Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Opportunities

Be thankful this day for new opportunities.

We are blessed with new opportunities daily, the first being us waking up daily. Most opportunities often go unnoticed. The reason for this is because we are blinded by what we desire the outcome to be and not what is being presented to us. Most of us have a fixed image in our mind or third eye of what the final outcome or achievement will appear to us. Having the fixed image is wonderful to behold, times our passions or goals happen the way we envision them. The fixed image gives us the idea of what the desired outcome is to be. This image is turned into a message sent out to the universe creating the best scenarios to provide the best outcome in aliment with your soul's purpose. It is key for the image you hold in your mind to be in alignment with your soul's purpose. It is also important to feed this image with love. Those are the key ingredients to manifesting new opportunities to fulfill your soul's purpose. How do we know when the right opportunity comes along? We will know by the connection felt by it, often met with joy and clarity. Each opportunity coming to us is for its own purpose and is up to us to determine what is being presented.

Each presentation of opportunity is an option of many life path scenarios chosen for us. We can choose any path we desire. With each path comes a different set of lessons leading up to the grand finale of fulfilling your life's purpose. At times, we may have multiple new opportunities being presented to us at once, all of which are in alignment for our immediate or long term purpose. How do we choose which to take? You can let your heart lead or proceed via trial and error. The choice is often made by being in a state of flow. The state of flow is allowing your higher consciousness to guide thoughts and actions. By understanding the choice made, we can understand our life's purpose. For example, some singers or entertainers we very rebellious in their youth because all they wanted to do was sing. They were so consumed with their natural talent and allowed nothing to interfere with any opportunity in fulfilling their purpose. Through the span of any life we may and times will have multiple purposes. Meaning in one life span we may have one, three, five or ten purposes. When we have the clarity to follow the new opportunity being presented to us and the consciousness speaking to us, all we have is seconds to make the right choice to fulfill the purpose. Once the choice is made, we have to remain open to see all opportunities to follow.

Be thankful this day and everyday for new opportunities being presented to us daily.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the gift of manifesting new opportunities in alignment with our purpose.
Be thankful this day and everyday for being open to recognizing the new opportunities meant for us.  

My Love
Evolution the constitution of my words
an institution that resides in my heart
my soul
all know
step into my comfort zone
a winding road

Inspired from experience
inspired from His words
the truth whether wrath or love
two meanings underlined or blunt
who through the first punch

Taken over by an entity a part of me
lashing out at those who scared me
embrace those who love me

Sharing emotions
sharing senses for all time tenses
given mentally pictures painted
reality times brutal other times subdued my life once stress and strife

Where my dream began with His vision
did I mention trust faith having the strength to pull through
I’m nothing without You
no less because I believe in You
I thank you for allowing me to share my love

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Be thankful this day for compassion.

Compassion is having a general love and understanding of your fellow man. This lower frequency of love offers and gives respect to the spiritual beings we all are. As a collective, we always say respect is earned and not given. We must honor the spirits we are and share space with, yet we loose respect for others as humans who have conflicting interest, selfish motives, or harmed us in anyway. It's ok to have the lost of respect of a person, but be sure it's for the right reasons. Our integrity comes from the honor and compassion we give ourselves. What we give ourselves, we give to others. It's ok for us to lighten our load or redefine our honor and compassion if we are bringing harm unto self. As humans, we are very critical of ourselves and opinions from others, thus inducing or introducing harm into our life. With the created harm, we loose compassion for ourselves, others and eventually the world we live in. On the same token, we lost compassion for what we created. We created violence, diseases, and other forms a pain, yet some of us can't stomach it, understandably so.There are those of us who carry this pain for years, causing us physical harm and evolving into aliments, thus adding to the collective pain by example. Those of us rich in a love see the ailing world and want so much to heal the wombs created by the collective. We have to examine ourselves to understand the root cause of the pain created, carried and overlapping in the many facets of life. Once this is understood, as individuals we can begin the healing process of ourself and be an example for others. 

Times we create from a place of love and loose the compassion for it, this is a shift in consciousness and purpose. The purpose for that particular creation, job, role or means has been satisfied. We continue to move forward in the compassion for other purposes. We often wonder why we change jobs, try new experiences or seek guidance. We are searching for the lost compassion we have for life itself and the purpose to fill it. Compassion is not feeling sorry for yourself or others, it is understanding the love of self, others, purpose and world. This new understanding grants new opportunities of growth. All growth comes from understanding the emotional and spiritual space we are in. Compassion is transferable to all aspects of life, ultimately gaining knowledge of self and universal truths. All things were created with compassion and love. We should honor all creations with the same compassion they were created for. This is a task asking of time, patience and change in perception. Know we are all tied together from one Source and Creation, living in oneness. 

Be thankful this day and everyday for the honor we give each other as spiritual beings.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the compassion we give all creation.
Be thankful this day and everyday for being tied together form the compassion of creation.

The simplicity of just being
Uniting with higher self to become one with one that is
Purely accept self without worldly excess

The river flows
Birds fly
Flowers bloom
Wind blows
Simply because they are fulfilling their function
Their purpose

The stars twinkle
The sun shines
The moon glows
All exist together with one function
With simplified beauty

We are one in the flow of timeless life
We simply are
We are more of the less we create

Being in and aware of the moment in the isness of life manifested to the true essence of the first incarnation

Simply I am
Simply knowing
Simply being
Simply living simply is as it should be

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Personal Evolution

Be thankful this day for personal evolution. 
As humans our physical self evolves naturally. As spiritual beings we evolve through self awareness. There is little control in the physical evolutionary process. Our appearance is due to the attributes given to us from the gene pool of our family and birth parents. Though there are times where we are unhappy with this appearance, we alter ourselves with surgeries or harsh beauty regiments to become more pleasing to our own eye. The result of this can stem from verbal or physical abuse as a child, other forms of neglect or not receiving the proper love. As a collective we pay a lot of attention to our physical self and neglect the spiritual self. By no means am I saying you shouldn't look and feel your best. We all should, but think about why you want to alter your appearance.What will you satisfy if you do? When we are unhappy with our appearance, there is obviously a much deeper issue we must acknowledge. With the acknowledgment of the issue, our self perception changes. We begin to look at ourselves differently and become "lost", confused, or even clouded in judgment. When these emotions arise and views change, it is the sign of personal/spiritual evolution, yet if we give in to the same feelings, we devolve. As an individual, you must look deeper within self and have conversations with God, self, a family member, friend, or confidant. We seek answers to questions, we already have the answers too. Those closet to us reaffirm our own truths.

These truths are written on your soul. Yes, we feel lost, confused, misguided, less than what we "know" ourselves to be, however it is the painful process of growing. Think of a toddler asking their parents twenty questions, they are new to the world and they look to them for guidance. Now think of yourself asking the same or similar questions, knowing what you know now. It can be difficult to change your perception of what you already know.The truth is nothing really ever changes, just the perception of it. Our soul knows' the truth of it all, yet we were misled by the earlier teachings of the world. We forgot who to trust and have faith in. We must have trust and faith in ourselves and the Creator, not matter how much it hurts spiritually. Times life situations call for a complete examination to fully grasp our purpose, our own personal truth. The discovery of this truth brings unbridled joy. This joy is unlike any other joy. It's a joy that can not be shaken, no matter what life has presented to you in the moment. Being in the "now" aides in the personal evolution. It helps us to appreciate our perception of self, others and the world as it simple is. The change of perception is the awakening process of self evolution. Self evolution is the understanding and acceptance of your own personal truth derived from the soul. 

Be thankful this day and everyday for acknowledgment to grow inward to nurture true self perceptions.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the truth of self being reaffirmed to us through a trusted support network
Be thankful this day and everyday for the acceptance of the true perception of spiritual evolution. 

Evolution of Space
Sitting in the vastness of the space that truly is
Walking through the invisible energy of life

The perceived space in never empty just unseen
Feel the tug of creation created by self compelled to just be

Over filling the space with excess later to pare down to the necessary to appreciate what is given
Now having the desired abundance

Clearing the space birthed to make room more
Moving on in courage and faith to accept the now life has given

The bravery of self existence in a place of acceptance and love
Knowing all is bigger than self
Just a fraction of Source

One space shared by many with one purpose
The collective growth and individual development

Who is and what is the space evolved from
Meager beginnings to abundant grandeur of purpose with passion

The vastness of oneness now understood with respect to self and honor to others
Harmony and love above all else

Now sitting in the evolved space of oneness
Of love
The original creation of experience

One space
My space
All space evolved from the inception of creation from the first incarnation

The evolution is a constant change of space
Expand and contract through the acceptance of our creation of purpose

We are a matter of space evolved to energy manifested
We are time
We are infinite
We are space evolved

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Be thankful this day for self.

Recently I wrote about relationships, and how we must have a relationship with ourself. To create a healthy relationship with ourself, we must look at our purpose(s) and passion(s). All we do and are revolves around them, both consciously and unconsciously. When a goal, job, or any action or thought feels forced, it is not in alignment with purpose. When there is a natural flow to all we do, when it feels effortless, then we are in alignment with our purpose. The joy exuded from the purpose is our passion. This passion drives us to completion of the desired purpose. Knowing there are life situations where not everything is in alignment with our purpose, we have to accept it as it is temporarily, until something more fruitful takes its place. This is where we begin to examine and question all that is happening in our life now. When we begin to question ourselves, it is a sign of evolution within. With this evolution, we look at our situations, possible outcomes, people and their intentions for us, and all excess in our lives. When I say excess, I'm referring too emotional and material. This thorough life examination can take weeks or even a few years. During this time there will be life changing questions and situations. The most common question will be "why". The answers may not come immediately. With each answer received, we release something, (an emotion or item) and/or someone, anything we feel is not serving our higher goal, purpose or function. This will most likely happen during your period of rest. The period of rest is the time allotted for our soul and body to rejuvenate. This can occur in a waking as well as a sleeping state.

Through this period, it may feel we are suffering because of the emotional shedding we experiencing. It is a time of challenges leading to evolved growth of self. This level of growth challenges our internal environment, our soul. Whatever the challenge or situation is, it is meant for growth. We often seek external sources for guidance, times to be reaffirmed by our own instincts. As humans, we desire reassurance to feel good about ourselves. Ultimately, the reassurance received feeds the human ego. Our souls does not require such reassurance. The souls requires love and proper guidance, through this the soul, self can and will flourish. This guidance is obtained from those whom God has placed in your life to serve you at the desired capacity. The relationship with our self is the most important one of all relationships. When we learn of self, we learn of others. We learn how to treat, respect, love, honor, cherish, be kind, and care for others. We preform these actions from a genuine place, because we would want the same. As a collective we are more alike than different. All relationships begin with self. If we see energy of ourselves, we can bring this world closer to harmonic vibration of peace, love and gratitude.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the growth and development of self.
Be thankful this day and everyday to release the excess in your life now.
Be thankful this day and everyday for those in your life to offer love and guidance.

Design of Me

A blue print of me
Defined by He
DNA who made me
Led me to life

Design of me living life as it should be free

Life’s trials
Life’s loyalties
Testing me
Counting on me
Astound by what this is to be

Design of me living life as it should be free

Reflection of what is to be
The company I choose to keep
Mirror image of a former me

Design of me living life as it should be free

Unique more than a technique
Lessons learned
You are to be better
A work in progress

Design of me living life as it should be free

Combination of what was is and shall be
Altered the plan from choices given
Livin’ the freedom to choose
Now a part of me

Design of me living life as it should be free

Soon to be whole
Weaved from experiences and teachings
Leading me
Creating a new design of me

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Be thankful this day for your soul.

Many of us question what our soul is. When most of us thinks about our soul, we think about our personality and various characteristics to make us unique. That part is true as it is to identify us from others. However, our soul is more than just a unique signature.  It is the energy carrying this vessel, this human body. Our soul is our essence, part of the spark of life connecting us to each other and all that truly IS. The soul is us, our intuitive guide during this incarnation of life. It's like having your own internal tour guide. When we think of ourselves or unique signature, how we look, dress, act, speak and listen, we tend to forget about our soul. Daily we think we are being led by the processes of the mind, but it's our soul working on a super-conscious level speaking to other levels of consciousness. The super-conscious works on a deeper level than our subconscious. The subconscious preforms involuntary and motor functions. The super-conscious draws from past or in-between life experiences to guide you in fulfilling your purpose and work chosen for this incarnation. With each incarnation we enter into a partnership with ourselves, host body and God.

This eternal partnership was created at the birth of our creation from God. Our creation was for a reason to experience various levels of emotions, situations, capabilities, and faculties. Our soul agreed to experience each life to the fullest while fulfilling its purpose(s). With each life experience, we learn and grow, both spiritually and physically and times exceed self imposed limitations and expectations. Through the achievement of said experiences, the self burden is lifted. We must come to realize we are more than flesh, muscles, blood, organs, and cells. We are energy manifested first. All else is secondary, yet necessary to experience life on Earth. Our soul is designed to fully engage life in the many facets the human mind created, though conceived spiritually. Aside from our soul being a guide, it is our protector, refuge and sanctuary from all harm. Our soul is a piece of God and for this reason alone, we all shall live harmoniously and joyously among each other. We are ultimately connected, being birthed from one Source, God.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the sustaining energy your soul provides.
Be thankful this day and everyday for connection we have to others through our soul.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the love, joy and birth given to us by our Creator, God.


Apart of He created form the earth we walk
a single cell one day the bell will toll for all souls

A tenacious vessel carries me
able to preserver through trials of life
as I sustain revive my vessel becoming my sanctuary

As I speak to you
believing in the words spoken from past lives
longing for an understanding of what I am soon to be
accept me
then come one day no surprise I’ve taken over

Accomplished the deeds of  this vessel
laid to rest soon to be renewed
the eyes gaze beyond the sky
looking for my new sanctuary
feeding off the elements

I am your core
I made you whole
just like the air you don’t see
you believe
you breathe me

Protecting me
those who deserve and saving the disbelievers
whenever they call
whenever they fall
traveling through space and time intertwine with beings