Saturday, April 11, 2009


Be thankful this day and everyday for the abundance of energy.
Simple put energy is life. Energy is the life force aiding us to create the world we choose, the people we attract, the situations that transpire and lot more. Many people feel like they can't control the energy around or in them. We all can control it, it's done on an unconscious level or consciously through prayer and meditation. One reason why we are so elated when a dream comes true or a prayer is answered, it's because we put the fore-thought of energy in the universe. This came from constant out-put of energy and fore-thought. To control such abundance takes time, practice and patience. Energy takes on many shapes, forms and identities. With this ability it is easily transferable. This is why when something special happens, just out of the blue, we can easily identify with it. All energy is in-tuned to our personal frequency, whatever it maybe for that day or moment. Our energy, like all energy is different everyday. We have to become more aware of ourselves and energy we hold and release unto the world daily. What we do today can indirectly effect another tomorrow. Be thankful this day and everyday for the energy in this world to produce abundance and well being for ourselves and others.

A Silent World
A non stop society looking out for the one and only self
Bleeding for survival
A world filled with constant craving of power without trust leaving an entrapment
Self centered motivations without a way out
Create calamity through a network of disbeliefs saving of self sacrifice
What is humanity
Hesitant to respond to a question to resolve all false solutions
Whispers of ideas manifest suggestions change who’s to blame
Construction and destruction of a master piece weaved before thee
Standing at the peak in silent observation
Deep meditation
Shutting out all the noise all the confusion realizing we all are connected
Thoughts drift
Turn to words
Turn to vision
Turns to knowledge
Turns to reality
Bringing me back
Sought what brought me to a place of having quiet confidence
Accepting a mighty roar reaching out to touch like minds to change the masses that passes by
Turning into a frequency only I can hear through silence as my eyes glaze over reaching a state of flow a harmony of the universal gift given going super nova so all can take notice
Are you ready
You made me
Only through silence can come change
A life worth living not the one you made but given
My silence
My joy
My sacrifice
My connection
My responsibility
My love
My humanity
My life is all life