Thursday, November 4, 2010

Being Connected, Oneness

Be thankful this day for being connected, oneness.

Being or having a sense of being connected creates a sense of belonging. We belong to the collective humanity as cells of global harmony and spiritual oneness. As spiritual beings first, we are connected to each other and all life created. Each creation has a purpose and a cycle it follows to co-exist with one another. For example mammals excrete carbon dioxide in their waste, plants excrete oxygen in their waste; the plants need the carbon dioxide to live as much as the mammals need the oxygen. Co-existence creates balance and harmony in the world we shaped. Throughout the millennium, we have moved from a place of balance and harmony to a place of imbalance and disharmony, with the world and all life.

The highest form of evolution, man let their ego intervene in various aspects of life, disrupting the natural flow of co-existence. The ancestors of the land we each inhabit understood the importance of co-existing with the surrounding life energies. Understanding the role of each species on Earth aides in appreciation of sacrifice made to continue in the progress of co-existence. We have to come to a realization; one must co-exist with all life to function. Our soul co-exist with our physical bodies, which is the organic matter derived from the Earth, in essence we are the Earth.

The world was created in oneness, a single entity, biosphere containing all life to aide in harmony and evolution. When the Earth was born, It was in natural harmony and oneness of Its own; one land mass and body of water; until universal counter energies intervened and the Earth, Itself decided to separate the land mass. This was a sacrifice made to experience a different form of harmony, within Itself. The Earth is as much as alive as we are. It feels, It breathes, and blood (lava) flows through It. As spiritual beings, we innately feel the connectedness to all life, however as humans, we feel the separation created by universal counter energies. The separation was a creation to offer a greater human experience, in a holistic manner. This was/is a divine intervention to challenge us to create universal harmony, while physically apart from others. This enables us to learn more about ourselves, by looking at ourselves in the eyes of other cultures. As children, we felt a natural connection to our family and didn't see the world as separate. It was not until our young inquisitive minds asked questions and received the answers that later disturbed our soul.

The present world we live in is bound by separation. We are divided by walls, personal space, countries, age groups, beliefs, race, gender, sexuality, education, wealth, disabilities, opportunities, general life preferences and choices , and in just about every faucet of our human life. Through the evolution of life, the societal beliefs created formed such divisions. It's only natural to feel a sense of alienation, when there is world of separation around us. We have to then ask ourselves, what are we protecting ourselves from? Do we feel safety in our close net community, the bubble we created for self? How can we co-exist or function in a world separated?

As spiritual beings first, we exist in the same form and are created from the same Source, making us equals. However our sense of vision blinds us to seeing the co-existence of each soul beyond our bubble. Our light is like all other light, though some may be dim, but part of our co-existence is to assist our spiritual family in difficult matters.

As all is energy first, we are connected to all that IS. We must push pass the sense of vision and SEE the energy in all creation. By all creation I mean everything from each other, to technology, to money, and all in-between. All that is created comes from a form of life. Each inanimate object is derived from a once animate, living being. Having a greater sense for all creation, the flow of co-existence can be balanced and harmonious. Though all life operates on different levels of vibrational frequencies, yet the oneness existing is connecting us to one universal energy. The energy of love, harmony and balance exist in us all. We must look for this energy in us to send out to achieve global/universal oneness. Think of how infectious a smile or someone’s joy can be. Now magnify that on a universal scale. What we do for self is received by others, through thought and emotions, acting as carrier waves of collective oneness. We exist, because the Divine Source exists and we are ONE with ALL creation.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the co-existence and support all life shares.
Be thankful this day and everyday for bridging the gap of separation in life’s existence.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the balance and harmony oneness creates.


The wondrous spirit decades for a century or two only to invade a new vessel learning new sensations remembering what is and what is lost

Coming to a clouded realization of the past of gifts a trace sense of self growing comfort ability of self no longer confused of who you are and where you come from having a purpose

The orientation of your sex can be predetermined from the life before whether if this attraction leads to men or women

This dates back to the Gods worshiped in the motherland who has given us birth
Gods who can change sexes at will

Naturalistic tendencies of curiosity enlighten through self discovery without fear wanting comfort in truth no longer mystified by society’s lies
How it is and we shall be

The origin of this truth stems from our belief in God and His creations
The love given and gained only to be returned equally and willingly

There are some items where no choice is given only learned to accept over time with the acceptance there is new found joy

The foundation of any one being deeply rooted in thy self accompanied with love and understanding of the first creation leading to self origin

Found the answers in the stars inspired in through heavenly energies harnessed and channeled for centuries past
Now to be free complete withstanding all of me holistically

The truth beyond normality
Finally found what I seek