Thursday, June 25, 2009

Power of Creation

Be thankful this day and everyday for the power of creation.
We have the power to create whatever we desire through prayers, meditation and creative visualization. Yes their is a God or a higher power, whichever your belief, but the creation or manifestation of what we want starts with us. Now it's not just as simple as thinking something and it will appear or happen, we have to put those thoughts into action. For some is easy to manifest or create their purpose or passion. As the old saying goes "becareful what you wish for or you just might get it." Well that old saying is true, if you focus or think about something often enough it will happen, because you are visualizing an outcome and then you'll unconsciously take the actions to create it.

Creation is a very powerful tool. Though our creation has a middle man, God, it is up to us to take responsibility to create a world of harmony. It is up to us to use this power of creation for good intentions, whether it is for ourselves or others. We all have a gift or a special talent, this gift was created to benefit the world in which we live in. The creation of us is a daily gift and reminded of when we wake. Everything we have that uses our five senses was created from a source of light and good intent. It is and was the will of man that distorts the purpose of creation. Remember your purpose and be glad in it. Be thankful to have the power to create good and to be rewarded. Be thankful this day to realize your power of creation.

It is written

Before it was written in stone lies a written code rules structure to aid holistic foundation D.N.A. destiny niche auspiciously

Understanding the path reflected in the forecast of dreaming seeing and realizing in the life aspirations creates an overwhelming passion for unmet desires

Channel and refocus energy join the universe and feel the synergy burning to complete self having no choice but to listen to the voice

Imprinted upon souls once somber harbor ill feelings breathe now cleansed with purple haze and turquoise joy

It is written in all and spoken to by whispers not to be ignored but adored reaching for life’s gentle shore the riches that lie beneath the surface a true essence belonging to self

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Be thankful this day and everyday for acceptance.
We live in a world created with some form of illusion. By this I mean people create a mental image of a subject, item, place or an idea with a certain levels of expectancy. It's this level of expectancy that creates the illusion. We as humans expect a certain level of life or create an illusion of certain level of life from society's definition. When all that is around you, when all that you see is created through levels of expectancy nothing reigns true. Some people live lies to hide the true self, other people just plan hide from themselves and the truth. People around us create the level of expectancy, then we feel we have to live up to the illusion they created for us.

Once we acknowledge the illusion that stems from fear and disappointing others, we break free from the hold it has placed on us. We no longer live up to someone else's level of expectancy, but we now live of our truth. When we finally come into acceptance, we acknowledge ourselves for who we are as human beings in this world. Then everyone else will acceptance us for who we are without illusion. Be thankful this day and everyday for your own personal truth. What you believe extends into the energy you create. Be thankful to manifest your truth and accept your worth as a human being.

Outside My Mirror

Stepping into a world of reflections

Different people

Different moods

Different attitudes

All consumed with the currency of beauty

What do you see

Can you see the sheer transparent thought image of self reflected in society or are we society’s creation

A celebrity status among the not so famous the virtual unknown

Aware of your existence could careless of the image portrayed

Let me remove the blindfold

Image is all that matters do you see what the world sees or what you see

What are you

Who are you

Living by someone else’s standards

Something obtained by what means there only to shed a stream of tears caught by a smile

Are you fresh young new

Covering up the comfortable image of true self

Why be ashamed

Be proud

Be honest

Be you

Stepping out the reflected world and shatter the glass of the past cause we all want the same thing

How do you feel

Do you know what you feel in this new reality of realization

The flow of you the cause of you to pause to conjure the cure of pure self twisted in elegance of divine creation

Shone through unconscious manifestation

Looking out to see in

Looking pass the familiar recognizing a deeper true renewed self outside the mirror

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Be thankful this and everyday for blessings.
Blessings to most of us come as a surprise. Blessings are prayers, wishes and fore thoughts coming to manifestation, though some are forgotten, hence the surprise. Some blessings are very obvious and hidden in plain sight, such as material possessions and things we can use any of our five senses for. Other blessings are not so obvious, these are the ones we can't see, but because of our sixth sense we know it's there. For example, the life we live not on a materialistic level, but on a spiritual level. We know our own existence and the existence souls around us. With time we become more aware of the blessings surrounding us daily and the awareness becomes second nature.

As man we are meant to help help each other and this is reason why we receive joy when we do help others.The natural gifts and talents used on a daily basis that bring us and others joy is a blessing itself. Most of us say that we are not talented or can't do what you do, but you are great at something. We are draw inspiration from each other. Anyone can do anything, though someone maybe better at that one thing. Find what you are great at to help others and bring joy to your life. A blessing is also a gift and an ability to discover in yourself and share with others. Be thankful for discovering your blessing, your natural gift and your joy.


As I stand in the eye watching life pass me by

Looking lost without a cause yet full of purpose and intent figuring out what is meant for my soul

Carrying a blade of wisdom that is centuries old with the lack of knowledge to wiled it yet with the patience to understand the energy to wiled it as such commanding to the energies to stand at attention

Gathering souls form past lives using synergy as a caliber for the life standing before thee streaming through colors of life to inflect project a selfless image upon those with purist essence

Loosing behind a shadow cast by heavenly energies of intuition with intent and purpose

Living a daily struggle of thirst of a soul creation of self with understanding of the possessed vessel a longing of personal fulfillment with a gift given from the dawn of you

Accepted and returned

Wanting more than what is given before the time tells you

Living freedom in faith of what and whom the will of choice and self sacrifice knowing the consequence to understand the second image of self

Not a façade the cause of your soul

Who were you first

Who are you now

Who will you be last

Following the heart

The loud voice banging in your head and life preparing through you

Can’t erase it nor ignore it an image bigger than you with a possibility to fill the universe we walk through with preconceived notions and premeditated intents

Finding what was stored from the life before seeking the connection for completion of a universal soul surpassing time itself




A continuous cycle until the work is done

A timid light only to grow in brilliance by the dimming of un-needed space leaving the purist of pure the original make-up of self from the first spark

Illuminating emanating heavenly energies

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Be thankful this day and everyday for boundaries.
When you think of boundaries, most think of a form of confinement or containment. With boundaries, comes rules and respect for another's space. Not many people respect other's boundaries or personal space. With the lack of respect, we tend to get upset. Then you have to think why are we upset if the boundaries have not been clearly defined. Of course at work and home, those are easy to define and respect, but personal space it's different and it changes. It changes with the our condition life in the moment. What I mean by this is if you are single and dating, married or have friends of plenty, you may want the company of a certain person one day and other days may desire a company of another. Not by any means condoning cheating if you are married or exclusively dating. It doesn't necessarily have to be a person on an intimate level, could simple enjoy that one's presence. Now that's clear let's proceed. The person or persons allowed in the personal space is by invitation only, conscious or unconscious. The boundaries are not defined because of the energy given and received, hence the reason for being around different people at different times and sometimes want to be around certain people all the time.

When the boundaries are clearly defined by you then the space around you can be controlled. Boundaries of our personal space at times can be treated like an early warning system, linked to our intuition. For example you are in a crowed room having a good time, then suddenly your mood changes. This could be a sign to leave. There could be many reasons why your mood changed, many reasons to leave or simply follow your intuition. The personal space that is your boundary often grows and shrinks. It grows during prayer or meditation, the reason being is that you want no one around you during this special time unless you allow it. The same is true when the space shrinks, when you invite others to enjoy the space you created. Remember you can create any space at any time, conscious or unconscious. Be thankful for the personal space we create to keep us safe and to grow. Be thankful this day and everyday for the personal that goes where you go. Be thankful for the personal space to allow us to be who we truly are.

Elemental Fusion

Air fans the flame water washes it away leaving ashes to salt the earth nourishing it to be reborn

Of this world one with this world feel me see me strong alone stronger with you spiritual evolution

A place of comfort where you mesh and become one with your surroundings exude feelings of bliss

Emotions drive mental capacity that provides strength to the physical coming full circle and centered with the spiritual

One mold many out comes fused together by unknown commonalties until introduced realized that the elements help make us who we are and effect our lives in significant ways stop and obey the signs