Thursday, June 25, 2009

Power of Creation

Be thankful this day and everyday for the power of creation.
We have the power to create whatever we desire through prayers, meditation and creative visualization. Yes their is a God or a higher power, whichever your belief, but the creation or manifestation of what we want starts with us. Now it's not just as simple as thinking something and it will appear or happen, we have to put those thoughts into action. For some is easy to manifest or create their purpose or passion. As the old saying goes "becareful what you wish for or you just might get it." Well that old saying is true, if you focus or think about something often enough it will happen, because you are visualizing an outcome and then you'll unconsciously take the actions to create it.

Creation is a very powerful tool. Though our creation has a middle man, God, it is up to us to take responsibility to create a world of harmony. It is up to us to use this power of creation for good intentions, whether it is for ourselves or others. We all have a gift or a special talent, this gift was created to benefit the world in which we live in. The creation of us is a daily gift and reminded of when we wake. Everything we have that uses our five senses was created from a source of light and good intent. It is and was the will of man that distorts the purpose of creation. Remember your purpose and be glad in it. Be thankful to have the power to create good and to be rewarded. Be thankful this day to realize your power of creation.

It is written

Before it was written in stone lies a written code rules structure to aid holistic foundation D.N.A. destiny niche auspiciously

Understanding the path reflected in the forecast of dreaming seeing and realizing in the life aspirations creates an overwhelming passion for unmet desires

Channel and refocus energy join the universe and feel the synergy burning to complete self having no choice but to listen to the voice

Imprinted upon souls once somber harbor ill feelings breathe now cleansed with purple haze and turquoise joy

It is written in all and spoken to by whispers not to be ignored but adored reaching for life’s gentle shore the riches that lie beneath the surface a true essence belonging to self