Thursday, August 26, 2010

Spiritual Happiness

Be thankful this day for spiritual happiness.

Spiritual happiness is when your spirit is in balance and harmony with the energy of the universe and personal space. Spiritual happiness is a combination of various emotions and living in a state of consciousness. Some of the emotions aiding in spiritual happiness is love, joy, and the variations of them operating on a high frequency. The question is how do I get to a place of spiritual happiness? To get to the place, we have to come into self knowledge and remember our true self.

We come into this world not remembering who we are or what our purpose is. For years we struggle with our identity. Then we attach ourselves to people and objects of affection that are identifiable to us. On some level we relate to the energy capturing our attention. We unconsciously and inherently take on the energy of the item we relate too. Through this we gain some idea of who we are, but is it really us? Because of the relatability, we feel a form of spiritual happiness. The sensation felt drives us on this path of awareness, without knowing why. Our spirit knows of the familiar sensations, yet we remain unconscious of them and choices we make, until we make the effort to do the work on self.

The remembering of self works on us in so many levels.  There is an influx of emotions and losing a sense of who we are in the process. Times we can be so grounded, we forget about our beliefs or faith and vice versa, when we become elevated in thought.  When we allow the unconscious to become conscious, the work on self has begun. We work thru so many stages of healing to achieve heighten levels of spiritual happiness. Some of the stages involved are forgiveness, acceptance, self-love, honesty, feeling worthy, having faith, and having the patience to witness the changes in self and environment. We have to bring balance to each stage of progression. Each stage is different with everyone. There is no specific starting or ending point. From personal experience I can say remembering my true self was/is very emotionally painful, yet rewarding.

The process of remembering self will cause you to remember situations and glimpses blocked out in this life and past lives. Recently I've experienced a moment in releasing unwanted emotions from past situation in this life, only to discover it was attached to a previous life. Leading up to the releasing was quite painful, but was worth letting go of the situation no longer of me in the current life. The remembering process leading up to spiritual happiness is like spring cleaning. We diligently clean our home from top to bottom, while upturning lost items. Then we decide should we keep or toss them.  We move to place of making choices to remember, but now we have to make a choice of letting go of any thought, idea, or emotion not of us. One affirmation I use when in a releasing meditation is "I now release unwanted energies imprinted upon this soul and return them to the rightful owner." This aids in the clearing of the soul when all is clouded or influx.

In order for us to have the desired spiritual happiness, we have look inside us to be free from all the internal and external excess. Spiritual happiness can come in as little moments. These little moments have to be given recognition. When given recognition, the moments become more and last longer. Happiness, like all else is abundant. Admittedly, I've had these moments and times extended moments. However it's up to me and all of you to continue to do to the work on self. As a society, we get caught in the day-to-day, but there lies the challenge. We have to make time to do the work and receive the happiness, even if it means changing life habits, situations or playing make believe.

As spiritual beings, we are very playful. It's the world as humans we created to make us forget that aspect of life. I'll be the first to admit, I'm one of the most serious people in pending situations, and however I still remember to have play time. Our happiness is dependent on us and the work we choose to do on self in remembering who we are. Happiness is a part of the human experience, but it's more than an experience, it's our spiritual way of living; along with unconditional love and compassion for your fellow man.

Spiritual happiness is a feeling experienced by owning the moment of streaming consciousness of one's desires.

Be thankful this day and everyday to do the desired work on self.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the releasing of unwanted thoughts, ideas, and emotions to remember true self.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the soul's true state of happiness.


A moment where vision and mind reaches the pinnacle of clarity
revealing the manifestation of self to self

Being filled with unbridled joy of new information
to fully understand the extension of self connected to all

Allowing presence to flow in
carrying desired sensations of spiritual happiness

Full awareness seizing all sensory attentions
be here
be now

Letting go to feel the infectious smile of life
inside where life is beautiful
projecting outward

Harmony and balance ensuing to enhance life qualities
transmuting to a higher quality of life

I now know what I'm meant to do
I now know this life intimately
I now know who I am

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Unexpectedness of Life

Be thankful this day for the unexpectedness of life.

I'm sure we have all heard the phrase "life happens”.  Life does happen whether we want it to or not. Life happening is inevitable. We wake up with a plan, we follow through with a plan, we plan major life events or altering decisions, and we attempt to plan our whole life. As adolescents, we fantasize about the life we desire. We all desire to be successful, live prosperously, have loving family, great friendships and have a great job. Through all of our planning, we forget life is happening. Some of us like to control our life through planning. I'll admit I was one of them. When the plan is followed, we are happy, content, selfish and feel in control. Yes selfish and controlling. It's our "plan", it will be our way, and won't be happy any other way. This selfishness and control creates a false sense of security and the ego finds a new attachment. Ego gets a boost from always being in control, creating a new sense of pride with every plan completed.

Every aspect is controlled by the mind's ego or the human self, which now blocks the spiritual self from emerging. We all have a plan and when it's not fulfilled, we get upset, stressed, or act out. Each plan has your personal interest at stake. Every planned move is like a game of chess. Each move gets us closer to our goal or end game. Then the question becomes, what's next? Not every move made by your opponent, those interfering in your plan or spiritual self can be anticipated. The moves made by the opponent are considered illogical. Our mind tells us no such thing can be done, because it's not a part of our plan or way of thinking. When the move is made it's to challenge our thought process and how we view and respond to "life happenings". The moves made does not have to necessarily come from another person, they can and often do come from the Creator and work through us and others. With higher intervention, it is showing us there is another way to accept life as it happens.

Being one who lived by plans and relying on external sources for my happiness, I can understand the difficulty of accepting life as it happens. We have to open up to realize life is happening every moment, every fraction of every second. When we are so stuck on the "how" or plans of our life, we miss the golden opportunities waiting for us. I know at one point or another we all had a moment where something didn't go as planned, but worked out even better. That was life happening to show you and witnesses no matter what you plan, the Creator has a better one. Life's unexpectedness is a joyous feeling of letting go to surrender to the life happenings created by God and co-created with us. Yes, we co-create our life with God in the form of free will. Now I know you all must be thinking then I can plan my life whichever and however I choose. And I say yes you can. The best way to plan any life is with the help of the Creator, in alignment of your true purpose. Yet, be sure to enjoy the marvelous happenings of life, all the unexpected treasures given. Our human expression is a gift to enjoy. Though all may not happen as you plan for it, remember there is a better one. All is as it should be.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the expansion of the mind to accept life as it happens.
Be thankful this day and everyday to enjoy the unexpected treasures life gives us.
Be thankful this day and everyday for a purposeful plan being co-created in fulfilling your true purpose.

The Way

What way
Which way
Your way
My way
Right way
Wrong way

A direction proceeded in determining choices signaling to self this is just for you

Being open to the way asked and created
Looking to higher self and surrendering to what is

Feeling worthy of the way created and found within the heart of self

This way
That way
The only way is the one you know being led by your heart

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Be thankful this day for miracles.

I'm sure we all have experienced a miracle in our life at one point or another. The question is, what exactly is a miracle? A miracle is energies manifested from the heart's desire. This can occur in any way or form. We work to create the desired vision and feed it with love and joy from our own soul. This can be achieved through prayer or meditation. In essence we are moving and bending spiritual energy in and around us to manifest into the physical. For example, we see an object of desire, place, item, person, or said amount of money, our subconscious locks into our third eye vision. Then we accept this desire consciously. With the acceptance of this desire, we feed it love and joy, only to release to the Creator. With this release we know it's taken care of. With this process of creating a miracle, we have to make sure it's in alignment of our purpose, higher good and can sustain us in the manner improve our life. Also in the process of creating a miracle, like anything else, we have to be specific in what to ask, along with having the courage and confidence to ask. We can create miracles for others or vice verse it's not necessary to be as specific unless you know the situation to create for them. This is where we learn to live by trust and faith.

Miracles often occur when unexpected. This is due to us releasing the miracle and living by the certainty of faith. In order to accomplish this, first we have to let go of any pride or ego. Then become grounded in the desired miracle through prayer and meditation. Once we are grounded we can open up to trust others from our soul group, i.e. family, friends, neighbors or strangers. The flow of trust is important to allow what needs to be moved, moved. We have ideas and thoughts in "how" the miracle is to occur, which is fine, however it's often best to let go of the "how" it will happen and let it happen. I can personally say either way to create the "how" is fine, pending circumstances or object of desire. If we are not aware of the occurrence of the miracle, then we were attached to the "how". With this missed opportunity comes sadness or others low emotional feelings. Then we must forgive ourselves and start the process again.

It's ok to create miracles for the short term or immediate situations. However miracles, are intend to be in alignment of our life's work. Miracles in appearance are small or large or small miracles rolling into one large miracle. Each miracle is interconnected, with our energy. Whether if its creating for our self or others. Miracles are universal energy being used to help and guide others. We are made from the Creator, who used the same energy to manifest our miracles. The true miracle is us helping us. Once all blocks have been removed, then we can see the assistance given to us asked for. After all blocks have been dissolved, then we are open to self and the flow of life filled with miracles.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the clarity to create the desired miracle.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the faith to receive the desired miracle.
Be thankful this day and everyday to recognize the desired miracle.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the true miracle, you.

Vulnerable Reception

Coming to a place to receive self wealth
Emptying all to feel solace and oneness a void-less void

Becoming a stranger to self with overflowing emotions
Loss of senses to align with new sensations

Welcoming the new light
Bringing clarity of promise with joy
Nurturing the voice with love to receive the wisdom of faith

Received desired messages to complete once thought impossible
Soul renewed with vigor and stamina

A new journey has begun

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Human Experience

Be thankful this day for the human experience.

The human experience is lived daily from our actions and thoughts stemming from the lessons and observations of life. Most of what is learned is programmed from observations and emotions. They both drive us to the decisions made in every waking moment. About 90 percent of the decisions and functions made as adults are from our subconscious mind. These automatic functions were learned behaviors from our parents or those in our surroundings, as well as words or phrases impacting our life in any way. As humans we get so caught up in living in the "what if world" or world pre-programmed by our thoughts, we forget who we truly are. Now the question becomes, who are we truly?

To quote Jacquelyn Small, "We are not human beings trying to be spiritual. We are spiritual beings trying to be human." First we are energy manifested into matter. All that is around us is energy manifested to matter. To bend the energy around us is our will and expression to create. To further answer the question, we are energy beings in an organic shell living life lessons to fully experience the experiment called life. We all have different life paths, most of are intertwined and similar with each other. We are never alone in our lessons or life challenges. There is always someone going through the same thing, the only difference is the outcome and how we ask to receive assistant. Our human self tends to over process situations and tries to factor in life variables to "live" life. In actuality no one really "lives" life, we experience life. We live by our mind and not by spirit. Not saying it is the right or wrong way to live, however, there is a balance between the two in order to co-create the experience we are to live. Our spirit guides us and our mind interprets for us.

The human experience is a grand adventure, if we allow it to be. The life we create and choose to live, it’s ultimately what we chose. It's not about the wealth or material items, though to have them for the right purpose and alignment with your soul makes living easier and more joyful. It's about the quality in manner lived and utilized to full potential, by simply asking what more can I do or what is the desire to be met. Can you say at the end of the day a job well done or I made a difference in the world today? And when we ask of self, let's consider others. The experience we chose links us forever. We are the same inside and out, through and through, energy manifested to matter. We are love, we are joy, and we are the smile on the world. We are living as we should, spiritual beings in a partnership with our human self.

Be thankful this day and everyday for knowledge leading to the true identity of self.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the spirits we are living as humans.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the wisdom and comfort, knowing we are all the same.

As the noise of the day cease
The angels whispers grow
All is reveled
What is desired our own secrets

All once hidden from hurt
Reveled through invocation and the invitation of signs shown

Putting the strings of images together from sequential life events
Trapped in the mind of self till the puzzled is solved

Being sucked in
Captivated by the mystery unraveling before our eyes
Being witness too all the shifts and turns which all is learned

Moving beyond mentally know capabilities
To push pass known limitations
Brings uncertainty
Yet fulfilling to know we are more than just a mirror

Who am I doing this for
Who am I serving
Who will be satisfied with this work
Who really matters

Evolution causes mind contusions
Allowing fusion of the spirit to enter
Directing this vessel in fulfilling of purpose

Ego bruised
Now in check
Once thought was at my best
Now know there’s plenty more to give from the source of light

I’m the unmovable object and I’m the unstoppable force
Now one with divinity of self and the Creator

Give way to the Source
Matching the might of the soul within
Carrying me beyond phathomed thoughts and impressions

Energies bleed into each other making a new
Yet separate from the tainted sources from the spirit which they came only to be purified

A journey accelerated through stillness
Awaking of boundless energies from static to kinetic
Releasing light to receive abundance

Faulting to no one
Shifting to change perception
Clarifying purpose with vision
Infiltrating the mind to enhance the essence of being

A conduit for channeling light pouring from the heavens
Naturally producing a matrix
Simply woven into the daily fabric of life

On display for all to see yet hidden in plain sight
As the light meets night
Blinded by the colors of life

Reaching a revelation of true self
Conducting a meeting of divinity with mind body and soul
A totality of essence

The noise grows now with wisdom to control what is heard
Moved to the master of self and well-being

All is taken care of
Harmony and balance
Ensues and streams to the essence daily filled with light and love

Pushed pass conditioned thoughts
Accepting the beyond as it is
Free of limits
Being bigger than once conceived
I am epic