Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thoughtful Tuesday

Today a thought occurred to me regarding how do really really view one another...

Today I realize the unimportance of being "physically attractive" after working in retail for over a year, there is such emphasises on look and appearances, more so when serving the public or being in the public eye. It creates a feeling of trust or ease when the appearance is appeasing. When we become responsible for the energy we are and give off, our life experience changes, our interaction changes with everyone. I never or rarely saw myself as attractive, only thought these thoughts from what was told me at a young age. Yes its ok to build confidence through physical appearance, but understand and know it is the energy we are drawn too. Today I will reflect my soul outwardly and live in my truth of appearance. Be responsible!

What is your thought for the day, meditate on it and become your thoughts!