Saturday, April 11, 2009


Be thankful this day and everyday for the gifts we have to contribute to the world.

We all have a gift or gifts. The gift(s) we have were given to us to make a difference in the world in which we live. No matter the size of the gift it it meant to make a difference. Whether if it's writing, singing, speaking, music, love, kindness, high level of intelligence and countless others. Most of us discover the gift early in life and others later in life. The real difference maker is in how the gift is used and applied in given situations. Many early on upon discovery misuse their gift(s) for personal gain. Not saying there is nothing wrong with being selfish, but when selfishness turns to greed results in the misuse of the gift. When the gift(s) is used for it's intended purpose and shared with others in the world and is passed on through you and others connected to you, a real difference is felt, both within and around you.

The gift of life if a privilege. When are here, born into a world that needs great healing. With the gifts bestowed upon us and the proper use of the gift(s) can only a real change come. This is when we become more aware of who we are and the love we send out. Just think of all the times you've helped someone or someone was kind to you. It is life presenting a gift to you, even answered prayers are gift, when recognized. Be thankful for the gifts we are blessed with daily and use them wisely for not only do they help you, but they help countless others. When you've done something well, most won't know you've done anything at all.

Beautiful Pain
The agony of creation
The whisper of frustration
The lose of a flaw to know true self
The challenge of beauty yet acknowledge a process taken to achieve such a feat
Something so serious curious pique furious as the artist meets a unified technique a shriek of perfection bellows the halls of one so chique
The creation created the creator one would argue to differ dismiss this the form of ache takes many shapes as we become a submissive soul searching for an outlet of ease
The beauty is at it's best when in pain so said society what do they claim
The beauty created by creator who harnessed the raw energies of pain channeled the focal points to feel the craving of a God like passion
The fine lines drawn but not seen vibing with harmonious tunes gingerly displayed so elegantly can't seen nor hear yet aware of existence
The wisdom achieved tis like no other yet knows when it impresses upon the creator the blossoming of a seed granted access to the secrets through gifts given
Sacrifices made devour ones souls weakens the sprit's will of personal desires in continuous time and infinite space only to test the will to come full circle to regain what was once lost
Intricately woven can't have one with out the other to sustain such wonderous creation birthing a design of passion for the individual to inspire ones on the level to aspire vision of the creator's vision the creator's madness the creator's freedom
The manifestation of one such thing is awed once the mold is broken and emotions flushed looking through the glass from one's positive leads to a detective of thoughts taught through interpreting skills
Deception is it really there the core of truth to suite the illusive mistake of leaving the gate open for question bring it back as it should be
The mind's eye decides the fate of the lonely of choice or to choose patience one's of many tools to wield in such beauty to own seeing new life a cycle of light to claim for all to complete the magnification of destiny
The tears of anguish stain a beauty desired leaving a mark much to be desired and envied for no one knows the scars bleed and only tread to stay alive linked not to one life but all
What's is seen felt by the sensation given a beauty perception softly a beauty one all knows the simplicity the complexity of such deception given to a simple word phrase not defined by any but all a pain so lovely by shades it's simply personified
One beauty quenched by pain delivered whether joyous heartfelt cut throat and stifled being one in deliverance to measure the spectrum
A creator with such perfection in the truest and most pure of a beauty to lend it's name it needs no explanation as it lives vicariously it needs no introduction it's just a beautiful pain