Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our Human Design

Be thankful this day for our human design.

Our human design like other species on Earth serves its intended purpose. We have the physicality to do what we desire, if we want to or be anything from a scientific genius to a pro-athlete, we can choose to through the desired purpose of enjoyment. The two previous mentioned professions are polar opposites, yet they severe the same function in each human life. Each human is built the same, yet each performs different and similar roles. Each role as a human is to keep balance and order, within self and the collective. Maintaining this balance is pivotal point in both human and spiritual growth. As individuals, we are keenly aware of our surroundings, yet our senses are heightened through group activity or connection. The bond we have with each other is an extension carried from our soul groups in the after life/spiritual world. Everyone we interact with, family, friends, and strangers has a bond with us and vice versa, enabling us to grow through each life lesson perceived and aware of in each incarnation.

Each human body has a bond with you, the soul/spirit self. This bond is especially important; it's this bond and agreement allowing us the souls, sparks of life to inhabit the Earth. Think of it this way, you are an astronaut in space, with your space suit. Could your body survive the conditions of space without it? The same is true for our spirit; we couldn't survive without our bodies. Be kind to your body and listen to it as it speaks to your through your soul.

The human body is a complex piece of organic machinery. Our bodies are made up of the same organic matter as the Earth. There are also multiple operations going on at the same time, all from involuntary to voluntary, as well as unconscious to conscious. These functions or actions often go unnoticed, because we are unaware of our bodies. We don’t listen to our own heartbeat or hear or feel our breath. Our breath is key in all unfelt and unnoticed connections to self and others. The breath is our physical and spiritual connection to life awareness. However, all we tend to notice is our imperfections or what we don't appreciate about our self. Half the time other people don't even notice the imperfection until we point it out. We have become a society obsessed with looking like actors, models, or other idols. It is our imperfections that make us perfect. We are the Divine Source's creations and is experiencing life through us. If this Source of all creation was perfect would you think It would need us to experience the many faucets of life? We chose to be created in the image we are in and experience what we do to grow and to add to the collective consciousness. When you are paid a complement, accept it graciously. We now have the knowledge to care for our body inside and out. Our body speaks to us in many ways when in disagreement or misalignment in what we are doing. Remember we can reprogram old thought patterns and release what no longer serves us as human adults.

As human children, we are easily impressionable. All we see is soaked into our brains, creating preconceptions and prejudgments. Remember all we creating in any form, mental, emotional, physically, and spiritual is added to the collective. Think of it this way, an author writes a book and then it’s added to the Library of Congress to get an ISBN number assigned, then it becomes available to the public in stores and local libraries. This process is true when creating thoughts. We think a thought, then it gets filtered by our Higher Self and the Divine Source, then the same thought filters to everyone else. It may come across in a different manner and possibly multiply. With all the loose and incoherent thoughts running rampant, it's no wonder why we are in a "state of emergency" or as I like to call an "A State of Emergence" As a collective, we added to so many preconceptions, and tend to make snap judgments of individual representing traits of what was learned or dictated to us. We have so many ideas and views of how people of ill health, or less than self is suppose to act, feel or just simple be, it's no wonder we come to a state of shock when it's just the opposite. Did we create this visual shift in judgment to teach a collective lesson? Sometimes our eyes lie to us to filter what we desire to see, our personal truth and not the collective absolute truth.

We have been a society dictated too, by the few in "power" or those viewed in "power" The reason this occurred is the minority knew what the emerging minority knows now. The knowledge of so few is becoming the knowledge of more. Finally all the thoughts created are being filtered or dissolved. With all the filters in place so long, we have become "products of our environment" Each collective group has a significant role gone unnoticed. These roles are defined by your life purpose of enjoyment. Each lesson is in the alignment of the purpose breaking free from being a product of the environment. Our soul knows no difference, it the perceptions put in place by us. We are human cells operating the conscious shift to guide others to their purpose as fully function humans in a partnership with us, the soul. We have to look at the environments we create for ourselves, internally and externally on both a physical and spiritual levels. When I speak of internal, I refer to the inside of the human body. When I speak externally, I refer to the energy and thoughts created. All we do affects both. We have to allow balance to flow in our lives and change the environments.

The human design is perfect in nature and performs the role it supposes too. However, it’s the egoic mind self telling us differently. The mind, body, and soul connection is one entity, self experiencing life and one wanting to lead the other. This is another reason why balance is so important. Living a holistic life where all three are in agreement in the self experience. Many well argue the different points about connections, the flaws of the human body, or the interpreting of thoughts, and the level of your faith. Each individual is responsible for self in determining what works best for self, then adding and passing the knowledge to the collective. Our human design is one design to support us and play an important role in the total life experience.

Be thankful this day and everyday for our human host body to carry us.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the empowering change created through awareness and experience.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the oneness in which our body is created from.

Design of Me

A blue print of me
Defined by He
DNA who made me
Led me to life

Design of me living life as it should be free

Life’s trials
Life’s loyalties
Testing me counting on me
Astound by what this is to be

Design of me living life as it should be free

Reflection of what is to be
The company I choose to keep
Mirror image of a former me

Design of me living life as it should be free

Unique more than a technique
Lessons learned
You are to be better
A work in progress

Design of me living life as it should be free

Combination of what was is and shall be
Altered the plan from choices given
Livin’ the freedom to choose
Now a part of me

Design of me living life as it should be free

Soon to be whole
Weaved from experiences and teachings
Leading me
Creating a new design of me