Thursday, July 30, 2009


Be thankful this day and everyday for success.
Most people equate success with wealth. Having material possessions, such a mansion, an imported car, high end designer clothes and accessories, etc is the mark of success. What about those who don't have millions to spend on whatever we desire? Don't we deserve to have those "the mark of success"? The answers is yes, there is plenty for all to have and share in the world we live in. It starts out in our own personal definition of success.

Each persons' success is different from someone else's and can be different each day. Just like the weather, we change so how we define ourselves and success must change with it. The simple tasks in our daily lives are forms of success. We don't see it in that way, because most is repetitive and taken for granted. We wake every morning, brush our teeth, have a place to live, have food to eat and many more. Yes this things are both successes and to be thankful for. When you accomplish something no matter how small or mundane, you have succeeded in maintaining your health and living status. It's all in how we view our success. All success starts on a on a small scale, then grows to bigger thoughts and ideas to manifest. Success is a simple measure of our individual progress. Be thankful this day and everyday for our measure of progress. Be thankful this day and everyday for your own personal success. Live success daily.


Simplicity the intricacy of life coupled by emotions searching for a purpose for the passion connected to our soul

Our ancestry lived simply

a caveman’s mystery redefined with time

evolution a destiny that could not be avoided

The inevitable inaccurate truths plague our society leaving one simple question


How simple is it really

Led out to sea the blasphemous world created and all hated at one point or another

Living easier said than done

Fire the gun loaded with




Trust only yourself

Now take aim to gain goals your soul told

Drifting along living beneath your means keen senses

Point yourself in the right direction like a compass be careful not to drop it or your way is lost now the cost is priceless

Remember it’s more than just your life

Simply said soulfully silver tongued tied untangled truthfully unique pique provoked thoughts by simply plating seeds received by the children of the earth

Simplicity is in thee nurtured naturally

Life is only as complex as you allow it to be

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Be thankful this day and everyday for gratitude.
We have a lot to have gratitude for. By saying please and thank you are simple ways to show our gratitude. As a society we have taken a lot for granted. Throughout the years technology has made our lives easier, less complicated and with less interaction. We have become a society and culture of abundance. We have become hoarders in a sense. In the sense that we have to have everything we see or advertised. Anything to stimulate the senses. The reason for this is that we want to be "one" on a subconscious level. The way we have become accustomed to being "one" is having what Jane or John has. Not saying by any means that's wrong, but too much of one thing can be bad. Then we loose appreciation for what's important or have a misconception of what is important, because of our redefinition of self worth through abundance.

Abundance is a great thing, but it is in matter in which it is used. For selfish reasons or ill intentions will only lead to disappointment or failure in any quest. Abundance is meant to be shared with others; they can be your friends, family, peers, or total strangers. This is when positive energy is sent out and given back. Yet there is no positive nor negative energy, just the intent and the emotion behind the energy or purpose of the deed that makes positive or negative.

We have a lot to have gratitude for each and everyday. From the moment we wake till we lay our head to rest. Take the time enjoy your works', God's works' and the works' of those before you. We as a society have accomplished a lot in our short time on this planet, yet we still taken the air we breathe for granted. Just because we don't see it, doesn't mean it's not there. Just because it doesn't make a noise, doesn't mean it can communicate. Be thankful this day and everyday for our lives and what we have to offer to make a difference in the world.

My Prayer

As I get down on my knees bend my head down in silence

Thanking you for each and day of life that You have given me in this world You have created for your children

Continuing on with my life as is nothing is wrong

Sharing my day with You

Meditating on every word that is spoken from my soul

Blessing whom I share my life with loving them and much as you love me

Keeping an open mind to new and to those who cross my path of life

As I lay my head sleep I pray that I wake up each and every day and if I die I’ll know it is my time for You to take my soul away to a place of bliss

This earth I will indeed miss


Thank you for conceiving me breathing life into me thank you for a caring nurturing loving understanding family

Thank you for the pain but was not the bane of my existence Your love brought me through tis true I wouldn’t be the reflection I see strong and wise I am evil’s demise a dream that extended my life another that healed my soul this is where the story is told rather old

Thankful for a lover a love to call my own having his ear to comfort me in rough times feeling his embrace to give me shelter having his everlasting love through out centuries

Thank you for my gifts and granting my wishes my prayers that is as precious as this earth

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Support System

Be thankful this day and everyday for a support system.
A support system begins with love, faith and courage. Love from those around you and from within yourself is the motivation. Faith is the will to all things possible. Courage is the strength to do all things possible. Family, friends, spouses, and peers are all apart of the outer support system. Though these people may me close to you, there to comfort you, and there to guide you, the true support system comes from you. If not for giving ourselves the love, faith and courage, we would not receive it from others. They are the medium in which our thoughts are reaffirmed and clarified. This goes back to our creation of power and how we manifest things in our life, yet its profound effect on others.

Having balance in our lives creates the support structure within us, then branches out to reach, to touch those to create a system. The system is only as good as you are. This system feels how you feel. When system is weak, your weak. When the system is strong, your strong. This system is you. We have a vast network family, friends, spouses, and peers, but times we forget about God, the angels and personal guardians. The guardians, keep an watchful eye on us daily and if we are silent, we just might be able to him them. The guardians are spirits, once people close to our hearts and now remain closer to us by keeping us safe and growing. Be thankful this day and everyday for the protection of the guardians. Be thankful for the inner and outer support systems to carry us through any adversity. Be thankful for the never ending supply of love, faith and courage.

Strong and Silent

The will to proceed when others desire the true meaning is it really appears as it should be or a mask to hide the passing fool

In a warrior’s stance all stare in a trace as I return the glance as my eyes pierce their souls like a spear to flesh

A quiet riot made presence known with few actions to ignite a spark to make others curious wonder about a silent thunder

Deeply rooted in trees that leave all guessing of the strength possessed never doubting the immeasurable or the unchallenged

Gliding through the crowds that clouds individualism looking for the one signature to sign and made mine

Revealing everything to unveil nothing standing naked in the breeze as it please me the comfort in silence in the awe of strength

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Be thankful this day and everyday for resilience.
It's the energy within us that's resilient, not our body. Our body's are made to heal from bruises and broken bones, but is the care we receive during this time to assist in the healing process. It's the energy of life we receive to aide in all natural healing for the body. When we are weary, we stop to pay attention to what is wrong and seek healing. Though the healing we seek is external, true healing begins internally.

Our spirit can recover and be rejuvenated only so many times, but if don't let go of the burdens to heal, then why do we bother to be resilient. We as beings are so consumed with other thoughts from other people, with others' actions, and how we are viewed by our peers and society. We carry so much on our shoulders each day that it weighs us down as culture. We are responsible for ourselves and the energy we bring to others. We we come to others with our burdens to seek guidance, but then we have to release the burden or we won't heal. This is the first step to changing ourselves to change our culture. Be thankful for the ability to release your burdens. Be thankful for the energy to heal our spirit. Be thankful for the resiliency of life.


Burnt out from life complications and lessons learned
Looking for an out
Looking for a stress reliever
Lost in the confusion and congestion
What do I do

Seeking answers
Salvation through a world of noise and contradictions only silence can bring whispers sought taught from vibrations to shatter the belief

Physicality limited reality
Rested invested in time
Fast forward
Freeze for an eternity
Bleeding immortality and space

With understanding of continuous movement to acquire the knowledge to slow time through awareness and meditation
Then can the soul rest easy and be connected to the natural healing of self through the universe

Full potential unlocked and rested with the fullest intent of purpose and satisfaction feeling a surge if energy ready to be released

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Be thankful this day and everyday for togetherness.
Togetherness is often associated with being with someone else. That's the companionship we have or long for, this is taught though society images. We always have to be coupled with someone to feel better about ourselves or feel complete. Yes being with someone makes us feel better and the time spent well worth being with someone. With this mind set, we often forget to spend time with ourselves. When time is spent with ourselves in solitude, we are not alone. This time is spent to commune with God, with ourselves, or with loved ones that passed. Living in a world almost as old as time, we are never alone. There will always been someone there to guide us, when we steer down a wrong path, when there is uncertainty, when there is pain, when there hope, and when there is love. That someone is us. We have the answers, we have the faith, we are all that we need to be.

Through out time friendships are forged and exceeds through life times. We have to be a friend to ourselves to appreciate those around us. Having a confidant makes it easier to express emotions otherwise not expressed. Yet we are an expressive culture, wearing our emotions with our clothes, our hair and so on. But has anyone taken a real thought as to why we wear the colors or latest fashions.Yes to fit in or because it's our favorite color. Think about what you wear and how you express yourself, you will start to find out more of yourself. Be thankful this day for the coming together of self and evolving to oneness.

Century of Solitude

A white padded room

A stray jacket to restrain me

A century in this mental prison longing for peace of mind or a piece of my mind

Darkness settles in

The fog takes over as I begin to start my search for clarity

Reliving the moments that brought me to this place the cause and effect and infected me believe my vision to be true in this dream like state

Heaven help me before I wake

Thoughts isolated penetrated analyzed putting the pieces together and needing this time alone

Feel more mature for my future

Changing the rules to fit the game of the ever morphing society in this world created to serve God’s will

Drilled down to the core of you be thrilled with the peace of mind

Reached the breaking point lose my connection to this mighty society

Reconnected to His Highness now standing tall full of confidence knowing I will never fall

Clarity on the horizon defying the laws of nature to accept and take my rightful place soon to be reveled to me

Solitude brings attitude adjustments thoughts rearranged no longer deranged all scatter brained from events in my life just need to get away

And I did