Saturday, April 11, 2009


I just wanted to give thanks for friendship in this life.


Creating a cure through a network of like minds finding strength in the weak weary and humble

Seeding minds of the new passing energy of faith courage and vigilant intent growing stronger than the strongest and better than the best

Knowing the case the root of the problem situation

Mind fragmentation through this a solver is born

The resolution soon to dilute the pieces of knowledge

Regain and claim what is right and lost as we breathe the air to sacrifice the natural flow to disrupt who's life

Taking shelter in the arms of grace finding comfort

Finding answers to humanity revolving to a new sanity

The remedy to self being who you are

What you are built for

The remedy of solutions is self search

Perch high to all as far as eyes can view to reveal a clue

Once again many problems caused by man then go back and cover up and clean up the mistakes

Only one solution follow the heart

Follow the path given and will be solved

Come together to live life to lose life and each other

God one remedy one solution