Thursday, November 18, 2010


Be thankful this day for Presence.

Our presence is awareness of our whole-self. As beings, we are comprised of organic matter and pure energy. However, our organic bodies are just another form of energy. In essence we are just energy in its many forms. Our presence is the energy felt by self and others around us. The presence given off is related to the range of emotions felt, everything from love to fear. When we feel a heightened emotion from life or situation; our presence/energy changes to accommodate the shift. There is a measuring of the energy given, when it's extreme in sensation. The sensation then becomes one with self creating a new presence. Yet there are moments, times extend, where we don't feel our presence.

When we don't feel our self, we have grown numb or accustomed to feeling a certain way. There has either been in an impactful event or lack emotional movement in the life. As humans our ego decided for us not to feel or have a presence anymore. We are no longer interested in-self, but yet create a new presence viewed as self-medication. This presence of self-medication is practical and serves a purpose of protection; but protection from what? Well the ego attached itself to the lack of awareness/presence, creating a fantasy world to serve as a protection and not experience the impactful life event or others like it. However this is more a disservice, because we have to emotional confront the life event to heal our life presence.

I know some of you have heard "that showing up is 90% of the battle" or a variation of. Well it's true. When we are aware of self, consciously or unconsciously, others take notice. We have to show up for our own life, no one can do it for us. We create the awareness by experiencing the whole-life. When I say whole-life, I mean every faucet of it, all the emotions, desires, and pleasures. There is no good or bad, there just IS, the whole life experience. Every experience is a lesson we desired to learn from. The challenge arises when we become harsh or judgmental of self, from the life experience. Then we hold on to the experience and holding on to the lesson, lessens our presence. Then becoming one dimensional beings. The truth is we are in a three dimensional body, living in a six dimensional universe. Every word, thought and action is manifested in one form or another. Now coming to a full understanding all IS one and all IS as it IS. 

Our presence IS the showman ship of life. Think of is this way, you are at a play and the actors on stage are performing for your pleasure. You are being witness to another’s' life, their presence. They put on a very convincing portrayal of characters. You were moved by the performance and felt a connection with them. This is how others witness your life and often times when you "show up" your full-self is engaged creating a true connection of oneness. There is nothing to be nervous or fearful of. You are harsher on yourself than anyone ever could be. The reason being is because you truly know who you are and others see you potential. In essence we all know who we are.

The energy given off shows how aware we are of our own presence. When we are fully engaged in life, it is magical. Our presence allows us to fully engage with self and others. Now the questions becomes how do I become more self aware? Take a moment to stop during your daily routine to notice a few of the mindless automatic functions. Notice the ease in which it's preformed. Notice the energy and attention given to movement or thought. Notice the emotion transpiring in the moment. We have the ability to create a presence/awareness of self. If there is a unpleasant moment, think about what would you do differently. The present of life is the presence of life.

Be thankful this day and everyday for showing up in your life.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the release old life lessons.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the magic we create through our presence.

Free to be Me
Free to me be
Releasing all energies imprinted on this soul
No longer controlled by outside forces

The illusions created to mask the truth
Now removed
Leading to the evolution of greatness

Bonded with the true essence of immortality
The Source of all creation
Released all intimidation

A sacred oath of words
Forming a bond between two
Creating the channel of wisdom
Honor is among the trust and trusted

Falling skies speaks truth
As the moon conceals the unspoken
Only to revel with the rise of a new

The mind is unchallenged
With words to say
Without harm
To find the peace in release of fallacies

Speaking in fragments
Speaking in tongue
The only one has won

A barrier created
Through cues of misunderstood emotions
A wave of shifts to anchor feelings leading to thoughts

All there truly is
Is just me
Created a connection of what there is
Just me
Released all that isn’t me
Leaving just me

Free from the prison that held me
I am the captive and captured
I am responsible and the hold the key to my freedom

This is me living life as it should be

Free to learn
Free to live
Free to love
Free to enjoy
Free to experience
Free to confide and no longer hide
Free to be me