leaps, if we see beyond what is directly in front of us. Our daily job as Spiritual Beings is to grow, expand on our life, share with others, and have fun in all we do. I understand the difficulties of living in such a manner making one uncomfortable, but that is part of the reason to be open to possibilities, to make one grow in the feeling the uncomfortable. Living in a safe place and not taking risk doesn't grow the soul. Our willingness to be open is the first step, second is to see past concrete circumstances to create a life self would be proud of and enjoy. Whatever this looks like, hold this vision in your mind's eye and allow it to flow naturally.

Be thankful this day and everyday for to release all old junk and give to God to dispose of.

Be thankful this day and everyday to welcome the newness possibilities brings in our daily life.
Be thankful this day and everyday to have fun and enjoy life just as it is!

Superior Equality

Coming from one place

one source
begin equal from creation
the first incarnation

Incarnation and time creates space

causing separations
creating illusions of better than
better than who
better than what

Less than nothing

equal to the energy within
stopping to the wielding force
the invisible

Having an understanding of am I
being a reflection for all
all being a reflection of self

Desiring the same peace
now responsible for outcomes
changing the plan or reverting back to the original plan

Intuition speaks up
the voice is heard and recognized
profound light pierces through eyes seeing the full spectrum

Guided through lessons by elders and masters before
awaken from tired acts of just making it
choosing to now take the life reigns
it is what was chosen

Now a master of equal rights of self
knowing we are all masters of our own right and design
being on one level and a master of nothing

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Grounding Self

Be thankful this day for Grounding Self.

Grounding self is becoming set in the life purpose intentions. In order to ground self, we first must clear away any debris. The debris we carry is emotional and can cloud our thoughts, actions, and block any newness coming in to our life. We have been conditioned to hold our emotions in, to repress our true feelings to a point where we are weighted down or at times emotionally explode. Yet when do finally clear our self, there is so much residual emotional stuff, a lot is left behind. Through personal experience, I can attest clearing out the old a making way for the new can be difficult when there is a still emotional energy floating around. We have to take the emotional energy floating around in us and find a way to release it so we can become grounded and clear in our everyday life and life purpose. The question now becomes how do we ground self in the midst of all human life experience?  

The human experience is like none other. It comes with learning, evolving, being filled with emotions, and aging, just to name a few. There is no written manual on being human, if there is I haven't read it, yet. All we know is taught to us from a classroom, and learning from our own experiences. Being human is an experience shared with billions of others. Somewhere on this home, Earth, someone has, is or will experience the same exact thing. One thing we have to remember we are not alone, though at times we feel like we are. If we do feel alone, it is by our own choosing. It is how we choose to live our life and treat others allowing the sensation loneliness to set in. At times in our life we all experience loneliness. Yet there is always someone there to guide and pull us out. Why do we torment ourselves, knowing we can reach out for aide? Is it our stubbornness, zero tolerance for others, prefer to do it all on our own, or simply don't know any other way. Yes living as humans are daunting, yet some of us thrive off challenges while others crumble. We are not alone, nor will we ever be. How we choose to live our human life, is one of our own personal making. Yes there are instances and situations beyond our control, yet we still manage to do our absolute best. Being human is simply that, doing our best and sharing our knowledge to gain wisdom.

The wisdom gained is a wisdom we already know. It takes life situations to unlock the wisdom encoded in us. The wisdom locked in us comes from others sharing their experience and knowledge with the Source of all wisdom. Once this information has been shared, it innately becomes a part of us. This is how we instinctively know what to do in certain life situations. Remember our life is a shared one. We are all one source, one energy, one love. With the unification of the Human and Spiritual Selves, we become whole and better understand the wisdom flowing through us. Each part of the shared wisdom enables us to inspire others to be better. Wither we are aware of it or not, we are an inspiration to others. Wisdom provides the doorway to inspiration of creating unification. The light gathered in us links to every soul, sharing this grand human experience. 

Each human situation will either lift us up to work from a higher place or ground us working from our human self. The perspective is from where we do the work does depend on the life situation. Finding balance is the key when doing the work of clearing and evolving. When there is balance and harmony, we can choose to work from a higher or lower place with grace and ease. Grounding is more than being anchored in life, it's being aware of the life movement. Life movement is the physical, emotional, and spiritual motions experienced daily. We are all aware of self on varying levels daily. When we wake and just before bed time, we are most aware of spiritual self, in the middle of the day, we are most aware of physical and emotional states. The reason for such fluctuation is the high and lows of energy on the planet or region of the planet. The work we do for self is when we can find our peace, no matter the time of day. When we become grounded in self, our awareness shifts and grow.

The growth received from grounding is from our willingness to compromise with self and the Source. When "we give up" or just stop all together and become aware or "see" where we are in our present life, then we drop anchor for a moment of stillness. When the anchor is dropped, we are able to cast off the emotional debris we have been carrying for so long. Then when we move from that point, we move faster in the life waters. Our grounding is essential to letting life go and seeing it for what it truly IS.    

Be thankful this day and everyday for innately sharing internal wisdom.
Be thankful this day and everyday for unifying the human and spiritual self through grounding.
Be thankful this day and everyday for having balance and harmony in life through grounding self.

Facing the sky
Looking at the sun and moon in the light of face
Rising to elevated levels of openness
Feeling weightless
Attracted to energy refracted
Is it me

Exploration of a new hemisphere
Desiring to reach the stratosphere
Tethered to Earth
The bonds constraining soul

Graciously returning to a familiar plane where destiny is explained
Gravity the magnet the core of existence
The ebb and flow polarity can ever change

From light to mass
Leaking toxins
Infecting those around
Becoming the same gaining nothing knowing there's more

Holes sealed
Time reveled a secret
Of freedom
Of self-imposed bonds
A treatment to abandon toxicity

An observer turn doer
Transformed to being
No longer a place fright but in flight in transit of self-knowledge

Rearranged life components
Releasing the undesired
Measurable in the light given and received
The true me

Bonds released graciously
Soaring thru to the stratosphere
Being connected to all planes
All matter
All light

Grounded in self
Energy extend to fathomed places of soul existence
A foundation for reaching deeper than deep higher than high
a principal rooted in all souls

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Life Rewards

Be thankful this day for Life Rewards.

Life rewards are gifts of gratitude. As a society we have come to expect a reward for every act of kindness given. At times the act of kindness is not enough to satisfy our underlining selfish desires. Yes, we are all selfish at times, but what is the reason for our selfishness? Are we selfish because we desire more time for self, we desire to get ahead in life, we feel the world owes us a favor, or we simply don't know any better? Whatever the personal reason may be, we have to look at self and honor the act given and received, and the act of living. The question now becomes, how do we honor the rewards given to us, whether to share or take stock in?

The life reward is just what it is, a reward. As spiritual beings we are reward for simply being who we are. Our counter-part, the re-conditioned thinking, tells us otherwise. For every action taken there is an effect. The effect of acts of kindness thru conditioned thinking has become some form of material reward. We have come to a place in society where we are motivated be a type of reward. Rewards come monetarily and other materiel gifts. In the corporate world, we are compensated for bonus for a job well done, if we belong to a membership club we receive discounts for items, if someone or pet is lost, we offer money, and so on and so on. Nothing is wrong with material or monetary compensation at all, just have to question is that the reason to get involved? We get hooked in to the material world, because it sustains and excited us. It sustains us, because we have a form of stability and we are excited because there is always something new to stimulate mind. The unmotivated rewards don't excite us, so we don't participate. We are easily moved by tangible rewards. What about the rewards to benefit the soul and help others grow?

The true life rewards are those where all of mankind can benefit from. We all share the same wisdom, but access it in different ways. The non-tangible rewards, seem to move a select number of souls who wish to further their life journey and self-education. Each life reward is different for the time in your life. However the reward is the same just leveled up. We receive more wisdom to share with others and to grow self. There are a valley of seeds in our souls ready to be watered and nurtured, yet do we empower ourselves to toil the soil with the right tools? Shakti Gawain said "The universe will reward you for taking risks on its behalf." We have to trust self and God to guide us on our path. As we walk on this journey, there will be many stops and choices to make. The stops will be moments of reflection and the reward to see self as we are. The choices made are the non-tangible wisdom shared with others. How do we accept the rewards given to us, if we receive them at all?

Any rewards can be easily given, but it's how we are to accept them to make a difference. We can accept them humbly and graciously or with arrogance. If we accept any reward with arrogance, we feel we deserve it as the world owes it to us, yet have we put in the work to receive such a gift? When we know we put in the work and become arrogant then we lose the purpose of the reward till we move an internal place of humbleness. When we are humble, we see things clearer, yet feel as if we don't deserve the gift we have received. There is a balance we have to come to within self to receive the life rewards.

The life rewards can times show up as material manifestations. These manifestations are non-tangible tangibles. They help to sustain our life while maintaining the integrity of our path. When we are distracted by life and folly of events, we become unfocused and unmotivated to move forward in our present life until we are more stable and secure in our life, or so we think. We get so caught up in how we are going to continue on with our life as it is, or how can we work to improve our life, that we forget about our purpose and move into flight or fight mode. At times we do need the non-tangible tangibles to keep us sane and grounded. They help to re-energize and refocus us. After we become clear, our life is more balanced. When we have a balanced life in the present life it takes on a loving and empowered meaning. We have accepted the life given as its own reward and stepped into it graciously.  When the life rewards flow in, it's a sure sign we are doing what we are supposed to. When we do something well, most people will have known we have do nothing at all.

Be thankful this day and everyday to recognize your own life rewards.
Be thankful this day and everyday to be motivated by the wisdom within self as the life reward.
Be thankful this day and everyday for your intuition to guide you in taking the desired risk to live a more fruitful life.


Noise quieted down once loud surrounded by the surreal surrender to the pounding on my brow the screams in my ear let me live

Still have my dreams free me the life lived deceased release me too many voices telling me what’s right for me I choose the path laid before me

Accepting what was done decided delivery methods methodically motivating to quivering souls quenching a spiritual thirst yet tainted to touch

Oh so quite to despite the madness resolve institutions on the mind placed in situations form mind altering contemplations distractions causes reactions of abnormal behavior

The wind breezes by with voices little noises senses open to the operatic sounds of life travels miles in short distance in us

Whispers in the dark echo in the arc bouncing from walls whaling calls to beckon all succumb to the truth let loose leaps meet finding peace