Thursday, March 25, 2010


Be thankful this day for intimacy.

When we think of intimacy, we most commonly think of the sexually connotations of it. We think of the connection and knowledge shared with our spouse, partner, girlfriend or boyfriend. Intimacy goes beyond the physical nature of touch and openness to share. Intimacy is a shared connection between two souls. We open ourselves up to those whom we feel safe with. The nature of the connection varies between each soul pair or connection. The bond created times happen instantaneously or over a period of given time. What you share with one, you may not share with another. Life is a process and experience. We experience different things with different people. Times we want to experience all our heart and ideas with one person, but it may not be meant to share such things with the individual. With this ache or disappointment, we seek out new connections. A connection to fully experience and express who we truly are. This connection must start with self.

Intimacy is the willingness to give and receive variations of love and knowledge of self. It's this openness of self to become open to all things in the world. We begin to experience our connection to God, Creator and Universe. We have to have an introspective look at the world and those we share it with on an intimate level. When we start to look at the world and other souls in this manner, we feel empathy through our connection and understanding. Yet, we must remember to have an intimate connection with ourselves. We must be grounded in our connection to the God, Creator, Universe. We share an intimate connection with those from which we came. All life comes from one source, yet we as a collective feel superior to other begins created or incarnated to experience life, in their manner. The "lessor" beings, animals, plants, insects, water and the earth itself are all beings and souls meant to experience life as we do. We all have a "role" to play. Through our bond with life, we can truly experience life as it should be, as Heaven on Earth.

Be thankful this day and everyday for our connection to loved ones, past and present.
Be thankful this day and everyday for our knowing ourselves and God intimately.
Be thankful this day and everyday for our intimate connection to all life.

To be Touched

More than just a physical touch

A connection felt as minds melt

A rush sent coursing through veins elevate all pains

An energy stings leaves a mark sings like gentle rain beating on the window pane

A sensation never forgotten once the first took place

Gracefully approach

A gentle stroke

Awakened senses smile to show life signs realize the art has taken place

Symbolize the beginning of something new

The door has been open adore the moment in time

A touch can be more if you allow it to be

Sometimes it’s just that

Perceives is beyond thee

What is received is meant for the chosen

Many ways is a person touched

By words




Appeal to the senses look deep pass the looking glass of life into a soul

Reach it

Touch it

Understand it

Save it

Choose it

You have been chosen and touched

Bless you much

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Be thankful this day for words.

The letters and words we speak is the very foundation all languages is built on. This simplistic way of communicating evolved from when man used pictures to convey thoughts and ideas. Words are a very powerful tool, yet taken for granted, daily. Words gives us the power to create our lives on material and spiritual levels. The knowledge of these words is only the beginning to manifesting your purpose and desires. These words must have emotional attachment. Words without emotions are like humans without feelings. We must feel, have conviction and be aware of what we say. We emote great amounts of energy we when speak with great feeling or passion. This energy is then converted to a solid state of energy, our desire manifested.

Once we have gained the proper knowledge to wiled our words, language or communication properly, we can manifest our desires or purposes like magicians. Like magicians, we too must have faith in what we speak, such as the prayers prayed. Having faith is the second component to bring forth your purpose or desire. By doing this we have let God, the Creator or Universe know our intentions. Having intentions of good will, brings forth prosperity. When we speak words or pray for others, this shows our true heart. When the true heart is shown, we reveal ourselves and operate on high vibration of love, bringing joy to others and ourselves. Once we have put the faith and energy in what we speak, all is possible.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the words we speak daily.
Be thankful this day and everyday for power of words and what they bring us.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the prayer in our hearts for our fellow men and women


A form of expression written spoken sung that begun with simple thoughts brought to life that I give to share bare my mind my soul picking up the shattered pieces of life torn by words

Like a fist battered and bruised rouge black and blue

mentally unstable that form words into syllables that scare the heart sinks to the pit of your stomach weighing you down causing an endless frown anger and pain retribution times the only solution

Like a bandage that heals the womb in time perseverance faith strength mentally sound stable as solid ground profound provoking thoughts to ease the heart soon to lift up from the pits of your stomach this natural high this undying unconditional love that leads to a utopia your space your worth

Your spoken words that are heard by listening ears inflict more damage than a fist times inflicted like a kiss before that mind has spoken think of unspoken the hidden the between the lines fine print God sent billboards neon signs use the divine intellect to choose your words wisely confide in yourself before you confront your friend or foe see the facts before you act

All in love

All in intent

All that is spoken is meant for that moment in time

My thoughts

My words

My lips

Your thoughts

Your attention

Your ears

All everyone speaks

All everyone hears


Thursday, March 11, 2010


Be thankful this day for home

When most of us think of home, we think of our physical residence. What makes our physical residence a home? It is the love energy we pour in to our physical residence. This why our friends and family feel welcomed and loved where we live. As the old saying goes "home is where the heart is." This is very true. It is true because on a soul level our heart guides us to loving environments. These environments nurture our soul. As children in the development stages of life, even in the womb, we are very observant of the environment nurturing us, home. The energy of this home or any other environment helps to shape our soul and emotions of what home should feel like. The feeling of the environment nurturing us will be mimicked as we grow older.

As we create our own space, we draw the knowledge gained from childhood. What we forget is home is within us. Home is wherever we go. Home is also our sanctuary a place to find solace and heal our soul. As we come into this understanding of home, we grow more comfortable in the presence of others, ourselves and God. Our home, our soul is a sacred place and should not be taken for granted or desecrated. Not saying you shouldn't have tattoos or any body art. As long as you are doing it for you and understand the purpose and connection to it. We are humans experiencing life. Our home, our soul is connected to other souls and God. No matter if we are living flesh or a guided spirit, we know our home. We know our place with the Creator and within us. We are always home.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the love energy to fill our sanctum.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the home living in us daily, our soul.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the wisdom to care for our sanctuary.


Storms Clouds are gathering

the fog rolls in and I’m

lost in the mist

looking for my sanctuary

a place that I can call home

Creating my place my space

a parallel plane pursing

places that my mind drifts to

dreams fantasies realities

past and future

Displaced emotions losing myself in day to day life routines

wishing wanting praying striving for better days

changing my vibe leaving that old shit behind

A ray of light peaking through the clouds

now lined with sliver my home is in sight

bright as a summers day

warm as a hug with care

comfortable as the bed I lie

precious as the one whom gave me life

I’m home

I’m home

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Be thankful this day for humor.

Humor is one of many emotional release mechanisms. It is to help counter all the situations and ill emotions bringing discomfort. Humor revels the lightheartedness of all situations and personality. This lightheartedness engages those in your presence and opens up a comfortably. Humor is to aide in the healing process of letting go of the ill emotions and past situations. We as individuals having experienced both harboring ill emotions and past situations bringing us discomfort, manifesting as a physical aliment. Note, there are some aliments beyond our control, yet we still have the ability to contain them. Through the pain and suffering we've endured by our hands and design, it's God, the Creator or Universe to guide us back to a place of peace, love, comfort and joy. Through reflection of a harmful situation, it is released with meditation or most commonly laughter.

This laughter, has both a chemical and energetic affect on the body and spirit. It's sending a signal to release the unwanted emotions and discomfort. This is the beginning of the cleansing process. This cleansing process heals the body and spirit. The affect of this cleansing can take hours, days, weeks, months or years. There is other pain and suffering deeply rooted in us requiring greater attention and healing. Humor is for surface issues we have been harboring for days, months and years. It's great to sit with friends and family to reminiscence about mishaps or situations at the time was not humorous. When we can laugh at ourselves this shows how comfortable we are, in our own skin. As one of my favorite entertainers said "Thank God for a sense of humor."

Be thankful this day and everyday for the emotional release of laughter.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the comfort we have with ourselves.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the ability to introduce humor into any situation.

Let It Go

Sailing through life picking up sensations taking time for all meditations

Understand what the dealer has dealt

Frustration the castration of life

use gifts given lift spirits bridge rifts

This is what was meant bathing in the scent of a job well done

Living in the past carrying it from life to life one before many leading to now understand where you were to be who you are can or will be

Confused fused with the knowledge gained maintained self image listen to the voices at work

Let it go

Use the flow of energy to free your soul

Caught up in the daily tension need a release use the extension of my body to satisfy the need of the flesh

Temptation too much receive a rush the sensual vibe you conceal yet slightly reveal beckoning me to enter your precious space

You made room for me

Turn it

Flip it

Lick it

Stick it

Inhibitions on the brink wanting to freak

wanting for the one to come and never leave

Carrying items of heart aches

memories of cherished moments

living with no regrets

learned from mistakes were done intentionally to create a being with limitless capacity for knowledge

for love

for understanding

Running through life situations




one half of me using what was learned and the other half of me wants to let it go

thank you

Unpacked your bags

leave it where it shall rest in peace or in pieces

once this skilled is obtained there is nothing you can’t do