Thursday, February 11, 2010

Responsibility of Power

Be thankful this day for responsibility of power.

I previously wrote about the power of creation. The ability to manifest our goals, desires, purposes and passions. Along with this this power comes the responsibility to wield it properly. We must take responsibility of our own creations, our manifestations and our gifts. God, the Creator, the Universe takes responsibility for His creations, us, His children. We are His responsibility. He provides and nurtures us daily, everything from the air we breathe to the building materials for our home to live, sleep and eat in. God is showing us the way, He is leading by example in how to care for your creation. No matter how the manifestation happens, with your two hands, or handed to you it's how it's cared for to make a difference. We can choose to ignore our responsibility for our creations, but think about what happens when we do. Example, think about a child who misbehaves, the child is a creation, a life brought in this world to serve a higher purpose. When we don't take responsibility for the child, chaos ensues and we looses control over them and situations they are involved in.

Caring and taking responsibility for our creations is like caring for a child, set in the previous example. Though as both the children and creations do take on a life of their own as they mature, but it's up to us to continue to nurture the creation through the process. Think of is this way, God is energy and created solid energy, us, we are energy manifesting energy. It's a continuous cycle of creation and with this never ending and unbreakable cycle, we must nurture the creations we manifest. With each creation comes evolution, but it's how we take responsibility and nurture the creation to determine the height or growth of the evolution. Our creations are molded from our dreams and desires to ultimately serve as tools and guides for our higher purpose and passions. Think about all the gadgets, toys, clothes, and all the successful entrepreneurs, they all had an idea, brought to creation. Without them taking responsibility, ownership and nurturing their creations, I'm certain the creations will have cease to exist. Ultimately we have the ability of creation through God, but must remember to own, nurture and take responsibility for what we create.

Be thankful this day and everyday that God is our example for caring for our creations.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the maturity of our creations.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the guidance and nurturing we give to our creations.

Taken for Granted

Here one day and gone the next

If I would have made a bet I’d loose and we all lost a treasure by all measure of life

A priceless gift given and squandered

Hindering all growth to proceed in the true purpose of life

Dreaming of how life should be

Picturing of how life is

Knowing we can make a choice in how to live

Receiving a gift and direction in how to use it

Knowing that’s your purpose

Accepting the truth of actuality

Bringing joy to others from the soul of you

Talented and gifted

We are free living beings

Now this gift has gone

Has passed

We all take notice of the hole visible in plain sight

Once was there in us and around us to use willingly and appreciate with a whole heart

Piece by piece the hole has gaped and sapped our life

Then to be repaired and filled with ill and empty substitutions

We all know what we have while it’s here

Yet wait till it’s gone to appreciate a gift

A treasure

A life

Take time to be awakened through the sunrise in you

Share the light given for all to appreciate