Saturday, April 11, 2009


Be thankful this day and everyday for the ability to heal life.
We know power of healing and strength is builds over time. With this time knowledge is gained to understand such a great gift of healing. Yes we all get hurt at one point or another, physically, mentally and emotionally. The natural progression of healing takes place after any form of injury. The real healing begins when we take notice of the healing process. The process can be long or short, depending on well the body, mind or spirit is conditioned. We can train ourselves to heal and to heal others. This can be a achieved through medication and practice. Without the gift, the power of healing you can't help but wonder what type of world this would be. Be thankful for the gift healing to repair and strengthen life.

Burnt out from life complications and lessons learned
Looking for an out
Looking for a stress reliever
Lost in the confusion and congestion
What do I do
Seeking answers
Salvation through a world of noise and contradictions only silence can bring whispers sought taught from vibrations to shatter the belief
Physicality limited reality
Rested invested in time
Fast forward
Freeze for an eternity
Bleeding immortality and space
With understanding of continuous movement to acquire the knowledge to slow time through awareness and meditation
Then can the soul rest easy and be connected to the natural healing of self through the universe
Full potential unlocked and rested with the fullest intent of purpose and satisfaction feeling a surge if energy ready to be released