Thursday, February 25, 2010


Be thankful this day for honesty.
There is a difference between honesty and truth. Truth is fact and can't change, unless the circumstances, situation or object changes. Honesty comes from within us. Honesty is tied to the emotions of true self. Example, when we set a goal, there is a level of expectation we place on ourselves. Then we must be honest with ourselves to be sure if the goal is attainable. As a collective we lean away from being honest towards others, ultimately hiding from ourselves or complaining to others. We tend to soften criticism, any other form of opinion and even our own truth, just not to offend others. By soften our words and not fully expressing ourselves, we do ourselves more harm. The harm we place upon ourselves can manifest as an physical illness or result in a chain of unpleasant experiences. We feel on some level we are making a sacrificial sacrifice, by sparing one's feelings. The we question we must ask our self now is, who is making the real sacrifice and what is the result.

There is quote from a show I regularly watch and gave me much thought in the strength of the mind. The quote goes, "the true mind can weather all the lies and illusion without being lost." The mind is more powerful than we as humans give it credit for. Our truth creates honesty. Once we are fully accepting of ourselves, truth and honesty will follow. We must be honest with ourselves as we are, yet continue to grow and evolve. Once we reach the place of spiritual awareness as an individual, all the veils will be lifted. Thus as a collective, we can experience and view life as it is meant to be, Heaven on Earth. As beings we can explore the vastness of the mind creating new opportunities of growth and expansion of wisdom. With new found wisdom of self, we become free to fully express ourselves, resulting in honesty of self and others.

Be thankful this day and everyday for to fully express the honesty within us.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the wisdom to guide us on the journey of true self.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the unfailing honesty to create our desires and fulfilling our purpose.


Portray the light of day

Step into the shade

Dawn the mask of night

Ignite attention given not welcomed

A decade dedicated to appease others needs leaves you drained wanting to obtain the thirst of self wealth

Laid down the foundation from a parade of fools clues and the right to choose who’s lost

Who’s paid the cost


A mask for every performance

A craft how long will it last

Created for a temporary fix to resist temptation of your own world of creation

Resonate the game you play

Give it up you forsake the self-contained

Maintain the imagine

A solution for the confusion

Chase only you face the true identity

Move through mirrors reflect in ripples of water realizing me and not wanting to be what others perceive


Thursday, February 18, 2010


Be thankful this day for humility.

As a collective we are very proud, yet as individuals we are filled with ego. This is the reason why most of us fail to have meaningful relationships, successful businesses, and most importantly, be who we know we are. Our competitive nature gets in the way of all we know. We feel we always have to impress someone, attempt be more than what we appear to be or know. How do we know what to be or who to be? I say sit quietly in stillness and you'll know. The ones who are aware or humbled see pass the illusion created by impressor. I'm not saying it's not good to have healthy competition, just be aware of the attached ego. As a teenager I was always told their is always someone better than me. Of course those of you who know me intimately, knew how cocky and arrogant I was in my youth.

Then I received a good lesson of humility. Example, I was the fastest teenager in my school for three years. I ran track won most of meets and was offered a partial scholarship to run. Then I was a junior and caption, track season came around and not worried about my spot on the team. On the first day of practice, there was a freshman who was pretty fast, so I challenged him and lost. My ego and reputation was bruised. I was no longer the fast person in school. As the season went on, I learned the freshman couldn't hold his top speed for long, but I could. Needless to say close to the end of the season we raced again and I won.

This taught me how to be a gracious loser. With each humbling lesson in my life, my ego lessened and became prideful of me. There is a difference between ego and having pride. Ego is a knee jerk reaction to a unpleasant comment you have to defend or having a lack of self esteem to replace true confidence. Pride is were you feel proud of an accomplishment you worked hard for coming from the true heart. In essence humility is the counter energy of having too much ego. Being humble allows us to see the world as it truly is, without the man created illusions. All the Johns' and Janes' eventually learned how to truly appreciate themselves by not keeping up with the Jones'. By no means am I saying just because you are humbled, you should live a meager life. Some of the most successful people in the world are humble.

Being humble means you are aware of yourself, your talents, the world and how to serve humanity. Humility opens up new doors once locked by our stubbornness. How do we become more humble and serve the world to create Heaven on Earth? Listen to voice of consciousness
and let it be your guide to fulfill the everlasting passion filled purpose.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the lessons to make us more aware of life.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the success coming from a humbled nature.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the Heaven we created on Earth by being humble and grateful.

Come From Nothing

Come from something

a feeling a thought a seed

conceived a reason for being on this here earth

This purpose surfaced after years of searching the depths of my soul that took many forms

torn delirious mind serious heart

committed to the quest

Clawed and struggled saw my vision imprisoned in my thoughts

come to fruition from wishing progression life’s lesson and this world a teacher

family and friends preachers giving advice for a better life

Searching for answers to life long questions

pique my interest and invest in myself my worth

a higher percentage


Abiding by the laws of society to get to where I got to go

now know how to bend the rules to suite my needs

no restrictions please

No degree to define me

knowledge acquired through exploration meditation

end result is what you see what you read

experiences molded me treated me kind others left me reaching for what is mine lack of shame full of confidence

Fate stitched me mended me made me whole escaping the defiance of the former me

centered around the epitome of my dream


Work in progress an won’t rest till I reach my quest I am the best at what I do and the shoe fits won’t quit till my message is heard from lessons learned

Others cling to the mainstream while I slide under the radar undetected protected manifested to a ball of energy elevated to the wrath of fire I profess and confess the two are one duality

one needs the other my reality

If you come from nothing you will be nothing

lies and fiction here’s what I mention

you come from something more than a fucked up past more than a piece of ass living when then convinced something better than stormy weather

Wasted time on the rewind flash to the future the mental mind set is no less than perfect

I am here a place with no face to tell me what passes the cause of my actions I am something and didn’t come from nothing

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Responsibility of Power

Be thankful this day for responsibility of power.

I previously wrote about the power of creation. The ability to manifest our goals, desires, purposes and passions. Along with this this power comes the responsibility to wield it properly. We must take responsibility of our own creations, our manifestations and our gifts. God, the Creator, the Universe takes responsibility for His creations, us, His children. We are His responsibility. He provides and nurtures us daily, everything from the air we breathe to the building materials for our home to live, sleep and eat in. God is showing us the way, He is leading by example in how to care for your creation. No matter how the manifestation happens, with your two hands, or handed to you it's how it's cared for to make a difference. We can choose to ignore our responsibility for our creations, but think about what happens when we do. Example, think about a child who misbehaves, the child is a creation, a life brought in this world to serve a higher purpose. When we don't take responsibility for the child, chaos ensues and we looses control over them and situations they are involved in.

Caring and taking responsibility for our creations is like caring for a child, set in the previous example. Though as both the children and creations do take on a life of their own as they mature, but it's up to us to continue to nurture the creation through the process. Think of is this way, God is energy and created solid energy, us, we are energy manifesting energy. It's a continuous cycle of creation and with this never ending and unbreakable cycle, we must nurture the creations we manifest. With each creation comes evolution, but it's how we take responsibility and nurture the creation to determine the height or growth of the evolution. Our creations are molded from our dreams and desires to ultimately serve as tools and guides for our higher purpose and passions. Think about all the gadgets, toys, clothes, and all the successful entrepreneurs, they all had an idea, brought to creation. Without them taking responsibility, ownership and nurturing their creations, I'm certain the creations will have cease to exist. Ultimately we have the ability of creation through God, but must remember to own, nurture and take responsibility for what we create.

Be thankful this day and everyday that God is our example for caring for our creations.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the maturity of our creations.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the guidance and nurturing we give to our creations.

Taken for Granted

Here one day and gone the next

If I would have made a bet I’d loose and we all lost a treasure by all measure of life

A priceless gift given and squandered

Hindering all growth to proceed in the true purpose of life

Dreaming of how life should be

Picturing of how life is

Knowing we can make a choice in how to live

Receiving a gift and direction in how to use it

Knowing that’s your purpose

Accepting the truth of actuality

Bringing joy to others from the soul of you

Talented and gifted

We are free living beings

Now this gift has gone

Has passed

We all take notice of the hole visible in plain sight

Once was there in us and around us to use willingly and appreciate with a whole heart

Piece by piece the hole has gaped and sapped our life

Then to be repaired and filled with ill and empty substitutions

We all know what we have while it’s here

Yet wait till it’s gone to appreciate a gift

A treasure

A life

Take time to be awakened through the sunrise in you

Share the light given for all to appreciate

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Counter Energies

Be thankful this day for counter energies.

Counter energies is energy countering intention, however this energy is not always present. It is my personal belief now, that there is no good, nor bad, positive, nor negative energies. There just "is" or intention. Example, if you are fulfilling your purpose and someone or something comes along to steer you in the opposite direction, it's the universal counter energy to prevent you from fulfilling your purpose or even being in a loving relationship. Most of us will "label" this as negative energy, because of the experience associated with the occurrence. The same is true for the opposite. Think of it this way, God or the universe, whichever you believe wants you to be happy and fulfilled, however other forces desire to hinder, distract and stop the fulfillment of our life. Even if you are doing something you know is wrong, the counter energy will introduce, impose, or interject itself in the moment to guide you away from doing further harm. It's the "labels" good, bad, positive and negative, we have to make it easier to understand what is happening around us.

How do we know what we are experiencing is a counter energy? We encounter counter energies when we are following our highest intention or purpose. Example, if our intent is to create a successful business to serve others, the "challenges" we face is the counter energy. The same is true for the opposite, however the opposite brings us in alignment of our purpose or higher intention. How do we overcome the counter energy? We continue to fulfill our intention.

When we remove the labels from our intentions, there is just IS. Example, we accept, God, the Creator and His works just as He is and they are, because it just IS. The same is true for all the energy in the world, it too just is. The counter energy just is, but without it to push us, we will remain stagnate and fail to achieve our purpose. Without the counter energy to challenge us, we will remain blind to what we truly desire of ourselves and our purpose.

Be thankful this day and everyday for accepting all energy for as it truly is.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the interjection of the counter energy to allow us to see what we truly desire.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the pure intentions of our lives to follow our purpose.


Ruling the way that I move
Standing in the stillness of boundless time and energy washing over me

Manifesting the glory of destiny
Moving faster than sound
Bright as the light of source within all

Understanding the illusion created and presented to all
Conceptions of false truth

Infinite energies educating the experience we call life
Joyously loving timeless creations revisited

Transforming entities from expression of life to co-creating universes of solace and bliss

Age of age
Time of time
Both non-existent in pure expression of light

Time is no time
Only the transformation of wielding energies