Thursday, September 30, 2010

Higher Self

Be thankful this day for your higher self.

Our higher self is our authentic form connected to the Divine Source, from which we are created from. Our higher self shows itself in many ways. It is our super-conscious expressing itself and experiencing the life created. As children, we lived through our higher self. Our higher self is curious, jovial and accepting. It enjoys expressing itself naturally and fully. This was easy for us as children, because of we lacked the maturity as adults to comprehend the awareness surrounding us; it was just accepted. By society standards and laws we are adults at the early age of eighteen, however buy spiritual standards we don't reach adult maturity until forty-nine. We were born or reborn to into the world, because it has changed since our last visit or completely new for the first incarnated souls. We have to become familiar with the surrounding forces and entities. Our higher self is curious at our early stages of life, yet very aware. There are not blocks or judgment, only acceptance and learning. We desired to know all about the "new" world and its offerings. During the human development process, the brain takes over and we lose the sense of higher self. Our higher self still continues to work with us, whether we are aware of it or not. The other way it expresses itself it’s through intuition.

Our intuition is the key to our survival in our human expression. It's our early warning system for ourselves and others, if we allow it to be. It is also our connection to our soul group, i.e. family and close friends. Intuition acts as a guide for our purpose. As humans we call it our intuition; however it's simply our higher self guiding our human self. Since human self is being guided by our higher self, ultimately we are guided by the Divine Source. The connection between the two can be ignored if we are not aware of the role it plays in our daily life.

When there is a strong connection felt with our higher self, all senses are heightened. The bodily energies are flowing, creating self empowerment. This sense of self empowerment can occur in various life threatening situations, a sense of motivation, or at will. The empowerment felt drives us to our purpose(s). Knowing there will be or have been instances where a survival instinct has kicked in, fight, flight or flee. This moment can extend itself for a few more moments or last for months. Not saying our human self is not capable of handling certain situations, however we do need guidance to take the appropriate action.

Just like our human self, our higher/spiritual self needs to be cared for and nurtured. When we speak to ourselves, or higher self is sending us a message, we have to listen. The messages sent are for the benefit of our human self. When the messages are ignored, we beat up on ourselves and regret we didn't listen to the message. This was more than likely a lesson in listening. Make no regret of the situation. All things happen for a reason. Sometimes when our higher self sends a message it can be for someone else close to you, i.e. premonitions. The person may not be aware of what is going on around them, so you are a messenger to help or guide the recipient of the message.

Through years of natural development, our higher self acts much like the Divine Source, since we are Its creation. No one really understands just how the Divine Source moves in our physical and can create all It does. All is just accepted by those who believe. With the blind faith of the Divine Source, should we offer ourselves the same level of faith? Our higher self is connected to the Divine Source, so in essence if we have faith in It, shouldn't we have equal faith in ourselves? We are the creation and extension of the Divine Source experiencing life. Our higher self is our Divine Source or God Self.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the guidance and protection the higher self.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the awareness and to have faith in your higher self.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the connection to the Divine Source through our higher self.

The Absolute

Two guarantees
Life given
Life taken
The moving of a soul for centuries an end leaving traces of essence to pick up and start again

Having a duty
Having a dream to sustain the vessel chosen
Understanding limitations to surpass only to complete what is and will be

All the in-between time filled with desires only understood by self and made clear to those to intersect the life path 

Returning the favor of life to self recovering from the strain of pain aimed to the soul surviving for centuries damaged for one life time

Leaving behind worldly possessions with a satisfaction of a job well done
Soaring through clouds in absolution of life

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Essence of Life

Be thankful this day for the essence of life.

What exactly is the essence of life? To articulate the explanation is best when speaking metaphorically or by examples.

When we think of the word essence, we think of it being a part of something larger than itself or the smaller core of its truest essence. Life, of course is living matter. However non-living matter contains the essence of the life from which it came. Life is energy created into animation, anything moving, breathing, serving its purpose, yet transmuted into another form still contains its living energy, the essence.

All life is transmuted. The energy of life changes from one form to another. The acts of transformation can occur at a microscopic level, both physically and spiritually. The changes in a living organism do often go unnoticed by the observer, when observed frequently. The organism undergoing the change see glimpses or feels differently during the process; however this sensation may go unnoticed or simply dismissed. The transmutation of living matter to non-living matter happens instantaneously. Our human brain thinks once we’ve up-root a tree and chops it up, it’s dead. All we have done was created a new form of life or purpose for the living matter. All we create comes from the source of living matter, only to serve a new purpose. All organic matter transmuted to inorganic matter still has traces of its life essence and times combines from other organic matter, creating new materials of matter. It's our arrogant human brain and thought patterns showing us differently.  After a life ends, it no longer exists. Energy never dies, it just changes forms.  Once this shell of a body ceases to function, then what? Our spirit still lives and is left in its true from until we decide to move forward in our spiritual life.

As living matter ourselves, we have the ability to commune with other living matter, seen and unseen. For those who have a belief system, commune with God, Creator, Source, Universe. God in essence is energy, creating energy, all the life that is; one form of life creating multiple forms of life. As energy beings in essence first, we can tap in the Source of living matter from and drawn energy from it, into our own being. We are light energy compressed into to a shell of a body. Now we are two forms a matter coexisting. We are energy and solid matter.

This is a partnership of an organism hosting our spirit; an agreement of two aliens or foreign species coming together for one common cause. The cause is to exist. In essence we both work together to exist; to live out our purpose to experience the fullness of life. Life is in existence around us, seen and unseen. Energy transmutes its state constantly from energy to mass. Currently as humans we are mass by definition, inherently we are energy giving way to the dense matter of the physical world created to be recognized or seen by others sharing this experience. However, when we are awakened we see and feel another's presence through their energy. This energy desires to seen as well. It is the fuel for the human body. Without our spirit, the humanoid will not exist. Without the energy of the creator, the spirit of us or all life in its many forms will not exist. All life energy transforms and serves a purpose. No other life form is less significant then our own. The Creator, God is in all life.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the transmutation of life to serve its purpose.
Be thankful this day and everyday to recognize the energy in all life forms.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the Creator creating and sharing their essence with us.


Sitting in stillness
Finding the light wave to carry me to an inner dimension
Allowing all to flow

Colors transmuting to blended shades of pure understanding
Energy flux creating a high point to transmute frequencies of intent

Coming to the center of it all
A new focused reality an experience on inner self   being observed

A witness baring fruit to what is
Releasing the seeds to go where to grow
Through nourishment of light

The core of all life is elevated in harmonious vibrations carrying messages reaching dimensional destinations  

Aware I’m here
Aware I’m more than physical
Aware I’m a more than spiritual
Aware I’m a whole entity
Knowing I am a full expression of self apart of all light and energy created

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Be thankful this day for guidance.

From the time of our spiritual conception from the Creator through the many incarnations, we are guided. We are guided through the lessons, situations and revelations in the many lives we have. Guidance is an essential part of our physical and spiritual evolution. As young children, we have the guidance of family and teachers. They act as role models for us, yet help us on the path we chose and to fulfill the lessons we desire to learn. Each individual lesson on our path guides us closer to fulfilling the sole purpose. The energy surrounding the guidance, whether you are aware of it or not, will always lead to your sole purpose.

For example, as a child I always had a talent for expressing myself through writing. Teachers, family and friends always told me I should pursue writing, I had other goals in mind. At one point I desired to be an aerodynamic engineer, because of my love for cars. Of course I've changed my mind due to my slight aversion to complex arithmetic. I always found myself writing about life and personal experiences. To say the least, I ended being a writer.

Guidance also comes through in the form of intuition. The sub or super conscious mind already knows what "this" is supposed to do. On an unconscious level our energy acts like a magnet bringing situations for us to learn from to be who we are meant to be. There are times where we are not aware of the lessons experienced until it has passed; yet we embrace them fully. Most times situations are set forth before our descent to serve on this planet. The situations are predetermined test to prepare us for the sole purpose in this life, the over arching lesson to move forward in the next life.

With each life we have our own personal guides, physical and spiritual. At Times, the spiritual guide works through physical guide to get our attention or relay messages. Though we all have different guides, the Angels and Ascended Masters are here to assist us all when we ask and grant them permission. They too work through those closest to us or even strangers to bring us help. They show us signs easily recognizable to us, letting us know they are working in our favor. This was a lesson I've been learning for years and I finally got it; the lesson of asking for assistance/guidance. We are not alone nor will we ever be. Our soul is the connection the guidance we desire. We have to open ourselves up to receiving the assistance/guidance we have asked for.  

Now more than ever as a collective we have to help and listen to the messages given to us. We are being asked and guided to shift our thinking and habits. Most of us are stuck in the preverbal role of being helpless. The prideful stubbornness and unwillingness to ask for help is hurting the world and yourself. We have to look within our self to summon the desired courage to ask for guidance and release any thought of pride hindering self  from the lesson and guidance desired to evolve. With guidance comes change. Change is constant, consistent and inevitable. As we grow up to be adult children, we cease to ask for guidance. Though we are "adults", we are still children of the Creator. He and His creations love to give guidance and support us in all we do. Regardless of our free will to choose to accept the help or not, it is there for us. Example, if someone gave you a new car or blank check, wouldn’t you take it? Asking for guidance is the same thing. Our guidance benefits all. With guidance comes more gratitude. 

Be thankful this day and everyday for the receiving the assistance asked for.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the guidance of the heart and mind to be whole.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the creation of gratitude with guidance.

Agent What Agent Who

A conductor
A tool used to manifest creation with a balance in the life system

A messenger of life wielding energy of universal proportions while seeking shelter in stillness

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Spiritual Balance

Be thankful this day for spiritual balance.

Spiritual balance is living in your purpose, while creating the best intentions for the highest good.

Daily we are bombarded with the material world, routines and expectations from others placed on us. Though all is a learning experience, what good will it do, if our spiritual system is out of whack? When our spiritual system is out of alignment, so is everything else. Our physical body tenses up, stress builds, and emotions run high; resulting in an illness. Not saying all illnesses are caused by being out of alignment, but it's a start.

Our spirits are fragile, yet strong just the same. Imagine a skyscraper; the structures, steel beams, and foundation are in perfect alignment with one another. If they weren't the building would topple over, like the old game Jenga. When we come into alignment, our spirits are strong and can withstand the onslaught of the man's imperfect world. The question is how do become balanced or recognize when we are out of balance?

Our gut feeling or intuition is the first sign. It is the early warning system. When we fail to adhere the warning, the situation of being imbalanced worsens. Part our spiritual system is built on seven in body chakras. These chakras are built one on top of the other and the energy flows to the one above it. Each chakra has a specific function just like our human organs. When one is blocked or not function properly, then others will overcompensate for the blocked one. The chakra system starts at the base of the spine and works up to the crown of the head. The seven in body charkas are the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown. There are a total of thirty two, but the seven in body ones help to govern our spiritual balance. Now how do we bring these charkas into balance to serve our highest good? Through meditation, wisdom, and guidance can we fully understand each chakra and its function.

To quickly move in spiritual alignment, we have to ask our self what is our purpose or what is the lesson in this challenge. All acts performed are for the single total human experience in living in our purpose. Our spiritual balance leads to our physical health and manifestations in alignment for our highest good. The first step in creating balance is listening to our conscious/intuition. This creates an open flow of communication with you and the Universe. Once there is communication, then ask what am I to do or to learn to progress in this life. Our physical self depends on our spiritual self for survival. The two work together when in balance with each other. When we are in balance, we create a new collective energy to bring harmony into the world. Remember, we are not in the, we are a part of the world, we are the world.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the recognizing the strength in being balanced.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the spiritual and physical self working together in harmony.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the collective harmony created by being a balanced example for others.

Love Intention

Intention set by a frequency of emotion felt by the true heart and purity of soul
Allowing the enchanting presence of love to freely flow to overwhelming desires of the heart
Sincerity envelops the state of being warping it to fathomed places conceived by two halves
Many forms of elatedness gathering life souls sharing in a common experience
The first intention
The last intention
All anyone intends to have
All anyone intends to be

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Self Worth

Be thankful this day for self worth.

When we experience the lack of elf worth, depression sets in. The lack of feeling worthy is a process occurring of a period of time and is unnoticed, unless you perform regular self awareness checks. These checks help maintain a sense of self and place in evolution. Our self worth is not ego, it the knowledge to know we are good enough.

Self worth is our self esteem. When there is a sense of depravity, we begin to feel worthless or not worthy to neither have nor receive our true heart's desire. The lack of feeling worthy can stem from numerous sources, such as young childhood situations, verbal abuse, or simply not feeling very proud about yourself. As humans we tend to over compensate, when there is a lack of feeling worthy. We do not notice when we are over compensating, because it feels natural to those that are. Others close to us may recognize our behaviors, yet they have to have the courage to point this behavior out to us. Over compensation can come in the forms of, over reacting, excessive behaviors, hording, controlling, playing the blame game and other like behaviors. However, there are a few who exhibit these behaviors and are aware of them. They may not have an idea to change or correct this feeling of lack, or they may be comfortable in the emotional place they are in. They create a sense of expectations on others and those who have this expectation placed on them is an enabler. This is a relationship pattern that must dissolve and evolve. This relationship is a disservice to the human experience.

How do we become self-aware of not feeling worthy? Some of the signs could be living vicariously through others, and/or having an insatiable desire of wanting with lacking the knowledge to receive the object of desire. When there is recognition of the signs or the like of, healing can begin. We have to know why we want what we want. As humans, we rationalize an emotion, thought or action to benefit our behavior. But how do we really benefit from misconstruing the original thought, action and emotion? The choice made in the moment can ultimately serve our greater purpose or harm us in multiple ways. Any thought we have should be a natural one and not forced to fill a spiritually empty place. With the natural feeling of self worth, we gain a greater respect for self and others.

Self worth is also a form of respect of self. We can't expect others to respect us if we don't respect ourselves. Most of us think, respect should be earned and not given. Respect can be uneasy to manage at times. Generally as spiritual beings we give respect to all. Through society we have learned to be courtesy, civil and kind to others. That is our natural spiritual self expressing itself to strangers or those sharing a common area. In certain heightened emotional states, giving respect can be uneasy. Example, friend, family member, spouse or ex-spouse, partner, or acquaintance upset or disrespected you by lessening your spirit; however there still is a respect for their being, but not as a person or their action. Like respect, self worth has to given. How do heal from the lack of self worth?

We have to open ourselves up to experiencing receiving and ask for assistance. Recently I was battling with this very thing. I felt unworthy to receive my heart's desire and what the Creator had in-store for me. This occurred in me due to a change in life situations. The feeling of unworthiness grew and was unnoticed, until I found myself not smiling as much and depending on others to make me smile or bring joy to me. When I finally noticed this, I began to sit in meditation with the affirmations written. This helped to reprogram my sense of self to feel worthy to experience the totality of this life. 

Our self worth is tied into all our emotions. We must come to know we are worthy to be alive, feel love, have joy, and to receive the miracles we co-create. To feel self worth is to have our purest intentions met and heart's desires filled. The Universe knows we are worthy, we have feel and know we, ourselves are worthy.

Be thankful this day and everyday for becoming more aware of self and behaviors.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the Divine Wisdom to guide us in self healing and knowing.
Be thankful this day and everyday to feel worthy, to be alive and experience the totality of your life.

Futile Fool
A haze of delusion in the maze of life created from infinite patterns to one path

The fragmented jester walks aimlessly
Providing entertainment while searching for self in a place unknown

Shrouded in a cloud of judgment
What is the meaning
The truth of it all
Leaving what was
Learning what is

A place unknown now is home
Standing in the court of acceptedness
As the mist lifts exposing the absolute thoughts

Discovering of self is time well spent for the purpose only known to the fool