Thursday, July 28, 2011

Desire Nothing

Be thankful this day to Desire Nothing.

To desire nothing is the same as releasing expectations. When we have a goal we usually make a plan to achieve the goal. We become so emotionally attached and invested with the steps to accomplish the goal, we tend to forget about the lessons when reaching the goal. The lessons of any goal steps are the most important. We need A to get to C, which is true, however what about the lessons B is teaching us. We have become a society driven by results, not lessons. Once we reach the desired goal, is the end result what we hoped for? Usually it is, yet in a different manner than expected. We all carry an idea or vision of what it is the end result of one goal. Yet we have many goals leading up to the grand purpose. As spiritual beings, we are forever learning and evolving. The question becomes how do cultivate our behavior to desire nothing, when all we desire is innately in us?

A quote come to mind:
"Work like you don't need the money, love like you never been hurt and dance like no one is watching."-Randell G. Leighton.
I smile anytime when I read or think of this quote, for two reasons, I mastered two of three statements and because it sets a new level of freedom for the soul to desire nothing and just be. When we move to a place of desiring nothing the door of possibilities open up. When we hold on to the steps reaching the outcome, then we become the obstacle in our own path. When we set goals to achieve, we create the steps in such a way for our human brain to conceive. Yet when steps show up to be completed, do we recognize them? We are so specific when we set intentions to reach the goal; we lose the freedom to experience the life moment of the goal. Our purpose is more than living a repetitive cycle of goals, events, or lessons, our purpose is to express the joyful freedom we are living presently.

We are all living in a cycle we created. Each cycle creates opportunities to be broken. Some of the cycles are part of a greater lesson in the life lived. One of the ways to break the cycle, once we become aware of it, is to release the attachment we have to it. The attachment to the cycles creates a level of comfort for the soul to heal from any form of hurt or live complacently.   Each cycle is unnoticed, because it is natural step for us to live in a smaller part of a bigger cycle. Once our own cycles are broken, we can break the larger ones. To break any cycle we have to examine the root cause of it. Most of us create a cycle for protection, while others create it for comfort. Both reasons have an attachment to it. Why do we desire to be protected, comforted, attach our energy to controlling all that is surrounding us?

Simply it is our human conditioning and partly our ego allowing us to think we can control all that is surrounding us. Yes it's ok to make plans and enjoy life as such, yet lets us be joyful when all that is planned doesn't plan out as expected. There is always a greater reason as to why the plan went a little differently. Each plan made is not all of our own doing. Remember, before we incarnated, we made selective choices to live a life to benefit our higher-self and evolve to the next level. After we incarnated, we have the choice of free will to make new choices to live our life, but are they the best ones? Once we remove human-self from the equation, step out of the way and allow the human-self and spiritual-self to merge, and then allow, God, the Source, the Universe to do the work, all flows effortlessly.  

The flow we experience is one of harmony and bliss. To desire nothing is to simply be who are already are. We can always check-in with self and ask "Who am I in this moment?" When we ask this question, we bring our self down to zero and create a moment of true honesty with self. With this moment we desire nothing. We become open to the flow of present existence. The present existence doesn't allow for self to get caught up in planning and controlling all that is to come and just guides us to just simply being. Yes there are some things in in life that requiring planning and investing in overarching outcome, but don't get caught up in creating the "perfect vision", yet simply enjoy the creation. When we create we desire nothing but to enjoy the process and witness the evolution. The freedom of desiring nothing is to know we have everything. We already have the answers within self.

Be thankful this day and everyday to release all expectations from goals and daily life.
Be thankful this day and everyday to get out of your own way to allow the freedom of nothing to flow in.
Be thankful this day and everyday to have a moment of truth with self to know one's desires of nothing.

Alter Ego

Altering your state of being
fulfilling inner most desires
revealing layers thought never could be conceived believe that

a reaction in time
this universe not parallel
but intertwined
feeling the surrounding vibes

A new emotion covering me like a cloak
dawning of a new faced
a momentary sure of strength and confidence
a new who
familiar unknown
frequent as a solar eclipse
don’t stare or you’ll be blind sided

In a trance
coming from deep within
hidden to me
just for the world to see
just sustaining me
taking me over

Merging all entities within
tearing away the flesh until we mesh
succumbing to the most high until one ego survives
all become one satisfy life’s goal son of a gun my alter ego

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Be thankful this day for Reconnecting.

Reconnecting is harvesting the light energy from the Source. When we harvest the light energy of the Source, we rejuvenate self, we open self up to forgiveness, we feel the love within and around self, we feel bliss, and life becomes effortless. There is a certain level of peace felt when we reconnect with the Source. With the peace felt, comes clarity. It is the clarity felt allowing us to become more open and aware of self. We walk around being distracted daily; "walking in a fog" sort of speak. When we walk around in a fog, we lose sight of what is important and at times what is our treasure, self. When we walk around in such a manner, clouded, and we ask for assistance or for people to come in our life, we are unable to see what has arrived. Reconnecting aides is seeing what was asked for and given in our life. As a society, we stay disconnected from what is important to maintaining self and stay attached to the illusion we create. We have to slowly wean ourselves off the illusion and attach to the true self, how do we do it?

We all have different ways to reconnect or rejuvenate self. There is no one way to regain a whole sense of self. Many of us take vacations, meditate, and we all sleep, all of which is very important to bring balance into everyday life. What is more important is what we do with the time to reconnect. The time to reconnection is essential to bringing self forward to claim or reclaim self. What I mean by reclaiming self is to find out who we really are. We get caught up in others' views and opinions of self, that we forget our true self. The longing for validation when something is done well is not needed, but wanted. Every opportunity presented, is not one of recognition, but of gratitude. When we work from a place of gratitude, we slowly bring our self back into alignment of reconnecting with self and the Source.

Connecting with the Source, God, Creator, and Universe, we become more aware and clear in who we are. In the walk of life experience, we connect with our soul group and other likeminded people. The reason for their connection is to help keep us focused our learning our lesson, while being a teacher to others. There may be others reasons for a connection with people in our life, but the reason is individualized. Only we know what the connection is and how important it is to us; at times connections last a life time or a moment. However long there is a purpose. Know we made the choice long ago to connect with others in our circle to guide us on path. They are ones to help keep us there. Yet it is us that must do the heavy lifting to be clear in the intention of self when connecting with the Source, God, Creator, and Universe and others. To truly reconnect, we have to clear out all the excess.

To reconnect and clear our all excess, we have to bring ourselves to zero point energy. Zero point energy is when we sit with self to be open and completed grounded in-self. Essentially we are creating a new beginning when we take our self to zero. A whole new potential is set for us to reconnect with the realm of possibilities for our true purpose. We learn to match the energy of our mental intentions with physical actions. Reaching zero can be done in mediation or while asleep. It re-centers us and times those around us. When the clearing process of reaching zero is complete there is a whole new perspective in our life. Our life is reconnected with the Source and new light is harvested for us to fulfill our purpose and live a joyful life.

The reconnection process can be short or long pending what is desired to be released. Our soul can carry so much that is needs a regular cleansing. Just like anything else, we can take on so much before we slow down, become sluggish or work improperly. The reconnection is not just reconnecting but a clearing out as well. When we take the time to analyze what is important to us, the soul, we feel lighter, and more joyful, with a clear mind to be who we truly are.

Be thankful this day and everyday to harvest the loving energy of the Source.
Be thankful this day and everyday to reconnect with self to truly know self.
Be thankful this day and everyday to live a life of limitless possibilities through reconnecting. 

Century of Solitude

A white padded room
A stray jacket to restrain me
A century in this mental prison longing for peace of mind or a piece of my mind

Darkness settles in
The fog takes over as I begin to start my search for clarity

Reliving the moments that brought me to this place the cause and effect and infected me
Believe my vision to be true in this dream like state
Heaven help me before I wake

Thoughts isolated penetrated analyzed putting the pieces together and needing this time alone
Feel more mature for my future

Changing the rules to fit the game of the ever morphing society in this world created to serve God’s will
Drilled down to the core of you be thrilled with the peace of mind

Reached the breaking point lose my connection to this mighty society
Reconnected to His Highness now standing tall full of confidence knowing I will never fall

Clarity on the horizon defying the laws of nature to accept and take my rightful place soon to be reveled to me

Solitude brings attitude adjustments thoughts rearranged no longer deranged all scatter brained from events in my life just need to get away
And I did

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Be thankful this day for Trust.

Trust is the core of our internal strength. Along with the energy of love, trust aides us in making life choices. The choices made come from the knowledge researched or internal knowing. It comes time where we just know what we know through trust. Trust is the beginning of faith. Trust allows us to makes decisions based on what we know and familiar with, while faith allows us to extend the trust we know to the unfamiliar. We base all the decisions we make on what we know, instead of what we don't know. The question becomes how can we move to an internal place to make all decisions based on blind trust or faith?

We all go through some decisions making process. For every decision we weigh the pros and cons, the good and bad sub choices of the decision. This thinking stems from precondition habits or from watching others experience their decision making process. Let's us remember there is no good or bad, there just
is. There is a reason why we choose what we do. Each decision made is on some level in alignment with our spirit. The pros and cons are factors to making the decision final. Know we have already made the choice, however our human brain has to catch up with our spirit. This is why we have a process to understand the choices our spirit has already made. The process can be an agonizing one at times, if we allow to be. The larger or more impactful the decision, the more some people agonize over it. But why do we agonize of the decision and the choices lying in front of us? We agonize because there is an area in the process where clarity is needed, or the choice is something we are not accustomed too, or simply there is no trust or faith in the decision to be made.

As children born into this world, we come into it with unbridle trust. We trust the parents we chose as spirits to bring us into this world. We know they would never intentional harm us on any level. Trust comes from feeling safe and secure within self and surroundings. Feeling safe as a spirit is one of the most important feelings we could ever have. When we no longer feel safe, we begin to shut down and put "walls" up. This is a false sense of security. We are keeping others out, while harming our self. The "walls" are suffocating us from full expression of self, creates varying levels of paranoia, and frustration with self. We are not alike when it comes to trust; some of us say it has to earned, others says it's given. The reason for our "walls" may vary, but ultimately stems from the same root source; from being emotional hurt, disappointment, blaming self, or having lack in life. Do we realize what we do to self and others when our trust is gone? Yes, we all experience pain and let downs from self and others involved in our life. At times do we give another a reason not to trust us or self? Yes, we base our mistrust from other people and situations from previous experiences. Each person or situation is its own energy. If there have been no signs of mistrust, why do we still penalize the person or situation? Why do we run away? We have to exercise our trust like our muscles. If we have been hurt, learn to rebuild. Our trust takes us far in life; it's our guide to wonderful experiences and people.

When we open ourselves up to trust, we open the door for new opportunities and experiences. Most of us fall back into old habits because they are comfortable for us. How can we grow if there is no trust? We simply can't. Without trust growing into faith, our life will remain stagnate, living in a broken cycle. We all have the innate ability to break the cycle we created through mistrust in-self. In order to break this cycle, we have to see within self to find the root cause and forgive self and others. Forgiveness is a necessary healing force to break all cycles. Once we learn or relearn to trust again, the doors of our life will open up once again.

Without trust where would we be? We intuitively trust others we allow into our life, because we trust self to make choices in alignment with our spirit. We intuitively trust self, because we have to protect self to live the best life possible. When there is a high level of trust in self and choices, trust converts or transforms to faith. It only takes a little to be a lot. Every action, thought, word, and idea starts with faith. We have the faith to be who we already are, all conscious or unconscious choices to follow lead us to a state of being. Our state of being is our true state allowing trust of self, others and situations to flow effortlessly.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the internal knowledge to trust self in making the right decisions.

Be thankful this day and everyday to rebuild the trust in others and self to live the best life possible, now.
Be thankful this day and everyday to have blind trust in everyday life growing to unconditional faith.


Through fire and brimstone there you stood not belonging to me
from me
apart of me
half of me you will always be
soon become whole as this child grows old

Empty shell
hollow heart
without purpose
without emotions
wondering aimlessly searching to fill a void hidden forbidden
forbade myself of life’s pleasures the extreme or somewhere in-between

Fury fueled the fore of lessons learned
one didn’t desire
one doesn’t regret
times in check
let’s not forget what put us there
avoid the mate unless it’s stale
then equal
I’ll play again until I win
lessons learned shall we play again

A vessel created from years of craftsmanship
molded after an image projected through ideas to serve a purpose
a calling not yet fully understood
will become clear by knowing You means knowing me

An individual this strong I knew it along
my life one chance to do it right
can’t penetrate or deflate
my will
my hunger
makes all wonder won’t rest till I fulfill my quest
my path that was laid before me
my faith
my vision is His now mine

Face creation a reason a season
pride inside
just let it be
soul told me
intuition guided me
once focused through struggles temptation to obtain my object of affection

Natural evolution
soon to manifest from a dreamer’s vision and the dreamer’s Creator
the off spring becoming whole from realizations
conclusions drawn from moves anticipated
reacted accordingly the passion buried inside

More than flesh
more than tissue
more than bones
no one owns you
claim yourself embody the most high your spirit your will
created from many molds with one image

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Be thankful this day for Understanding.

Understanding is a form of compassion. When we witness another's situation, circumstance, or emotional state, a bond is developed. This bond creates relatedness or a since of relationship. Then the relationship evolves to being one with the person, because of the emotional connection. With anyone we can relate too, a deep bond is formed and connected to them; it doesn't matter what was witnessed or felt. We have empathy for others whether we are in-tune with our emotions or not. However, we carry a great sense of compassion for others when we are emotionally vested in our life. Being emotionally vested means to feel and be connected with self. If we are not emotional vested in self, then how can we have compassion or understanding for others? The question now beacons, how do we release self to be emotionally vested and be fully understand self?     

The first area in our life were we become emotionally vested is in our relationships. Throughout our life we experience many and wonderful relationships. These relationships are with family, friends, potential spouses and spouses. Each relationship requires a level of understanding of the individual and self with the individual. The process to understand someone can be a short or long period, pending the purpose and role played in each other's life. The role of a family is on-going and an enduring one. This is because we are to help one another grow and develop. The family is a constant change and growth. Not matter the situation, the understanding and compassion is already there. With friends, they are in our life for varying periods, pending the purpose or role played. Each friend will have a different level of understanding and compassion; this is dependent on how we let them in our life. As far as potential spouses, there are three possible outcomes. The first one is a person no longer of interest. This is person who was in our life to learn something or repay a karmic debt. The second outcome could be a good friend. This is the person where there was much compassion and understanding, yet there is a different purpose for them in our life. Typically when this occurs, both parties are in mutual agreement or can be one party choosing to part ways, leaving the other person in a place of misunderstanding. This is also the most difficult one to understand, if you are already an emotionally vested soul. This can lead to a wide range of emotions and confusion. Our spouses or soul mates typically are in our life for quite some time. Sometimes they start out as friends. They are the ones who usually carry the greatest compassion and understanding for us and vice versa. Our life is shared with others to grow and be connected.

When we exhibit compassion for other souls, whether we know them or not, it opens our soul to a greater level of understanding. We begin to see the world create in a different manner. As spiritual beings, we begin to understand the world created and the purpose for when and where we live. As we evolve into a greater understanding of self, we move to an internal place of knowing. Knowing our role and purpose, in the world and with others we connected with in our life. It doesn't matter how we connect, it only matters as to why and fulfilling a greater purpose. I use to think our understanding of life and life connections was our own, through evolution of self I was incorrect. Our understanding is a universal one. The understanding of life, purpose, roles, etc., is a one translated into multiple messages for all to understand. It is for each of us to understand the greater universal message.

Each universal message is different for everyone, yet it is the same for all. In respect to our own individual life, we see, hear and comprehend differently. We have varying faiths, universities, politicians, and the core of Earthly knowledge vying to speak their truth. All is subjective to personal opinion; however when we look deeper in the messages broadcast and taught they have the same core of understanding. Our human self gets so caught up in all the superficial and surface talk, we tend not to look deep in the message to reveal or see the true meaning. Everyone in their mind seems to have well intentions, and yes a select few has ill or personal intentions. In the beginning of learning our truth, don't we have personal intentions to further our goals? Once we move from a personal space, don't we share what we learn or have? Our unified message has to be sent on many ways because of the human nature to be bias to its own understanding of its surroundings.

We know what we know, because of our own desire to be exposed to the energy of knowledge to grow. Keep in mind we all have different functions to keep the universal understanding balanced. Our understanding of the knowledge contained within self is different for all, hence the reason why we gravitate to those who match our frequency. By operating on different levels, each teacher, guide, channeler or master, has to be open to receive the messages given for self to assist others in the spiritual evolution of self. We are here to grow our spiritual-self, not our human-self. We have to understand once we grow our spirit, our human self will follow, ultimately becoming one. Our human self is the protector of the spirit; however the spirit is the governor of all human function. We base all understanding and compassion from a human perspective, when all understanding should be based from the intuitive nature of the spirit. Understanding is the source of all growth, all we have to do is look within and trust self that we are doing what is best for self and when we do best for self, we do it for others.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the bond created with another through understanding.
Be thankful this day and everyday for seeing the deeper meaning in all things to have a greater universal understanding.
Be thankful this day and everyday for being a teacher to self and others to evolve to higher-self.


Descending from the stars
Burning away purist of impurities
Morphed to the purist of all beings
An angel

Wrapped in wings of love
Feeling as soft as rose petal
Warm as seventy degree day
The comfort of loving arms

The divinity neither masculine nor feminine
Rises when we call
There when we fall
Graces us with an eternal presence
Bringing peace to our chaos

Duality here inside me like vines intertwined in a garden on display with the fruits of labor

Accepting the knowledge passed on defined destiny from purity choosing virginity of an angel
A gift bestowed upon thee