Saturday, April 11, 2009

Help & Guidance

Be thankful this day and everyday for the help we receive and give for what we do can indirectly effect another.

Let out hearts be open to the bountiful gifts we receive for we do not know when we need help. The kindness of others and ourselves is it own reward, because it is written what we give out, we get back three fold. Let us help our fellow man and be open to giving unbiased love, be kind to your neighbor and respectful to those around you, for may never know why they are there. Some people may be distance in placement, but not in our hearts, some may be distance in our hearts, but can still touch their life, and some may be distance spirit, but can still feel them watching us. Our life is all life, be thankful for the helping hand and kindness from others, for it is God, the universe working through them to answer your prayers.

My Prayer
As I get down on my knees bend my head down in silence
Thanking you for each and day of life that you have given me in this world you have created for your children
Continuing on with my life as is nothing is wrong
Sharing my day with you
Meditating on every word that is spoken from my soul
Blessing whom I share my life with loving them and much as you love me
Keeping an open mind to new and to those who cross my path of life
As I lay my head sleep I pray that I wake up each and every day and if I die I'll know it is my time for you to take my soul away to a place of bliss
This earth I will indeed miss.

A perfect being times seen and often heard
Watches over ones left behind and others that are kind
Help those in need and others that stray
Purity and innocence is regained through fire and brimstone this remains
One who steps in your life's path
Blinders are taken off first look as free as can be
Growth understanding a new love of life that is incomprehensible but feels right floating on a natural high without a question why
Rescue me from stress and strife from everyday life a place where I am one with the familiar and embrace the unknown
Whether a spiritual or physical being that is sent to aid me