Thursday, February 24, 2011

Consciousness of Reality

Be thankful this day for consciousness of reality.

The consciousness of reality is our perception of what is real or an illusion. As individuals we have the power to create our own reality through free will, yet follow the same path laid before us and co-create with the Divine Source. As a collective we are responsible for the images projected into the world, through individualism we can control what is being projected, whether real or illusion. The question now becomes how do we determine what is real and what is an illusion?

The illusion projected into the world is the false face or egoic self. The ego demands attention and will find multiple ways to attach itself to the host (self) to express itself. The ego is developed through the teen years of life. It creates an identity of its own and we (humans) become slave to the sensations felt of the ego. The ego must feel self important at all times. The ego must be in control over all situations. The ego must always be right. The ego is the illusion of self. We lose self in the sensations felt that the ego provided. When we become engulfed or saturated by the sensations or self importance. We lose sight of who we truly are, both as a collective and as individuals. The illusions created is not of or from us, it's from the ego expressing itself in a world willing to feed it. In order to reverse the process, as a collective and individuals we have to find the wisdom in-self to know we are all equal, then the illusions created will dissipate.

The dissipation of the created illusions will only leave the rawness of reality. Getting use to seeing the fallout of the illusions will take time. It's like a shock to our mental perception. We created a world of glitter and gold, that no one really knows who we truly are, not even self. To adjust or create a new reality, we have to spend quality time with self. Through awareness of ego to let it go and sensing what our true or authentic self is, we become more susceptible to the true reality. Our true self doesn't care about self importance, but not to be confused with self preservation. We are all equal and come from one Source, yet our preservation lies in the genuine care of self and for others as they are, not what we desire them to be. Once we have come to realize the equality of self and seeing self and others for who they truly are, we enter a new level of consciousness.

The new level of consciousness creates a streaming reality of living in the present. When we are not consumed with others ideas or perceptions of self and leaving self important values, we begin recognize the new reality settling in. The consciousness or awareness operates on different levels. This is why we have to rid our self of ego. The consciousness is a mechanism to keep us present. How can we be present is we are rehashing the past or planning for the future? We can't. It's okay to live in other time moments that truly benefit self in the life's purpose; sometimes it's necessary. Being conscious or aware of the reality we created serves us better than living an egoic illusion. We can fully engage and understand the world and be better servants to the Source, Earth, and fellow Spirits. Our reality slowly becomes others reality, then becomes the collective reality. We still have our own personality reality, yet we have to account for others in our purpose, in our reality. There are different ways, ideas and perceptions to reach the one reality we desire. We have to remain judgeless, compassionate and supportive to self and others to reach the common goal of humanity.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the releasing of the egoic illusions created.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the recognizing the true self.
Be thankful this day and everyday to engage all life through consciousness.

Bare Sorrow

Tears flowing into streams
flooding into rivers
carried to oceans
raining down storms

Walking bare foot
exposed to the sun
leaving a trail luminated by dust

Crumbling to salt all origins
suspended in the time before me
at rest
at peace

Searching for answers in a clouded place to lift the burden's burden
who's to bare
who's to blame

A wisdom creating a cycle of exchange
birthing and rebirthing  
woven by hands of own and not

The land is me and we live the sea flowing effortlessly
I'm the air and we share flames tenderly

Living in the shell stark arc of all creation

Leaving chaos
accepting intervention
knowing purpose
sharing love

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Talents, Gifts & Faculties

Be thankful this day for talents, gifts and faculties.

There is a hairline difference between the three. Talent is an ability that is learned. Gift is something offered to be of service. Faculty is an innate or intuitive ability. As a collective we interchange these terms, thinking they mean the same thing. The difference is in the function or capacity in the use. All three forms of abilities come from us; they arise at different levels in our own awareness.

As an individual or collective we all learn new talents daily. We learn how to tie our shoes, walk, run, operate machinery, work on computers, use wireless devices, etc. Anything we learn on a physical level and then becomes repetitive to some degree is a talent. The reason why is becomes a talent, is because we desire to learn more from a place of curiosity. The human curiosity drives us to learn more about ourselves and the world we created. Talent becomes a gift when it is offered of free will and generosity to others, without expectations.

When we have others willing to learn what we know, we offer our knowledge and wisdom to them, hence becoming a gift. We are a gift to one another, sharing what we learned to better the world we created. Each moment is a gift, because we are aware of the energy of it. Through offering of our energy, we truly become gifts to one another. With the sharing of energy, we become one with the person, we become one with the Divine Source and ultimately becoming one with all life. When we reach the level of oneness on varying levels of connections, the gifts then transcend to faculties.

The faculties are the intuitive energies of our mind, body, soul connection to self and others. Faculties is our intuition, sensing others emotions or thoughts, hearing thoughts other than yourself, feeling a strong to connection to the Earth and Divine Source. Faculties are not learned, they are given to us as souls. The reason why most of us can't access them is because of level of awareness. When we do first sense the awareness of them, we think we are going crazy. It's just the opposite; we are becoming sane through awareness of self and others. The faculties help to guide us in everyday life whether we are aware of it or not. Through awareness and practice we can hone our faculties to better assist self and others. The purpose of faculties is to assist others, while protecting self.

Through the variation of our human and soul abilities, we can be of service to one another. Being of service to one another is the true purpose of what we can be given. With practice and discipline, we can transcend each level of our abilities. We all have the same ability, the willingness to share and love one another with what we have. No one is greater or less. We are all equal. Don't allow yourself to be fooled or judged by circumstance. Those appearing to have less have the most to give and those appearing to most have less to give.

Be thankful this day and everyday for knowing your abilities and the willingness to share them.
Be thankful this day and everyday for be being of service to others through your abilities.
Be thankful this day and everyday forging and fostering a connection through your abilities. 


Great than or less than
the sum equals to self

Equals parts combining in the creation of a whole

Added to multiple of universal properties
only to extract and subtract
left divided
only to be whole at home

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Moving Forward

Be thankful this day for moving forward.

At times moving forward can be difficult if we are unable to see the path lying ahead. However, the path ahead is not as important as what is happening now. As a collective we have been conditioned to plan our whole life. From childhood, we have been bombarded with images and badgered with the infamous question "what do you want to be when you grow up?" We also responded innocently with the politically correct answer; well at least the answer our parents and school teachers expected. This is when we take on others energy of exceptions of our self. We lose our self in others ideas about us, we forget about who we truly are. I can personally say I had a different life in mind. The life I had in mind was an image portrayed a reflection in society at the time. Honestly, in this moment, I'm much happier living the life I chose. The question is now how can we move forward living the life we want and not the one portrayed in society?

This is a tricky one, only because the image portrayed is the one we created as a collective; even though it's the work of previous generations. Now we are changing the status quo, in how we should live and the image projected in the world. The projected image is changing and happening all over, because of the time shift and acceleration in the awaking consciousness. The awaking conscious mind has set new intentions to create a new humanity, one in perfect balance with the Divine, Self and Collective. The new paradigm will allow us to live in the true heart's desire and supporting us in every step of the way. In order to live in this new place, we must first release any old thoughts, ideas and behaviors no longer supporting self.

Most of us lives in a place where "might makes right" or "eye for an eye". Holding on to such clichés or baggage, can no longer serve self, and hinders self from potential growth. How can we move forward if we are carrying so much weight? Obviously we can't. This is when we come to analyze our self and throw caution to the wind to release the unwanted. This is the time to "man-up" and deal with whatever is hindering you. If you are in your own way, get out of your own way. Find a place to see what has been troubling you. Seek the desired guidance to get out of the way of personal growth. If you desire forgiveness or to be forgiven; you must seek the party whom hurt or wronged you. Speak up and use your voice. If you have no way of contacting them, taken a moment and speak the words of forgiveness in meditation or prayer, or write a letter, then burn it. The importance of forgiveness is the sincerity of the act. Forgiveness is one of many ways to move forward in one's life. It is the main ingredient of letting go to allow yourself fulfillment of joy and self expression. Times we hold on to the baggage for long periods, but ask yourself, why am I holding on to something of no service of value to humanity. When we hold on to such emotions, we add to the chaotic and polluted collective energy. It is now time to clean it up!

What triggers us move forward and live the life we ultimately desire? This is an answer you have look within for. Moving forward is a healing process of releasing the undesirable. Through this process we can move forward while being present with our self. We can plan for the future, yet remain flexible if things aren't exact. As individuals and collective there has to room for flexibility. When we are flexible we can grow and not be hindered by the one track mind. Times we get so caught up in our plans; we forget our plans affect others. When one person moves forward, we all move forward; some of us are faster than others. No soul is left behind. We all make the choice to grow or stay stuck. Which one are you?

Be thankful this day and everyday to see the path ahead and remove others expectations of self.
Be thankful this day and everyday for forgiveness to aide in the moving forward process to let go.
Be thankful this day and everyday to help others move forward in their life.

Trigger Point

Finding sweet release from the less of me
Allowing all else to be

Living in perfect harmony of self
The balance of energy flowing through me

An access point to view what truly is
Living in a space of certainty

Being touched by divinity
Opens fulfillment of the true self

Touching others through inspiration
Brings humility and nobility of acts rendered

From one point to another
Interconnected to move forward
The inner peace lying beneath

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Be thankful this day for rules.

Rules were created by those who were bound by personal honor and are much subjected. Rules are the boundaries, the invisible lines not crossed for personal reasons. Everyone's personal honor or rules vary. The personal honor was clearly understood and accepted by all in tribes or close societies, when expressed. When expressed, often consequences follow if the honor was disrespected. Throughout times the small communities grew in size and one man's personal honor grew into law or rules for others. The question now becomes whose rules do we follow, one man's ideal honor and glory or our own individual boundary to be respected by others when clearly expressed?

As children we are very impressionable. We follow the blue print of the family we are a part of. As we progress and come into our own voice; we set own our rules; this one of many reasons of pushing the limits of others. We push others to see how far we can go, hence why some of us play the game of "Chicken". When we discover someone else’s rules don’t make sense to us, we begin to form our own. When we form our own individual rules, we often times demand respect for our own rules. How can we gain respect for our own individual rules; when we don't respect others? Simply we don't, especially when all rules are subjective to the individual. Yet another aspect of creation of rules is personal growth.

With the personal growth of an individual, comes compromise or changes in their rules and questioning of other’s rules. As we grow mental and spiritual, we begin to question authority or rules set in place. The reason for this questioning is to gain insight to a world or culture we desire to belong too. Once the rule or authority is clearly understood, we have respect for it and times add it to our own personal honor. This is how one person's rules or honor can come to law and have others honor it.

When living in a collective space, a set of rules are need. This are rules set in place and governed by State, not all make since, but at times need to be followed, remember one bad apple, spoils the bunch. The core of beliefs all members of the collective community must respect, yet there are those who don't respect them. When I speak of core beliefs, I mean being true to self and honor others space and rules. Remember the golden rule; treat others, like you want to be treated. When living in a collective space, we have to not only respect the core beliefs, but also honor the individual. By honoring the individual, you honor yourself through understanding why the said individual won't cross their line. Over time an evaluation or exploration of rules are taken, like a self examination. As time progresses, both the collective and individuals evaluate rules; which ones can be tossed out, which ones are amended to include exceptions, and should new ones be added. The old saying "rules are made to be broken" really means it time for a new set of rules. The collective or governed rule is "broken" it is really to benefit the individual who broke it; there is no respect for the core beliefs. When the individual breaks their own personal rule, it’s time to reevaluate their rules. As we grow in varying aspects in our lives, so should our rules?

Rules are primarily set in place as a safeguard for the collective space and individuals. Through growth and examination, we come to understand why we set these rules in place. Is it to keep others or self safe from harm? We are the only ones that can harm ourselves. We are taken care of by the Divine Source. We have to question the rules we make; are they Divine, do they offer nourishment, are they subjective or are a protective barrier? These are questions you have the answers too by looking within.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the personal honor rules provide you with.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the compromise made to achieve balance and harmony with the core beliefs.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the expansion created through evaluating personal space.

Cuz I Can

Energy in transaction transcending from manifested digested the metaphysical it is what it is and I am as I am

I am everything and can do anything learning the light guide to surpass all fore-thought

Comfortably in control with understanding of change
life itself
devices and mechanisms to comprehend purpose and resist restraint

Aware as I bare the knowledge leveraged and wisdom given the total package confidence and courage as I make you think sink to the depths of your soul ask yourself are you whole

Why do you do what you do
Being satisfied with routine comfort and ever wonder can I do more

Sheer will wields the energy and harness determination empowering all I am
I am who I am
I do what I do
I believe what I believe
I love what I love
Cuz I can