Saturday, April 11, 2009

Knowing Who You Are

This day and everyday we all should take a moment to give thanks for the abundance of life. This day gives thanks for just being all that you are. Knowing who you truly are is invaluable. The knowledge of self has always been there, times we tend to forget the strength, courage, wisdom and most of all faith in ourselves that brought us through trying times. Everything we are and desire to be is here in us, in this life, serving as a purpose. Be free from the heaviness of life, the burden, the pain, the guilty, the hate, the excess, and want to live fluidly in love of self and life.

All in Time

All in time define the lessons learned from experience taken shaken left this soul achin' change the thought process preparing for success accept nothing less

Time precious time

what appears to be time wasted is time of purpose with out knowing the flow of life

The infinite energies that seeded in us all

Mood shifts drifts to time increments bent on explanations to understand the seconds mesh to all tenses and attempts to satisfy the senses

the true purpose

Planning desires from planted seeds of beginning flowing through veins to convey our image thoughts feelings willed the knowledge to do so

Discovery gifts talents along the path set fourth get sidetracked and double back the reinvention second chance your way or His way

Choices made and bathe in the glory of your decision of time has offered for you and able to accept it not deify it

Time heals time constantly changes time helps time hinders friend or enemy all in time is what you make of what was given