Thursday, February 4, 2010

Counter Energies

Be thankful this day for counter energies.

Counter energies is energy countering intention, however this energy is not always present. It is my personal belief now, that there is no good, nor bad, positive, nor negative energies. There just "is" or intention. Example, if you are fulfilling your purpose and someone or something comes along to steer you in the opposite direction, it's the universal counter energy to prevent you from fulfilling your purpose or even being in a loving relationship. Most of us will "label" this as negative energy, because of the experience associated with the occurrence. The same is true for the opposite. Think of it this way, God or the universe, whichever you believe wants you to be happy and fulfilled, however other forces desire to hinder, distract and stop the fulfillment of our life. Even if you are doing something you know is wrong, the counter energy will introduce, impose, or interject itself in the moment to guide you away from doing further harm. It's the "labels" good, bad, positive and negative, we have to make it easier to understand what is happening around us.

How do we know what we are experiencing is a counter energy? We encounter counter energies when we are following our highest intention or purpose. Example, if our intent is to create a successful business to serve others, the "challenges" we face is the counter energy. The same is true for the opposite, however the opposite brings us in alignment of our purpose or higher intention. How do we overcome the counter energy? We continue to fulfill our intention.

When we remove the labels from our intentions, there is just IS. Example, we accept, God, the Creator and His works just as He is and they are, because it just IS. The same is true for all the energy in the world, it too just is. The counter energy just is, but without it to push us, we will remain stagnate and fail to achieve our purpose. Without the counter energy to challenge us, we will remain blind to what we truly desire of ourselves and our purpose.

Be thankful this day and everyday for accepting all energy for as it truly is.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the interjection of the counter energy to allow us to see what we truly desire.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the pure intentions of our lives to follow our purpose.


Ruling the way that I move
Standing in the stillness of boundless time and energy washing over me

Manifesting the glory of destiny
Moving faster than sound
Bright as the light of source within all

Understanding the illusion created and presented to all
Conceptions of false truth

Infinite energies educating the experience we call life
Joyously loving timeless creations revisited

Transforming entities from expression of life to co-creating universes of solace and bliss

Age of age
Time of time
Both non-existent in pure expression of light

Time is no time
Only the transformation of wielding energies