Saturday, April 11, 2009


Give thanks this day and everyday for those that came before you.
As time goes on we tend to forget about our ancestors and elders who put forth the work to bring us where we are today. The ones that came before made it easier for us to reach our goals. It's our right and duty to not only reach out goals, but make the way easier for those that come after us. In today's society the majority or the minority struggles to find a better way. The ones that are doing well need to help those that aren't doing well. There is enough in this world for all to have and succeed. There has been a line of inventors, innovators, and great thinkers. We pay honor to them by finding our purpose, fulfilling that purpose, doing well and right by us and others. Be thankful for the struggles we didn't have to endure, be thankful for the vision to succeed, and be thankful peace granted to find a better way.

Constant Evolution






Yet all at peace

Confused, yeah me too

In touch with center of self

Knowing all is bigger than me having control of the immediate actions thoughts and emotions

What you see is me having no possession of God given gifts coupled with knowledge gained to wield such talents

Appreciation of creation inspired by self value infused with a constant desire of purpose quenched by unlimited understanding

Lying in a state of mediation

Gained a clear concise conscious of self awakening by natural energies

Rediscovering a new life

New attributes

New teachings to become a scholar prophesying new days to come

Evolved from experience itself

Revolving completely in silence

Achieving once unobtainable goals manifested when the sprit was ready and aware

The one solution to all stagnate problems of evolution

Being open and receptive to the depths recognized by universal means

Evolved from the left

Carried to the surface

Ever flowing

Always aware

Constant change

Constant evolution