Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life Moments

Be thankful this day for Life Moments.

From the time we wake up until the time we put our head down, we experience thousands of life moments. How many of us are aware of each moment in our day? We blindly follow a daily routine, performing mindless tasks. Yes we are functioning in the said moment, but what is the level of awareness of our human or spiritual functionality? There are moments when our higher self takes over and then become fully engaged in the present moment. Then there are other moments when we are not aware and act as drones. Each moment can consist of one singular function or multiple functions. All moments bleed into the next one. The question now becomes, how can we tell the shift in the moment to the next?

Life moments change each second, in human time. With each second passed, we transition from one to the next. Think of is this way, our human design, every second our heart beats and we breathe. With each of those moments, there has been a shift in movement. Each movement whether physical or in stillness, is one way to determine a shift to a new moment. Another way to gauge each moment is through emotion. The emotion can dictate the level of awareness in the moment. Each emotion provides us a certain level of awareness. If you are an emotional being, then you are fully engaged in the moment pending the situation. The most memorable ones are the ones with heightened emotional content.  If you are feeling through your higher-self then you are in-tune with the moment. However if you are feeling through your human-self then you may not be fully engaged. Every moment in our life is a changing one, leading us to fulfill our true purpose. Each transformative second can at times correlate to an overarching themed moment.

The themed moments can be time spent with self or time spent with another. Most often in themed moments we are most aware of the singular activity transpiring. Keep in mind while being aware of this one moment, there are others occurring within self we are not aware of. Times it is difficult to be aware of all the simultaneous moments occurring. Some examples of themed moments can be having a conversation, enjoying a home cooked meal, or simply sitting in stillness to be aware of self. Most us take the passing moments for granted and do not honor them as they are. Each moment is life changing. Each change is what is asked for in our life, leading to the desired. All we desire is purpose. Our purpose is enjoyment. Each moment is joyful, when in full awareness of them.

When we come into the "NOW" or awareness of the moment, there is a greater sense of clarity and appreciation for the life created as wholeness. When we stop to bring awareness to the moment, we bring joy to it. For example, when we eat our food; how many of us stop to savor the flavors of the meal or to  give thanks for the hand to prepared the meal and the animal who gave its life (willingly or unwillingly) to sustain our human body. When we find a hobby or passion, we become fully engaged and higher-self takes over to bring full joy to the moment.  The purpose of each moment is to bring joy to life and experience it fully. Although some life moments maybe insignificant and minuscule, they do matter in the greater scheme of the life experience.

There are fleeting moments in our life daily. Moments happening so fast we can’t enjoy them or recall the total moment. The best way to enjoy fleeting moments is to relive them. How do we relive them? Before we rest, we can take another moment to relive the day and enjoy the moments most enjoyed and the ones missed. Every life moment is equally important as the previous one. They all carry the meaning and function; leading us to our purpose.  

Our moments are shared with the collective whether we are in shared space with others, locally or globally. Think of all the personal moments happening every moment of your moment.  All moments are ultimately universal. Every moment is unique to the soul experiencing it. Accept the moment as it IS for they may not be another. Each moment is a progression to the accession of the soul, so enjoy them!

Be thankful this day and everyday for the moments to change us.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the awareness our higher-self brings to every moment.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the moments leading us to our purpose.

Futile Fool

A haze of delusion in the maze of life created from infinite patterns to one path

The fragmented jester walks aimlessly
Providing entertainment while searching for self in a place unknown

Shrouded in a cloud of judgment
What is the meaning
The truth of it all
Leaving what was
Learning what is

A place unknown now is home
Standing in the court of acceptedness
As the mist lifts exposing the absolute thoughts

Discovering of self is time well spent for the purpose only known to the fool
Unenviable and unavoidable is the change given for the amusement of self