Thursday, November 26, 2009


Be thankful this day for receiving.
Receiving is more than just taking an object, whether it's physical or spiritual. As a culture, we take all the time with out knowing it. Example if someone gives us a paycheck, (any form or currency) or a gift or even their heart, the object is taken with no emotional attachment. Receiving is different from taking, receiving is filled with gratitude and/or joy. There is always an emotional attachment to receiving. How do you know the difference between the taking and receiving? Your heart and spirit will let you know. If you are constantly giving, your heart and spirit may not know or understand how to receive.

Receiving is just like giving. We give from our heart. We give because we know there is more. Though some of us may not give from our heart, it maybe due to fear or out of obligation. It's ok to let go, for there is more. When we give from our heart, nothing is expected in return. As we receive, it's not expected. It's a joyous feeling to both give and receive.We have to be open and receptive to both giving and receiving. It's a two way street. Once we give from our heart with joy, we receive the same. At one time or another we have individually experienced both giving and receiving on a joyous emotional level. Remember those feelings of joy when it occurred. Understand the more we have, the more we can give, the more we can receive. There should be no one in this world that should be without. On this day of thanks, be thankful everyday for gratitude itself. Be thankful this day and everyday for the gift of receiving. Be thankful this day and everyday for joy of giving and receiving. Be thankful this day and everyday for abundance.

Shatter Shot

Wanting the desire to be in constant flow and awareness

The subconscious leads to the ever flowing energy to manifest inner most passions

Operating on the frequency of love anything can be accomplished

Focused on the passion of happiness and value brings elatedness

Connecting the pathways of the mind to match the goals of the heart take time and patience shall prevail

Knowing that God has your best interest in hand you have the tools to sense and understand self value and worth

Then too let it all go and let it be only to follow the path laid before thee

Exploring the vastness of the subconscious making connections and any alterations as time proceeds bleed a new life

Letting the past go suffer no more discover the true self no more fleeting only believing

One collective thought connected and intertwined lending to sheer will of true nature of self who am I

Gravitational insight of being grounded through meditation finding answers to what is and what isn’t

Take me back to the beginning of me pure energy released unto the spirit let loose on the universe no one has forsaken thee

Awake and alive livin’ in the presence and awareness of the first and true self living with purpose and passion

Shattered preconceived notions created to identify with the world

Now healed and claimed the rightful place of mind through discipline and visions
Now one with the mind connected infinitely given way to the energy of a higher conscious no longer in pieces fragmented yet whole in control one with all true formless beings

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Giving Life Through Energy

Be thankful this day for giving life through energy.
We as a collective and as individuals give life to all that surrounds us through thoughts and emotions. We are the creators of our destiny and responsible for the outcome. The energy given to items, news, people, etc. can manifest in many ways. How does it manifest itself? It manifest itself through our emotions, thoughts and words. When we give our full attention to something, no matter the subject, we lend it our energy to give it life. This is an unconscious process. Over the years we unknowingly given our attention to subjects of desire or curiosity. It is when we become conscious, the energy given is lessened. How is this done? Through practice, we can pay attention to or notice something, and hear someone without expending or given little to no energy to it.It's like hearing something we have little interest in, we don't pay attention to it.

Example in how we give life through energy. We watch the news daily, we sympathize with a victim, and get angry with the assailant. By having these emotions, we unconsciously feed our collective ego. When I say collective, I mean all in the world. Through this feeding we unconsciously encourage more of the same acts. Through consciousness, we become more aware of the energy leaving our bodies to serve a lesser purpose. By no means am I saying not to feel or have emotions, it makes humans and it's our warning system. We as a collective and as individuals are responsible for both the chaos and peace in the world we live in. Once we put into practice where and what we lend our energy to give life, we will become more aware of ourselves and the world we created through our energy, emotions, thoughts and words. Be thankful this day and everyday for the ability to life through our energy. Be thankful this day and everyday for consciousness allowing us to distribute our energy properly. Be thankful this day and everyday for our collective responsibility.

What Kind

What kind of society have we created were kids are killing kids killing their parents babies having babies kids being tried as adults carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders not living the life that was given but living the life that was taken

What kind of society have we created were it is fashionable to have couch time whether it’s with a shrink or to shrink your mind that helps define you

soon to create mold a new you

a fetus awaiting life being brought into a world of madness of invisible racial lines times hated beyond color the same race in your face while others hide and disguise with a smile

What kind of society have we created were you gotta watch your back always there always true times can’t blame nobody but you

before you point that finger think about that adventure you went on a ride in the circle that you keep whether it’s big or small will always be judging who judging what me

What kind of society have we created were we walk around with blinders stepping on stepping over people looking out for number one me

times help times hinder times a heart of stone times a mask that shows how glad puttin’ on a front yeah you know what’s up fear of the unknown an adventure of life

What kind of society do we live in were love in rare cease to exist were people play on people feelings to get what they feel is owed to them from the past heart broken money talks diamonds sparkle greed lust sex mistrust

What kind of person are you

What kind of person do you wish to be

What kind of person have you become

What kind of life do you led

What kind of life do you wish to possess

What kind of life is waiting for you

Six questions that define who and what you are an exploration of your space to find your place whether a person full of joy passion just a dreamer a dual identity a secret life or just to help others through from your emotional pain of life from day to day being strong and only confide in the one closest to you

Stepping in the world cross the line fact or fiction how they have both fallen to past and future predictions did I mention

What kind of poet would I be if I didn’t share what lies in my heart

What kind of poet would I be if I didn’t share what my eyes placed before me

What kind of poet would I be if I didn’t share what my mind has taught me

What kind of poet would I be if I didn’t share my gift with you

I wouldn’t be!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Period of Rest

Be thankful this day for the period of rest.
The period of rest is more than the time allotted for our bodies and spirits to recover during sleep. The period of rest is a cycle where our spiritual essence is renewed. This cycle can last anywhere from a week to a year. This period is filled with highs and lows. If you are a very energetic person this is normally a difficult time, because it's draining on the mind, body and spirit. The chi or life energy times leaves our physical body, but most of us are unaware of this process. When we become aware of this process, we have the innate ability to summon our chi and healing energies to restore our essence. This can be practiced through meditation, affirmations and becoming one with self. This cycle helps to restore balance to the energy of the body and spirit. The mind plays an important role in this cycle of rest.

Most of use tend not to listen to our thoughts or conscious. We ignore the first thought or warning of something being wrong. Our mind reboots our overall physical and mental systems. This leaves us with our spiritual system to guide us. There are days and times where we rely only on our spiritual energy to guide us. The spiritual system or energy is flawless. When we are not intuned with our guide or aware of our guardian, we a flying blind. The period of rest is a critical state of evolution for the spiritual energy contained within us. The period of rest comes about unexpectedly, however there are signs reveled to you letting you know it's time to rest. The signs are different for all, yet you recognize them. The spirit knows when to renew itself, then mind and body follow in agreement. You have enough energy to complete task expected when needed, nothing more. The body is smarter than we know. During this time the body relies on muscle memory to carry out functions. Once this period is over, all has been renewed and a new cycle of spiritual evolution has begun. Be thankful this day and everyday for the ability to rest. Be thankful this day and everyday the balance being restored in our life. Be thankful this day and everyday for spiritual evolution.

Work in Progress

Learned Learning will Learn more about this work of art
it only matters what you believe the truth
true to you give others around the clue to living
astounded by the findings life’s secret is no secret it is within all

Soul searching can’t go wrong when you try what you may find friends last relationships a thing of the past
the air shifts drifts picking up new experiences new sensations then settles dies out longing for something to move to pick up and carry to add to what’s been learned

Taking time to create us His works unique in every way possible imaginable
being free to see the good and bad of it all
fortunate to be blessed with a talent find it use it share it grow with it

Realizing what is inside once hidden now another layer of skin driven with knowledge and the fear of what may be learned prepared for the event of life’s ride bumps and bruises will subside

Working on building on what was learned what was taught what will be discovered
who and what you are and will be continuously evolving naturally

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Be thankful this day for guardians.
The guardians are the gatekeepers of our lives. They keep us safe from all harm. They come in many forms, family, friends, lovers, and even pets. Most of the guardians watching over us are from our long ancestry line. They can even be connected to us from a previous life, if you believe in reincarnation. Their sole purpose is to protect and guide us. Now you may be asking yourself if they are suppose to keep us safe, why is there violence or why do I get physically or emotionally hurt. The answer to that is simple, we don't listen or pay attention to the signs presented to us to keep us safe and healthy. Sometimes when they say mother knows best, it's for a reason, when you get a chill or a funny feeling, it's for a reason, when a trusted friend or advisor tell you something is a bad idea, it probably is. When our own alarm system fails, then it's up to our guardians to do the work to warn us. We have to take responsibility for our actions, though there have been warnings. Yes in retrospect we see the signs through an analytical process, then it's too late. Hopefully we saw the signs enough to recognize them so we can avoid a similar or particular occurrences again.

We have to understand that one's life is not free from pitfalls or down winds, however our guardians makes it easier to recognize the signs. They make it plan enough in a way each person can individually understand. This is to make our life here on earth easier. You can't say "I didn't see that coming" and when you do it's because you didn't pay attention to what the world is showing you.There are people in this world who missed out on many opportunities that where presented to them. When the world, God gives you something, it can be taken right back or passed on to someone else who will make use of it. The guardians are here to reveal to us the knowledge we seek. It's what we do with the knowledge that separates us, to becoming a whole. The connections to feel to a person, place or object, it because they are on the same frequency they we are on, or the place and object holds a special meaning, it represents a moment of growth in our lives. The guardians show us the way to live, to use our gifts, to truly be who we are, the light of life. The are the invisible teachers and we are the light workers. The guardians are spiritual energy just like us. They in pure energy form and we are in a solid state. Be thankful this day and everyday for the watchers of our lives. Be thankful this day and everyday for alarms and the signs we give notice and awaken too. Be thankful this day and everyday for the reasoning and meaning an angel has brought to us.


A perfect being times seen and often heard

Watches over ones left behind and others that are kind

Help those in need and others that stray

Purity and innocence is regained through fire and brimstone this remains

One who steps in your life’s path

Blinders are taken off first look as free as can be

Growth understanding a new love of life that is incomprehensible but feels right floating on a natural high without a question why

Rescue me from stress and strife from everyday life a place where I am one with the familiar and embrace the unknown

Whether a spiritual or physical being that is sent to aid me

My Angel