Thursday, October 27, 2011

Endurance of the Soul

Be thankful this day for Endurance of the Soul.

When we think of endurance, we think of the physical energy stored and exerted. The energy of the soul is everlasting, though times drained and needs renewal. When the energy of the soul is drained, it can stem from several areas; this can be from any form of fatigue, emotional unrest and most importantly not living in our purpose. When we are not living in our passion, our souls cries in agony. It desires the attention to change course to live in our passion/purpose. Yes some of us lead a double life, living to do what is necessary and in our passion, though it is only momentary. The part of our life we live in as necessary can cause the soul pain, manifesting as a form of illness. However, when the time is taking to find passion in the necessary, then there is balance until we fully move and transform our life to living in our passion. The question now becomes, how do we prepare our soul for the long haul of living a human life?

To prepare our soul, we first have to remember, we are pure energy, souls first and humans second. It is the job of the soul to care for the human vessel with the knowledge surrounding and in self. As an entity, we allow our humanity to take over the soul, living and experiencing all forms of bodily and mental sensations. As a soul living in a human form, we tend to forget who we are and revel in the human sensation. The sensations felt can encompass, ego, mental and physical stimulation, all forms of love and fear. This is to assist in the development of the human physique and enhance the human vessel. Our human experience is like nothing felt before, because of the sensations felt. Each mental of physical sensation felt offers a new sensation, which is the reason why we like to explore the spectrum of emotions. During the process of exploration, we tend to forget more of our soul and embrace our humanity. What we fail to realize is we are causing our soul pain. Our soul is the life force allowing us to experience what is chosen to be experienced. The human vessel we reside is can always be repaired, healed, and renewed, our soul can’t.

Living in the human life and being carried in the vessel we relinquish control unto the vessel. We long for the sensations felt over and over again; at the same time we disregard any messages our soul is attempting to convey. We cause or interpret a separation from our soul. The human self can’t be separate from the soul. There is a bond and covenant created between the two entities. In essence and truth, the human vessel and soul are one. It is our choice in which one we listen too, the human vessel or the soul.

Yes our human vessel provides us lessons and sensations, but it is the soul, our true self choosing what is best. How does the soul know what is best? We are innately capable of fielding out what can improve our life or harm us, some of us turn off or ignore the signals processed. We can only ignore or leave the switch in the off position for so long, until the soul comes into agony. The agony of the soul causes, sensations such as lack of care for self, being physically exhausted, lost in life direction, uncertainty, and a host of others sensations and emotions of the like. Listening to our heart, the soul offers us ways to see and hear things differently, even if it means recognizing the truth knowing it may cause a little pain. The pain felt is our ego giving way to the light of the soul. The soul knows best, because we have done this all before. 

Our soul has endured for centuries. We go back and forth between solid matter and pure energy. Our soul understands what is needed to be accomplished in this life, because it is done it in other lives and it is what we chose. When we have veered off track the soul signal us by feeling weary, feed-up, and in agony, then we have a choice to stay and feel what is being felt or change what is longing to be changed.  The question is how long can we endure, tolerate what was brought forth in our life to learn? Our endurance is only as strong as our soul. Once we graduate from the lessons, through releasing what is desired, then we can move forward and live in our passion as being one whole entity, the human vessel and soul.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the soul’s endurance to accomplish all that has been chosen.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the soul’s innate knowledge to know what is best to live in truth and passion.
Be thankful this day and everyday to live in the passion the soul desires bringing forth abundant joy!

This Entity  
Living energy contained in a vessel
Desiring to be free
The way of peace soothes the union of duality
Settling into change

Transmutation of blended energies
Expansion of increasing energies
Lying in a fetal position waiting for the answer
Being reborn

Enduring the lesson
The choices made only to be fortified
Soon to be all that there is self

The mastery of self in moments incremental comes from stagnation partnered with reflection
There is more than it seems
Living connected

Lost all of previous thoughts
No longer relevant
Then struck with ah ha’s
Like a bolt of lightning there and gone

Having an extended stay
Flooding sensations flowing seedingly to birth truth in what is no longer
Fully awake

Knowing this make up
Pure light and energy from the light of creator and creation
A connection and flow of oneness

Carefree of joy
Living in peace
Holding love in the purest form to release it unto the universe

The light of dark spectrum seen and understood by the children
All filling the role asked and given
Reaching and longing for the hurt to end and freedom to begin

Having a body for this soul
A brain for this universal mind
All is connected
This entity called Hillis sees and feels all else and see and feels

An entity
A presence only to evolve through assisting others
Being a voice for others to speak through

Speak to me in a voice clearly heard
Knowing what is desired to be shared
Spoken for all to listen

Vibration shaken to the core
The spark of existence
The first ripple all felt coming to know bigger than this preconceived notion

The one entity
The entity connected to all forever linked
Bound by the totality the purest energy made
Made self and all else

The omnipresence of self to self
The omnipotent faculties of self for self
The entity is to itself experiencing self
Ever expanding and growing
The entity

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Be thankful this day for Daydreaming.

Daydreaming is our subconscious coming to conscious when our brain is idle and soul is still. Our subconscious holds the ideas and purposes for this life. Daydreaming allows our brain to process the steps to fulfill our purpose. While daydreaming, this is when we are most happy. We are creating a personal world of our liking and doing. The manifestation of this world we desire and deserve takes time to manifest. The time it takes to manifest is the time we have to hold the vision with love and intent, yet release it and recognize it when it's fulfilled. Also during this time this is when we become most discouraged, upset and settle. Personally speak; I still hold the vision of my purpose and living in my dream. It is very difficult to do so when there is no clarity and all there is faith. And at times faith feels like it is not enough to feel and see our way through the desired dream. The question now becomes, how do we continue to live the life of necessity while creating our dream world?

The life of necessity is just that, a life of necessity. While living in this human form, it deserves to be cared for and properly. It needs nourishment, rest, exercise, and mental stimulation, so we are constantly in a state of flow. Our soul knows what it desires, and in most points in our life it's on auto pilot and we are not aware of it. Our awareness becomes active when we fully become aware of self. This is a part of the daydreaming process, becoming aware of self. We come to a lucid state, tuning out the world and transport the mind to the point of inception. We travel back to our life planning session to view if what we are doing now is alignment with our being. Our soul knows what to do and is guided in the fulfillment process. The fulfillment process is different for everyone. We all have job and some of us enjoy our jobs, because it is our calling/purpose, while the rest of us do what is done to care for the human form and learn the lesson put forth by our own design or choosing. I do have a passion for my job, but have a love for my dream and purpose. We have to recognize the difference between the two, having a passion for the necessity and a love for the dream.

The passion for the necessity serves a purpose; and its aids in process of pouring the energy of love into the mundane of daily life situations and routines. Yes times it's spiritually painful to be in a place not allowing you grow, and to be your whole self. At the same time when you come to a place of self-awareness, you bring a certain level of passion or joy to the necessity allowing for growth and full expression. We all find the love in what we do, while bringing joy to others. When we are in a pure state of joy, you never know who you can touch and improve another's life while growing your own. Having a love for the dream is a feeling we all know and deserve. When we dream, why are dreaming? Most of us dream for the bigger house and fancy car, while others dream of just having enough. No matter the dream, it is to suite the dreamer. When we do dream, never play small or sell yourself short. We have an innate right to deserve the best our soul desires. Know we are in an abundant world, though materially it doesn't' seem that way. Most of us are stuck in the old mind-set of illusion, creating the appearance of wealth, while suffering or drowning in illusion created to serve selfish gains.

Our abundance doesn't come from material; it comes from the energy we put forth. All creations manifest as energy turning into matter. All inventions, ideas, materiel comes from the universal abundant energy. Think of it this way, the ocean is the universe all the water is the energy of thought, the clearer the water, the easier it is to navigate through, the darker the water, the more light is needed to navigate through. In the dark waters of the universe, we have to trust in the faith knowing our path is clear until we reach the light of clearer waters. All the while the abundant energy around us is creating our dream, so when we arrive to the light our dream is waiting for us. While on this journey, we have to know we are already living in our dream world.

Living in our dream, creating this vision is the more difficult task, but it is possible. With all circumstances, with all lessons, with all the pain (emotional and spiritual), we know in our heart we have arrived at our dream. The external life may not exhibit our dream, but our soul knows we are there if we just look deep enough and ask for guidance to arrive at a clearer place. Once we become clear in our desires to live the dream, all else falls into place and the steps of getting there makes perfect sense. Yet we have to find our dream. We have gotten so bogged down, by being on a paper chase or earning a living to live a life of necessity, we forgot the sensation of daydreaming. As children all we did was daydream. We dreamt about our perfect life from what we saw on TV or read about. Our imaginations ran wild and we were free. Now is the time to dream again, dream your biggest dream, nurture it with love, and watch it grow.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the abundant universal energy to assist you in fulfilling your dream.
Be thankful this day and everyday for your soul knowing your dream in how to fulfill it.
Be thankful this day and everyday to dream your dream and witness it being more than anything you expected it to be!

All in Time

All in time define the lessons learned from experience taken shaken left this soul achin’ change the thought process preparing for success accept nothing less

Time precious time
what appears to be time wasted is time of purpose without knowing the flow of life
The infinite energies that seeded in us all

Mood shifts drifts to time increments bent on explanations to understand the seconds mesh to all tenses and attempts to satisfy the senses
the true purpose

Planning desires from planted seeds of beginning flowing through veins to convey our image thoughts feelings willed the knowledge to do so

Discovery gifts talents along the path set fourth get sidetracked and double back the reinvention second chance your way or His way

Choices made and bathe in the glory of your decision of time has offered for you and able to accept it not deify it

Time heals
time constantly changes
time helps
time hinders
friend or enemy all in time is what you make of what was given


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Being Carefree

Be thankful this day for Being Carefree.

When we think of being carefree, we usually think of not having a care about anything. As loving souls we can never be carefree. We care from a loving and open heart. Being carefree is more of a feeling or sensation when one with the universal flow. This flow creates life moments of bliss. We all have favorite things we like to do bringing us innate joy and peace, in those moments we are carefree. Our sensations come from a much deeper place in our soul, perhaps extended to our first incarnation. When our souls are created, we understand what it means to be jovial, because it is who we are as souls. It is when you compress the soul into the human form, when all is forgotten or muddled. The sensations only arise when we are partaking in the moments of bliss. The question now becomes how do we extend the blissful moments or live in a continuous one?

Extended blissful moments can happen when we are present enjoying what we are doing. This may involve our brain not preforming tasks or functions. Just the other day I was riding my bike and when I usually ride my bike in the in the middle of the day, I have to become fully aware of cars and pedestrians, for my safety and theirs. On the return trip home my brain stopped preforming tasks and was on auto pilot. Then I spaced out and began to smile and thought to myself, "I really enjoy riding my bike." This was one my life moment of bliss. In this moment for me there was nothing but pure joy and being one with the universal flow, by doing what I love. In the culture we created, we have less of those moments. Most of do what we do because we have too, not for the love or joy of it. Even though we find ourselves living in situations out of necessity or being civil, we have look at the situation with our heart and find the love in what we do. Yes we struggle with doing what is right or make "sacrifices", but when we follow our heart, nothing is a sacrifice.

We all feel in order to live carefree and in the life desired, we all must make a sacrifice. This couldn't be farther from the truth. When you think about making a sacrifice, what are we really giving up? Our brain tells us we are making a sacrifice, but our soul knows we are doing the right thing by making more room for what is truly desired. This is something I'm still in the process of learning. Yes there are items, people, and situations needing to be released from the current life. The reason for the release is there is no longer a need for the item, person, or situation. We have learned what was desired by the soul. I know it may sound cold in a human thinking sense, but each soul understands and knows the role asked to be played in each other’s' life. I know by this point you the reader is thinking about your life and what disappoints you may have or holding on too. Disappoint only comes from someone not living up to their soul contract with you or expectations/human conditioned thinking. A soul contract is a contract between souls and what role they will play in your life, no matter how loving or harsh. It is the ones playing the harsh role we have to thank the most, because one they aid in the growth and development of self and two it is the most difficult role to play as loving souls. We all at some point have to release the disappointment, hoping to continue to learn what is desired in another form or make alterations.

When making life alterations to fit into life plan, do we just make do or seek the best options? In all cases, we have to be still. I personally understand the difficultly of being still, unless I'm in a meditative or sleep state. When we are still, our life looks clear and begin to have faith in our newness. Yet if we feel lost, we still have to be still. Being still aids us in living in the universal flow. Our source of flow is the Creator. Our flow is only stagnated, by the unreleasing of undesired present energies or entities in our life.  We also have to take a look within our self to sense any other stagnation, so our flow is fluid. Our life does happen as it is supposed to, but it is us who makes it more difficult than necessary.

As young children, our life was inquisitive and jovial one. It wasn't necessary to be filled with all now manifested as adults. Yes there are responsibilities we manifested as being adults, but why do what is done if there is no fun or passion involved? We will or have come to a conclusion; we are already living in our dream, one enriching the life of self and others. The question is do or will you recognize it when it shows up? Our bliss only depends on us, what we choose to do and be here. Do we make the most of who we are, the situations, and touch other souls from a place of love and compassion? These are questions I live you with to answer. Our blissful moment doesn’t have to be fleeing ones, but one of continuum.

Be thankful this day and everyday to see what brings you passion and fun into your daily life.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the small moments of bliss to expand to a continuous one.
Be thankful this day and everyday for being free to be self, in the creation of universal flow.

Free to be Me

Free to me be
Releasing all energies imprinted on this soul
No longer controlled by outside forces

The illusions created to mask the truth
Now removed
Leading to the evolution of greatness

Bonded with the true essence of immortality
The Source of all creation
Released all intimidation

A sacred oath of words
Forming a bond between two
Creating the channel of wisdom
Honor is among the trust and trusted

Falling skies speaks truth
As the moon conceals the unspoken
Only to revel with the rise of a new

The mind is unchallenged
With words to say
Without harm
To find the peace in release of fallacies

Speaking in fragments
Speaking in tongue
The only one has won

A barrier created
Through cues of misunderstood emotions
A wave of shifts to anchor feelings leading to thoughts

All there truly is
Is just me
Created a connection of what there is
Just me
Released all that isn’t me
Leaving just me

Free from the prison that held me
I am the captive and captured
I am responsible and the hold the key to my freedom

This is me living life as it should be

Free to learn
Free to live
Free to love
Free to enjoy
Free to experience
Free to confide and no longer hide
Free to be me

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Importance of Self

Be thankful this day for the Importance of Self.

We all know and comprehend how important we are through our life role, yet it is our life defining our character. The character or person we choose to be in this life is to serve all of humanity, but we have to grow into the desired person. We are born ready to be this higher being, but what are the steps to getting there? The steps/choices are already made for us, yet there are some circle paths veering us off track, and leading us back on the main path. As our life progresses, we understand the choices made to be important to the whole of humanity. All of us at one point or another was or still is filled with ego, that we get caught in a trap of "no one is better than me". Humanity is one energetic force working in unison. No one is better than no one; it is the ego feeding the emotions of the moment signaling to the brain "I am the best!"  Yes we believe we are the best, because there is no current proof to show otherwise. As a sprinter in high school, I was always told by my coach, “there was always someone better than you.” In the world of competition, a Darwinian world, this is true, someone will always be better than you; this is a world we are moving away from. We are living in a world moving towards peace and harmony. The question now becomes how do we detach our ego and live in an internal place of true importance of self?

Where does our importance of self come from? Does it come from the desire for attention? Basically this is want the ego is, feeding the desire for attention in any form it can receive. The attention can be introverted or extroverted. We can be so shy as to those around us will pay us attention or so bold where people will gawk at us, in any case presented, we draw attention to us. That is how we feel self-important, by attaching a title or label to self or a situation. The importance of self is the awaking to knowing how important each individual is and humbly accept their role and who they are, with love. This is at times difficult to see or understand, because we become blind to what was asked for or given to us. This reason is why we are blind, because we have attached self to the "how our desire will appear to us". Our attention is so focused on what we desire to feel important, we miss what is truly there.  Our importance is not solely placed on who we are, but what we can contribute to world.

Our contribution is one of love. All we have to do is fill our hearts with love and acceptance. How can we perform such an action when we have been taught otherwise? This is where we have to deprogrammed all we learned and replace it new loving experiences. This is a process of "doing the work". We have to analyze our life to see how our life purpose/role fits into the quilt of humanity. We are much more than what we pretend to be. Even I had difficulties accepting my role in humanity as being a beacon of light for others. This was a role gradually stepped into. When there is a feeling of not being ready or prepared, we are more ready and prepared, than we truly know. We are more than we perceive. Our brain/ego gets in the way, tricking us; by saying we have more work to do. When we arrive at this point in our life, we have to live by faith and courage to know this is who are and this is what we are to do.

Who we are solely depends on our comment to live up to and honor the choices made in our life, with love. We must do the work! Our intuition guides us as to what we are to do. If we stand by the choices made, then we know we are honoring our comment. We are now more than ever being asked to make the choice and honor the role asked for in this life. Our life is one of transition and transformation. Each life moment transitions to the next seamlessly, while manifesting change within. It is when become consciously aware of the transformations, breakthroughs happens and living to our full potential. Remember we all have the choice to be stagnant or kinetic in the flow of life.

Our flow exist because, we are naturally flowing entities. We can be in the flow of giving and receiving, the flow of love, the flow of life itself. Our life consists of flows. When we are in the flow of life all is understood and nothing is taken for granted. In the flow, we know and humbly accept all transpiring acts. Most acts taking place are one of lessons, letting go, and of growth. The flow helps us to realize how important we are to the oneness of humanity, intuitively knowing we are all connected from one Source. When this understanding is reached as a whole, then we individually know how important we are to the rest of civilization and humanity as one.

Be thankful this day and everyday to define self through the role and work chosen to complete in this life.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the contributions made to civilization and humanity.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the transformations made to live and honor all comments.


Feeling the emotional sting love more than admitted

the strength of face to save for others to see
having a desire
a longing to weep

Wanting to cry but unable
shed too many tears for lovely souls returning home
shed tears for hope
maybe my tear ducts is a desert

What is a soul to do when a sweet release of a tear can't run down to a frown
seeking outlets
seeking time
seeking peace
seeking me

My admition of wanting to feel in a world feeling nothing
compassion for the weak in one in the same for the strong who holds all eyes

I am afraid to be hurt again through emotional love

yet have courage to love self as intended

Delirium a temporary serum saving sanctity
a place where direction is lost
commune to the oneness that is
accepting the vibration
the frequency given and received
guiding the way back to the land of IS

All falling to the way side from the blind void

no longer full and realigned
this is me

A confession of the life living
filled with vigor and purpose
my soul

I confess to self to honor self

this is my way
these are my words the vibration I speak
resonate and echoes to shatter the old to birth a new
I confess...