Thursday, September 24, 2009


Be thankful this day for choices.
Most choices in life are already made for us and by us. It is our heightened state of awareness that translates the choices and agreements made with souls we encounter in life.For example most rebellious teenagers say out of spite, "I didn't choose this family", when in fact they did. We have complete control over what we do, say and think. No one can impose their will on us, unless we allow it. Remember we are energy and will always be energy. Energy transfers and changes form. In our purest form of light we make agreements and choices with other souls or energies for situations and experiences to happen in life to make us who we are. These experiences teaches us lessons we will need later in life. Not all choices are pleasant ones, this is when we have to accountable for the choices we make and not place the blame on the world. Yes we may have emotional break-downs, but it's ok. That's part of the growing process. By being one with the emotion(s), we gain understanding and commitment to ourselves.We must remember the lessons learned from each experience.

Yet the free will of choices is where most of us have difficulty. Yes we have free will to do whatever we desire. Yes we have free will to use our gifts and talents to benefit the world or just ourselves. And yes we have free will to be whomever we want. Free will is a luxury of all life choices. Free will grants us new sensations, experiences, and opportunities. Not saying that free will is wrong to have or feel guilty about. Just remember the intuitive nature to guide you through this life.Nothing happens by chance. Everything happens by choice, determination and being responsible and accountable. We are all responsible for ourselves and others. What we do today can directly or indirectly effect millions tomorrow. Be thankful this day and everyday for the choices made. Be thankful this day and everyday for the lessons learned through choices. Be thankful for the responsibility we take through the choices we make.

Cuz I Can

Energy in transaction transcending from manifested digested the metaphysical it is what it is and I am as I am

I am everything and can do anything learning the light guide to surpass all fore-thought

Comfortably in control with understanding of change


life itself

devices and mechanisms to comprehend purpose and resist restraint

Aware as I bare the knowledge leveraged and wisdom given the total package confidence and courage as I make you think sink to the depths of your soul ask yourself are you whole

Why do you do what you do

Being satisfied with routine comfort and ever wonder can I do more

Sheer will wields the energy and harness determination empowering all I am

I am who I am

I do what I do

I believe what I believe

I love what I love

Cuz I can

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Be thankful this day and everyday for gratitude.
Yes gratitude is another form of thanks, but what makes it different is the joy that comes with it. Gratitude is an extension of joy leading to the manifestation of all things in the world. Remember there is no good nor bad, just the labels we have created to define an action or item our personalities disagree with. We have to learn to open and receptive to all things. When we show our natural gratitude for something given to us, the world responds to our actions and thoughts. Time a simple smile, saying thank you, giving a hug or even extending yourself when you are able is enough to satisfy the joy of your heart and even the Creator.

Remember the Creator made this world in joy for us to share His or Her wondrous works. There is more than enough in this world to share and be thankful in the bounty. Yet we take this same bounty for granted, leading to selfishness. It's in the choice to be selfish where we are cut off from the creation of abundance. There are countless items, actions, teachings, and emotions to have gratitude for. Gratitude is a natural flow of abundance. To give thanks is effortless and easy. Gratitude is a powerful tool, use it well and wisely. Be thankful for the bounty given to us to share in share in the world. Be thankful this day and everyday for the joy gratitude create in our daily lives. Be thankful thankful this day and everyday for the ability to show appreciation for all things in this world.

Smile Today

Through all the pain guilt hurt

I smile to cover up to hide the unseen

You see what is partial

The illusion of a smile

The thoughts behind the glee is what I desire to know

True to the nature of self love and happiness

Shaken and stirred until what remains is desired

I smile today because of joy in my life

In my heart

I smile today because the love that surrounds me and I have to offer

I smile today because I am a gift and my abundance of blessings

I smile today from the lessons learned in my life and what I can teach others

I smile today and everyday because of all these things

Because I finally know who I am ever evolving through guidance and prayer

I smile today

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Be thankful this day for awareness.
Awareness is more than just being cognizant of your immediate surroundings, or the activities in the daily routine. As a society we tend to get lost in the awareness of others. By this I mean, we are so concerned with what people are doing around us, we forget about us. Not saying that being aware of people and our surroundings is wrong, just don't let them consume you. Consumption is draining on the soul. It leaves us vulnerable to mental illnesses or simple paranoia. We have to acknowledge our awareness and not be consumed by the curiosity of the awareness in the present moments.

With the acknowledgment of the awareness, we become more in-tuned with ourselves. The natural instincts or intuition plays a role in the awareness we possess. We then become aware our gifts, energy, and higher self or soul/spirit. With this heightened level of awareness, we become more cognizant of ourselves, passions and purpose. We are constantly in a unconscious state of awareness, but it is when we become aware and acknowledge the awareness, our mental clarity aides us in becoming one with energy of the universe and God. The level of oneness can be glimpse, a few moments or as long as it is needed. Be thankful this day and everyday for awareness in our daily lives. Be thankful this day and everyday for clarity awareness brings.Be thankful for the oneness of total awareness.

Unattached (What makes a man want to rule the world)

Bound by fear and the unknown

Acceptance of comfortable safe life


True only to self with vague thoughts and concepts to be clear and understood

Arrogant only to be humbled by experience and awareness of actions and self devotion

Finding value in where you belong

The sacrifice of change is the only thing to change evolution

The power of creation is the advent rising of saving of self and awareness of self manifested attachment and suffering

Now free of such manifestation for a greater purpose

All visions

Thoughts planted in abundance to be awakened through gratification

Creating what you are

Creating what you desire

Is all attached to your true nature

Find this and unattach all else

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Things Taboo

Be thankful this day for things that are taboo.
What is the definition I refer to of taboo, when there is culture, race or a defined group of people unwilling to have open discussions of things in existence, due the shame or embarrassment the subject may cause. However the previously mentioned will have open discussions with very close companions, friends or family. The reason being is the level of comfortably in the connection shared. When the same subject is mentioned in public there is heightened level of embarrassment or shame that creeps over us as one culture. This stems from the labels of society. The people in media telling us what's ok and what's not. It's not til then individual curiosity is piqued. Then questions are raised, "why should I talk about it?", but it doesn't end there. The level of taboo extends to or regresses to smaller units, i.e. family and friends. There are some things just not spoken in the presence of others.

The level of censorship surrounding our lives is dependent on our level or awareness. Our awareness guides us to being open and receptive to all things in the world that sustains us. When we are truly open and aware nothing is taboo. We are free flowing energy experiencing life as it should be. It human nature to be curious about all things, child or adult. It's human nature to feel, live life and be a witness to it. If it wasn't taboo, then our conditioned spirit wouldn't be curious about life itself. Be thankful this day and everyday for life curiosities. Be thankful this day and everyday for the human nature of our spirit. Be thankful for the life experience.

Human Nature

Defend and never bite the hand that feeds you leads you to greener pastures lend a helping hand when you can those less fortunate are not as blessed

Way of the world tell me why people shun those who are less then their best

No excuses no regrets loveless hurt every time your heart jerked from pain left in the wake another causality in this love war love me love me not gimmie gimmie what’s mine in mine and what’s yours is mine lies and deceit when we first meet tell me why what you do have to hide insecure lack of information the truth will cure you loose

Procreate pheromones lead to a mate for a moment exchange of bodily fluids parallel compelled to wonder to the soul mate that completes your unique mystic tell me why playing harmonious tune of life

Art of survival life rivals playing cat and mouse what is that about caught up in the game one that is worthy that has no shame tell me why driven to be better than one-self the only competition inside

Lack of knowledge understanding brings frustration thrown off course get on that horse and ride again then bend rules to fit your life style tell me why through pain comes happiness clarity soon satisfaction

Actions happen take place for that moment in time divinity at its best defining that moment whether it’s opportunity or intimacy tell me why rhyme or reason

Curiosity virtuosity astrology which may lead to man’s atrocities or man’s satisfactory a peace of mind through a rite of passage a realization of two wrong’s never equal right tell me why who’s inside clarity fate

What about pride envy between you and me reaching a level of spirituality humbleness made me tell me why acts of vanity reign supreme though some lead to precious dreams

Evolution an unquenchable curiosity and thought provoking emotions and completeness becoming one with surroundings making stronger and wiser thoughts lessons learned makings up who we are is an everlasting nature imbedded in our species