Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thoughtful Tuesday

My thought this week is regards to Power.
How do we see or manifest power. For a while I viewed power as someone, something, or entity in control, however this is not true in all cases. Power is the energy we use to manifest our desires, the energy in us wielded. For example when someone in a position of power or control exerts or exercises their personal will over another then it’s their will being expressed, not the objected. Yet when the person of power yields to a subordinate, then who is the one with power or in control? In this instance, they both have something the other desires. It becomes gratifying when the person in control allows a subordinate to feel they are in control. The truth is they are. Their will or desire is expressed, while the person in control is allowing all actions and non-actions to happen through permission of the agreed souls. 
More often when one exerts power over another, it is out of fear. What is there to fear? Are we afraid to express our desires, act out our passions, or just simply be? When we are who we are, then there is nothing to fear. When we act from this place we give our personal power to another. To regain our personal power, we have to live in our truth courageously and not over think the why’s and just be or do.
Release any old thoughts of fear, lay claim to what is already yours!