Thursday, August 6, 2009


Be thankful this day and everyday for happiness.
How do you define your happiness? Does your happiness stem from others being happy around you, from doing noble deeds, or doing something you love? There are many ways to be happy or joyous in the world we live in. The world does create false happiness, through material possessions. I'm not saying not to have nice things, we all want the best, but think about why you want what you want. What you want may not always be a new suite or a pair of shoes. It could be the craving for success, or a form of attention. When happiness comes from an external source, it's only temporary. The external source can be anything, creating this temporary illusion. Yes it feel great to be happy, to live in the moment, to be who you are now, but think about the source. When happiness comes from the internal light of us, then of course the affect is long lasting. You'll wake up happy, joyful and excited everyday. Not saying there are days were we don't worry about little things, but with the joy in our hearts, the little things will take care of themselves.

If there is one lessons I learned in my personal life, is don't seek happiness for you'll never find it, but let happiness find you. It will find you when it knows you are ready to accept the greatness it offers. Be thankful for the inner joy and light that is already there waiting to be accepted. Be thankful for being who you already are. Be thankful for knowing why you are happy.


Excited drawing attention with one single breathe one single voice echoing throughout the universe

Commanding attention in a definite manner in a distinct disposition one all is familiar with yet feared

Sweeping across the sky

Swimming in oceans

Running through land

Living in souls being free

Welcome to a place where dream and creation meet

Incarnation intertwined define life lines

Acknowledgement of a nature unseen energy kept

Evolution manifested in light connected causing a chain reaction

An extension of translucent nature dissolved to surrounding light energy made up of a realm of all knowing

The inner space captured and renewed daily soothed by the understanding of what is and what is in you


Live life

Live life