Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thoughtful Tuesday...

My thought for this is week is about happiness.
This has been a thought swimming around in my head for a few weeks. Then it occurred to me, I have written about the topic a few times for Thank You Thursday. I went back to read the entries on the blog and below are a few lines that stood out for me I would like to share.

Thank You Thursday: Happiness

When happiness comes from an external source, it's only temporary. The external source can be anything, creating this temporary illusion. Yes it feel great to be happy, to live in the moment, to be who you are now, but think about the source. When happiness comes from the internal light of us, then of course the affect is long lasting. You'll wake up happy, joyful and excited everyday. Not saying there are days were we don't worry about little things, but with the joy in our hearts, the little things will take care of themselves.

Thank You Thursday: Spiritual Happiness

We work thru so many stages of healing to achieve heighten levels of spiritual happiness. Some of the stages involved are forgiveness, acceptance, self-love, honesty, feeling worthy, having faith, and having the patience to witness the changes in self and environment. ... In order for us to have the desired spiritual happiness, we have look inside us to be free from all the internal and external excess. Spiritual happiness can come in as little moments. These little moments have to be given recognition. When given recognition, the moments become more and last longer. Happiness, like all else is abundant.

A few months back I remember someone asked me if is I was happy, without hesitation I replied, “Yes.”  The conversation went on and the person not believing in my state of happiness because of the conversation taking place and my posture. I offer this example as a way we have viewed happiness as conditional. We are only happy if... fill in the blank. If we speak in this manner, then we will never be satisfied or happy with anything unless we are in complete control. Yet we are in control by creating our happiness, by letting go and living in our moments and expressing gratitude for them. Only you can know how you feel and what makes you happy, living in this manner to experience life, happiness becomes unconditional. Living in the energy of love is the source of one's happiness.

We are expressive by nature. We express ourselves in countless ways, but the most impactful and memorable is through happiness, from the source of love. Remember the source in which we are feed from. The light in each of us is the same. Happiness, love is contagious. Spread it around, for you never know who is watching, for you can make someone's day.

Be Happy by Being Who You Already Are!