Thursday, October 29, 2009

Life by Design

Be thankful this day for life by design.
The elders of the community always say "life is what you make it". You are the creators of your life destiny, through choices made. Life is a multiple choice, where you can choose which path to take. I can say what seems to happen by chance or coincidence, really is not. The path and choices are just a manifestation of what your true desires are. The path, choices, and lessons along the way to fulfilling your purpose is preparation time. Some of us get derailed from that path with the tangibles of life. Once we come out of that, wake up in realization of what happened is not real, our path to purpose resumes. The key to this design is awareness and receptiveness. Some of us are aware of what is happening, yet don't want to acknowledge the happenings of our manifestations. Our manifestations is apart our design. What I mean by that is no two people are alike, we are each designed to do something different. Yes we have people that are meant to work together, Yes there are similarities, yes we as a collective people are more the same than different, which enables us to understand the thoughts and ideas not just of our own lives, but others. It's this unity of the spirit to create greater manifestations of design.

There are times in our lives where we have to tear everything down and rebuild. That is ok. This signifies growth and understanding of what took place. You are now fortified, with the proper guidance of your design, of your purpose. Life by design, with the thought of everything happens for a reason and everything has it's timing. If we as a people learn to accept the overall arching design, our roles, placement and duties will be much simpler. We hold on to anything and everything for long periods of time, instead of the pre-determined time it was meant for. This is how we become stagnant and nothing changes. This is how we become unmotivated. Through letting go by design our life is open and more our our purpose is reveled to us. We all have intuition, all that is needed is to turn in the frequency of it to follow our passions, which is ultimately our purpose. Be thankful this day and everyday for the design of life. Be thankful this day and everyday for the awareness and receptiveness we all carry. Be thankful this day and everyday for understanding timing and placement in your life.

Design of Me

A blue print of me

Defined by He

DNA who made me

Led me to life

Design of me living life as it should be free

Life’s trials life’s loyalties testing me counting on me astound by what this be

Design of living life as it should be free

Reflection of what is to be the company I choose to keep mirror image of a former me

Design of me living life as it should be free

Unique more than a technique charm wisdom lessons learned

You are to be better

A work in progress

Design of me living life as it should be free

Combination of what is was and shall be altered the plan from choices given livin’ the freedom to choose

Now a part of me

Design of me living life as it should be free

Soon to be whole weaved from experiences and teachings leading me creating a new design of me

Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Beginnings

Be thankful this day and everyday for new beginnings.
Our lives are renewed daily when we wake, however we have the same or similar routines. It's in the routines where we feel safety, yet grow tired of the same schedule or daily habits. As a person we long for excitement or joy. This leads to seeking out external forms of excitement and joy. This ambitious seeking or rebellious change leads to momentary satisfaction. Thrill seeking sets in and continue to search for adrenaline highs. Thrill seeking isn't necessary jumping off cliffs, it's whatever your desire is on a external level to find happiness, change, anything different, new and exciting. In the external or biological view of the new beginning, we are made to be renewed daily and every ten years. We are on a cycle of renewal, if we take care of ourselves, then we can live a life of longevity.

The cycle of renewal is not just tied to our bodies, it's tied to our spirit. As children, we are new to this world, but our spirits are not. We have to relearn what we already know and add the knowledge of this world to our library. As we grow older, each phase of life is a new beginning and lesson learned to add to our growing mental data base. By the time some of us reach adulthood or even adolescence, we have come into our own realization of our purpose, talents and gifts. The new beginning starts with that realization and can extend over to over to us being awakened by talents, gifts, passions and purpose. Another way to jump start a new beginning is forgiveness of self. This forgiveness cleanses the soul, the energy of our life. Once we have forgiven ourselves, a new door of joy has opened in your life.This joy and acceptance of it can lead to forgiveness of others and new opportunities, such as new friendships, a new job, even financial wealth. To have something new in your life should be welcomed and not feared. As the saying goes "Fear is the root of all evil", I say embrace the unknown, embrace your fear for there is new joy and new beginnings waiting just for you. Be thankful this day for routines in your life for they help to discover new ideas and habits. Be thankful this day for our bodies and the will of the spirit to carry us daily. Be thankful to embrace your fears for they bring new found joy!

New I Am

I am the sun shining brightly sharing my warmth and brilliance with all

I am the wind strong and free flowing

I am the water pure and blessed a ravage sea and soothing rain

I am the earth offering knowledge and wisdom

I am confidence comfortable in this skin my freedom another man’s prison

I am words blended to emotions causing convolutions on the mind

I am a thought provided a miner digging to the essence of wisdom

I am an inspiration glowing never to be diminished

I am the new beginning of change acceptance of the continuous journey

I am pain and retribution inflected simultaneously and unified

I am a new love for self where my heart belongs

I am a pair of wings lifting others from the trenches of life

I am remembering me how things use to be easier and worry free

I am here

I am not afraid yet curious

I am thankful for my lessons for my blessings for those who stood strong by me those who believed in me

I am a new understanding

I am a new life

I am a gift unwrapped

I am an energy bounded through life synergy

I am new

New I Am

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Be thankful this day and everyday for challenges.
Challenges are apart of the spiritual growing process. We are faced with challenges on the daily basis. For example, a simple task of getting up out of the bed or something more difficult such as learning a new task at work. The everyday task a healthy person has may be difficult for a person with an aliment(s). The healthy person takes the lesser tasks for granted. Remember as children we had to endure and master the simpler challenges of our lives today. As children we were frustrated, yet tenacious to overcome the challenge at hand. The learning process of the challenge gave us insight in how to think on a physical level to overcome it.

What about the spiritual level? We grow from a place of inner joy and peace from the accomplishment. Our inner joy is the testament to the endurance, will, and sacrifice (letting go) to overcome the obstacle in our life in for that time. Know at different points in our lives we all have or will face a challenge to test our faith, will and endurance, it's how we react or pro-act to the challenge, situation, or obstacle to grow. When we grow we become more aware of the challenges being hurled at us or even created by us. We become detectives or solvers of our own lives to better understand "why am I faced with this situation?". Once the understanding is clear, the challenge dissipates and another growing phase or process beings. Be thankful to the tenacious attitudes we had as children to assist in overcoming challenges. Be thankful this day and everyday for the inner joy received from accomplishments. Be thankful this day and everyday for the growth through challenges.


Pacifying someone’s happiness to sacrifice your own

Cherish the time spent alone the precious time a minute of peace for what’s it worth artificial highs to get you through nice fool

Stealing time to complete one’s dreams aspirations discipline a machine twenty-four –seven need a routine maintenance to release this tension

Giving up what was given to give others having an understanding of loyalties having no shame being free embody the truth only matters what’s inside I believe no one can tell me

Two becoming one sharing one are one

Work understanding patience desires love name a way of life unified satisfied gratified from sacrifice or who sacrificed

Fruit of your labor from energy given through time work patience faith in a gift given from God and developed and shared to loose something is to gain something strength clarity no longer a sacrifice of what will be a deeper me

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Be thankful this day and and everyday for change.
One thing in life is certain, it's change. No one thing or person ever stays the same. Clearly with time change is evident on a physical and times mental scale. What about the spiritual energy? Times not so evident. Instances and circumstances happen in our lives to manifest the change we desire, or to manifest our higher or true self. Remember nothing happens by chance or coincidence. Things happens in our lives through the manifestation of our own decisions and by agreements or choices made in the present life or before. The events happen to trigger the next level or stage in our life to reach our purpose and passions. The evolution of this energy is based solely on how we react to the event and the choice made at the time. We can either accept or deny what happened. Through acceptance of change, we evolve. With the denial of the event or change, we remain stagnant or devolve. Times the changes are made for us, catapulted into the next level, however it's how we react, accept or not accept the change once we are there.

Do we continue to embrace the familiar or become one with the unknown? This statement is question I asked myself a few times, the answer for me was to become one with the unknown. By making that choice, you are embracing the trust and faith of what's to come. You are letting go of excess and once you let go of excess you have room to grow. Example, various stories of people living in poverty, then making a living as successful entertainers and entrepreneurs. The reason for this change is because they let go of their excess and label of being a victim. This goes back to a previous entry about Choices. Whether we invoke the power and choice of change, it's our reaction to determine the level of change in our lives. Be thankful this day and everyday for the power of change. Be thankful for this day and everyday for the power and wisdom of change. Be thankful this day and everyday for the faith and growth change has brought us.

Catalyst of Change

An event to cause a chain reaction of evolution

Not the final solution to dictate change

The one leader with legions of followers

A mark of a good leader is a great follower

The plan is not yours to create

It’s a plan to be followed with choices along the way

The outcome is your choice

The beginning of a greater manifestation

To have and live with purpose is the cause of living and fulfilling

The purpose is the affect and acceptance is the reward

The beginning of something new is a constant

Such as time

It’s always changing but what is the reason for the dramatic shift in direction

Not new today as yesterday nor tomorrow will be

The only one constant all see is change

True realization is the spark for the catalyst

All one needs to succeed in a place where nothing is ever the same